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    And then you can watch your beloved companion get torn to shreds by a pack of wolves, and need to determine which one is your "pet" before you start shooting... OMG, you shot Snoopy instead of the wild wolves! Snoopy steaks for dinner... because you are starving.
  2. I have not seen it and cave entrances yet. I'll keep an eye out. And I know you are trying to joke, but flashing or flickering lights that may trigger seizure activity in those prone to it would never be a "feature" in my mind. My daughter has a condition that these types of flashing or flickering lights a can trigger an atypical absence seizure (aka/petit mal seizure), and she loves playing TLD as well. I've warned her to be careful at mine entrances, and hopefully if it occurs, her medications will prevent anything bad from happening. I'll warn her about cave entrances as well now.
  3. Jeez, having one of those days. Forgot to list system specs... Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit AMD FX-4130 Quad Core @3.8 GHz NVIDIA 740 GT (v3 MSI 2 GB VRAM) 12 GB DDR3 RAM Dual channel VSync disabled
  4. First, I sadly do not have a debug screenshot or my output_log from the save this is from. (Forgot to post this before I switched to a new save...). (Apologies... i know this makes diagnostics more difficult, but this needs to be reported, the flashing was enough to possibly trigger seizure activity in someone with a light sensitive seizure disorder.) I went into Cinder Hills coal Mine in CH. Turned around to look at the new exterior landscape that now shows through the wire door/gate. I could hear the sound of the weather changing outside, wind picking up, furiously. While the weather was changing, the exterior landscape image (ONLY) was flickering- light dark light dark light dark... Once the weather had fully changed, the image showed wind blowing through the door, snow outside, and the flickering stopped, and the landscape looked as I would expect it to. The first image just marks the location this happened at, the second image is a non-HD Steam screenshot taken after the weather had changed. The image in #1 had the area where the trees are go black-white-block-white-black white, with the trees visible in grey during both phases. Sorry for not reporting while I still had the output_log.txt file for this save. Seen only once, if it occurs again I will come back and post additional information, and post on the zendesk reporting site as well.
  5. And this is why old churches at night are the setting for many horror films and games...
  6. I wish you had put a 4th question up- least favorite region. I'll take the frozen wasteland of HRV over the frozen wet hellscape that is FM, any day. Region: Desolation Point. Most underappreciated region in the game, IMHO. But I love it. Dearly. Experience Mode: Stalker, for serious runs (though I use Pilgrim and Voyageur for testing things, and Voyageur sometimes for more relaxed runs.) Haven't yet found a Custom Settings combo that works well for me, yet. Challenge: Whiteout. Looting like mad (an aRPG fan's dream...), and dealing with the QGS... and never the same two times in a row. Love trying to beat my own time to get stocked up quicker if I can.
  7. Thanks Raph. I understand. And yes, I do well know. Sadly, I think many of us know this from personal experience. Enjoy your holiday weekend.
  8. I always wondered if this story played any part in us getting potable water from toilets: Honestly, I always think more about all of the dust and particulate debris we see floating in the air inside most buildings, and why we don't need to use cloth to filter the sediments out of the water. Though, I suppose it could be considered as "dietary fiber", so it might actually be healthy.
  9. A lovely sunrise at the Lighouse in DP. One of the reasons DP is my favorite region in the game. You can only get these views here.
  10. Agreed, Pilgrim has its own challenges, hunting things that run away when they spot you 1/2 mile away is one of them. I like the general idea here though, but think having the entire zoo come charging at you is a bit much. Perhaps if one of the animals was injured during their interaction with another animal, or pack of them, that animal might use the distraction to try to make an escape, while the other animal(s) would have to use their detection abilities (scent, hearing, smell...) are you carrying meat/guts/hide/fish, are you injured or sick, do you look like easier prey than they animal they were first after? And then RNJesus would roll the dice whether they come after you or not. Unless you advance on them and threaten them, in which case they either attack, or flee. Keeping mechanics like wolves charging when you draw the bow or aim the rifle intact, of course. I think it could be quite interesting, and definitely add more tension, and "spectacle" (something to keep the player immersed and interested) to the game. *caveat ahead* As long as it doesn't kill performance for many players who do not have high-end rigs or the latest-greatest newest generation versions of PS4 or XBox One, to play the game on, and it does not drop fps to slide-show numbers, even on the lowest Quality settings.
  11. I kind of like the idea for a new challenge like this. One revolver in the entire game world. @AlexandraRussia, what experience mode do you feel this should be set to? Voyageur Mode settings, or more difficult, like Stalker? Or something in between the two? It is similar to Hopeless Rescue, but not the same. Would we need to do something with the revolver once we find it, or do we just need to find the revolver, and then the challenge ends? I believe that we should need to use the revolver to do something at the end, to complete the challenge. Something like a single wolf, similar to the bear in The Hunted challenges, would be following us the entire time, and we must kill that wolf to complete the challenge. It is interesting to think of and I am interested in how you think it should be done, to make it interesting to play.
  12. Play Stalker. And have 4 or 5 come all at once. They are polite though, they line up and wait in queue.
  13. Deer: "Look guys, there are 12 of us. We have sharp pointy antlers. if we band together, we can run this big galoot out of our feeding territory." Moose: "Bring it." Wolves: "Oh, snap. Get the popcorn."
  14. I have always liked this idea, though it would require a bunch of different animations to be created for each animal, and then coded correctly to have the appropriate animations play for different types of interactions. I would love to see a Moose stomping or charging at a wolf pack, or trying to intimidate a bear. But I do wonder how it would affect performance on lower-end rigs like mine, and others far below the specs I have. But yeah, if it can be done without slowing my fps to slide-show speeds, I would really love to see this.
  15. Wolves bleed out fairly quickly. If it wasn't dead by the next day, it isn't likely that it was bleeding out at all. Might be a bug, might be a new behavior for wolves. maybe they get sprains too, and non-fatal injuries like we do? I wonder if it will heal over time? Makes me wish we had a paintball gun, so you could mark it to be sure it is the same wolf. (Did you check to be sure your wolf kill count did not go up in your Journal?)
  16. Keep in mind, any hotkey assignments also have to be able to be assigned somehow on a controller, for computer user who prefer a controller, and for console players who use controllers. And finding a combo on a controller that isn't easy to "mess up" can be difficult. And it would seem that a controller would have far fewer available combinations to use, overall. The game version is the same on all platforms, so the controls need to work well on all platforms. Otherwise, it would feel like computer players are being favored with an "easier" game to play.
  17. I will say after the hotfix, aiming with the rifle seems more precise, it feels "right" now. Haven't played with the bow yet, or the revolver, since I have been doing short throw-away runs to test things out. Started a new Stalker run last night, and I'll make it a long run attempt, to really test things more thoroughly. Chose Coastal Highway to start on, and am curing a maple sapling and deer guts to craft one as soon as I can. Now I just need arrows, lol. Didn't have an issues with sprains before, haven't had any in my first 5 days in this new run, even though I took the steep slope path down from the tucked away trailer to the Log Sort. Slope warning most of the way down, crouching as I went may have helped? Anywho... thanks for getting hotfixes out so quickly on Steam, haven't checked XBox One yet to see if it has dropped there yet. Changelogs did not have any optimization noted, but oddly, perf seems to be better as far as better fps and fewer RNG hitches. Coincidence, I am sure, but... I'll thank you for that too. My old toaster rig thanks you too.
  18. I have no coat yet. And yes... it is as cold as it looks, lol. But Josephine is stylin', after finding those ragged jeans, the toque and the balaclava. In the words of Fernando Lamas: "It is better to look good, than to feel good, and dahling... you look mahvelous."
  19. Spawn in on Stalker, and have only matches to start a fire and scare a wolf off, and spawn in with wolves right around you. You spawn in outdoors. You have no house to loot to get flares, a revolver, shells, ect. You don't spawn in with flares, a rifle, a knife, a hatchet, a hammer, a revolver, a bow or arrows. You need to be able to evade the wolves that are out to rip your face off from minute 1, so you can live long enough to go find them. It isn't about forgetting to carry them. It is about being able to get somewhere to find them, first. If you want more role-playing, you are free to gather stones in a blizzard, take the time to lay them out on the ground, and then build your fire. You HAVE that option. Your idea would force me to play your way, and I am not interested in doing that. I accept the un-realities in the game, because they make for more enjoyable, less stressful, less tedious gameplay for me, especially in Stalker, where I am not the hunter, I am the hunted, from the minutes I start the game on Day 1. I like to do crazy, risky hand over had free solo rock climbing in my games. i think that is fun. Not everyone does. I would not insist on a major change to the game that forced everyone to climb everything without any ropes. My role-playing is being a free solo rock-climber, like I used to be IRL. Not everyone wants to play that in their games. I do it by choice, and enjoy my role play. And I know I risk hurting or killing my character doing so. But I have a free choice to do it or not. I am not forced to do it because it adds more "realism" to the game for me.You feel free to lug around 20 lbs of stones, and lay them out on the ground every time you want to build a fire. Again, you have an idea. I do not like it, I would not upvote it. Others may choose differently. But my vote is "No.", no matter how you try to make your idea sound "appealing". To me, it is unappealing. And would honestly make me stop playing if I was forced to play it that way. We can agree to disagree. But please, don't try to tel me your opinion is better than mine, They are both equal. *shrugs*
  20. First you have to find flares or a revolver and shells. I can start a fire in Stalker and below from minute 1, since I have matches when I spawn in, as long as I can grab a few sticks right away. And sticks are everywhere. I don't like the idea, sorry. Too much "IRL realism" that would make the game a chore, rather than a fun experience for me.