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  1. edit forum posts?

    ok.i made custom challenge and just wanted to put all the players who has passed challenge in first post but without editing...its no go.
  2. edit forum posts?

    i created thread about custom challenge and i want edit my first post but i cant...i cant find edit option anywhere...moderation options shows only delete
  3. TAKEOFF (Custom challenge)

    wow...thats nice!...i hope that you manage "fix the plane" and took off. interested to hear that was it too easy...and dont tell any specifig info but did you visit more areas than pleasant valley. good job.
  4. TAKEOFF (Custom challenge)

    yes 3 red quality tool boxes:)
  5. TAKEOFF (Custom challenge)

    Story about events: you have landed on top of the Timberwolf mountains because malfunction of your Zenith stol CH-750. Power of your plane was not working properly and it forced you to took emergency landing on top. To get yourself to "takeoff" from the mountain you have to gather 8 kilograms of scrap metal and 3 quality tools and carry items on top to fix the plane After your emergency landing, you decided to climb down from the top and travel near area to search useful items but snowstorm got you lost. Can you gather all resources and take off the mountain? General rules : - Custom setting code: 8p21-UhV8-NQBm-2GWN-WwAA - Starting area is Pleasant valley - You can`t interact any cargo containers on top of the mountain in plane wreck.Containers don`t exist! - Other cargo containers are in play in Timberwolf region. - Take pictures of your metal scraps and quality tools to get yourself approved mark in this thread - Live 3 days on top after completed to gather all required items to simulate "fixing plane" - When all this primary tasks have been completed....took picture from google,where you "take off" and share with us! SIDENOTES: This is first attempt to create this custom challenge and i haven`t managed to get through it because all the testing. I`m not that pro player of long dark but this is what i want to try. All the required items to pass this challenge and live on top of the mountain is approx amounts. Any tips and changes or new idea are welcome. In the first...this challenge is for myself becaue i dont know if this even possible in game yet...i dont want to waste other players time, but if someone want to try,its nice. I don`t know if this is too easy or too hard,like i write,my first attempt. If you try this and decide to make thread about it and start journal,maybe its clearer to use survival stories forum. Use your imagination. Please don`t die. Read the rules. Don`t use online maps. If you try this,don`t forget to check custom settings how those are settled,examble no cabin fever
  6. group survival

    if i recall my few survival try-outs correctly,you could find my body in ravine and drifting somewhere on seas...:D but nice to see that someone answered...i allready thought that no-one didnt understand my propose. yeah...that is quite tricky.but if this would be possible,i would be part of it right away... i would just play my own survival modes,challences and story mode while waiting ...and when time comes.i would be ready. and after that group survival is ended,you could see stats about who lasted longer,walked longer etc...
  7. group survival

    i just remembered this yesterday when i was thinking co-op in long dark and how great addon would it be but what i have readed from devs... not gonna happen... this idea could be hardcoded and impossible to achieve but somehow...long dark should have some social aspects... https://steamcommunity.com/app/305620/discussions/6/2549465882932002047/?fbclid=IwAR1VpvGMjCCa3mWRVkvvy2aV-Jta_xMMyXifZXvIDFqUe7e93PfG5AG3-YU so got this idea in multiplayer thread.you spawn in world as a first survivor. there is no frozen npc corpses in world(not yet)your only task is to survive.you can write journals,leave notes in places of your adventures,create your own survival hideout with your stuff...then pack of wolfs attacks you...you fight for your life but your body becomes frozen corpse near miltons church.game over.then spawns next survivor in random place...he starts his adventure...now he can find first corpse at the church,or find first players notes,journals,hideouts...but he dies also.then comes next survivor and next and next and next...and after some amount of players,someone is last survivor...when he dies,group sandbox is over.its not coop,its not multiplayer...players never play same time....of course,there gonna be notes like...sniff my pants or some sort of that but for more adult and more serious gamers,would be something with the interaction:)how this go technically point of view...maybe impossible:D so after every survivor,the world is little bit different place...ofc loot would be default at start for every survivor but additional loot would be in different places... ...few notes on tables,notes on on dead survivors backpacks... it would be so fun to find previous survivors corpse and took the loot,read notes...buffer memories would be also player made then.
  8. Flight of the (Frozen) Phoenix

    Yeah i tried to test this repair the plane thingy...but testing takes too much time about item quantities. Because it was in my own mind ,i thought that the plane is not that wrecked what is it in game....just a little engine failure and some propel mailfunction..
  9. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #3

    Candles?we need candles!. And ability to clean houses...?
  10. okei one idea....lets think that plane in mountains its not that bad broken and lets imagine that scrabmetal is some goodies that you could use repair a plane....how many amount scrab metal would be good to try to get up on mountains as a personal story?im thinking medium difficulty.
  11. i made little story about man who came to canada wilderness to hike and feel new surroundings....too bad that the end of the world came also. his mission was just survive and get distress pistol and go to the desolation point and set 5 fireplaces on ice,write with stones "sos" and fire the the distress pistol. but mission was failed and character died. i like to play when my character has backround and some meaning in gameworld beside surviving. so im requesting some ideas for that kind of gameplay and for the devs little note....can we has some challenge editor?:D also some kind of community competitions would be nice to have...first should be decide some custom difficulty settings and then the actual competition and rules. examble "the wealthiest garage"...mission is collect stuff in Quonset garage and show with pics what you have there...also some stats should be posted to just compare with other players.....also some "worth" should be decided to items...or something like that:D
  12. The end of the world

    hey!...thanks for everyone who read my story...too bad that my character died and i invested him a lot but i thought that i put the setting "wake character when freezing" on but.... its more fun playing when you put some background on character in creative way before you start to play. i would like to make maybe some sequal for this story....but cant create anything. but thanks for everyone....this community seems quite nice.
  13. The end of the world

    The end of the world. Character died in ravine...could not get up,no firewood...frozen to death. His last mission was to go in ravine to get distress pistol and go back to desolation point lighthouse and wait the plane. Using multiple fires and distress pistol was plan to get noticed but life ended in bottom of ravine. Mika survived 28 days. last song...
  14. The end of the world

    DAY 20 "Sounds,noises,is those real?or am i going crazy?" Three days have passed, i`m still eating medicines for my stomach problems but it`s getting better. I searched every houses on coastline and also visited few cabins on islands....plenty of food and medicines...it was good run. Also there was some gas station...I spent two nights on there but really didn`t like the place...too noisy when is windy.....and its always windy here. It was causing headache...clonking sound night and day. When i was feeling strong enough i decided to leave the place. I travelled through some cave, it was quite scary thing to do but i think that it was maybe safer path to go forward despite all the falling rock sounds. I thought that maybe this cave gonna collapse on me...very safe. I arrived to some fish processing facilite and decided to stay for the night here. Tomorrow i`m gonna search this place and making my new plans for my escape this winter wonderland. I got my idea for "salvation" from plane that is circulating in this area....i haven`t seen it but i have heard it... Hell,i don`t even know if its just my disease and some hallucination but its just some hope. Maybe someone is looking me... I have plan to stay here for few days,making inventory to how much i have medicines and food. Also wanna feel like cured from my disease...Then when everything is perfect and i feel like Bear grylls with the mix of rambo... ...I start my preparations to my "salvation".
  15. The end of the world

    Day 17 "Sanctuary" I left. I liked that place but really...All my supplies are running low. I have food for maybe few weeks so this was right time to move on. Also i need to find more antibiotics for future. I travelled through some ravine and managed to spot few beatiful places...some old trainbridge. Going over to the otherside on that bridge was most terrifying thing to do here... What comes in my illness...its still on. I take antibiotics every day and also through studying few books here,some mushrooms gives antibiotic effects. I really dont believe that kind of bullshit but my own mushroom tea gives warmth and tastes kind of Salmiakki. Weather was nice to travel, not too cold,not too windy. After some time going "zic zac" in snowy forest, i almost lost my hope for my new sanctuary but suddenly in far ahead i noticed some houses. This is beautiful place... Sanctuary...for a while, temporarily, Like life. -Mika-