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    My save seems to have already been wiped. But that's ok because I want to play the first 2 episode again anyways. It was fun and I want a recap on stuff including what I might have missed. Also, they say that I can just start episode 3 if I wanted to, but I want to start from the beginning. Is the update here? Nice! I will check it in a few minutes.

    A wolf ate my wool hat yesterday.... Just in time for the rabbit hat
  3. 4 Days of Night Community Survey

    I loved it. It was very challenging. And I loved how it was permanently nighttime as it added a nice spooky edge to the game. I died on the 3rd day due to a gang a wolves. This made it so that when ever I start up a new 4don I would start in on the 4th day. Starting on day 4 with nothing was seemly impossible to survive as it didn't seem possible to get enough warm clothing and/or enough wood fast enough. I don't know if this is intended or not. But it was fun anyways as it was very challenging.
  4. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    In both survival mode and Wintermute there appears to be evidence of past earthquakes. Lest me explain. In Wintermute there is the rockslide west or north west of the bridge (up that road, near the path from the cave), the collapsed tunnel in Milton. In survival mode there appears to be rockslide blockades on Coastal Highway and the broken bridge in Broken Railroad. There are also other places where a street pole or power line is knocked down. The dam maintenance building in Mystery Lake is in rough shape. This all looks like evidence of earthquakes. Will we find out that earthquakes are apart of (or contributed to) the quite apocalypse? Will earthquakes become a part of the story in episode 3 or 4 and/or a danger or challenge in the game? Interestingly, that earthquake that I experienced here in Alaska on Nov 30th made me think of this because after that, I just had earthquakes on my mind with everything. It even made me remember a game that I used to play when I was 13. It was called Disaster Report. It was a fun game.
  5. Bed Reading with warmth bonus

    I was just thinking about sitting. I think it would add to the aesthetic. I would like this even if it added no bonus (like slower energy use). A concept art of Mackenzie shows him wearing a poncho. So I am guessing that it will be added in the future or the next episode. I'm just guessing. http://thelongdark.wikia.com/wiki/Will_Mackenzie?file=Will_Mackenzie_-_concept_art.jpg
  6. Whiskey-type item

    I think alcohol makes you feel warmer without actually becoming warmer. But here is what alcohol should do. I get parasites in my survival a lot because I get a lot of wolf meat. I am tired of getting parasites - so I thought, if alcohol is added to the game, then you should be able to soak x3 2.2Ib wolf steaks in a pot with alcohol (the entire contents of 1 alcohol bottle) and let it soak for an hour (No cook. Just soak) on any surface that you can place it on (most typically, a stove), then after the 1hr you can remove the (safe) wolf meat from the pot of alcohol and then precede cook the wolf meat (on fire or stove), then you will end up with (safe) cooked wolf meat that will not give you any chance of parasites. So the alcohol acts as a anti-parasite that kills parasites in raw meat. So then there would be "(safe) cooked wolf meat" and "(risky) cooked wolf meat" in the game now. How about that? As far as drinking alcohol (if we want to make it drinkable at all), then I would guess that it would have an antibiotic effect equal to 2 antibiotic capsules. and temporarily take you down 2 levels in "Rifle firarm" and "Archery" for 2 or 3 in-game hrs.
  7. Chicken & Dumplings/Corned Beef Hash

    Yes. More hot meals and also more snack food as well. For snacks, I'd say: Canned juiced, Nutter butter cookies and Cola pop.
  8. Bear cache/climbable ladders and changes to fire burning

    Yes. This would be a great idea. I remember now I had an idea a while ago about being able to place your own stashes around the map with containers and mark it on the map. I would also like to see more interaction with waterfalls like in Hushed River Valley. I have only played on that map once so far, I found a cave with a waterfall in it. Like maybe a feature where we can fill a tin can or pot with unpotable water from a waterfall or stream. Yes I agree. This would likely be the way to make it a working system. Yeah so the bear cache would be more like a decorative feature on a homestead rather than something that can serve the player practical use, but I think it would be cool to have one in the game that you can interact with or use if you wanted to. To me, it just seems to fit my imagination of the rural Canadian environment, though I don't know much about rural Canada. I have went through Canada once and stopped at Lake Louise, a beautiful place. but other than that my knowledge a Canada is pretty limited. The trunk idea is good. I think I will do that more often when I can. I also think that it would be cool if placing meat on the ground is at risk of being eaten by wolves while your away or sleeping. I don't know how this could work, but it would add an interesting element to the game. Like maybe if the meat is raw and a wolf spawn point is within a certain distance, it can be taken by a wolf. But there would have to be some kind of notification telling the player probably or players might think it is some kind of bug in the game that despawned or deleted the placed meat while they were away. So that element might be a bit of a challenge to perfect is my guess.
  9. Slingshots and throwing spears

    I like both the ideas of slingshots and throwing spears. Btw. How do you use the snare? I lay them out near rabbits but it never catches one. Do you use bait on it somehow? EDIT: I watched the tutorial I think I have got it figured out.
  10. I have an idea for what could be a good addition to either a new playable map or an already existing playable map and that is - A bear cache. A bear cache with a ladder that you have to climb - so this bear cache would also introduce the first climbable ladder. There is multiple ways that I think the ladder climbing mechanic could be done. One is that you press a button to activate ladder climbing, you hold left analog forward to climb up or backward to climb down, you can stop in the middle and look left/right/up with the right analog. Or the ladder climbing is all automatic as soon as you press the button to activate climbing. With this style, I think it would be cool to have a cinematic camera that watches you climb from up in the air. I am thinking that this bear cache could either be in a new map or a map that is already existing that would make sense to have a bear cache set up in (like maybe Timberwolf Mountain or Mystery Lake near Trappers Homestead or one of the other cabins). It would be cool if there was a bear cache with bear spawn point near the cache and the bear has a route that circles the cache (possibly smelling food stored in the cache). You know how the wind blows out your fire (from an hour on the clock to 9 minutes on the clock). Well this should mean that there is unburned wood in the firepit that you should have the option to reclaim. It doesn't make much sense to have the wood all burn up in a second when the wind blows it out. Here is how could work. You know how the wind can blow on the fire but if it is not strong enough to blow out the fire then the fire burns as normal but as soon as the wind becomes too strong then it blows the fire out? Well, instead it could work like this. No wind = fire burns as normal. Wind blowing on fire (but not strong enough to blow out fire) makes the fire burn hotter but cuts the burn time by a percentage. How much hotter the fire is and how much the burn time is cut is proportionate and determined by the wind speed. So every 5mph wind speed increase will cut the burn time down 10% and increase the fire temperature by 8%. When the wind becomes so strong that it blows the fire out completely (not make it burn fast but just blow out the fire) then you should have some charred wood that you can reclaim out of the fire. Charred wood would have half the burn time compared to it's unburned type. So charred cedar would have half the burn time of normal cedar. ect with the other wood types.
  11. Change to wolf struggle system

    How about prybar melee on wolves? I came up with the idea sometime in the last week. Here's how it would work: You can now equip the prybar. With the prybar equipped, you can hit RT (or rock throw button) to swing. When the wolf charges at you like normal, you have to hit the RT RIGHT before you and the wolf contact (in struggle). If you hit the button a few milliseconds to soon, you will miss and then you will be in struggle with the wolf; A few seconds to late and well... your already in struggle. So the timing should be very very difficult to do successfully (in order to keep the challenge element). If you succeed and hit the button at the right time, you slug the wolf in the head and knock it out... or it just dies due to the blow (either scenario makes sense to me). So what would be the benefit of doing this successfully? You avoid/skip struggle, and therefore lose no damage to your clothing or health AND you get to harvest the wolf right were it lays dead without needing to track it.
  12. Idea for New Region

    I like the sound of a ski resort. You know, looking at the world map today I saw an area above mystery lake, where there is no playable map, just mountains drawn. I'll have to look at the map again. I was wondering "I wounder what might go there in the future, if something goes there". Now I am thinking ski resort. "I also question how can any civilization NOT contain bars and liquor. Ha, especially when the liquor could be used as a disinfectant." Interesting story: Just today I was playing on my newest save, my character survived food poisoning was hungry and thirsty, starting a fire he said "I could use a drink about now" . Anyways, I had this idea too of alcohol being in the game and being used as a first aid disinfectant. Maybe it can also be used on raw wolf or bear meat before cooking it so that you could kill parasites before consumption of the meat and thus eliminating the parasite risk. This one is kinda random. But I would like to see cookies as a food item. I don't care what kind, but I like nutter butter cookies. I want some right now even.
  13. Rose Hip Quantity

    I used a coffee maker. 2-3 spoonfull straight into the coffee pot and 2 and a half cups of water into the water tank and that fills up my coffee mug with the rosehip tea. Instead of putting the powder into the coffee filter, I just put it into the coffee pot and the hot water goes in there and mixes and dissolves a lot of it. I do end up with some sediment that rests at the bottom of my coffee mug, but I like it that way because it adds more flavor to the tea and I get seeds. It tastes really good, but I think it is an acquired taste. It taste strange the first time, but it gets better and better and pretty soon your always wanting it. I could also just add the powder into the coffee mug and then boil water in a pot on the stove and then add the water to the mug and stir to get the same result. So it is kinda like tang. I saw some dried rosehips and fredmeyers, I think I will get some of those. I moved 2 months ago to Wasilla. So there are no fresh grown rosehips near us that we can pick that I am aware of :'(
  14. Rose Hip Quantity

    I Agree, but I would make it 3-20 rosehips on plants. I remember last summer, me and my mom went to the old trailer park that is being cleared out. Raspberry and rosehips remain there and no one picks them. There was one rosehip bush that had so many rosehips that we filled one of those large plastic popcorn bowls with fresh rosehips. I cut them in half, put them in the dehydrator and then grinded it into a powder, filled a tupperware with the powder and used the powder for tea throughout the winter. I leave the seeds in the powder, and I don't strain the powder and seeds out. This way I get the little floating seeds that I like to chew on while sipping the tea. Anyways, the point is that I got a lot of rosehips. I don't know how much is harvestable in the winter though. I never tried harvesting in the winter.
  15. Some random ideas

    Chaga tea: Harvesting Chaga Mushrooms heat stroke/heat sickness: Who would've thought in a arctic game like The Long Dark, that you could actually get HOT. Well it turns out that when you use the forge, you can get pretty hot and you notice this when you look at the temperature conditions.So that is when you take clothes off and dry it by the fire. The ability to take off clothes and place it next to a fire to dry it. Should not work it clothes is places on snow. So this would be done in caves for an example.