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  1. Redux Milton Supply Caches

    I had to look this one up. I've explored the entire map twice slamming coffees wondering where it could be.
  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #17

    Bush pilots land anywhere right?
  3. Dev Diary - November 2018

    I ordered a pizza for delivery yesterday with a soda that ended up costing me around $30 USD. That was pizza satisfaction for a night. The Long Dark for the same price has given me entertainment for this entire year. I am sad that Episode 3 is not this December, but I can hang. This game and Hinterland has me confused on how they keep operating. This video is 5 years ago, and the way it looked then to now has me amazed. It sounds like Raph wants to release something that is up to par with gaming standards, and grow the Hinterland studio for another release. I commend them.
  4. Why Am I Chasing Astrid?

    Pulled from one of the Steam trailers with the Astrid voice over. I wonder if we will see a new region with this community hall location? Looks like this could be a place she headed to look for Will?
  5. Community Feedback

    Things I would have liked to see. Cabin fever on days 2-4 believe it or not. I was prepared enough to sit inside all day. Maybe a mechanic like cabin fever, and maybe it could have incorporated a mission to go outside or travel to a specific location by a certain time. I didn't want to leave the Quonset garage during the aurora Day 3, and there was no reason to. I messed around a little with the flashlight on Day 3 and mostly sat inside and let the clock run. During the blizzard on Day 4 I went hunting for pies in a blizzard and found this was more interesting than Day 3. I played this really cautiously as I didn't want to miss out on the badges.. My badges, I gotta have my badges! Wolf behavior more extreme. Maybe no baiting? The event could have been more difficult. I understand they don't want to scare off new players because of this, and that this is an event in all good fun. It needs another element to keep the player on their toes. I thought with the insane amount of good loot that it was going to be difficult, and everyone was going to get wrecked! I like that idea. Sasquatch or sounds when traveling that we've never heard before The ghost of grey mother
  6. 4DoN: QUEST FOR PIE!!!

    Your pies! They are going to burn!
  7. Well... isn't this just peachy? (Day 2)

    My experience in Coastal Highway at Quonset with the wolves is nuts. 11 killed so far, 4 bullets left. Area is more quiet now thankfully. I have a flashlight, so I am looking forward to tomorrow Day 3 to survive without bullets.
  8. Looking forward to it!

  9. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    How do you fine tune, but also add new content to The Long Dark without affecting the existing mechanics and ensuring those mechanics aren't affecting another? In programming that is done through writing tests, but do you guys do analytic heat graphs of player data of where most players die, areas traveled, etc?
  10. I love snares after this experiment

    You just made me laugh my ass off on lack of creature mechanics. You've filled it all in. Thank you! Haha!
  11. I love snares after this experiment

    I don't know if anyone has an answer or if this was just buried in the thread. Does anyone know if a snow shelter protects you from wild life? Wiki says different. Evidence that says otherwise.
  12. I love snares after this experiment

    Returning after a 2 day trip to the Ravine.
  13. I love snares after this experiment

    Curious as to why the bear turned away when using the snow shelter in the GIF above. Does anyone know if the game change and the wiki is outdated? http://thelongdark.wikia.com/wiki/Snow_shelter
  14. I became curious about snares. Curious as to why I see a small number of players utilizing them, and larger number saying they are useless. My previous experience was no different from most. Catch a rabbit or two and then move onto bigger things like crafting a bow, or seeing how far I can throw a rock off a cliff. With my current Interloper run (around Day 23). Let's try 16 snares! gulp... Things I've Discovered with this Snare Experiment. 1. 16 snares, I would catch 8-10 rabbits per day. I would check 3 to 4 times a day, and reset the snares after each catch. 2. Times I would check is morning, noon, and night. I found that with timing your checks consistently, you can get rabbits that are only 1% frozen. It almost felt like every 3 hours in-game time there would be something new to harvest. 2. The setup is easy to maintain. After harvesting the broken snare, you receive 1 reclaimed wood back. It only takes 1 cured gut to replace a destroyed one. After a few days of doing this, you are swimming in the curing gut and becoming the efficient machine. 3. A snares weight is the same as reclaimed wood. Which means it's transportable to other locations. Just imagine you are carrying reclaimed wood and you have a fridge of food on your back. 4. Condition with snares are bool - 100% or destroyed. 5. Great way to level up harvesting skill quickly. 6. Snow Shelters are awesome for fighting cabin fever and protecting you from wild life! With the amount of harvesting of rabbits you catch, and avoiding cold while harvesting, you will find yourself fighting cabin fever constantly. I built a snow shelter near the snares where the rocks were blocking the wind. At Trapper's Cabin, I cannot find another way to keep up with the harvesting without the snow shelter. This is because Cabin Fever would consume me, and on Interloper it's been too risky to harvest directly at a fire due to inconsistent weather. 7. When harvesting, always keep in mind of your smell and inventory. When are where. Drop the rabbit if you're not doing anything with it in a safe place. I've noticed that harvesting rabbits in a snow shelter brings the big bear fast! These dead rabbits in your inventory are super magnets for bears and wolves! Snow shelter protection from bear when harvesting rabbit From the wiki After 5 days I haven't noticed a reduction yet. To be continued. Today I learned that snares are rad, no matter what others tell you.
  15. Would be nice if there was a way to determine whether the save file was tampered with through a mod or hack. This is stretching it to the largest level. In addition, it would be nicer if Hinterland included the share code in one of the menu views during custom play. Small community. We can assume most would be honest - but you never know. I like the write-up idea, but also keep in mind this is all in good fun. You know you are a winner if you are one.