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  1. This looks so funny and gamey-icky at the same time. And it's a surefire way to bring it down. Fix seems easy - moose ignores fires.
  2. Why not report it as a bug? I mean it could be be non-intended that disabling conditioning regain will not disable birch-regen. Or ask Ralph in the mail-service.☺️
  3. ☺️ I usually play on Interloper/DMC - there are always an "indoor" close by. Well that's a risk sometimes worth taking. But there should be a punishment if one is unlucky. In DMC one rarely follows bleeding animals running straight away due to the cooling and energy consumption. Instead headshots or closed locations are the answer. But if I goat to sneak around a wolf and gets a sprain - I take a pill (and now a bandage) and move on. Cheers on the 7 bear dodge😁
  4. As pointed out in another thread it has wrong starting weather. Also deadman was every setting against the player (?) but this now has weather variability and blizzard frequency not at the top.
  5. I understand - and it wasn't to be rude. I guess I'm trying to say that you maybe need to adapt your playstyle. We all do.
  6. How can we know if its too many when we don't know how you play? Clearly you take heavy chances since you can die while sleeping (which requires some great effort to do). It's like saying wolf attacks or food poisoning are to many.
  7. Surely must be a bug. The howling is one of the coolest aspects of the game. Sounds truly horrifying. 😮 Anyone got a revised deadman challenge code?
  8. Several settings seems a little now off including starting weather. Maybe a more in depth review is needed
  9. You realize that you can warp time by using the card game icon (spend time). You don't have to walk away. As other have said the game becomes somewhat stagnant around 50-70 days. You can up the difficulty setting (which I recommend). Or you can give yourself a mission. Go to Broken Railroad hunting lodge and back to CH can be a ... challenge. 😁
  10. As discussed several times - I think the troubles aren't with difficulty but with durability. In all experience modes the games becomes very stale and repetitive after say 50-70 days. This comes from fact that no factor in the game really changes after this and you've got all the loot/clothes. HL (Ralph) stated several times that they would like to approach strengthening the midgame with new challenges which will give alle experience modes benefit. I think OP will benefit from this as well. A sanity-meter kicking-in, malnutrition or the need to know more of the islands history could be drivers. Longer, colder blizzards after 50-70 days with warnings could be a driver to ensure stockpiles. Imagine you have to keep a fire going indoor to survive even just for 1 day and night during a deep blizzard - how it will tax your ressources and make sense of building up. Imagine you have to find a new book, a new location or some notes, computermesages etc. to keep you from going completely crazy. Or a need for several plants to balance your diet. This will certainly drive more exploration need and more challenge in midgame. Imagine if you could use the radiostations during aurora to intercept broken messages. I guess with the music playing from normal radios something is going on in the mainland. ☺️
  11. Yes I truly agree . On the brighter side 😉 - until then you can consolidate yourself with the fact that many game mechanics - that are very unrealistic - also works to your advantage😉. F.i. Water will never freeze in bottles outside - neither will meat (unless it's inside a carcass or a dead rabbit). So cut it out and leave it on the ground to avoid freezing (and disappearence). But do not cook it until you need to eat it. You can live 1000 days on solely meat - every mans dream. Wolves can't touch you while using your mag. lense - unless they see you suck a it. You will become a masterchef if you cook very very tiny pieces - that's why gourmets cook tiny plates. Leveling up. We accept this because - it's a ... an a damn good one ☺️ Cheers to all and no more of the infamous S-word! 😁
  12. Have you tried putting 50 kg on you back including a bed roll, 40 sticks 15 pieces of coal and several long saplings. No. It's a game. There has to be some punishment for goating encumbered. I rarely travel encumbered - almost never get sprains. The update almost exclusively made the game easier. Don't pick on every negative mechanic.