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  1. Cabin fever surprise!

    Great story and advice. Thank you.
  2. Cabin fever surprise!

    Hello all! I bet you have a memory like this~ After playing the Redux and taking a 16-day pilgrim run to the top of the mountain and back, I decided to pick up my old, most successful pre-vigalant flame voyage run. I was about 50ish days in when I took a break. I thought I now knew enough (and practiced with the bow enough) to really make a run of it. I returned to discover I had the wrong clothing for my treasure-seeking excursion I had set off to before my hiatus to Pleasant Valley. Nevertheless, I thought it might be a good time to practice my bow-hunting and pushed on to the barn for the arrows and gear. Maybe find a cook pot. Then a blizzard... ...Now I am at 30% cabin fever risk with much of my gear and firewood back in my coastal highway retreat. Ha ha, oh well. I knew the risk existed I just hadn’t seen it yet. This one is gonna be brutal I can already tell. I (narrowly) avoided the Bear that came by the barn for breakfast and am now planning my best move. Just goes to show you how this game can still take me to school.
  3. More choice of characters for survival

    I had a similar idea in starting gear kits for players, since so much gear in the game follows different themes. One was to have an injured skier with a full skier kit (jacket boots gloves exc) but also a broken leg that requires care. Have a workman that come with work pants gloves boots exc... tool kit and repair skill boost... but slower growth in other stat learning. a soldier with combat gear, several MREs and a rifle... but PTSD that causes other issues. the goal is not to make play easier by better starting gear, just change the flavor of the challenge.
  4. Hello all! I have really enjoyed playing back through Wintermute and seeing all the changes. I really like Methuselah as a recurring character. Question: After I killed off the bear, I went to complete the lake gunshots quest. After grabbing the pack I headed over to the Dam to grab the evidence. I saw my buddy Methuselah and he told me there “still were stories” to complete. “I know! I am helping a Forest Talker!” And left to get the evidence inside. But when I returned after completing all quests, he had nothing more to say. Does anybody know if he says anything different if all quests are already done when you speak to him in the Dam’s front yard?
  5. Last mission episode 2 Renewed Hope

    Good for you! I hung out in the firewatch Easter egg, eating my food and prepping my gear for entering the dam. My bear pelt dried all the way to 93% when the Aurora finally hit. I decided to risk losing progress for the pelt, grabbed it and my flashlight and bee-lined for the end of the chapter.
  6. Why Am I Chasing Astrid?

    Will is chasing after Astrid because he refuses to lose her again. He has already gone through his world ending once: the loss of a child. If this is indeed what happened, then Astrid and Will were emotionally torn apart. The cutscene at the start also hints at alcoholism: “it’s under control!” (Or is it?). I think Astrid’s comment “ Don’t let this new world break you” was something she told him long ago in the depths of his dispair following their mutual loss. Makes sense that would be first thing in his mind following the crash. Now Will has a shred of hope that he can hang on to one family member. He’s suffered & lost enough already- he will not let Great Bear stand in his way. As a player I sympathize with Will and want to see him succeed by pure force of willpower.
  7. Hello

    Hello! I have been enjoying the quiet apocalypse and look forward to participating in the forums. I am a new player currently 60 days in to my first sandbox run and am discovering bears are very hard to kill, even after watching everyone’s videos on YouTube.
  8. Starting gear kits

    Possibly Fuarian, but certainly someone smarter and more knowledgeable about game design than me could work with the idea.
  9. Starting gear kits

    I think it gives a bit more character to a survivor. Your suggestion of additional objectives I like!
  10. Challenge Done

  11. Starting gear kits

    Hello all! I am loving the game. I had the thought that it might be interesting to offer the player the chance to start with certain pre-selected equipment sets, instead of the usual assortment. A few of the many Possible concepts could be as follows: Soldier: player starts with the rifle, combat boots, military clothing, and some MREs, but little else. Perhaps some skill ranking with the rifle. Injured skier: player starts injured with no medical supplies, but ski jacket, gloves, boots, insulated pants, and ear wrap. Chef: starts with knife and some cooking skill, but clothing is very poor. For balance on these “bonuses”, the usual player expectations of starting with bedroll or matches could be removed. Thank you for consideration!