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  1. Yeah I am still going strong with this but I am taking my time to explore everything. I have the game for a long time and this is my third try towards the faithful cartographer achievement. I'm glad I also finished Timberwolf Mountain, Penitent Scholar, Waste Not, Want Not and Living Off the Land in this current sandbox game. Gonna see if I can make Exploration Game, Skilled Survivor, Faithful Cartographer and The Will to Live.
  2. Activating the location on the screen and in log book isn't a problem right now.
  3. I started a new survival game so I can earn the achievement. Mapped everything in DS, Crumbling Highway and now I am at Coastal Highway. Everything went fine until I arrived at the Log Sort area where I could map the map location but house icons are not showing anymore. I went on and tried the trailer above the Log Sort area....still nothing. I went at the fishing huts...nothing. I went at Jackrabbit Island....nothing. Fishing camp...etc. Also vehicles not showing anymore. Items like corpses, birch, etc are still showing. So far from the achievement list everything is mapped (Gas Station, Abandoned lookout, etc) and not sure if house markers such as the ones at fishing camp will count towards the achievement or not. Question is if I would start all over again or ....? Thank you. I have attached images from the In Game you can see the house markers not showing. And the other image of locations marked so far. The ones with blue line near are not showing on the map.
  4. Are there any books out there similar to the game that you could suggest? Thank you.
  5. I think most people found it boring because everyone is playing it safe to avoid badge lose. Obviously it could of been better and maybe make us travel around and find certain items or travel to certain locations or even try to survive 8 real time hours on interloper. I am happy with the event and that it didn't affect our usual play with anything. You had the choice to either play the event or don't and besides day 1, you could just sit it out for two hours everyday and you had the choice to pick your play style, sit it out or make it more fun for yourself. I think the dev's wanted to make it easy because not everyone is experienced to survive in more harsh conditions.
  6. I didn't get it after the timer passed. I was sitting inside a car behind CH gas station. I went inside the gas station where I have my fire on, I checked a container then turned on the lamp which I had with me and I got the second badge.
  7. Alonzo.


    So if you die in day 1 after 3 hours and day 2 starts, you won't be able to get the badge anymore?
  8. Maybe make a supporter pack and include the field jurnal, map, field journal, some T Shirt templates and even maybe a templates for items like glass of water, cup of coffee, etc.
  9. Any plans to develop the game for smartphones? Also any plans to make the game available in VR mode ? Thank you.
  10. Regarding faithful cartographer achievement. With the new region - Hushed River Valley, does the achievement now require the mapped locations from this new region? (Same question applies for Mountain Town) Can we expect more craftable tools, clothes and such in the near future? If so, can you give us a spoiler? :> Thank you.
  11. Didn't they said it was fixed? Yet I keep trying to get the Stone Church icon on the map but it never appears. I tried from every position and still nothing. It says "Stone Church" but the icon does not appear. I even managed to get the coal mine icons to appear and "Leave desolation point" but not the "Stone Church" icon.