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  1. I would agree with this...the reason why some interlopers find it easy is because they know the loot tables and know where everything is... this way it would be as hard as it is for those of us who can't remember where things are...
  2. hmmm... yes.. I wouldn't mind being able to make the Grey Mothers soup..
  3. just completing the REDUX story mode... this is my third time I think in total, 2 times pre-redux...I have completed Hank's Prepper storyline and I am about to enter the dam...but just noticed that its not showing as complete... I searched the bunker and took the note... what did I miss ?
  4. matches.... without them its usually a quick exit for my poor character
  5. I quite often move, change locations during blizzards as the wolves seem to go into hiding... I find it one of the safest times in game
  6. take my money now.... additional content in ANY form would be welcomed by me... I love this game
  7. You definitely aren't the only one... started a new survival...3 sprains the first day.... so encumbrance was NOT a factor My Second was a wrist sprain.. slight slope in Muskeg... bandaged and painkillers, took 2 steps...not kidding... another wrist sprain. Although I appreciate the new mechanic... I think it needs to be dialed back some
  8. Cr41g

    I need gloves

    gloves no so much difficult...fingerless mitts yes...
  9. I too have a new appreciation for what was done to shed Grey Mother in a new light. I have a soft spot for her now... alone with her dimentia... no one to check in on her.. McKenzie did the right thing in offering to collect supplies for her without being asked. In leaving he promises to "come back for her" and goddamn if we don't at the end of episode 5... i'll be pissed.
  10. I love BR for all the reasons mentioned above....with the addition of the forge it has become even better
  11. there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the mending issue...on my PS4 it shows as completed with the checkmark...a friend of mine has done enumerable mends...his shows 3 of 3 and the exclamation point checkmark...also on PS4
  12. the Bridge cache isn't listed as a cache...its listed as Highway Robbery. You find this note in the back room at the ORCA.
  13. so if by Journey Cape you mean the game..?. or the Poncho idea suggested elsewhere...I know which one I would pick..
  14. Absolutely correct... many companies are releasing utter garbage these days just to make a buck off a franchise and end up shooting themselves in the face. There are still those people out there that just say "all games release buggy" shrug there shoulders and accept it as the norm...these people are f***ing idiots. What they fail to realize is the power of their wallet... but some are starting to come round. Bethesda will take years to overcome the unmitigated Fallout 76 disaster that "may" have killed the franchise.. it has certainly burned consumer trust. I can forsee Ubisoft might have problems with their latest Far Cry... lots of negativity surrounding a release that comes off looking like a DLC... Hinterland have built a true gem. I will play this game for years and years, it will never leave my console. I don't care how long it takes to produce the next episode, I would rather have perfection and wait for it than have something rushed.... and well to be honest...IMHO.. if you don't 100% agree with me, you're just plain wrong.