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  1. Share your screenshots

    Welcome, and thanks for sharing such a great shot! Creepy as all...
  2. Removal of locked badges

    Honestly, No. Do NOT remove the badges. I did not get them this year, I was too sick to play past Day 1. So I have the locked badges as well. My mind does not melt into a puddle of goo when I see them. They do not count toward the Challenge Mastery achievement, as far as I can tell, since I had that achievement, it was not affected by the addition f 2 new Challenge badges, and another friend just completed Hopeless Rescue, got the achievement, and does not have either 4DoN badges either. If I don;t want to see locked badges, I am free to not look at my badges collection. Pretty simple solution there.
  3. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #16

    That is better asked in the MM Questions thread, rather than here. Raph generally does not answer questions asked in the comments after a Dispatch, but will see and maybe answer it if it is in the Questions thread. http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/21075-question-thread-milton-mailbag/
  4. Share your screenshots

    No need to apologize @Morrick. It is a lovely capture! And the sprint icon makes me think you were running into the light, drawn by some irresistible call, from beyond the veil. Or there is a wolf on your tail...
  5. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #16

  6. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Hangar with Plane... Hat Bear Spear
  7. Regarding: The Long Dark GOG Release Delays and Issues

    Yeah. It's really the only reason I have a GoG account and any games there. I never use their client, and rarely play any of the games i have there, since i have them all on Steam, first, with more progress on them. I think i paid for one game there, had issues with the download (it kept coming through corrupted), and GoG customer support was horrid. I decided to take my money back to Steam and stay there. But I will grab the Connect games, just to let them sit, gathering digital dust, in my GoG library. making a useless point, I guess. Honestly, I am not terribly concerned if TLD is pulled from their store. I don't own the game on GoG, so it really does not affect me. None of my close friends or family members own the game on GoG, we all own on Steam and on either XBone or PS4. So, none of us are affected by this. It just caught my eye. I suppose I should have just looked and not commented, My bad.
  8. Regarding: The Long Dark GOG Release Delays and Issues

    But that does nothing for GoG-only owners. GoG connect only gives you a DRM-free copy on GoG for games you own on Steam, not the other way around. I suspect I might know why this is happening, but I am not going to speculate on it. Speculation without absolute solid proof to back it up leads to a ton of misinformation flying around the internet. Throw reddit into the mix, and the misinformation factor goes up tenfold. I'll let Hinterland tell us when they are ready to tell us, and get the story straight from them.
  9. Moose killing wolves....

    Can't help but wondering if the found carcasses are a resurfacing of the "all-things-killed-reappearing" bug, where carcasses of all wildlife people had killed in long-running games had started suddenly reappearing and littering the the landscape? Though, if I remember correctly those carcasses would all be non-harvestable. Perhaps a new variation on that previous bug?
  10. Share your screenshots

    That is both awful and hilarious, at the same time. Were you able to harvest by standing below it and clicking on the carcass, even though it is levitating, magically? (And did you post a bug report with a debug screenshot, hopefully?)
  11. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Since this game came to be, from the day it was conceived in your mind, through Kickstarter, through Early Access and Game Preview, through going gold, up to today... A great number of things have gone right, and a few have gone wrong. Such is life for everyone and everything. And we all look back and wish we had done a thing or things differently. Hindsight is NOT always 20/20, but it tends to sharpen our view of what may have made things easier or more difficult. Looking back, what ONE thing do you wish you had done differently, and what do you think the results of that different choice would have been? I know, choosing one single thing is difficult, and pays no attention to how things are intertwined in the life and growth of a creative process and product. But you don't have time to write a novella for an answer, so one thing only, the "If I had only..." thought that flicks the back of your brain the most often. (And maybe let a dev hopeful, just starting out, know that he or she isn't alone, that the "Big Dogs" have those doubts or thoughts too...)
  12. Share your screenshots

    When you are thrilled that the weather is awful... ...because you are in Milton, after dark, and the wolves have decided to get in out of the cold:
  13. Actually OCT 28th - NOV 1st

    The day lasts for 24 hours. We all start at the exact same moment in time. Your clock will read differently than mine because of these little things known as "Time Zones". We all get the full 4 days. No one loses any time, you can play at any point during the 24 hours of each of the 4 days. We all get the same 96 hours of the event, all starting and ending at the same exact moment in time as everyone else. How is this so hard to understand?