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  1. It all comes down to how you want your survivor's mindset to be. I'm not really into prepping for example, but I keep nearly every building stocked with at least a good steak and some water to get me out of trouble in a moment of need. I usually have a bigger cache with pelts, guts, arrowheads and sorted tools in buildings that have a workbench and I travel with 15 cattails on me for emergency food. You really don't need much else. From what I pick up, your survivor seems to be in more of a homesteading mindset which is fun in it's own way. I really don't think there is a way to change that, but a good starting point would be to choose one or two other buildings for a more permanent base elsewhere in the map. To determine which base to use next, you need to question how do you play the game: Can you deal with lots of wolves? Are you an avid fisherman? Do you enjoy hunting large game? Can you live without easy access to cloth? Do you have good gear to fight the cold? Recommended ( All have a workbench exception made to the Rabbit Grove cabin ) Mountaineer's Hut at TWM: PRO-> Large game with Moose and up to three bears, fishing, transitionless building to watch the blizzards from inside. Sunny days are not uncommon but weather is colder than ML. Cattails close by. CON-> Cold inside and you can freeze to death in your sleep ( +20ªC clothing recommended ), Wolves patrol around the house. Farmhouse at PV: PRO-> Big game, warm building, cloth supplies to last 300 days, plenty of firewood to break down, fire barrel outside. Huge building for organizing your stuff. Six slot stove. CONS-> Fishing hut demands a long'ish trip, little renewable firewood nearby, map is huge and you can get lost, no warm caves nearby, UBER COLD with blizzards every other day. Building is huge with shelving to spare to put your clutter. Barn at PV: PRO-> Big game to hunt, warm building, workbench. Closer to CH and TWM than the farmhouse. | CONS-> No fishing, little renewable firewood nearby, map is huge and you can get lost, no warm caves nearby, UBER COLD with blizzards every other day. Little space for organization. Paradise Meadows at MT: PRO -> Resources, cloth, outside workbench with fire barrel, close to milton basin for awesome hunting trips and forging at FM. Weather is good. Six slot stove. Cattails close by. CONS-> Wolves everywhere with bad sightlines to ID and shoot them. Poor amount of renewable firewood outside. No big animals to hunt nearby. Fishing camp at CH: PRO-> Fishing, good firewood nearby, beachcombing, bear nearby. GREAT weather for maglens fires and travelling in general. Cattails close by. CONS-> Outside workbench with no fire protection, small building with little resources. No stove inside. Jackrabbit Island at CH: PRO-> Awesome fishing, beachcombing, rabbit trapping, easy route to forge and great weather. CONS-> Limited renewable firewood, wolves sometimes can smell you and climb the hill. No stove inside. Rabbit Grove at CH: PRO-> Rabbit trapping, easy route to the ravine for a safe hunting trip, nearby bear. Higher ground to see predators from afar. CONS-> No fishing or beachcombing, tiny building to organize your stuff. No stove inside. The Riken at DP: PRO-> Rabbit trapping, can make decently protected outside fire at the wheelhouse, good amount of metal to harvest, FORGE, beachcombing, great sightlines for predator spotting from the deck, bear and moose nearby. Coal is plentiful in this region. CONS-> No fishing, little firewood to harvest ( you can go to hibernia for that and face the wolves ), weather is moderate but can get really cold for long periods of time, scarce wild edibles. Hunting Lodge at BR: PRO-> Big game to hunt, good amount of resources, workbench, cattails, warm cave nearby, awesome views. Big building with shelving and spots to put stuff into, six pot stove, rifle rack. CONS-> Tucked away at the farthest corner of the map ( for now ), WOLVES, WOLVES, EVERYWHERE! You have to go through FM which I love, but it's not for everyone's tastes and then face numerous wolf encounters at choke points in BR. Weather is decent, but not ML, CH, MT nice. Firewood is limited outside but good inside. Cheers and safe travels!
  2. Bear Spear (hype?)

    If this is how it turns out I'll be a happy camper. I'm guessing you won't find spears in interloper and that they'll demand a good deal of resources to forge and maintain. I wonder if they are going to nerf bleeding a bear with an arrow and make them much like the moose, except that it would obviously bleed if impaled with the spear, that would make bear hunting much more exciting. Also, with RabbitHat® you can engage in bear wrestling more frequently without the crippling fear of freezing ye ole noggin'! Huzzah!
  3. Recognize this scene?

    Seconded. Even the boulders from which the creek sips through are visible, even though the slope is much steeper in game. I've never seen this video before, it was great to see some of the concept art from way back. Thanks for sharing!
  4. A Few Dead Men

    It was, now that you mention it, I recall not finding it down there before and also saves on which either the lodge stim was missing or the crate stim wasn't there ( just a whetstone ). The loot tables might have something to do with it as you've postulated.
  5. A Few Dead Men

    You're right I remeber now that you pointed it out to me. It might change based on loot table, I will test and report back shortly, Thanks! I have news! @jeffpeng: You can find both, I just did it on the same save. Crate had a stim and a whetstone, and the stim by the missing drawer on the cabinet upstairs was there as well. There's three in BR.
  6. A Few Dead Men

    I'm not sure, but I always got it when I went for it in loper. I rarely use my stims so I honestly never kept track of it. Where specifically does it spawn in the hunting lodge? I'm rusty, I don't recall finding it at the lodge although I can't guarantee it hasn't happened.
  7. A Few Dead Men

    You get a stim in the Maintenance yard by BR as well, you just need to break down an specific crate and climb up. It's always there, in loper you get only the stim BTW. Sad to see your deadman go, but it's nice to have closure. I don't know how you do it, I am massively burned out from the game after playing my deadman survivor, the stress level just makes the game unpleasant to me, but I digress. Congrats on your record run, thanks for sharing!
  8. Camping: Prepare makeshift bedding

    I get the point, but the biggest difference would be in fire windproofing. The snow shelter has none and a warm cave has it completely covered, I was just arguing that this would be a far superior option even though they're not completely interchangeable, the temp bonus difference kinda doesn't matter since you'd need a fire to sleep outside in the early game anyway. I'm speaking more from a game balance standpoint, I'd never build another SS if a simple improvised bed was available, there's a lot of warm caves out there. Still, much like Pillock pointed out, it feels weird to have the branch beds built in the world without the ability to craft one by yourself. The idea is validated and good in my books.
  9. Interloper forbidden loot

    Forgot those, I stand corrected. Thanks!
  10. getting rid of permadeath fear

    Moose are afraid of the god of fire. They're just bigger deer with a bad attitude in TLD. Bears I have the utmost respect for, no bear is worth a perfectly good wool toque. But as many said, the squeaky crows help immensely with bear avoidance. Good luck! Very interesting thread, great idea goating down the mountain, you can maximize the amount of loot you take this way.
  11. Camping: Prepare makeshift bedding

    I'm not sure how to debuff this while keeping it useful. Perhaps offering no sleep healing (or reduced healing)? Edit: Either that, or buff up the snow shelter temp bonus, as it is half of what a warm cave can do. I love camping out at caves, and the bear bedroll already renders you blizzard proof if you have good 20ºC+ clothing. I'd pay up for the opportunity to build wigwams, or even better quinzees. But the branch bed is an existing asset in the game and a good idea, so this actually has a shot of being featured on the game somehow.
  12. Interloper forbidden loot

    It's much easier to say what's actually in the game in base loper. Off the top of my head and excluding craftable clothing: Headgear: Wool Toque, Wool Scarf, Cotton Toque, Cotton Scarf, Baseball Cap. Sweaters: Thin Wool Sweater, Sweatshirt, Hoodie, Dress Shirt, T-Shirt, Plaid Shirt Pants: Combat Pants, Jeans. Socks: Wool Socks, Sport Socks. Underwear: Thermal Underwear. Gloves: Driving Gloves, Fleece Mittens, Work Gloves Coats: Light Shell, WindBreaker, Simple Parka, Ski Jacket, Sports Vest, Down Vest, Shoes: Work Boots, Trail Boots, Running Shoes, Leather Shoes, Combat Boots. Accesories: Wool Ear Wrap. Tools: Prybar, Heavy Hammer, Hacksaw, Sewing Kit, Hook, Storm Lantern, Bedroll, Firestriker, Wood Matches, Jerry Can. Some bugged loot tables contain an arrowhead, cooked meat and climbing socks on loper, but I'm sure you can't find these anymore after the last update.
  13. Camping: Prepare makeshift bedding

    I'm not judging your opinion for the sake of it, I'm just emitting my own perception, which granted, is based on my own gameplay experience much like yours is. I agree that many game mechanics seem counterintuitive and improductive as far as immersion goes, cabin fever being the worst offender for example. Immersion is not my gripe with the proposal, the only point I'm raising is that bedrolls are plentiful and craftable, and the snow shelter is a worthy substitute in the very early game if the journey is just too long for the weary traveller. By adding something that is just better and cheaper than the SS in every single way, you render one of the features of the game completely worthless and thus abandoned by the player base in my view. Yes, it makes a lot of sense, but I reckon it can be done in a more balanced way for the reasons I outlined. Hinterland checks this subforum, I'm just projecting my own point of view on this subject so it can be known too. Again, this is just my opinion. I'm in no way hijacking your proposal or disavowing your suggestion. We should have a craftable option for a permanent bed, and base improvement for that matter. That's why I'm a huge proponent of modding, I wouldn't use a mod that would replicate your suggestion exactly, but I reckon that most of the player base certainly would. Each player has his/her own favourite flavour of the game. Just my 0.02
  14. Camping: Prepare makeshift bedding

    I agree with the idea but, and this is a small but, this would render the snow shelter pointless. The caves get you nearly +28ªC ( end game ) of temp bonus and windproofing for your fires, where the snow shelter only gets +15ªC ( if I'm not mistaken ) and no wind protection for your precious campfire. Yes, not every place has a protected cave nearby but this would be extremely overpowered in regards to the only natural shelter option. It would for sure make a lot of sense IRL ( you would build a bed in the warmest, safest place possible after all ) but for this you'd need to buff up the snow shelter of reduce the bonus you can get with the bedding proposal in game. For example, sleeping at max for 2 hours straight due to discomfort, half recovery for fatigue, no condition improvement from resting, etc. Scaling the debuffs with difficulty level would be the dream scenario for me. EDIT: Echoing for more uses for Old Man's beard, and also calling for the appropriate harvesting and use of birch bark sheets in shelter building. A wigwam is what we need Hinterland. Make the survivor have to find a shelter building book and read the whole thing ( Make it 30 hours of reading, for added difficulty ) and then be able to harvest and use birch bark sheets as a shingle material.
  15. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    Thanks for taking the time to document BareSkin11's adventures in detail. Looking forward to your newest survivor log!