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  1. Newbie Survivor Log

    Entertaining read! Would have been fun to watch you streaming it. Many of us are so familiar with the game now, we know what's around every twist and turn, where the shelters are, etc. I envy those playing for the first time and discovering all the wonderful things TLD has to offer. Don't rush into loper - find a challenge you enjoy and do that. I play custom games 100% of the time now to keep it interesting. Have fun.
  2. Game Breaking Jeremiah's Folly

    I'd just start over when Redux launches - I'm guessing it will be worth playing even if you do finish your current Wintermute game.

    Another option that was tweeted is just putting everything into your inventory. Sure, you can't move but it will be safe.
  4. RNG Gods

    Yup, I just kept thinking...1% chance...I'll be lucky and will never contract it; however, after thinking about it statistically, after way over 100 times eating bear meat, it shouldn't come as a surprise. Shortly after that, I did get lvl 5 cooking...eat whatever I want now!
  5. Anorexic Rabbit

    Sorry, I posted this over 2 months ago - I don't remember. I believe the weight is just RNG though.
  6. RNG Gods

    Finally caught up to me! When I have bear meat available, I will eat one piece, getting a 1% risk of Intestinal Parasites and, yes, I did contract it. I guess I was overdue...
  7. Supplies at risk?

    Just read a tweet on this that could help some stashers. Mainly, picking up everything in your stash location and keeping it in inventory until after the update will be safe.
  8. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    There has been quite a bit of discussion on the "realism" of the degradation system. For example, a pair of leather boots, tucked safely in a dresser/box should be good for...well, decades. But, as Hinterland has stated, that don't always go for realism in the game.
  9. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    Why it's important to keep moving in your early game so as not to find items that are ruined. Nothing worse than getting to TWM, opening all those crates just to find stuff that you could have gotten!
  10. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    I'm reading this as you're saying that items in containers do not degrade? I'm positive they do.
  11. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    If bedrolls are scarce in your game, keep 'em well repaired! Or, if you're going bear hunting, find someplace to stash them while you hunt.
  12. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    My nickname for TWM is "Loot Mountain". I love visiting this place.
  13. Supplies at risk?

    Hopefully, this won't affect our SM games, but I can't help but think of those people who have spent HOURS lugging stuff to one of these regions and spending MORE hours organizing and sorting items. I'm also afraid of the backlash that will occur if this comes true. I didn't see a warning on this until last night when I signed into the game. With release within days(?) I'm guessing, that's not much time for notification and preparation. I'm hoping for the player's (and Hinterlands) sake this disruption does not occur.
  14. How to catch a rabbit

    This guy would never make it in TLD!
  15. Redux

    It's also on TLD splash/news screen.