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  1. Tips for new survivors

    You don't have to bring everything - you can and will come back to most places.
  2. So cool stories. Thumbs up for trying. Hang in there!
  3. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    So cool. I sincerely hope it's a mixed zone since I love the haunted feeling of an abandoned industrial or rural site. New accessories, new weapons, new craftables etc. Good things coming. I really hope Hinterland also keeps and eye on power creep. To many games have been ruined by its fanbase demanding more and more skills, items, powers etc. and whining about every challenge until the game is boring and then all just left it and moved on. Reminds me of a story: A cat wanted to bake the best cake on its birthday. The cat thus asked every animal in the forest what it should put in the cake . The bear wanted salmon in the cake, the mice wanted cheese, the squirrel nuts and so on and so on. No one liked the cake in the end. Of course new things is the way to go. I just hope HL holds on to their spirit of creating a game that is mercilessly challenging .
  4. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    Normally I agree with you Pillock. But not fully on this. In perspective - what has drawn almost all fans and players to the game is what? Survivor mode. No doubt about that. The non-scripted roaming exploring and surviving gamer who wants to create their own story. These players will never (?) be fully satisfied with story-mode because it will always lack the freedom. So we're putting HL on an impossible mission. A small studio with limited resources. I feel it's unfair for several reasons. The survivor mode is simply brilliant. With custom settings HL has solved some of the gap problem between the many different wishes for customization. Every player got 10 times what they paid. Going to the movies 1 time cost more than what I paid for the game. That lasts 2- hours. To me, the promises on purchase shouldn't be a factor. Should HL go a different route and f.e. ending the story mode in ep. 3 at least for now, I wouldn't take any offense. One should ask one selves - what's best for the game? To me that is expanding and building on to what has made its huge success. Obviously I would pay for that content hence above. But it should also ofc. be available for all (in regards to platforms and non-steam).
  5. Vanishing Filing Cabinet Drawers

    Any news - just lost 50 cattails and all my scrap metal at the old spence about to craft ...
  6. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Ralph prev. stated that Frostpunk was a game that was a positive surprise in 2018. One of the things I like in that game is the temperature and storm cycle behaviour giving "build up" a real sense of urgency and purpose. Would such a gameplay feature be considered in long dark to challenge in the midgame? It could be more than normal cold blizzards which last longer, affect indoor temp (demanding wood stocks) and resets animal spawns. Obviously should be subject to game difficulty settings. Just to get your view on midgame development of survival mode in 2019.
  7. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #20

    Caveman is a more than viable option with the large heat bonus in (outdoor) caves even without lighting a fire. What would be fun was to reevaluate the indoor automatic heat. There are many great fireplaces with no real use because cold won't ever hit. Imagine if temperature would go down somewhat indoor so a roaring fire was necessary. Hinterland has chosen the buff-route with the no-starvation. In tune with this a lit stove/fireplace could give you "warmed up" bonus if going in door for e.g. an hour?
  8. Same complaint, with a suggestion

    Again I really don't see the big problem. This has become like beating dead horse to feel good To me to factors should be considered; 1) a game perspective, 2) realism/immersion break. None of these warrant all the hate on the sprain-mechanics. 1) Game perspective: There has to be some risk involved in traveling and with pushing with to much gear. Even in interlooper medics are plentyfull its not uncommon to carry insane amounts of painkillers around. Even in deadman mode, I've never had any issue with a sprain other than the 3-4 seconds it takes to do a painkiller/tea. No big deal. So take a pill (or tea) 2) Immersion pespective: Walking around in snow on steep slopes with 30 kg of backpack including coal, water wierd sticks could almost surely get you in risk of tripping. If anything the affliction is way to mild. If spraining a wrist RL you could not magically cure it with some tea. So - lets make the affliction worse.
  9. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    Interesting post. I don't really understand the many complaints against random sprained angles. From a gameplay it makes sense that there should be some random risk involved with traveling/climbing. With all the medicine available (Great bear is a big drugstore) it isn't a problem. From realism perspective - you should consider that walking with 25-30 kg on your back (including bedrolls, long sticks, 25 pieces of coal, pots etc.) in thick snow along slopes could easily trip or sprain you.
  10. I love snares after this experiment

    I like the trapping too - and it's not the snare mechanics fault. I think the main reason many players avoid snares is the low calorie yield pr. harvested rabbit (time+tool use) compared to simply shooting a dear. Deadman challenge aside - it's primarily early game you are in any calorie need in interloper and in the early game cattails and carcass' does the trick easily (plus found food). It's simply inefficient.
  11. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #11

    Best mailbag since the beginning
  12. Yes. As demonstrated by others it is very possible to play the game normally (without minmax, seeing beyond code etc.) while still having a shot at this. As in normal game getting the bow is key if you don't wanna exploit the cooking skill bug and other min/max-stuff. You need a bit of luck early game getting namely a hacksaw though. This challenge demonstrates to me how The Long Dark can really benefit from a higher skill ceiling by increasing the challenge of survival over time in the normal interlooper game. It will be more fun to play and more fun to watch.
  13. Actually this is a lot of fun. My first attempt I spawned in ML near the logging camp and went unnamed pond, trappers and camp office 1 day. No prybar, no matches, no Mag.lens. but a bed roll. Found matches at the derailment, made 4 L water and went to sleep somewhere around 80 pct. health. NExt day was lookout where I found a hammer then logging camp and the dam. Tried to harvest cattails at the river but had to maneuver around a moose (). Day 3 I was going through ravine getting cattails on the way sleeping in rabbit groove in CH. Day 4 was Rabbit Island, fishing camp, logging camp and the dear by the camp around 45 pct. health. Day 5 I went to the qouncet where I found my beloved hacksaw. From there to the lookout and the small village beneath it. Day 6 the food situation was kinda dire, so I chopped some rabbits near misanthropes. Bad weather and a pack of wolves caught up and I was flanked without any bait or wood for emergency fire. Survived the attack with 11 health so could have dragged it to 7 days - but GG. My 2 cents on strategy at this early stage Go even faster than regular Interloper. Calories is time - don't waste time on rabbits or repairs unless it really fits in your day. Use teas/coffee or cans to boost cold protection since matches won't be an issue anyway. Only real option to get to 30 days seems to be to get a bow somehow - I think by going through FM forge where food is ample. Since the world is cooling I would guess that you need to hit the forge around day 7 - 8 to have a chance with saplings curing somewhere at the same time. Will try again some time.
  14. That it is.. honestly, it makes for the most entertaining TLD streaming I've ever seen.. Isn't it interesting? Attention and excitement comes when the skill ceiling is raised. Might try this
  15. Clinging to life on Interloper

    Good story again. I usually go over the fence just outside the mine clinging to the right side till the cave. Get in and get warm. Then sneak on hugging the cliff till the basement.