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  1. that's the needed in TLD,but in my opinion the game core might doesn't support this .
  2. ah it's the longest dispatch i have read.
  3. this would be much better if we can build the campfire by using different things other than woods and stones .
  4. in my opinion changing FOV would help.
  5. overhaul update so good!,now i can see the wolf like a wolf not a motorcycle,the revolver really had some thing special i wasn't excited,the improvised wraps now i can make cloths as wearable cloths. Thanks for this hinterland.
  6. I suggest using that energy boost medicine for the fight. Note:do you know the energy boost used in the Redux trailer?
  7. Awesome,thanks Hinterland. now i can see the wolf sprinting speed decreased so he won't be as fast as motorcycle
  8. anyone have noticed the revolver near to this drink?
  9. How about the mysterious geomagnetic storm that happened in Milton? i think how crazy was the peoples in Milton are and how did Astrid survived from the storm?
  10. i think the new food item is this drink that announced in twitter.
  11. my favorite Safehouse is Trappers cabin for the Hunting rifle.
  12. Aurora in the first day in Hushed River Valley and the last thing i have seen before begging killed by Freezing .
  13. ''like RE7'' meant ''like Resident evil 7''a horror survival game that have well animated characters,combat,opening,movement and death.
  14. if you want a bear boss play wintermute episode 2.