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  1. I've been playing since the FM update, never found anything in the visors. I still flip them because of the very satisfying sound effect, almost TLD ASMR.
  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #22

    Ohoho! Yes! Guns! Any chance some of these tools are.... forgeable? I know, I know, not the thread for this but, are they?
  3. I like the idea of expanding the skill tree, Raphael himself alluded to have had discussions about this very topic with the dev team. This might very well be in the works in some form. As it pertains to @DarKube original post, I'd say the proposed skills would surely enrich gameplay. Forging and Crafting skills would be phenomenal additions to the game and have vast potential to improve the gameplay experience. I'm all in for this, though thefistoffury presented some good arguments against a medicine skill, I think foraging would be a more logical skill in the game's context, since you could get more yield from harvesting wild plants, mushrooms and whatnot and still reduce the preparing of any of these items, including old man's beard dressings, prepared rosehips and that kinda stuff. That said, the survivor improving his first aid abilities to a degree does make a lot of sense.
  4. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    Spawning in TWM has a homecoming feel to it, but spawning in HRV and getting insta mauled by a hungry bear kind doesn't. Great start bud.
  5. Tales Of Tasha (1.45, SW8)

    Masterclass on loot and scoot right here. Thanks for the update on torch throwing against the booty biters, will surely test and make use of this. I assume you still have to stand your ground so they stop, right?
  6. Cold Window

    WOW great find! Your attention to detail is really something else @Ice Hole my dude. Judging how this only works in the lodge, I'd say this was specifically designed into the building ( or cell ). Looks like they want to make acquiring cloth a bit more difficult in the early game, six degrees is a monster difference when your clothing only provides +2ºC. If this is a step towards making inside temperatures vary with the weather I'll be a happy camper.
  7. I echo the comments on aiming for the head if you're shooting the wolves head on. One suggestion I'd make is to actually aim lower, if the wolf is moving towards you, it's obvious that by the time you release the shot and the arrow travels a split second has passed, thus you're bound to hit higher than where you aimed. I rarely miss the headshots and I improved my technique significantly when they removed the aiming reticle, usually I take the tip of the arrow as reference and aim a certain distance under the desired target. You'll have to pre-visualize the arrow flight path and that takes practice, but it's actually dead easy to do after a couple dozen shots. Just keep your distance consistent and you should be able to hit 9 out of 10 shots straight on. You can even shoot charging wolves with this technique, though you're pretty much dead if you fail, ask me how I know. Also, it's good to lose arrows. Means you have to forge and craft more of them and skill up faster doing so. At a high skill level, the bleeding time is greatly reduced so you can just follow the wolf and it should drop dead not farm from where you shot him. Finally, blizzards and winds carry the arrows away from where they dropped. In this case, you're pretty much guaranteed to not find them anywhere close to the target. Good hunting!
  8. Hidden Caves

    This is a brilliant thread! I will surely pay more attention for potentially good campsites and pay a visit to the ones I've recognized from the other posters. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Bye bye Wool Toque

    This is the culprit, the old UI, the headgear is listed at the right side of the screen so that one was the outermost slot. Funnily enough, they did invert the accessory slots correctly. Not sure on how many resources it would take to move this but it sure makes you think HL really was strapped for time in making the story mode episodes.
  10. Bye bye Wool Toque

    The outside slot for the headpiece is inverted, you can go outside in a blizzard and watch the "inside" slot get wet. You are actually using the hat in the outside slot as it should be. It was like this in the old clothing UI(headgear was on the right side), I'm surprised HL still hasn't changed this seeing that it can confuse even the veteran players.
  11. A Few Dead Men

    I seldom see that bear in my playthroughs but I always assumed it was. Can't recall the last time I saw a bear up at signal hill without it being based at the cave under the rope. I might be terribly wrong, my current loper save is more than a year old and it only has four bears in the entirety of PV ( farmstead, barn, ML transition and cave by waterfall near the derelict cabins ).
  12. Having a good interloper run but.....

    The fishing camp is my base of choice at CH, it would be perfect if it had a fire barrel nearby the crafting table though. Grats on that bear kill.
  13. A Few Dead Men

    Not gonna lie, I saw your avatar pic in the index boards and clicked immediately hoping to see another deadman run. It's not the same bear, the farmstead bear ( AKA Chester ) is based on that cave east of the long curve and it circles from the farmstead, near the hay storage close to outskirts of three strikes and then back to the cave. His other route is straight through the orchard towards the farmhouse. The PV barn bear is based on a shallow cave at the eastern edge of the birch forest ( not far from the lonely cabins ), I lack knowledge of his specific routes so I usually wait by the barn until his path gets close to his cave and then shoot him from the rocks that border the river. Happy hunting.
  14. Judging on how much she stills mourns the past and the tense exchange she had with McKenzie after all these years, I'm guessing she wouldn't go to Great Bear regardless of how much money was on the line, or how terrible a disease outbreak might look. Motivation to face ghosts in the past like this only comes from deep personal connection. She's either there to settle a dispute(by force perhaps) or to retrieve something, might be some information from a patient in his/her deathbed. I can see a story arc on which she unveils details on McKenzie's acts in regards to the situation with their son and turns against Will.
  15. If that's the case then it has to be working properly. To be fair, I haven't done 300 loper starts yet and human memory based statistcs are heavily skewed by one's own perception. I love starting in TWM for that sweet first day butt naked summit, but I rarely seem to get that spawn. I suppose that's more of a function of me wanting that so it seems somehow "rarer".