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  1. I want to visit every single place I can see, but can't find a way to get to yet. In other words, you are not alone.
  2. Are you sure? Because that looks like the old HUD/UI from before the December update, not the current one (the thermometer should be in a circular icon, on the left bottom screen, not dead center without the circular meter...)
  3. Nice! I don't think I have ever seen a deer pass by a car or truck I was in, only bear, moose or wolves. Do you remember how long ago this was (which version of the game before the December Redux update...)? And what were you doing that made it give you "that look"? Were you cleaning a rifle, or stitching up boots made from his best buddy's hide? Nice capture!
  4. #1- To grit my teeth and complete a 500 day run, while getting the other 4 Steam Achievements I need in Survival Mode to 100% the game. #2- Finish #1, and swear off doing long runs ever again, getting back to trying to climb every single thing that can, and possibly should not be, climbed. Just because they are there. #3- Have one, just one, run where I do not get Food Poisoning, from anything, without the use of custom settings. #4- Actually ignore the trolls. Everywhere. Especially on Twitter and the Steam forums. AKA/ Learn to use and respect the "Block" functions. #5- Take even more ridiculously pretty screenshots in the game, hopefully from new summits, never seen before. #5 will be the easiest.
  5. Raph has addressed this idea several times, recently in the Milton Mailbag Dispatch #10 : Question from @Soul Sojourner: If you pay close attention in the cinematic sequence that takes place in Mackenzie's office at the Jackrabbit Transport hangar -- where we first meet Astrid in flashback -- you'll see that there's a bottle of whisky on his desk. Regarding in-game alcohol affecting our rating, in some territories we've included alcohol and tobacco in the ratings just to "future proof" for if/when we add those items to the game. Since almost everything in the game has some kind of gameplay impact or value, we wouldn't add alcohol unless it offered some cost/benefit to a specific action. So, the real reason there's no usable alcohol in the game is that it hasn't felt like the most important item to build gameplay around, even though -- as you point out -- there are definitely many potential uses.
  6. I'm running on a 6 year old + toaster. Windows 7 SP1 64 bit NVIDIA 740 GT (2 GB, MSI v3) AMD FX 4130 @3.8 GHz 12 GB dual channel DDR3 RAM Custom settings, mixed Med>High, SSAO off , VSYNC off in game, but on in NVIDIA Control Panel custom game profile No crashes. None. Some more noticeable fan noise, GPU and CPU running slightly warmer, but not over 60°C (max temp for both is 70°C). Hubby's Window 10 Beefy PCMR rig having more issues than mine. Did all of the usual troubleshooting on both. Both of us saw multiple threads about the latest NVIDIA GPU drivers causing issues on multiple games, so we both rolled back from v417.35 to v416.94. His rig is running the game, and others normally again. So is my little toaster, still slightly more fan noise and a tinny bu it more hitching in Wintermute only. But far, far, far less. Can't say it will help anyone else, or if it is purely coincidental that we both have happier gaming rigs on the older driver version. And, of course, it only applies if you are running an NVIDIA GPU. But if you know how to manually roll back your driver, it may be worth a try to see if it does help.
  7. Take a break, and come back to it. I've been enjoying it, my friend. It is an interesting and engaging take on things. Happy Holidays aj. Wishing you a New Year filled with Wonder.
  8. I still think any dogs who were left behind, or already living feral would have become quick food for the local wolf and bear population once humans were gone, or almost gone. And I doubt the Moose population would have reacted well to any hungry mongrels who dared to approach them. And taming aggressive, "rabid" acting wolves, who tend to ignore obvious food (decoys) thrown in front of them, if you mistime the throw... not something I see happening. These are wolves who are not normal, and not friendly to people, and probably never were. We would need to find newborn pups, still strong enough to survive if we very carefully nurse them, and probably would need to have killed Wolf Mom to find it/them. Better have a good supply of condensed milk and blood from prey animals to mix with it for a few weeks, until puppers grows a few teeth capable of eating ground or softened raw meat. Honestly, this seems like something that would require an entirely new game, because the complexities of the mechanics and systems needed to make this work, and feel good in TLD, would not be an easy task, even with the expanded team. It could happen, but... not sure it should.
  9. Yep. That is basically how it went down, or at least how it seems to have, from the outside, looking in. And yes, they are wizards. With flamethrowers.
  10. WINTERMUTE SPOILERS AHEAD...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Change the page now, scroll down without looking, or get a non-TLD player to come in and get you away from the spoilery spoilers. Just a few images from Episode 1 Redux that I liked, with some spoilers, but not too much, I hope. (Kinda hard to avoid spoilers at this point, I have been bombarded with them on Steam, so... my turn, but at least I am warning you ...)