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  1. Just talk.

    It's not at all uncommon for a prison bus to only have a driver and no police escort.
  2. The Redux update, Chapter 2, Jeremiah's Hatch

    I repaired the spear and completed the hatch after returning to Jeremiah, but before killing the bear. Waited about 3 nights before I got an aurora. Remember, don't just check at dusk and go "not tonight" if it doesn't show; you need to check every hour or two in case there's a weather change.
  3. Wolven Meat Thieves!

    I haven't noticed any thievery from meat stored outside (yet), but have noticed that in 1.45, it behaves differently when you drop it. It used to be that meat dropped anywhere would be 'flat' like this: Now only meat dropped indoors looks like that. Meat dropped outdoors looks exactly like decoys deployed from the radial menu (pic one is dropped from inventory, pic 2 is decoys)
  4. Mystery Lake Caches Side quest

    It is possible there is a bug. When I played Redux the first time, I could not unlock the cave cache in Milton; it never showed up as a quest. (This was V1.41, before any patches). In my more recent playthrough (current/V1.44) I haven't had any issues with side quests working properly. I don't recall exactly, but I think it might have had something to do with just reading the note the first time I encountered it, and then not picking it up, but picking it up later. Maybe start another save of the episode, and make a beeline for the note/trigger that is giving you issues, and if it's also bugged in that save, screen cap it and submit as a bug.
  5. Living of the Land / alles bio

    I'm 99% certain the achievement doesn't care how you come by the meat; the way the game engine functions, I'm not even sure it's possible for it to know. I didn't have any issues with the achievement on Steam, so it's possible there's a bug on PS4, I'm not sure. Maybe try in a new sandbox? Is there a possibility that you hit the wrong button at some point and drank a can of pop or something?
  6. Save data deleted?!

    It's unfair to claim they haven't fixed any of the plot holes when you haven't actually played the redux far enough (just arrived at Grey Mother) to see any significant story progression.
  7. Need Help, Redux, Spoiler!

    This might be obvious, but has anyone submitted this to Hinterland as a bug? If you have done so, have you updated with the information about resolution/v-sync fixing the issue?
  8. Disappointing new Milton/Mountain Town map (SPOILERS)

    Seriously, there's a climb down into this hole? There's absolutely nothing down here. That feels like a tremendous waste of a climbing point.
  9. Disappointing new Milton/Mountain Town map (SPOILERS)

    Unfortunately, not quite inaccessible enough. I was mountain goating around exploring the new map, and clambered down into a ravine, only to discover that it's now a 100% dead end. Now I, and my 200+ day run, are stuck down there. : / Mountain Town wasn't my strongest map before, so I'm not sure if I've fallen into a 'new' problem with an area that used to be accessible (there's a shallow cave down here) that is now cut off, or if this was always there, and I've only now managed to stumble into it. Either way, this run is now botched, and I guess it's time to start a new journey to 500 days.
  10. Happy Holidays from Hinterland

    Best of the season to the whole team!
  11. Regarding The Choice With Hobbs

    For me, it was immersion-breaking. I had the knife in my hand, and then it was gone. I saw how Will stared at that knife and could practically hear the "this is a person's blood" running through his head. I was trying to decide if I wanted to keep a knife like that, but that decision wasn't left up to me.
  12. Wintermute Key Survival Tools/Spoilers

    I was actually wondering if that was bugged, so I submitted a query. Haven't heard back yet. Doesn't seem like you'd leave the knife with that fine upstanding gentleman.
  13. Redux Milton Supply Caches

    Ironically, I can't complete the mission because the cave cache is bugged for me. Ah well. Next time, Gadget! Safe deposit keys haven't changed that I'm aware of; I'd lay odds the one you are missing is #13. That one eluded me for a long time; there are walkthroughs that will show you where to look. Explore downriver, and listen for crows.
  14. Redux Milton Supply Caches

    The cache note I found that was not in predux games is:
  15. Redux Milton Supply Caches

    There is a third cache; I found the note quite by accident.