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  1. Permadeath

    This 1000x. I understand that many players dislike the permadeath mechanic and I believe the game should offer the option to turn it off to appease those players but, I believe that permadeath is exactly what makes this game so enticing and hard to stop playing. It makes you second guess decisions and rethink strategies time and time again, not to mention that the game is at it's best at the very beginning so it's great to get the opportunity to start over frequently.
  2. Hello, Just replying to confirm that somebody opened a bug report for the same ocurrence four days ago: https://hinterlandgames.atlassian.net/browse/TLDP-4785 The bug report lists as Timberwolf mountain spawn and knife found at Trapper's, which is exactly the same loot table as I got in my current game. Just as a pointer, I found a hacksaw at the summit though I can't recall exactly where I did find the hammer, I might be able to reproduce the bug if I give it enough tries but I do not dispose of time to do so at the moment. Cheers,
  3. Apologies if this was already mentioned and/or submitted as a bug, but I did a quick search in the bugs section and couldn't find anything. But it is as the title says, I got a hunting knife at the trapper's cabin in vanilla interloper. Funny thing is I didn't even touch custom mode, so I'm not exactly sure what has caused this. This is a 55 day run which I started last week, I can't really specify if it was already at the last patch or not. Anyone else experiencing this? Was this bug already submitted to hinterland's support? Cheers!
  4. Moose Do Not Bleed

    Hi fellas! Bagged my first moose today, took three shots, two hit the neck/back area and the third one was right to the face. I just passed by to thank you guys for this thread, otherwise I would have waited for it to bleed out. The arrows indeed do not stick to the moose, which I suppose is a good tradeoff for the fact that it indeed does not bleed. I only had two arrows and it shed them exactly at the spot I hit the animal, saves a lot of arrowheads and shafts this way. Question is: Do I make the cloak or the satchel? I'm at desolation point in a new run ( 35 days now ) and got wolf pelts to make the coat but I'm still rocking ski jackets. I'm tempted to go for that extra protection and lesser mobility penalty, although wolf + satchel would be good for offsetting the weight penalty. What do you guys recommend?
  5. 2017 - A moose odyssey

    Thanks man! I'm willing to follow with the story but I haven't touched that run after the first day. I will surely revisit it, but I want to be a little bit more careful with this one and avoid fading away before reaching the goal. To be honest, I did learn a lot from many many threads around here, yours and selfless specially. You have my sincere gratitude my friend These tiny little things are what make this game so special to me, the sound effects, ambiance and animal behaviour. It really makes you feel a part of the world and gives the sense of escapism we so much need in this time and day. Speaking of Timberwolf, I've managed to summit for the first time today! It was only the fourth day of my playthrough, I got a bedroll from the picnic area in PV and went for it. I did summit twice in pilgrim, just to get the path right but it was my first time in any meaningful difficulty. Nearly fell from the rope at Secluded Shelf and had only 3% condition when I slept inside the cave. Had no coffee but with the bedroll it's really doable. Got an 80% condition firestriker, what a deal!
  6. Hello! I'm a pretty new player, but I've been reading some survival stories lately and I'd like to try my hand at least once. I've never ever seen a moose in game so I would like to push myself towards that glorious cloak and satchel, to that end, I've set up a simple rule: I'm not allowed not craft ANY clothes, except moose equipment. This stems from the fact that as soon as possible, I get mittens, boots and pants done really quickly, and a wolf coat a week after getting the bow, so there's little incentive to go after the moose on the established runs. This will also push me towards FM and TWM with minimal clothing, which will also be a challenge for me. Also, english is not my first language, so I apologize in advance for any miscues! Enjoy! The wide ocean is framing the gradient of blue and purple in the sky, the game is quick to confirm this is Desolation Point and slighly spoil the feeling. I'm sitting behind little island, just before dawn. Hating spawning in DP as much as I do, I swiftly cobble together a plan to be at Coastal Highway by the end of the day. I understand this is very hard on your survivor stamina-wise, specially without caffeine, but having lost a pretty good playthrough on which I was very conservative I'm kinda warming up (lol) for a riskier playstyle. There's a maple sapling and a deer carcass on the opposing edges of the island, but I havent' got the means nor the desire to get both right now. Cold and creaky as ever, the Ryken awaits, only to reward me with a measly bottle of acelerant, a very suspect looking tin of sardines and my favourite brand of dog food. Obviously it is banged up as it has to be and will be below the twenty percent threshold as soon as I hit the sheets. Nice. I head outside to visit the deck, not only to loot the corpse and the wheelhouse container, but also to take a panoramic view of my surroundings. Dawn greets me, painting the skies in a beautiful mix of orange and purple'ish pink, there's only deer roaming the ice and a seemingly clean path towards the abandoned whale processing facility. As soon as I jump down the deck and make the loop towards Hibernia, cutting winds start blowing and slowing me down to a crawl. Frostbite risk rears it's ugly head just before I finish looting the boats by the dock and enter the trailers. I got a whetstone and some dog food off this little trip and head inside the main building. Interloper gives you pretty limited clothing at the beginning but damn, it is really cold inside. I hit the bed just to warm up for a while to stop the condition loss and hurry up myself to conduct a quick and dirty search, I find some food, the obligatory matches and score some gold with another twelve pack at the file cabinets by the office. In the engine room I get both my first and second tools, a hacksaw hanging up on the wall is quickly scooped up and I get a new prybar from the safe, I guess they didn't want anyone forcing lockers at this the place, but there's nobody here anymore so I can get on with the proceedings. Got antibiotics and some eating goodies from the upside-down boat, a fishing hook and another whetstone near the metal tables. Despite my enthusiasm, the lockers didn't produce a single item, so I pick up the torch from the corpse upside the catwalk and leave to hit the last trailer and cars on my way to the mine. The back trailer gave me nothing and as time was limited, I didn't bother to rip apart the carboard boxes that were laying on the floor. Outside, I got nothing from both cars, and as soon as I was reaching for the door handle of the frozen sedan ( are they Ladas?), I hear the distinct sound of crumbling snow and a grunt very near. The bear is there to pay me a visit. I'm not sure if the pathing was messed up, but it kept circling the car leaving me no chance for an escape. It is properly cold outside and the thermostat reads -10C, I've got no choice but to wait until it leisurely walks away to a safe distance, which it does after a few minutes. That costs me a good chunk of condition, but I crouch out of the car and head to the mines. Inside the cave, I finally allow myself to burn a match, the brand new torch will get me through the whole cave and then some. A fire and some water awaits my thirsty survivor at the end of the way. I hit up the first lootable "room" and bam, sixty freaking six percent condition firestriker! I'm probably gonna get killed in a stupid way in this run, the game is giving me everything so I can ruin it with a string of bad decisions. I finish looting the mine and light a fire to cook up some water and heat up a can of tomato soup for that juicy warming up bonus. I grab a lit torch(as well as three other unlit ones) to further increase the heat bonus and specially for the wolf deterrent effect, plus I've got some acelerant so I can quickly whiz up a fire to scare an inquisitive wolf if need be. On the way to the transition cave, I cut two maple saplings and some old man's beard. I do not have a bandage and in my current state a struggle isn't really survivable, but I take the lichen anyway. The torch survives this last little outing, so I feel good about saving another match. My trip through the transition mine goes by very fast as I ignore all the coal and make haste towards the end, got another prybar off the poor soul stuck at the grates. It's the single most versatile tool in the game and it's condition decreases really slowly as far as I'm aware. I can harvest it for metal or let it sit at a fishing hut for ice breaking purposes. The wolf gauntlet goes on flawlessly, no dog in sight as I hit the Harris basement and make smooth sailing towards CH, the wolves must have been hanging out near the ice, scheming to prey on unwary swimmers that will never come. I'm already taking freezing damage and my condition is hovering around 28% by the time I finish looting the car and harvesting the birch saplings at the edge of CH. I stop and listen for wildlife, a nearby deer gives me some insurance so I step on the ice and make my way to misanthrope's. Halfway there, a dark silhouette emerges from the distant fog, a wolf is directly between me and my goal, ugh... I turn back and hop on the road again, this little sprint evaporates my remaining stamina so I can't run any more. Walking past the burned down waterfront cottages, I slide back to the ice aiming for jackrabbit this time. The bear is walking around to my left as I head for the middle fishing hut, it provides me with some relief as it insures me from wolves and I'm not threatened by it. I head up the hill and prepare for impending doom, if there's a wolf over the crest I'm as good as dead. Condition is at 18% as I safely make my way through the door. I've spent only a single match and made it safely in a day, I think I owe myself my supper and some shuteye. To be continued...
  7. * [Survival] Fixed an issue where a few tunables in Interloper were defaulting to Stalker settings. Interloper should be more challenging now, as a result. I wonder what exactly has changed. I've died in a new playthrough while trying to sleep at the Riken bunk beds. I can't remember it being this cold inside in interloper before and I lived there for 60 days or so in two straight runs. Also, I did not find matches at Hibernia(I might have missed them, though) but I found three packs at the PV farmhouse this time around. BTW, I'm not complaining, more randomness to the loot spawn means you've got to do more travelling and sightseeing.
  8. I'm not sure how good of a gear kit you have, but I would strongly advise to use your backup gear. After he got me at the fishing hut, my mitts and pants were under 30% condition. Wolf coat was still decent, though. Shot the second bear from the blind, as soon as you climb up the ladders the bear runs away. I would try to lure him to the blind next to the cave to ML and fire at him from there, it's pretty safe.
  9. Haha, happened to me exactly like that! Hit the head and he just kept charging me, grabbed me like I was a sandwich and tossed me around until I had 10% condition. I recovered to about 35% with the tea and quartered him the day after. As soon as I get back to full health, I'm going after the other bear, will try the blind this time.
  10. Thanks for the info! Will try and shoot the bears from the hut and from the blind tonight. I'm leaving for PV soon(ish) and it would be nice to have those hides curing while I'm out.
  11. Forgive me if I'm just jumping on Sito's thread but, how many shots does it usually take? I'm at archery level 2 and I'm yet to shoot a bear on interloper. I've cleaned the wolves on Mystery Lake to ease the bear hunt. Do you veteran guys recommend using the fishing huts? And what about the hunter's blind on unnamed pond, could I shoot safely from there? Cheers
  12. Hmm.. Raph mentions the moose's "unique capabilities", I wonder what that might be. Could it charge a wolf to defend itself?
  13. 1st interloper

    Yeah, FM is pretty rough. You've got to do micro sleeping (1 to 2h chunks ) to make it through the night. The downside is that you recover little to no condition this way. (10-12% tops). You better off making a long fire to last you through the night there.