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  1. The Bite of Wintersteel

    its a good start to your story. Keep it up. Don't worry about few comments. If you read the other stories, you will see that many follow but do not comment much
  2. The name is Walker, Sleep Walker

    I also enjoy your writing style. Keep it coming!
  3. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    Your English writing skills are just fine.
  4. BareSkins Are Sleepwalking

    Your adventures make for a very good read! Keep them up. I'm sure many others enjoy them also but are shy to post.
  5. Anyone found a pot in TWM?

    A pot is nice but not necessary. There is enough stick spawn to make a long term base at mountaineers hut and have enough water boiled with a can and still have time to explore and travel. I have lived there for 3 or 4 runs now. But 2 pots on the fireplace does really make it feel like home. I love TWM! I guess the consensus is.... NO POTS ON TWM!
  6. Anyone found a pot in TWM?

    Im back in PV now. Found 4 pots here. Never did find a pot in TWM.
  7. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    How did you do the texture for the mountaineers hut on TWM? The stonework is awesome! It is absolutely realistic as if a real stone mason placed each stone with just the right shape and fit. Someone must have spent a lot of time to get it just right. Kudos to Hinterland! On a side note... the mountaineers hut has lights but no wall switch to turn them on or off. Also no power lines and no solar panels on the roof so where is the electric from? And why have motion sensor flood lights? Bears? Moose? Other mountaineers?
  8. Anytime I move to a new region I make a base and start exploring and looting. Finding a rifle and pot is always a golden experience. So far I haven't found a pot on TWM. It makes the mountaineers hut less than homey without that nice 2L pot on the fireplace. And of course I left my 2 cans up the mountain when I was looting the plane, so I had to chance drinking a 40% condensed milk to get a can for the hut (which evil milk has always given me food poisoning but as luck would have it, not this time). But back to the question.... Any pot on TWM? Don't tell me where. Just give a hint if you found one. Or better yet... two! TWM mountaineers hut is an awesome place to live! For a while... If it had a pot...
  9. Killing Deer with a Bow

    The aiming dot helps. Aim it just above the hoof as you sneak up from behind, then stand and shoot in one motion. The aim when standing will be right on its butt. Usually I get an instakill from this method.
  10. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I know some maps have pails that can be broken down to metal, but are there any other plans for pails, wash basins, soap, water pitchers and such? also a use for birch bark other than tinder?
  11. Since 1.36 or 1.37 I seem to be chewing through deer at about 1.5 the rate as before. I checked the calorie burn from before and after and it is about 2300 per day on average with no change since v1.36 but still it seems that I am needing to hunt more now. I don't really mind since I like the new cooking system and the recent adjustments, I just wonder if something changed in v1.36. Anyone else notice this? Thanks Hinterland for your awesome game and regular improvements! I have 1200 hours of enjoyment so far.
  12. Custom mode Bunker

    I think that custom bunkers may be bugged. I have done 4 or 5 custom runs and only twice found a bunker in ML. In my current run I scoured ML in every location, found none, left for MT, came back and searched again, left for PV (to punish myself with blizzards) came back and found one right in plain sight in a location I know I searched before.
  13. The Quonset Manager Origin Story

    I just found this today. Didn't read the survival stories until now. Boring day at work with time on my hands. What a great read! You are a masterful story teller. I'm surprised you don't have more comments.
  14. Can't find a pot anywhere

    I also only found 1 pot in PV. Looked everywhere. In other regions I have 2 or 3. In Mountain Town....6!