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  1. I became curious about snares. Curious as to why I see a small number of players utilizing them, and larger number saying they are useless. My previous experience was no different from most. Catch a rabbit or two and then move onto bigger things like crafting a bow, or seeing how far I can throw a rock off a cliff. With my current Interloper run (around Day 23). Let's try 16 snares! gulp... Things I've Discovered with this Snare Experiment. 1. 16 snares, I would catch 8-10 rabbits per day. I would check 3 to 4 times a day, and reset the snares after each catch. 2. Times I would check is morning, noon, and night. I found that with timing your checks consistently, you can get rabbits that are only 1% frozen. It almost felt like every 3 hours in-game time there would be something new to harvest. 2. The setup is easy to maintain. After harvesting the broken snare, you receive 1 reclaimed wood back. It only takes 1 cured gut to replace a destroyed one. After a few days of doing this, you are swimming in the curing gut and becoming the efficient machine. 3. A snares weight is the same as reclaimed wood. Which means it's transportable to other locations. Just imagine you are carrying reclaimed wood and you have a fridge of food on your back. 4. Condition with snares are bool - 100% or destroyed. 5. Great way to level up harvesting skill quickly. 6. Snow Shelters are awesome for fighting cabin fever and protecting you from wild life! With the amount of harvesting of rabbits you catch, and avoiding cold while harvesting, you will find yourself fighting cabin fever constantly. I built a snow shelter near the snares where the rocks were blocking the wind. At Trapper's Cabin, I cannot find another way to keep up with the harvesting without the snow shelter. This is because Cabin Fever would consume me, and on Interloper it's been too risky to harvest directly at a fire due to inconsistent weather. 7. When harvesting, always keep in mind of your smell and inventory. When are where. Drop the rabbit if you're not doing anything with it in a safe place. I've noticed that harvesting rabbits in a snow shelter brings the big bear fast! These dead rabbits in your inventory are super magnets for bears and wolves! Snow shelter protection from bear when harvesting rabbit From the wiki After 5 days I haven't noticed a reduction yet. To be continued. Today I learned that snares are rad, no matter what others tell you.
  2. Would be nice if there was a way to determine whether the save file was tampered with through a mod or hack. This is stretching it to the largest level. In addition, it would be nicer if Hinterland included the share code in one of the menu views during custom play. Small community. We can assume most would be honest - but you never know. I like the write-up idea, but also keep in mind this is all in good fun. You know you are a winner if you are one.
  3. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Are there any undiscovered easter eggs that no one has found or have mentioned yet?
  4. Walk speed

    You guys are really hardcore. No troll. Amazed.
  5. Walk speed

    Very interesting, and thanks for sharing. @ajb1978 I've seen players questioning on whether walking backwards is faster that walking forward. I haven't seen a test on this yet. It would be cool to see a pair of snow shoes you can find in the game. I mean, you can find heavy ski boots in this game! Snow shoes help a player traverse uphill faster or just travel snow in general. Maybe have them apply a benefit to speed while heading to TWM summit or something similar. Wishlist topic I know. I wouldn't be surprised if Hinterland tested game mechanics with varying snow depths. Probably axed the idea because the player is slow and trudging continually Speaking of movement. Anyone else find that when encumbered and walking over an object on terrain this makes you move at normal speed? Is this considered a non-fixable bug based on the Unity engine? It's been around since I've picked up the game which is nearly a year now. Just a bug that really annoys me, and I'm guessing it cannot be fixed.
  6. Card games

    Rage by ID had a number of small games in places you visit for a reward. I enjoyed the card game, and it was only accessible by traveling to a location. Never mastered it, and the reward was currency for winning. I don't speak for Hinterland, but I see it like this. How much does a team want to put effort into a project when you know a certain part of your audience will disregard everything you created for a simple UI card game?
  7. Death after sleeping weather report

    Yes. What I was trying to communicate earlier is that when you sleep for a 10 hour period, weather will change multiple times within that 10 hours to where your temp + sleeping bag may not be good enough to fight the cold. Thinking it would be cool if after death they showed a chart. 10 hours is a long time to pass when sleeping where weather can do a number of things. With a graph after death, I see it as player validation, see what can happen, and this is where you went wrong. Validation that the game doesn't troll based on your circumstance before going to sleep - because all the player has is that rolling dice of a black screen. Feeling like the game can do anything.
  8. Roughly around a 120+ day on Voyager and exploring HRV completely. I wanted to make it to day 500 there. My clothes got soaked from the waterfall, took them off, slept in a bed roll in the back of a cave. Died. I seriously thought I was safe by taking off my wet clothes and the warmth of the cave. Suggestion is: After death, have a weather graph with temperature and player temperature Y. Time would be X. After death after freezing make it known to the player why this happened and at what time.
  9. Tested Voyager and found with water meter: 8 hours passing time, 10 hours sleeping. Update with HRV exploration and where I am staying now - Voyager run. I really like the cave off of Monolith lake, but not my primary location. I like the reference to the center square rock, 2001 Space Odyssey reference I assume. After exploring the Landslide area below and forgetting my tin can at my previous fire, I was in desperate need of water. I knew I needed to head back to the Monolith cave without backtracking for a can. There was plenty of water I cooked at Monolith cave. Around Day 117, the harshest blizzard I experienced in Voyager while climbing the two ropes up to Monolith. There were moose markings in the Monolith area I saw earlier. Sure enough there was a moose on the ice, in the path straight to the cave, in an extreme blizzard. I'm already freezing hypo. Total noob with moose hunting, and this moose got me where I didn't think could reach me, and damaged me in the opposite direction I was looking when hunting. Probably one of the biggest jump scares I've had in this game. I didn't want to let it go and killed it after 4 flares and another trample (2 tramples now). I left my arrows at the main base. It even destroyed my 98% newly repaired bear bed roll which totally disheartened me. My main base now is the cave right off of Hushed River. Great cave to walk the river and head North or South West regions of the map. I've explored 100% of the map and collected all the Rose Hips I could possibly find. I'm going to give it a go and see if I can make it to day 500 on Voyager without leaving (Around day 120 now). I have enough arrows/bows, matches. If I can avoid the wild life and work the caves with travel, I think I can make it. The number of sprains I've experienced in this region while walking the terrain is nutty.
  10. +1 on this suggestion. I remember when it was easier, and then started to wonder if players started to exploit something in game? Can't imagine what that could be, or why it changed in the first place? I've noticed it on all items, slanted ground with caves, arrows. Even noticed difficulty trying to place a bedroll near a fire.
  11. I love the bait. Keeping going, because it only makes this idea stronger. EDIT: Completely misinterpreted Outerloper play style @Stone. Not aware, and after rereading your post made me step back. I guess it was the mention of Uber that threw me off from the beginning. Sounds like exploration for the unknown, but I think we are on the same page as far as exploration and finding the "hidden" loot in these areas. Already a well versed player in this game knows these conditions of where to find good loot.
  12. From my experience, and myself wanting to be a successful Interloper player. Witnessed others and myself dying day zero from a wolf attack on TWM, but have lived longer runs. I see this game on a level of skill, but also a lot on chance in the beginning. The bigger streamers with followers on Twitch.tv are playing Interloper, because people want to see a challenge and risk. My argument with seeing the Interloper difficulty and table knowledge is where we see an intersect that the Interloper difficulty is really not that difficult if you know this "hidden" item loot table. In addition, the Loper streamer.. spoiling/giving a hand of the game for those that have no knowledge of this "hidden" item loot table. EDIT: To what s7mar7in mentioned earlier, and I think designated it quite well as, "hidden" items. I'm not talking about finding a hammer in a plastic box. We're talking visible loot like a bedroll in a cave, or a hammer in the back of a truck.
  13. Chat discussion via Twitch watching a Long Dark stream and met mortena011 in chat. We've talked about maps, and the main thing we connected on was the existing knowledge of loot tables and where important items spawn. If you ever seen the existing loot table spreadsheet, the experienced players know it and have it worked out in their head. Example would be: Find peaches in a sink, a bed roll will appear in X location. With mortena011 we are talking about how that ruins the mystery of the game and how we think "good loot" should be randomized further. The existing loot table is here. I've personally referenced it before on an interloper run, but felt like I was cheating. I honestly hate looking at this because this removes a major element of what TLD is about. SPOILERS! WARNING LINK BELOW https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11n0wfRQadaWay4feLbunF9dxIbS2hZ3O_I57x5JfF6s/edit#gid=1146953510 A beer conversation with mortena011 on loot tables. The idea of posting this is to hear from others in the community on what you think of the existing loot tables. Vonwoah: yo mortena011: Aye aye. Vonwoah: what do you mean by, "stopping once 1 or 2 has spawned".? Vonwoah: like if X number of hatchets is fulfilled, no longer spawn in any other region? mortena011: Well; essentially. mortena011: For instance, designate 10+ potential spawns for the hammer, and roll an rng for whether one or two will be allowed to spawn - have the game roll an RNG with, say 10%, chance of a spawn, going through the list, and once 1 or 2 has spawned, move on to the next item. Vonwoah: I think players like to look for places to find the good loot. "prime locations". I think they should flag those locations and have the 4-5 sought after "early game" items everyone goes for first. Flare gun being an exclusion. mortena011: Doesn't really need to be that many potential spawns either, as long as it's random for each individual item, so you cannot know the "if x spawns here, y will for certain be there" kinda thing. Vonwoah: make these prime location of finding the grouping of "good loot" randomized. mortena011: I agree. Vonwoah: you're talking dice, but I even think it would be interesting if they made the game of only 2 hammers spawn throughout the entire game. Vonwoah: or is that just setting up the game for players that exceed 1000+ days for failure? Vonwoah: depends on the item really. mortena011: For instance you knew that the only places to find the hammer would be on Crystal lake in TMW & in HRV, for instance? Vonwoah: at the same time, the hammer shouldn't be like a forge of knowing where to find it. mortena011: Exactly. mortena011: But as long as the important items are random in relation to each other, I don't really care. Vonwoah: there is that balance where people would give up. Wouldn't be surprised if they tested this before. mortena011: It's the fact that you only need to find one of these things to KNOW where all of the other ones are bugs me. Vonwoah: yes! 100% important items need to be randomized. They could do more interesting things with the loot too. mortena011: With that you hit the nail on the head. Vonwoah: 12 bed rolls, hah! I didn't think that was possible mortena011: Well, it probably means that every single one of the possible spawns for bedroll were activated. Vonwoah: I don't know much about the unity engine. I wouldn't be surprised if you can have a global table above any environment you generate. Vonwoah: would be awesome if they switched this up. Have you voiced this to Hinterland before? mortena011: Most likely, I experimented a wee bit with the engine quite a long time ago, but all that is forgotten - wouldn't surprise me, though. mortena011: Have not, perhaps I'll send them a mail. Vonwoah: yeah dude. I really don't like how everyone knows where to look for something with Interloper streams. Vonwoah: it's like, as soon as you learn the system, you can't forget it and now you are spoiled. mortena011: Right, it's weirdly unrealistic for a game like this. I get that you know the layout of the world, but the loot should be randomised. Vonwoah: I saw the loot table, did it for one run, and then was like nahhh. I'm going to forget this mortena011: Did you, though? Vonwoah: I know the locations, not the items. mortena011: Neat. mortena011: I can't forget the loot tables after watching some of the streamers. Vonwoah: I think the summit with the flare gun is the great exception. I think Hinterland is experimenting with it. Hope it changes, because this loot table has been around for awhile now right? Vonwoah: flare gun in ravine, and summit. Leave the flare gun untouched. Everything else with important items. Randomized in regular locations everyone hits up. mortena011: Yeah - there is always a flare gun in the Ravine and at the Summit, but I feel as though a flare gun in the crashed plane if fair as an always-spawn. Vonwoah: gah! so wish they shook this game up to where veterans get upset that their hammer is no longer where they expected it. mortena011: Would be a fun sight - perhaps they shouldn't even mention it in the patch notes? Vonwoah: hahaha! yes! mortena011: Vonwoah: I've been checking the forums recently. Not sure if you do. Vonwoah: Sounds like a good topic for open discussion. mortena011: Sure, create a thread, virtually paste the conversation between us in there. I'll thumbs-up it. Vonwoah: ohh right on.
  14. @stratvox thanks for the strats. Trying not to get off topic from HRV. I'm curious if I am missing something in the game here. Sleeping 10 hours depletes your water 100%. Over that doesn't help condition much right? Never quite understood the 12 hour mechanic, and then thought it gives you a +2 hour of recovery from an ailment.
  15. Newly discovered region near Milton

    Astrid!.. Astrid!... Astrid was hanging out in Milton Basin the entire time.