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  1. MRE's : the spice of life living in the post apocalypse

    For me it was the old 1990's Chicken & Rice. Sounds fairly safe, right? If you love the taste of coriander, it is. You never think about how changes in altitude might affect you tastebuds, until you are there, and it does. Mountains of Peru, caving and backpacking, 1997. MRE's packed, Chicken & Rice was what we chose for dinner at our first basecamp. Apparently the altitude made all of our tastebuds super sensitive to the seasonings in the entree. We all had to choke it down, and fight to keep it down. Except Barb. Our resident ovo-lacto vegetarian. She was eating boiled eggs and cheese with the sherpas. The only one of us who was not sick for the entire night, tasting coriander for the next 3 days, no matter what we ate or drank to get rid of the taste. It was a learning experience, lol!
  2. Celebrating Fans and Friends

    Really enjoyed these videos. The visuals and the voice acting really brought the fan-fiction to life, made it part of my TLD world. Very nicely done, Hinterland. And very nicely done as well to each of the creators, whose stories were showcased in these videos. Very satisfying, indeed. (And I have had "The Light Keeps Us Safe" on my Wish List since I saw Raph share the game in his Twitter feed. Really seems like a game I will enjoy, the way I enjoy playing Stalker as a stealth game in TLD. Looking forward to it going live on Steam.)
  3. So we got a bit of rain...

    We are having the flooding and non-stop rain here in Pennsylvania, again. Flooding everywhere, and more landslides, just after we all got almost done cleaning up after the last ones. We are fine on our property here, but we are on the high ground, neighbors below us have minor flooding. Sump pump is running non-stop, and I am glad we have solar, since the electricity has been on and off for those only on the grid. Serious Hurricane headed toward the East Coast... family in Maryland and Florida are trying to get out to safety, we will get hit with more heavy storms and rain in the aftermath. Mother Nature is trying to tell us all something. And she isn't being nice about it.
  4. Hallo

    Hey there! Welcome to the forums! Or welcome back! And yeah, don;t fret over signing up and forgetting your account details. I did the same. Registered after I first bought the game 2+ years ago. Forgot which email I used, so I could reset my password, so i created this account. And politely asked for my old account to be nixed, if it could be found. It happens, lol! Best wishes to you and your wife on the fostering and adoption process. It can be slow and laborious here in the US. Here's hoping the red tape gets unwound quickly.
  5. Hello from The Grand Canyon

    Welcome! From the US desert SW? (if so, i am a bit jealous... one of my favorite parts of this country...) Nice to see you here. Welcome to the community. Stay warm, stay safe, enjoy your stay, and... don't feed the bears.
  6. Seemingly imbalance in Loot distribution

    They can, and probably do, set maps with different loot tables for each map, based on experience mode or custom settings being used. It can be done that way. Some loot may be very likely on some maps, but very unlikely or even missing on others. Not every map is supposed to be the same, difficulty, loot tables, terrain... each map is handcrafted, with its own settings for weather patterns, natural resources, shelters (man made or natural), etc.. It makes sense that some maps may not have a hacksaw or hammer, or have only minimal rare chances of one spawning there. And some things are always there, based on experience mode. It just feels more "real" that way, to me, anyway. If we could find every item, on every map, every time... why ever leave ML, and go to FM or CH, or DP, or TWM? It would be hella stale and boring if it were that easy, IMHO.
  7. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Is MacKenzie actually MacReady, and are those paintings I thought were wolves or huskies, actually Alaskan Malmutes, who hosted the Kennel-thing before it got loose and went after the wolves and bear, once the CME home-signal from the mother ship came in? Having some fun here.
  8. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #10

    It is an Easter egg, from a movie. One that many of the Hinterland team really like, and talk about fairly often on Twitter. I'll leave it at that.
  9. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #10

    The team at Hinterland would survive the Quiet Apocalypse, no problem. We'd just eat our players. Okay... *Takes out Day Planner, thumbs through to "Travel Plans", and scratches off planning for a trip to Vancouver... just to be safe.*
  10. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #10

    Wondering if they were watching a Lets Play that was using a Steam Workshop or an outside third party language localization mod, that was made using Google Translate, or another machine translator? Might be best for the OP to ask that streamer what localization they were using, and where it came from, and check the age of the video- the translation may be old, out-of-date and have errors that have since been corrected. I do have a good friend in Poland, who I gave a copy of the game to. He did tell me there were a few badly translated words, about a year ago, but he also said they were words that were often regionally different, "city slang" was the way he said it. Words that may be particular to a city or region in a country, similar to "Soda", "Pop", "Soda-pop", "Soft Drink", etc., here in the US.
  11. Bonjour :) !

    Ah, speaking more than one language, and speaking them well, is never a bad thing.
  12. Bonjour :) !

    "Bear with me"... I see what you did there. Welcome, and from your other posts I have seen, your English is very good already. Much better than my French is.
  13. Carribean Alpinist

    To the forums, welcome you are.
  14. Is This New?

    The old tower was one of my favorite places. It has been my Steam Avatar since right after they destroyed it. I still miss it...
  15. Is This New?

    Okay, Could not find an old screenshot in my collection (after a few thousand thumbnails, my eyes refused to look at any more...), but I did find an old image from "the other Wiki". Seems I was wrong about the sign image being different, looks like it was the same. But it has been there for ages.