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  1. Snow sound on wood

    It's a small detail, but when walking on the wooden dock at the Fishing Camp in Coastal Highway, footsteps sound like you're on the snow, just wanted to point that out.
  2. Can't cancel starting fires anymore

    I wouldn't mind, if torches and flares actually WORKED everytime. Right now i feel like they're too unreliable, sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Maybe there's something i don't know.
  3. Can't cancel starting fires anymore

    You can use a stick as fuel so it's not a big deal. Also i just recently unlocked level 5 firestarting, so it's actually pretty fast at starting fires, but still it's annoying.
  4. Can't cancel starting fires anymore

    Windows 7
  5. Can't cancel starting fires anymore

    As the title said, it seems you can't cancel starting fires anymore. Is it a bug or an intentional change? It was my main way to scare off wolves quickly, it's just annoying that you have to start a whole fire now, considering how long it takes. Also there's nothing realistic about being forced to stay by the fire when it's starting, one could always go away anytime (just like any other action in the game as far as i know), now instead you're basically trapped and hypnotized by those small flames.
  6. Clothing system easily improvable

    It's not like that for the head slot, the one closer to the doll is the outer, so there's definitely something wrong. And when you have two clothes of the same type it's almost impossible to tell which one is in the outer layer. Also the fact the it encourages people to think more doesn't make sense at all, since there's nothing realistic about someone who can't see what clothes he's putting on, it's just annoying imo.
  7. Clothing system easily improvable

    The current clothing system is a bit of a mess when it comes to inner/outer layer. It doesn't tell you which of the 2 slots is outer and which is inner (sometimes it's on the left, sometimes on the right) and it's frustrating because it would be so easy to fix by just adding the word INNER or OUTER on each slot. I think it used to be like this months ago, why did they change it?
  8. Nessuno Italiano ? 2 (Il ritorno)

    la cosa più difficile è tradurre "harvest"!