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  1. #1 I really couldn't recall a "most time in area" (by choice). I tend to move around a lot. I really like TWM because of all the mountains...
  2. Since 1.5 update, my aiming has been back on par so not sure.
  3. Would be neat to see crows feasting on a corpse now and then while the others circle overhead to maintain that mechanic.
  4. There is a separate thread with a list of many locations to find the revolver. Oh, and there are 3 static spawns for it: DP, HRV & PV.
  5. Good opportunity to let some lead fly! Pick a safe spot and there is little risk.
  6. I believe there is only one place in the game where you find a Satchel.
  7. I've never found an improvised knife before!
  8. ... how crow feathers end up inside caves? Yeah, there's a corpse inside, but the crows usually circle overhead, right? Let's hear your ideas.
  9. Grats! Are you setting your bow over the mantle (retiring this character)?
  10. Same. A popular one I see is at CH in the car near the entrance to OIC. I don't think I've ever found 3 rounds with the rifle though.
  11. Pretty sure this is right, because I've found 1,000+ day-old ravaged carcasses that still have meat, hide and guts.
  12. hozz1235


    Some good info can be found here.
  13. Yeah, I have many poltergeists in that old save.
  14. Milton - Grey Mother's house - upstairs under the bed
  15. hozz1235

    2 Deer?

    I've only ever seen one deer in the DP fluffy cave.
  16. From my oldest save when you could place fires more places.