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  1. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Dear Raphael! You have your own approach to graphics with the beautiful "watercolor painting" look mentioned several times. Since I got the game there has been several wonderful additions, such as mesmerizing aurora, new beautiful waterfalls, improved looks on inventory items, a grand Moose etc. My question is, without making promises, what are you plans and wishes for the next additions to the art and beauty of the game? Another, completely different question: Along the railroad from Coastal Highway via Mystery lake, ending in Broken Railroad, there are lots and lots of derailments, train cars etc and a single Locomotive in BR. Since there is only one railroad, it must surely be impossible for another train to come by once there are derailments blocking the way... So, did all these derailments happen to one single train, during a single line of events...?! What must it have been like for the poor brave people driving that train...?
  2. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Question: I think it's being mentioned in Wintermute, and definitely evident to be seen, that the Quiet Apocalypse is more than just Aurora and cold - more specifically 'seismic activity'. Is this something we will see more of in the future of TLD? Maybe new earthquakes or rockslides?
  3. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Dear Hinterland team! Thanks for this wonderful game I've spent so much time with! I think you are doing a good job balancing updates for new & veteran players! As a veteran player, my TLD experience mostly consist of; Exploring (new maps, not gonna ask), Cooking, Hunting and Firestarting. So I have some questions on the latter topics! Cooking: Wonderful latest improvement on this, but I think the food spoilage could be improved. Why can ruined meat still be cooked and eaten? Maybe all food could decrease in weight (and calories) as they spoil, symbolizing cutting off mouldy parts or such, with ruined food actually disappearing. I was really nervous about that prospect at first, now I can stock up mountains of meat with no worries. Maybe more unforgiving risks from eating bad food, even with the 5-cooking perk? Also, cooking time influenced by fire temperature! Hunting: Are you planning on advancing this, making it more complex and perhaps challenging? Such as adding Tracking as a skill, making animals less conspicuous and such? Also, making animals less predictable. Everything that's unpredictable is scary. Such as occationally silencing the warning crows on bears, or making them attack without warning, or making startled deer run away (AWAY) and not stop and return to where the hunter is waiting. Most of my Survivors everyday excitement comes from hunting, I'd love to see it even more exciting! Firestarting: Chance to start fire influenced by choice of tinder and accelerant. I'd love to be able to pick my own amount of accelerant/oil to use. Like adding just a little bit to slightly improve chances, not pouring 0,3L (!!) of oil onto the fire. Also, maybe removing the ability to start fire without tinder, but greatly reduce chances without it, and also different chances for different tinder. Also, do the times to start fires differ for different material, tinder and firestarter? Maybe they could? Lots of love!