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  1. Solved technical issues and improved gameplay aspects in one single hotfix, that's why Hinterland rocks! Now I'm off to cook those tiny scraps of meat I have laying around.
  2. This! I've cooked a whole Moose while sleeping with a fire in the barn by trapper's two nights in a row, great way to fight CF and get your chores out the way. Water in a pot it's even better since you can sleep two hour chunks and get at least 4 liters out of the deal. If I don't need to improve my condition, it's time to eat crappy food and make water. Honestly, if anything the new cooking made the game easier and more enjoyable to play if you plan accordingly.
  3. You can keep 20+ saves at once, you can start over with no fear of losing your last run.
  4. New region map?

    Mapped almost every spot in Pilgrim while they fix the disappearing arrow bug. I know this isn't refined at all, but this is what I had time to whip up and serves as a general reference to those lost in the region and to help getting your approximate bearings, hope it helps.
  5. Time acceleration

    Yep, I noticed this as well. I shot the three amigos by Mystery Lake and missed the one hitter on the last one. he did not drop on spot after I passed time by my fire. He was very close to the Camp Office when I found him. It also happened by River Valley with both bears I've killed there. Honestly this is a change for the better, bears are now a true menace and hanging out in bear territory is actually dangerous now. More reason to hunt them I guess.
  6. Map for Hushed River Valley

    I had pretty good progress on my map but ended up dying to an aurora wolf before it was complete. If you're keen on having a map for reference, you should fire up a pilgrim run and map out the region, it'll take a couple hours but it might help you. Also, if take into account where the hushed river is you'll never truly get lost in this region.
  7. I completely agree. Even though you can't find pots and cans in the usual suspect places anymore, like stove tops for example I can confirm they're out there. So far I've found one in ML, one in Milton and a last one in Hushed River Valley ( I won't spoil the locations ). For everyone that harvested their pots, new ones will spawn to enable you to keep playing that save, plus, you get the recycled can added to your inventory imediately even in interloper, so you can boil water and cook on rocks. They've thought of everything with this one, the update has been bug free to me as well, so far.
  8. Thank you folks! One more beautiful region to explore! I'm off fixing dinner, been saving a lot of venison and tomato soup for this occasion. Cheers!
  9. As long as I can have unlimited buckled top hats I'm perfectly fine with this idea.
  10. Can't wait to improve my pelt collection and freeze to death in the new region! Finally, I'll be able to rename my survivor Gordon Ramsay! Also, nice name! Vigilant Flame has a good ring to it.
  11. Name for the next update

    Clueless Pitmaster Distraught Baker Salt Bae
  12. Missing Skill?

    If I recall correctly the variance in wolf letality is intentional. Although it may be frustrating and not realistic at times it is an absolute success as far as game balancing goes. Think about it, if you had a flat damage threshold and the same struggle intensity every single time or if your survivor would improve his ability after each fight, you could very well plan around it hedging on protection, being well rested and you simply would never die. Your demise you be even less likely after you trained enough wolf wrestling to a point where you're basically on voyageur and can repel a wolf bare handed. You posit a good point because this would be realistic in a survival situation, but I'd argue it would also make for dull gameplay. Surprise wolf attacks are inevitable. I lost two 300+ days interloper runs coming out of fishing huts, wolf respawned and chomped on my half tired survivor which did not survive even wearing 43% protection clothing, both occasions. The beauty of this game is that you're never safe and starting again provides you the opportunity to apply all that knowledge of the last run again and again. Embrace death my friend!
  13. Dev Diary — May 2018

    From the man himself: Along with some juciy tidbits after that in the answers, check Raph's twitter.
  14. Cabin Fever / No Bed Roll

    Congrats on the deer! Although I should warn you, only a full set of fur clothing can keep you truly warm in Interloper and that's only if the weather cooperates. A good suggestion to fight Cabin fever and avoid freezing damage is to only go out exploring or hunting when the weather is mild, that is at least past noon. Afternoons are usually(not always) much warmer and only start to get truly cold by dusk, so you can stay outside for longer periods and take little condition loss. As pointed out by Ruruwawa, cooking and boiling water outside are musts, you fight cabin fever and your fires last a lot more. My fires by the wheelhouse could even outlast blizzards for most of the time, makes the riken a great base. Stay safe and warm out there!
  15. Dev Diary — May 2018

    I think it will come out this or next week, truth be told real time cooking is a big deal that changes a core mechanic within the game and Hinterland is very aware of game balance issues. I expect them to test and refine thoroughly so it keeps it true to the TLD experience. They are perfectionists, there's a price you pay for a small team aiming for big studio quality, it takes time. Other than what was already announced, the only extra content I'm expecting are some new items. When rugged sentinel was announced, I only recall the coat and bag being revealed after the update, so I'm keeping my craftable hat dream alive for now.