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  1. 40 Days A Moose Hunt

    Yeah, I know, I'm norwegian and where I grew up there was "a lot". I've seen a moose/elk maybe like three times in my life, so far. So yeah good one on Hinterland
  2. 40 Days A Moose Hunt

    I started my brand-new game with an easy moose hunt in mind. I had put the moose population to be very high just to be sure I'd get one. I started in Timberwolf and by day 6 I was settling down in the Camp office in Mystery lake. I spent a few good days getting myself decent gear and supplies before heading off to the small cabin near the unnamed pond. I had heard rumours of a moose that had spawned just outside it, and one near the pond and another one at Trapper's homestead. It's day 12... Then it's day 18, I'm already out of food and no moose has showed itself yet. I go home in a bad mood to the camp office to restock. Day 29, my optimism is back, and I will try again. This time in the trailer near the carter dam. There are many scratch marks on the trees and my prospects are looking brighter. Day 37, never mind. Day 38, I have decided to move base to trapper's in hope that a moose may spawn... Day 52, it worked. It spawned. I murdered it. I have its body. I have its flesh and guts. I have its hide. I am a monster, but at least I have a satchel. This animal's sacrifice will not go to waste. I will sustain myself on its nutritious meat, and with the help of its rugged hide, I will carry... all the things.
  3. Making clothes out of wool

    This is more or less exactly what I was thinking, you just gone way more in depth than what I have. I kinda agree with the guy who commented under that it kinda goes under mending, but not quite. So maybe it could be a secondary skill like sharpening and cleaning.
  4. Making clothes out of wool

    As I was making myself a pair of deer skin pants I started thinking, wouldn't be great if we could make our own clothes out wool instead. Considering how warm and light it is(compared to the clothes made out of hides) it would be perfect. What if when we found an item out of wool we could unravel it and then knit or even weave it to make something else, something better. Or maybe we could have random ball of yarn spawn here and there that we could use. I've grown up in norway and we could easily get -20c(sometimes down to -30c) up here so I know very well how effective this stuff is when fighting the cold. And it remains warm when wet to so it's ideal for the climate we face in the long dark. I know very well there's good wool clothing in the game but not so much in interloper and custom modes with low resources, and I thought it could be quite fun if we could make our own clothes that way. So any thoughts on this? Is this something you'd like to see too or am I being completely unreasonable?
  5. Tips for moose hunting

    I'm looking around to get a moose hide or two, but I really don't know how to go about hunting a moose. So I was wondering if anyone had any tips at all on how to approach this. Should I wait around near where they usually spawn or should I just wander around till I find one? How many rifle/bow shots does it take? What's a good strategy? And anything else you might think of that could be useful, anything at all.
  6. I am actually really impressed you knew this was from the stone church, and thank you. I'll try to post more!
  7. Thanks so much for responding. The canvas is 33x24cm or about 13x9.4 in, so not a huge painting but it'll do.
  8. I was browsing some TLD fan art and you can say I got inspired. So I painted one of my favorite screenshots I have from this beautiful gem of a game.
  9. The most relatable thing I have ever read on these forums.
  10. Someone woke you up

    Wouldn't it still make sense though? I mean, especially in pilgrim and voyager it's like people left 5 min ago, why wouldn't some still be around, scavenging houses. I don't see how it's ghost boo hoo shenanigans. What I'm talking about is also something that would be extremaly rare.
  11. Greetings from Norway!

    Heh yeah I was surprised when I saw a dedicated norway group, a nice surprise though. I didn't find this forum 'til recently and I've been in and out a lot, gotta love the discussion board I didn't get into playing TDL until the release of Wintermute, mainly because I'm a gigantic pyse Hei vi var nesten fylkenaboer(er egentlig fra vestfold )
  12. These are absolutely beautiful! I wanna sit down a paint now, but... it's 2 morning...
  13. Hei alle sammen!

    Hei, jeg kan hjelpe deg med norsken, hvis du kunne hjulpet meg med tysken min I've been learning German for like one and a half year and I would love to have somebody to talk to
  14. Greetings from Norway!

    Wow, two secs in introduce yourself and I find a fellow mountain dweller. That gotta be some kinda record. I too just made an account after some lurking, and these people, they do seem very nice indeed. Venlig hilsen fra vestlandet
  15. How do you like it so far?

    I am very happy with wintermute so far. I bought TLD about 1&1/2 years ago, but I was such a sissy I only ever played pilgrim, which got boring and i stopped playing. Then I picked the game up again a few months ago, and lo and behold there's story mode now! So I played that, played all S 1&2, then went straight to voyager mode afterwards. Point is, I think wintermute (at least for me) is a very good introduction to the game for us who are scared of games, but still buy them impulsively. I like wintermute because it was so easy, that idiots like myself could do it... without having a heart attack every time a wolf looking tree stump showed up in the distance. And I've realized they updated wintermute so it has levels, so all the people who know what they're doing can play it without being horribly board. Which is good, because if I was gonna play it again, I'd probably be board too, as distant tree stumps are no longer frighting to me.