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  1. Yep, that definitely sounds better than blocking the recipe through a specific book.
  2. Well, they sorta are in wintermute. They could drop a recipe book by Grey Mother's house so we can learn how to cook her family recipe.
  3. Huge fan of Adrian dropping in. He's an absurdly versatile musician and composer, if you check his bandcamp you'll find tons and tons of great and varied stuff but celtic music is his jam, one could say. That said, I find the atmospheres in TLD to be just perfect, I'm 100% certain Adrian would be able to compose phenomenal themes for TLD but I honestly think TLD's music is ace as it is. This is one of the only survival games where the music adds to the atmosphere and enjoyment, specially because the game "knows" when to tone down the music and pause for some pensive exploration and when to crank the themes up to build up tension or the sense of solitude. I respect the OP's opinion, but I couldn't disagree more.
  4. I'm fan of the fishing pond as well, the forest cave nearby is a life saver when a day long blizzard hits. With the update, maybe we'll get some more man-made structures, a fishing hut by the pond north of the barn would be ace.
  5. Since it's introduction, it's always been Timberwolf Mountain. Best home base in the Mountaineer's Hut, fishing, coal caves, great hunting in a relatively small region and many many great camping spots. It just misses beachcombing to be perfect. Second favourite it's Mystery Lake, for the nostalgia factor. As far as transition zones, both the ravine and winding river are great but to me it's always been Crumbling Highway. Yes it's terrible without a weapon but come back with a bow and enjoy calm and peace to go with the views and beachcombing. Oh, and there are two warm caves to camp, as opposed to none in CH and only one in DP if you don't mind being a bear's roomie.
  6. It's just when the contents boil dry, I believe is 10% condition lost when it happens. Had that happen to me recently, some of my cans are looking a bit rough. Day 34, I think it's fair to say you are the Forlorn's legitimate emperor, hats off my friend.
  7. I suspect most of the additions will be relevant to chapter 3 in some sense, meaning the clothing and food item might be used as plot points for Astrid. I have a small sliver of hope that the new clothing item will be craftable(wolfskin long scarf, rabbit earmuffs? ), but logic says otherwise. It might very well be Astrid's green scarf or some sort of accessory, maybe even mathis' awesome sheepskin jacket. I would love to get at least a vague feeler of the date though, I know people bitch about missing deadlines and stuff, but not having any clue of any possible timeframe is even worse to me.
  8. Unmatched dedication. Well done sir!
  9. I'd go on a limb and say loper has a steep learning curve but once you're there, it's an easy and very forgiving game mode.Your personal rate of progress in successfully climbing the curve is mostly dependable on two factors: How well do you know the maps and wheter you can manage aggressive wildlife(sometimes a torch is your best friend, so torch travel whenever the weather allows). If you know the maps and don't panic making a mess of a wolf encounter, you're 75% there already. You can travel unarmed if you know the wolf spots, good loot location and can manage to avoid getting mauled when the wolves inevitably find you. If you're really not that capable of walking unarmed, then early game is the hardest part so think ahead to avoid getting caught in a bad situation, your first priority should always be a bow. Getting a bow will make you king of the land and enable you to go where you want, when you want to go. For that you need saplings and guts, so you NEED a hacksaw. This is the best starting tool by far, if you find a hacksaw(you can use loot tables if you want) just procure a couple of maple saplings and a trio of birch and set them to cure at a convenient location ( I like the dam ), seek rabbits for food, pelts and crucially guts. If you spawn far away from a good crafting hub, then harvest the saplings but avoid travelling with the guts, make notes of where they are so you can backtrack and get them and keep moving the saplings and curing them as you sleep. Deer carcasses are also very powerful, I love the dam for this very reason because there are three dead deer (*laughs in elon musk*) by the ravine and up to three more near the winding river side as well, so I'll have tons of guts and deer and rabbit pelts to kit me with pants, hat, boots and mitts when I leave to forge at FM. In short: Have your crafting materials ready when you return from the forge, if you don't have the saplings and guts cured move to other pursuits like exploring another region or summiting TWM. If you stand still, cabin fever and starvation will get to you. By now you have saplings, pelts and guts curing you can choose to forge or summit, your call. I like to summit if I haven't made the trek to the ravine because usually gives you even more resources on the short term and has that sweet flare gun with eitght shells, which basically renders you unkillable and enables you to kill bears if you want to start preparing the bear coats. If I already have a flare gun I just move to the forge and craft. The summit is very doable without a bedroll, just take cloth and sticks for a snow shelter, but a bedroll makes it a walk in the park. I can't stress this enough but, if you plan on forging in DP take food with you because there is little to be had there, I personally recommend Forlorn Muskeg given you can choose to hop over to milton or go back to ML and there is usually good clothing, food, tools and what not by that map, and there is zero cabin fever risk when forging there. Unless I get a DP spawn, I'm forging by the skeg but both have their pros and cons. Broken railroad is also an option but is farther away than FM and very well guarded by the locals. Again, your call. Make a bow when you get back, hunt and stock your base with food ( a pair of deer will see you well fed for a decent chunk of time ) and alternate spending time outside with crafting the clothes. Cabin fever will be your nemesis here, so sleep and cook water outside to balance it out, a bedroll is king for this, just hop back to a safe cave and hang out for a day when it hits. By the time you have your bow and a decent set of +15C clothing ( at least ) you are already set. Just hunt the moose for the bag and by now you should be constantly well fed to carry all your clutter with you. Make the coats of choice ( I go moose and bear or double bear, wolf coats are just not very good IMO ), travel, forge again, explore, survive, kit your bases, etc. I played loper from nearly the outset and I died constantly until I got past day 30. Know the maps, know how to handle the wolves, hunker down if there's a blizzard ( there's always clothes to repair, medicine to prepare of stuff to break down inside the houses, you're never wasting time ), don't rush the crafting and forging process and crucially: If the weather and visibility are good you have to move. As long as you move to get more food and supplies, you can take your time to craft and forge.
  10. Absolutely, in stalker and easier difficulty modes it also provides bullets, flare shells, broken arrows and improvised tools. It's basically a loot fest that amazon prime delivers to the nearest beach of your convenience. Also very true, you can survive 3000+ days with the resources you're provided by the regions in loper alone if you are a bit conservative with the resources provided, plus we always get tons and tons of new resources every time a new region is added. That said, combing is very easy to do and a surprisingly rich source of non-renewables so I'll do it every time I stop by those regions, even if it's for the sake of stockpiling resources.
  11. Pay attention to your condition, pretty much anything can take you down if you're under half, rest and recover before proceeding to more dangerous endeavours. Other than that, pick up sticks. This is TLD's only true golden rule. Sticks respawn with the blizzards, even if you don't need them now just pick'em and drop the bundle at convenient spots like caves, outside stoves, fishing huts and fire barrels.
  12. I've been giving this some thought as well, since I've done an outerloper run that has spanned 40 days so far and I'm done with the crafted clothing. Cloth is very limited given you can't go inside, so I did some tests in Interloper with beachcombing and every 15 or so days, i'll move over to Coastal Highway, then Crumbling Highway and finally Desolation Point and do a beachcombing run at each of the regions. I found tons of sticks, some reclaimed, at least 5 cloth, two cotton toques ( 2 more cloth ), and a maple and a birch sapling at every time I did this. I've currently done it 3 times. So basically, there's an infinite supply of cloth, waiting for you at the nearby beach. I guess if you lived in these regions constantly and did beachcomb once a week you could definetely keep stuff repaired forever and still have a surplus for bandages and bedroll repairs.
  13. Yep, the rope going to ML is much shorter than the rope towards the park office. This looks every bit as brutal as deadman.
  14. That makes sense, I stayed 20 days in Coastal Highway to constant blizzards and the occasional nice day peppered in, then I moved to DP and the weather was surprisingly nice most of the time.
  15. Impressive, I wonder when you'll hit the last two firestarting levels and get that bigger duration bonus. That could be a game changer in regards to keeping you a net positive in firewood reserves. I must confess I'm surprised by the wind behaviour in FM in this run, I wonder if they changed it but before HRV came out FM was the windiest and most miserable place to torch travel. I couldn't keep a torch lit unless i travelled in heavy fog.