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  1. Dark screen

    Game start up properly but after warning screen everything goes black. There are main menu sounds but not image. Problem appered immediately after recent update.
  2. Hopless Rescue Two

    Old boats with gas engines would work as well as sailling boats. Manual compas would do with navigation without computer problem. But indeed evacuation like this would be very hard.
  3. More actions in bed

    Brain, stahp...
  4. Human bodies

    Good idea. Maybe at some point players will be able to mod TLD like they did to Skyrim. This game has huge modding potential.
  5. Human bodies

    Mroz4k you write about pathogens but forgot about what should happen to corpse when it is in building we choose as our base. Low temperatures slow down decay process but as soon as we rise temp in building the body should start to rot. Keeping body in like this is not good for health both mental and physical. I admit; my idea is bit extreme, but it would be nice to have option to dispose of corpse after looting. It could be done offscreen like any other action in game. I like idea of mental health system. And I'm not feeling offended
  6. Human bodies

    This too.
  7. Human bodies

    I don't understand your point. I don't want you eat it but make use of it instead of just lying around. Give them proper burial would cost too much effort (dig in frozen soil or chop down trees to make fire hot and big enough to burn human corpse).
  8. Human bodies

    I would really appreciate If devs add option to take care of human corpses. By "take care" I mean drag them out of building, stripping their clothes and chop them into pieces to make baits.
  9. What is the first thing you did in the long dark?

    Spawned at upper-left corner of ML at night, during blizzard. Miraculously menage to get to trappers cabin seconds before freezing to death. Lived.
  10. Working cars

    I think it would be fun If we could drive a car at some point or use it as emergency shelter. I mean old cars (without electronic components) and one's protected from EMP.
  11. Thing about looted food.

    I found it weird that we can find so many cans and ready-to-eat food when we're looting buildings. I mean (as far as I understand main plot) people left houses soon after FF and left to Mainland. It would logical move for them to take all canned drink and food for such trip and left one need prepartion. It would be more realistic If we could find things like: - Salt & peper - Spieces - Raw vegatables - Raw meat (already in game) - Unprepared rice, pasta etc. - Some home preserved food like pickles, jams and dried eidable mushrooms.
  12. Hello

    I just found this game recently, and what can I say; it was love from the first sight