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  1. The Long Dark Hotfixed to V1.47 [45127]

    Thanks! Never realize this all this time. Please fix this too hinterland.
  2. The Long Dark Hotfixed to V1.47 [45127]

    What is the bug exactly? I play long dark since early access but still not noticed the issue. Did the effect of breaking wind swapped between inner and outer layer in headgear?
  3. When they shook off the arrow did they have shooking animation? Or just standing there while the arrow removed?
  4. Thanks for the update hinterland!
  5. Game crashing on PS4

    I just having a crash on ps4, playing in Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway until 50day+ then built bearskin bedroll and heading to timberwolf mountain and the game crash again in Pleasant Valley farmstead house. I think OP is right it seems that the crashing only occurs in Pleasant Valley and it has chance to happen when entering/exiting building in that region regardless of your session time, i experiencing crashing in the past that happen few minutes after load the game, doing stuff and exiting house in Pleasant Valley
  6. Broken fire barrels?

    I have same issue on ps4, notice it on fire barrels inside the wrecked train in forlorn muskeg. Hard to put the can on the grill, by moving back and aim slightly to the ground i can put it in cooking mode at last.
  7. PS4/Pro a lot of serious problems.

    Yeah the crash what makes me stop playing this game, i always come back whenever new patches arises though hoping they fix the crashes. I have both pc and ps4 version, on pc it never crash but on ps4 its prone to crash.
  8. Vigilant Flame on PS4 - Multiple crashes

    So the game still crashes at the pleasant valley, i got five random crash when entering the farmstead building or its basement. Its reproduceable a think just make base at the farmstead and play until around 15 day, in one of your activity around that time the game will crash when entering the building.
  9. Thanks for the update! But my game crash again on pleasant valley farmstead, no boiling water this time i just start new game and spawn inside the farmstead, scavenging the basement and the house, tidying stuff inside cupboard and went out to closed porch to check the weather then i go back inside the house and it crash immediately.
  10. Vigilant Flame on PS4 - Multiple crashes

    Yes! Im cooking water, then leaving the house for eat some meat that i put outside. When returning, the fire already out and leave two unsafe water at cooking pot in pause condition. I leave the paused water and plan to continue cook it at the next cooking batch, then proceeding to open the cupboard for checking stuff, seconds later the game crash.
  11. Vigilant Flame on PS4 - Multiple crashes

    My game also crashing when checking my stuff inside a cupboard in first floor in milton town granny house. I play open world btw not campaign.
  12. Stuck on Carter Hydro Dam

    I will bump this because the issue still there. There are a plank here in the latest update, but you can still fall in the part between plank and the wall and stuck forever.
  13. Hi, i just bought this game few days ago on ps4 and experiencing occasional crashes when entering or exiting building, twice in survival mode: when enter radio tower and farmstead in pleasant valley, once in wintermute: episode 2 when going outside of trapper homestead on mystery lake before confronting the old bear. The crash is rarely happen though, and i think its random to trigger when player going inside or going outside any building.