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    Oooo, character background!! I love this.
  2. Moose Do Not Bleed

    I hope this is a bug. Everything bleeds.
  3. Sharpen arrows with knife?

    I think it's a perfect suggestion, particularly the arrows being limited to take rabbits. Based on everything I've read since I started playing, some people are able to "get" the stone throwing/rabbit mechanism while some people just can't seem to make it work. This would provide them an easier, reliable method of taking rabbits with the balance of A) you're burning through arrow shafts you could otherwise hunt bigger game, and B) you're burning through your bow's condition, C) you have to spend time crafting your ammo, and D) because of A-C you wouldn't be able to use this hunting method to establish an immediate foothold survival-wise by acquiring first-day guts. If nothing else, for the player set for the long-term, this would provide additional motivation to learn how to hunt rabbits with stones, but for those who really don't like the stone mechanism it would provide an alternative. And more options, provided they're balanced, are always better than fewer.
  4. Make Jerky

    I think the best thing about jerky would be the weight savings. Remove water from something and it suddenly becomes a crapton lighter. Maybe cut the calorie number if fresh meat/fish is made into jerky to maintain balance. Or maybe a strong dehydrating effect. /shrug Lots of things possible here.
  5. Fireplaces and Stove locations

    I think they should put one in but have the chimney be all clogged. The player starts a fire and asphyxiates into The Long Dark. Seriously though, good point.
  6. Where the heck are the moose?

    Agree with OP. Very high setting, no moose. Tons of bear (also very high), no moose.
  7. Small wish list

    Now that is a productive post. Thanks!
  8. Small wish list

    Didn't bother me. I, for one, like most of these ideas. I'm also looking to die at 60 of old age (more like 90 though). It's not about easy, it's about perpetuating the survival process. As it stands now, most things in the game are ultimately limited by something. You can't make infinite arrows because saplings don't respawn and scrap metal is a finite resource. Your clothing will inevitably decay and become unusable because cloth is a finite resource. Assuming these truths to be immutable, a clever survivalist would learn to craft arrowheads out of bone, or stone, or flint, or something else. A clever survivalist would learn to tear out the seats of cars for the leather/cloth and thus increase the lifespan of his/her clothing. A clever survivalist would find a way. So instead of crapping all over the OP for his valid ideas that deserve discussion, if not implementation, can we please talk about how things could be made to work so that everyone stays or becomes happy with the game? At the end of the day if you don't like repairable sewing kits, don't repair your sewing kits. As far as easy/hard, isn't that why they just implemented custom difficulty settings?
  9. In an extended survival scenario, it only makes sense that a stockpile of furs/leather would accumulate. With such a stockpile, and the resulting time available post-establishment phase, it only makes sense that a person would experiment and find ways to craft thing out of said stockpile. Thus, this suggestion makes sense. If that's the case, the only thing left to talk about is game balance. It would be difficult to reasonably discuss how this suggestion would impact game balance due to the fact that we have no idea what the developers are planning for the short/long term future. Mroz4k, with all due respect I think you're limiting your though process to what's available now, in game and how it would be impacted by various suggestions. Instead of trying to shoot ideas down and explain why they'll never work, try thinking about how they might work, or be made to work if other aspects of the game were altered. This is a very good game, but it could be better. With balanced maintained, the more complex, in-depth, and engaging the game, the better. I'm all for this suggestion.
  10. Post all your bad suggestions here!

    The Aurora should bring rabid religious fanatics from their lairs, running across the tundra, howling at the wind and trying to convert the player, wolves, deer, etc. A player with Cabin Fever should only be able to regain condition through feeding on raw human corpses. Buttrash (monkeybutt) should be a debilitating condition, cureable through the application of OMB and pain killers.
  11. I think if one contracts cabin fever one should only be able to regain condition by feeding of dead human corpses for, say, a week. Oh yeah.
  12. degradation

    I'd like to see the degradation process re-evaluated as applied to certain items and the environment in which one finds them. Water in toilets should evaporate, but clothes shouldn't appreciably degrade indoors. Basically, anything outdoors should break down rather quickly while sheltered items should retain some kind of significant lifespan (staring directly at you, shipping containered stuff in TWM). I understand, however, that this would upset the balance of the game. In order to counter that, indoor environments, with a few exceptions (dam), should be susceptible to failure. Blizzards blow things around and windows break. A broken window in a house would mean that everything in that house, or at least in that room, is now technically outside and thus prone to increased rate of decay.

    Perhaps you should show a little respect for peoples' ideas. You're not king here. Anyway, I think a crossbow could be a great idea. Make it a craftable-only item and, for balance purposes, reduce the effective range dramatically. If you want to hunt with any range, use the rifle or, if you're good, the bow. But the crossbow could could be an effective, short-range solution for those with the balls to get in close. Kind of like stones for rabbits only for larger game.
  14. We all know that true survival isn't physical (well, it is, but bear with me), it's mental. Alone in the darkness, no one to talk to but that bear you just killed...things can turn rather grim. There's a reason Wilson was such a valuable volleyball. Whenever I start surviving, I almost always start hearing voices. One particular voice, in fact. He starts commenting on every little thing I do and I can't seem to make him stop. Eventually it got so bad that I started talking back, letting him know just what I think of him and his commentary. here are some of our conversations: "Looks like I survived another night." Yep. No thanks to your whining. (after something useful)"This'll come in handy." Shut up. (after newsprint)"That'll come in handy." You're not even trying, are you? "I'm not sure I can carry much more." You're not sure of much, are you? "Too cold to think." Too cold to listen to you complain. "I can barely walk with this much gear." Then get on your knees and crawl. "I could use this." I REALLY don't want to know what for. "Wonder if this is any good to eat." Eat it. If you die, it wasn't. "I'll have to be more careful. A sprained wrist could mean death out here." Yeah, let's try to avoid walking calmly on solid level ground from now on. "I could eat anything right about now." Anything? How about (censored). Could you eat (censored)? "This could be really useful." So could your mom. "Something's making me feel tired." Your attitude's making me feel tired." "Too heavy." Too whiney. "Damn...gotta be more careful." Damn...gotta be more quiet. "I'm gonna have to leave something behind." Yeah. Your dignity. "I think my stomach is eating itself." Shut up. "That guy that drank his own pee doesn't seem so crazy right now." Freak. "I need more of that." You need to shut your pie hole. "I might have to drop some gear." I might have to stick a sock in your pie hole. "All this gear is slowing me down." You've been slow for a lot longer than you've had to deal with all this gear. "I'm getting weaker..." Impossible. You can't get any weaker than you are right now. "Can you eat trees?" Can you shut up? "It's getting dark out here. Time to look for shelter." Don't tell me what to do. You're not my dad. "Looks like a new day is dawning." Thank you captain obvious. The key here is to not take any crap off the voices. If you do, they'll drive you crazy. Like that time, in a drunken rage, I took my hatchet and destroyed literally everything I could possibly destroy in the PV farmhouse and then was so ashamed of my behavior that I ran off and lived in BR for the next month. That wasn't one of my finest hours, lemme tell ya. I could feel Jack Torrance channeling through me, urging me on. /shudder
  15. Moose

    Sounds like my home town cops.