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  1. Do you have weather variability set on high? It sounds like you might have weather variability on high or very high. I have been playing around with weather variability (trying to get my perfect survival game), and I found that even high was too high for me, the weather would change too often so I put it on medium.
  2. This is one more idea of mine that I forgot to add in. I like it because it is simple, or so it seems (I know nothing about how programming or the processes involved in implementing these ideas). But the idea is this: When your indoors you would be able to click on a window and get a reading of the weather outside ("Visibility %, snowing, not snowing, light wind strong wind") so long as there is daylight coming through the windows signifying that it is bright enough outside that the character would be able to see the status of the weather, you can click on the window and get a reading. Now you might be thinking "why not just go outside and see for yourself if whether or not there is good visibility". Well because I can't tell you how many times I have went through 2 loading screens (once going out to find it to be too foggy for a safe travel and another going back in). It does get a little annoying going the 2 loading screens just to check the weather, if your like me and you do it a lot. So to eliminate that slight annoyance I thought why not add a little feature to where you can get a vague reading of the weather without going out by simply clicking on the window. I find it immersive and I think it would fit the game well. Another thought is "well, you can simply hear if the wind is strong outside" - While this is true, the status of the wind ("light wind", "strong wind") would just be thrown in simply because if you do this, then you might as well do it all the way (How does the wind "look", how does the visibility "look" ect), the main "need" for the weather status reading via window would be for the foggyness (visibility) which you can't really tell unless going outside. Now, I believe if there was to be such a feature, then the decriptions should be vague, like visibility percentage would the nearest 10 (50%, 60%), wind would just say "light", "strong" and maybe even "very strong" which could instead be called "wind storm" or "blizzard". and "snowing" would just display if it is snowing ❄. Like it shouldn't say for an example 67% wind, that is way to accurate you have to keep in mind this is a character, not a barometer or whatever that tool is that measures wind pressure. Because it is a human character, I think it should say something that a human might say like "a bit of wind". Let me know what you guys think.
  3. This is unrelated but I just read an article about the Lee Enfield Rifle and thought of The Long Dark. It's interesting. https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/see-old-looking-rifle-it-changed-history-forever-what-you-need-know-53072?page=0%2C1
  4. So while playing on a new survival I started in TM and traveling through PV, I thought of some new ideas that would be new survival settings and conditions to add in more challenges to the game. #1. Nausia as a condition: So I noticed that sometimes you can eat moldy food and not get food poisoning. What if there was a new condition that can be turned on or off, that when on, that makes it so that when you eat moldy food, you get nausia (even if you don't get food poisoning). Nausia disable sprint ability until healed and gives you have a chance of vomiting. Vomiting has it's own animation (player hunches over and vomit hits the ground) and causes the player to loose 800 or 1000 calories. #2. Number of houses as a survival setting: Soo I noticed that whenever I start a new game, some houses are burned down and which ever ones are, are always random. How about a setting "number of houses destroyed", set to "none" makes its so that no houses are burned, set to "few" makes it so that few are burned, the highest setting is moderate and that makes it how it is sometimes in some survival games where a lot of houses are burned. Oo I just rememberd - I would really love a feature of a corded-wood cabin in the game somewhere (perhaps added into one of the already existing regions). I just love the aesthetic of it, and I think it would fit the aesthetic of certain regions. If you don't know what I am talking about just search corded wood masonry into any search engine and you will get awesome result. #3. Wolves follow you into caves: With this setting on, wolves that are tracking you will follow you into caves. Set to sometimes makes it a chance that a wolf tracking you will follow you into cave, set to off makes it so that they never will follow you into caves. #4. Spawn at Will's plane crash: A setting that when turned on, will make your new survival game place you at Will's plane crash at the start. #5. I have mentioned this one already (and I don't intend on being redundant), but I just want to make sure that it does not get lost because I like the idea. but I would really like to see chaga to be found on some birch trees like the birch forest in Pleasant Valley. Let me know what you guys think. These are just some ideas I had over the past few days. I thought I had more ideas (maybe I can't remember them right now).
  5. I like the idea of hot stones which have double use (warmth bonus keeping your hands warm) but can also be thrown at a wolf that is guarding it's kill to have a 50% chance of scaring it away and a 50% chance of making it attack you. and once it's thrown, it inevitably lands in snow and so it isn't hot anymore and no longer gives a heat bonus and at that point it is just a normal throwing stone - which will always make the wolf attack you when thrown at it 😄. So only hot stones would have a chance at making the wolves flee. I like the wolves to stay aggressive and fearsome. I do find that there is a gap that should be filled regarding how when a wolf is charging at you, you can only fire your rifle and miss or struggle with it when it reaches you. I think to fill this gap, there should be a machete that you can (if swung at the right time) hit the wolf right when it is close enough but hasn't yet initiated struggle (it's like a split second moment) this would have a 50% chance of killing the wolf and a 50% of causing the wolf to flee with bleed out - and no actual struggle has taken place, no clothing damage, no condition damage (that would be the benefit). And the machete can also be used to harvest branches faster than the hatchet, but cannot harvest tree limbs, so it has it's own set of pluses and minuses that makes it, in my opinion, balanced in the game while at the same time can be tailored to preference (because of carry weight). My thought on tactical weapons is that everyone took their AR's and SCAR's when they were evacuating the economic crisis or economic collapse. because think about it, if you had a gun like that and was evacuating, you would take it with you because guns like those are more valuable monetarily, can be a thousand dollars sometimes more. I definitely would take a gun like that with me, if I was evacuating. The revolver will be added and I look forward to that 🙂. I think it fits the game very well. There are revolvers like the Ruger Super Alaskan Redhawk (.44 or .454), that were I think made for self defense against large Alaskan wild animals that are predatory. The spear, someone correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that I recall hearing that the spear will eventually be added to survival and that they are just trying to make it work for survival mode. Is that right?
  6. What about protein shakes in a carton. I actually have some too, been drinking em' while playing TLD 🙂
  7. This is how I imagine the frozen state of food mechanic: Technically you can thaw-cook foods like tomato soup in real life. So you know how the boiling of the snow works where it takes 13 minutes to melt the snow into water first, then another 13 minutes to boil the snow water into potable water. Well with frozen tomato soup, I imagine it working the same way. So it's time "melting tomato soup", then time "cooking tomato soup". I like the idea of having to thaw meat. Like frozen being no scent but inedible, thawed meat has scent and is edible, hot meat also has scent but gives a warmth buff when eaten. Ha whats funny is that this is how I like a lot of my meat in real life - cooked, refrigerated, then thawed usually at room temperature. I don't know why, I think it is because of how it marinates in the fridge over night. TLD can give me an appetite sometimes 🤤
  8. I just randomly thought how cool would it be if when you start a new survival there was a short plane crash scene, where it just shows the plane loosing control in mid-flight in the wind. And if you set your survival game to start at night or early dawn, the scene would show the strange aurora lights in the sky in the background of the plane. Just to make that start more immersive. Another idea that I had was that you could craft a cloak pin with scrap metal and then collect a blanket cloth that hangs over a railing or bed, instead of harvest it and use the cloak pin on the blanket to make a cloak. And you could wear it as the outermost layer and it would have it's own set of stats that would make sense like: only 10% water repel, but 2 degrees C warmth bonus and 2 C wind resistance, so it would be the same as a sports vest except more wind resistance. This is an example of a cloak I am taking about:
  9. I think you can already get cold coffee if you leave it outside or wait too long outside before drinking it. But I do agree that there should be more cold drinks other than water. I think there should be canned juice, I think that would add a nice feel to the game.
  10. 1) I am not sure if this has been ask before or not. But I notice how Characters have there own unique clothing that is not in survival. Is there any chance you will be adding Will's coat & boots, Jeremiah's hat, coat & boots or Mathis's sheepskin jacket into survival mode as a wearable clothing item that can be found but not crafted? Or do you wish to keep those unique to the characters? 2) Is that white wolves in the new cover art? Is that a hint at a future addition?
  11. What about this idea: When you leave the plane wreck you can pick your path, either through the cave (long way) or straight to grey mother. I like that idea and on my first play of redux that is what I thought the change was, then I realized that you can only go the new way. I explored the basin for the first time a few days ago that was awsome. I exited into Forlorn Muskeg. I made the mistake of not bring a bed role down into the basin (something told me that would be a mistake but I didn't listen to myself) and didn't have energy to climb back up. So i exited into FM and there was no bedroll in the train on this new save 😂 so I had to go to Mystery Lake where I killed 7 wolves, a deer and a moose so far. (yeah I put wolves on high haha a little to high for me I think). I killed the moose in one shot, I think thats the first time I have done that.
  12. Thank you. I checked behind the farmhouse and found it on the corpse. That's the first time I have found it there before.
  13. I agree that I like the old version where you were force to go through the cave from the plane crash in episode 1. But the new map also feels more finished to me for some reason. btw the new map has the cave, you just can't get to it from the plane crash without going through the town of milton first then crossing the bridge. Personally, I like the new map better for survival and the old map better for episode 1. I don't mind the new map for episode 1 though either, I just think I like the old map for it was better. BTW, does anyone know where to get the key to the farm house in mountain town on survival?? My survival save game does not have it. I check grey mothers house, I checked the bank vault and I checked the truck outside the farm house. It's not in any of those places for me.
  14. I have spent the last few days looking more into knapping, that is awsome stuff they create. Those opal knives 😍 . I actually want to do knapping now. I have a lot of rocks that we collected from last year too - did a lot of digging with the fence building. So it looks like you can reshape antlers or certain bones into boppers and some antler tips into pressure flakers. If they added knapping into the game, I think that is how it should work and it would actually give the antlers a practical purpose for the player. The throwing stones can double as a grindstone. I think you make a good point about knapping possibly becoming a need in the more rural parts of the great bear like HRV. One thing that I noticed is that the improvised hatchet and knife... that is smithed which requires a furnace. If they have smithing knives and hatchets, then they might as well add knapping a knife or hatchet as an alternative since they already went that far or elaborated into improvised crafting or whatever you call it. What do you think about adding flint stones in caves? The flint can be used as a fire starter, but can also be knapped into arrowheads or knives. Are flint arrowheads and knives sharper and more durable than stone arrowheads or knives?
  15. Also, velvet antlers of young male deer, elk moose and caribou can be dried sliced and even powderized and boiled in water and drank like a medicinal soup or dietary supplement according to this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Velvet_antler Otzi the iceman, is that the ice man that was found with birch polypore and a birch conk worn as a pendant and used as survival tool?