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  1. Agreed, if you are looking to compare and/or compete with other players, the playing-field usually is not even. Unless, you say, "I got this achievement/feat/etc. while only playing interloper." Personally, I don't play to compete, I play to have fun and share experiences with the rest of the community.
  2. All animals have a range of meat they provide. I actually started a thread at one point with Anorexic and Obese records. 😋
  3. It can be, but not much. If your goal is feat progression, don't do Custom. Play a canned difficulty until you've got your feats.
  4. I would discourage you, @HellFire90 from jumping to Interloper from Pilgrim. You will likely be more frustrated than anything. Try the next level: Voyageur. You'll find out what you like/don't like and can always go custom.
  5. For as many hours I've spent playing and practically having the maps memorized, I still enjoy a Custom Voyageur-type game. I like the aggression levels of Voy, but prefer to have more plentiful bear & moose and harsher weather. On the flip side, I tend to turn up loot a little, because, well, frankly, looting is one of my favorite parts of the game. I'm a (not a hoader) but a...hell, don't even know the term, but like to be well-stocked IRL. Custom mode was, IMO, one of the best enhancements to the game. It allows you to tweak the game for maximum enjoyment.
  6. Found my missing note! It was in the back seat of the car in CH near Rockfall. I'm still going to update the wiki though.
  7. Condensed Milk 🥛
  8. The big question is, why does the topic keep coming up? 😝 Hinterland has made it pretty clear they have no intention of introducing MP.
  9. "Survival Story"? No, but could have been! My Father and I were exploring the mountains of Central Nevada, US on his UTV. We discovered a Jeep trail which led high into the mountains, over a pass and dropped down the other side and looped all the way around to where we started. We love loops so we don't have to backtrack on the same trails. Up we go...it started getting colder and snow began appearing on the ground. Put it in 4WD and kept going. The pass was completely snow-covered but packed enough to where we could still drive on it. We crested the summit and began heading down the other side. Snow drifts were deep in some places and slick in others but going downhill was not too much trouble. Using a saved Google Earth Map on my iPad, we plotted the best course we thought would take us on our loop. The road led down into a shallow canyon with a frozen creek and many trees. We managed to get about 5 miles down from the summit before we came across an impassable blockade of fallen trees. We did not have any kind of saw and the trees were too large to winch out of the way. We spent the next couple hours looking for alternate routes around but could find none. We had no option but to try to get back to the summit and backtrack down the other side we had come up. 4WD fully engaged with diff-lock on we headed out. Going back up was scary indeed. There were multiple times that deep snow caused us to get stuck so we'd have to back up and try to get more of a run at the hills. One particular small ravine crossing with a deep drift on the other side was particularly challenging since the small ravine had cut a good size channel in the road which we had to hit head on full speed - glad I had my seatbelt on! Yes, we did manage to get back safely to our vehicle. Lessons learned? Carry more survival gear on our rigs! I have enough materials/tools/food/water purification/clothing, etc. on mine to last several days now if needed. My Father carries a small chain saw now 😜
  10. Little misleading of a new's story title but entertaining nonetheless...and he got 1 year of free food for the advertising!
  11. I've read that an elderly lady who still plays Elder Scrolls, will be featured as an NPC in ES6. That will be me! (well maybe not the NPC part but still playing).
  12. @Mel Guille, @Admin, it appears the links to the podcasts are broken. Would you please update them - I don't think I have seen/heard these.