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  1. I'm not proud of it and it is hard for me to admit it, but I had a similar story. Some years ago, I used to play only pirated games. I've found about this game online and I've wanted to try it out. Without having a Steam account and any funds to purchase it, my option was to find a pirated game. I liked so much the game, it's community and the developer team that I've decided to purchase a copy of the game, because I've finally understood the effort that was put into making this game. Since then, I've never used any other pirated software/game and I was a devoted player and member of this community. One last time, I'm not proud of it and I want to appologise to the HL team this way.
  2. Okay. I will try to weigh into this discussion, athough I have never used mods and I don't completely understand how they work. I love this game and I highly appreciate the effort the devs are putting into this game to make it better for their customers. I have played this game for a couple of years and I enjoyed it like it was delivered by HL. Through this thread I've learned a great deal about mods and my question is the following: would it be possible for both the mod community and dev team to work together in order to implement features in the game, whether it is an update or an official mod/s? It would work this way: the mod community offers to HL team the codes, the HL team inspects them, and if it improves the gameplay and respects HL vision regarding TLD, the new features would be implemented in a hotfix, update or under the form of official mods. Features like those listed above by @hozz1235, which, from my understanding, are current mods. Personally, I would enjoy a lot if the tool which I used the last time would be remembered and I don't know if this feature is supposed to work in the current form or not, or it will be changed in the future. I consider that a colaboration between the mod community and HL would greatly improve everyone's experience.
  3. I really like how the crafting system was implemented and worked in the Wintermute. Have you ever thought to implement a similar crafting system in sandbox mode, in which you first needed to find/read books in order to be able to craft/forge items? I consider that the character should gain knowledge in order to know how to craft everything, instead of being an all-knowing survivor from the beginning. Or this difference between Wintermute and sandbox is intended, and if that's the case, I would be interested to find out why.
  4. BESt


    Glad to see you back! +1😁
  5. And btw, I loved the first half of the game. Yesterday I have played for 5 hours and stopped after killing Hobbs. I've tried to skip the spoilers in this post. I couldn't agree more with the OP about the changes in the redux. But I have to mention a few things. It will be a matter of time untill I will get used to the new fireplace interaction. I loved the moral implications of killing Hobbs. It was beyond Mackenzie. Mackenzie became me. I was feeling guilty for killing him, but at the same time feeling good for doing the right thing. I was expecting to keep the knife after killing him. I feel the plot now is more well presented and made me realize that the story mode prefix had huge plot gaps... Now it's highly improved. I know what happened to 4 prison mates. I know how Astrid escaped. I know what happend to Milton (I loved the leaflets about Milton's history) and I care more now for Grey Mother, Astrid, Milton's folks. Overall, I am highly satisfied with the redux so far, and can't wait to play more when I get home. I will write more after I will complete the episodes
  6. If I remember correctly, Methuselah was the grandfather of Noah in the Bible and lived the most, almost a millennium. He probably witnessed the flood, caused by people sinning. Maybe the NPC refers to that apocalypse.
  7. After googling it out, I found many boar spears which have a striking resemblance with the bear spear which will be implemented...
  8. Thanks. I don't know if all these advices are scientifically based and actually helpful, but as Julius Caesar said: "Never trust the internet!"???
  9. This is the reason we melt snow in TLD! Watch from minute 4:37
  10. Soon glad that my intuition was right! Can't wait!
  11. As far as the bear spear is concerned, I believe that it will be crafted from an full iron rod or partially made from maple or birch saplings, with an iron shaft. I think it will be forged and it will have the same size as a rifle, and maybe the same weight. If it is so, then I consider that it will be more of a defensive weapon in wolf and bear struggle. But it would be cool to be more than that...
  12. I believe it will replace the rifle in story mode. And I am also hyped about it!
  13. Regarding the sprained ankle question: it happens quite often to sprain your ankle or wrist from just walking and I don't understand from this MM if it is intentional or not...
  14. When you are exiting Milton, you can see in your left, right before you enter the Mistery Lake transitional cave, a train. In which map can it be found?