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  1. Is it out? I opened steam TLD a few minutes ago but no update appeared.
  2. O jeez! I have the Muskeg forge isn't gone. I'm based in ML on my Stalker run (approaching Day 200). I would hate to have to trek all the way through FM, and have to negotiate BR to forge stuff. I have plenty of arrowheads and non-improvised tools for now, but someday I'll want a spear! (hint hint!)
  3. They are definitely more vocal. It's a plus in that it's easier to triangulate on their direction, and it adds to the atmosphere a bit, but it makes it sound like there are dozens out there sometimes.
  4. Anyone else not see the rabbitskin cap on your character's inventory/status image after you equip it? It's in the inventory and I get the warmth bonus, but no graphic of it on "Astrid's" head.
  5. Yeah, I'm not worried about things like water or sticks. I have a LOT of food on ice outside the hut, but I also have spare clothing, two rifles, a bunch of saplings, feathers, arrowheads, and who knows how many pelts and cured guts. Is Carter Hydro considered its own region? I've always thought of it as part of ML.
  6. Would the possible deletions happen ANYWHERE in ML? What about things in containers vs sitting on the floor, etc.? Is there any way to know? I have 2.83 metric craptons of stuff stored at Trapper's. Would dropping it all in the transitional cave to Milton be considered outside of ML?
  7. It's a silly dream, but I would love for there to be a way to fill all the clothing slots with craftable, pelt items. I have no idea what fur socks, long johns, or sweaters would look like, but it would be cool to shed all manufactured items and have just crafted items.
  8. I kinda miss Fluffy too (in a masochistic sort of way). What about randomly spawning in the Dam's "front yard" instead? (in the fence)
  9. I understand about the saplings not respawning. It's an ongoing winter. No spring, no new growth. Not terribly realistic, but fits the game's theme. I love the idea of leather and hide being interchangeable.
  10. Thanks for the info. I realize it's a very minor thing. But in a long survival run, storage, and even the aesthetics of how things are put up, can be it's own "mini-game." (Also the locker at TH is full of pelts and cured guts )
  11. Thanks for all the great info, @ajb1978 ! I just finished my bearskin coat and need to work off the CF risk. I'll be heading back the fishing huts to work on L4.
  12. I know this had been reported a while back and I thought it had been fixed, but I've noticed it happening again lately when I hang up my gun in Trapper's Cabin and leave the house. When I return, the rifle is lying behind the safe on the floor.
  13. While I like the imagery of a man and his dog v. the wilderness, I admit that in other games I've generally shied away from pets and mounts. In Minecraft, for instance, tame wolves and horses can actually be a bit of a pain to deal with and/or keep alive. I am very much a dog person IRL (see my pic) so I also don't like the idea of getting my pooch killed while dealing with an angry bear or some such. Perhaps it could be a custom setting, like turning on or off rifle spawns? Or maybe they don't appear on higher difficulty levels? A variation that would be interesting to me -but honestly probably doesn't fit the game's aesthetic- would be finding ways to accommodate wolves with more than a decoy. Like if you shot a deer and left the whole carcass for the wolves (or at least the meat and guts), they'd be less hungry and ignore you for a few days. I know that part of the point is that the wildlife is acting weird because of the aurora, but it's fun to think about.
  14. True. I'm mostly just curious, but also I am in a Stalker run that's hit Day 164. I am well established in at the Trapper's Cabin after covering most of the map. I think Broken RR and now Hushed River are the only places I've yet to go. I'll go there someday, I guess. I have tons of food (I've left bow-shot bear carcasses to rot, lees their pelts because the meat & guts was too much weight/bother to harvest), excellent gear, and plenty of materials for crafting (pelts, saplings, etc.). At this point I am looking for challenges to work on and Ice Fishing is my lowest skill. I thought I'd try getting everything to 5. Currently cooking, harvesting, and archery are all 5. Rifle and sewing are 4. I usually don't even carry the rifle any more. Fishing was L2. I went to ML and camped out in a hut with my bearskin bedroll an fished for 2 days solid. I broke 2 lines but got to level 3 after catching a dozen or so whitefish and 6 or 7 bass. I shot another bear with my bow and got another pelt because he kept wandering too close to the hut.