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  1. Hi survivors from the community,i presents a very small story about my survival in Timberwolf mountian region it's called [Just a foot]. I wake in unknown wilderness in unknown region. I started walking and running to find someone or something can help me to escape from this frozen wilderness. Sidenly i found a wolf eating a deer carcass,then i suggested to cross from this aggressive creature. After i cross from it,i found another one trying to reach and kill me,then i found two stone laying in the ground grabbed one and throwed at this wolf. The stone hit the wolf and started running from me,now i can continue searching for hut or house. I found a frozen lake,i called it the mystery lake also found a mountainer's hut by the lake ,a fishing hut. I entared the hut ,in it two bed with one billow ,workbench,wooden crate,wooden stool,a hatch,a first aid kit,wooden showcase and oven with campfire. I fired a campfire and put two cans with snow to melt,boil it,after boiling this cans i take the water,the cans,then i go to sleep for 5 hours. After i wakeup from this bed,i take all charcoal in the campfire,then i created some locations and plants in the map. I started walk to the fishing hut,i found in it a hunting knife,a firewood,candy bar. After i left the two huts,i found location called the wing,because there are a wrecked plane wing also there one bear,two wolfs eating deers carcasses. I found a cave near the wing location,then i suggestted to enter this cave to search for something can help me about this coldness,but i found nothing. I crossed from this wild creatures,then i found a fallen tree also crossed from it,found another cave and entered it. I fired another campfire and put a sleeping bag to continue this journal alive. After i slept,i leave from this cave also found a special tree combined to each other and found climbing rope. I tryed to climb this rope and my fatigue want down,also found a third cave. I suggested to light a campfire and slept in this sleeping bag,but the storm killed me from this coldness. The end of the journal[Dead from freezing]. Note: the english isn't my native langauge.
  2. i am surprised,because i found hunting rifle in the back seat inside the car in region [Coastal highway].
  3. this idea might overhaul the feel in TLD to better not to bad,but this might need a lot of work in unity engine. i think this is amazing idea,but improvements and overhauls would be better than this like animated searching system. Note: the english isn't my native language ,im arabic.
  4. hoasd1


    i wish the crows be real wildlife not just decorative black thing flying around dead bodies and can't be killed. note: the english isn't my native language.
  5. i agree with this,but i think the cougar is a planned wildlife
  6. i have good idea is can flare for the new year or make special scare for the wolf.
  7. i have a lot of questions but i will say some, the english isn't my native language. 1 are there any information or mechanic about the planned wildlife called cougar? 2 are you have another plan to put a awesome tool to struggle the moose like the old bear?,i think the shield is the good tool to the moose 3 are there any planned human AI or mechanic for episode 3 or beyond or just scenes? 4 are the searching system will be animated or not for the future? addition question: can you give me free TLD steam key as my first present in my steam account? happy new year ralph and hinterland
  8. wow, amazing dev diary about story mode ,good work guys.
  9. hmm snow shark, just don't let him eat you
  10. thanks for answering this questions and i will stay turned to see the new dev diary.
  11. when you say in dev diary - may 2018 (we can’t use linear cinematics to present our story anymore. We’ve moved everything into first-person dialogues) did this include the cinematics and cutscene?
  12. might the another buffer memories be a dreams about some survivors or caches or the city or unknown locations, when sleeping in the wilderness with campfire and aurora active.