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  1. Greetings from the friendly, fellow traveler!

    Apologize for the delay in response. Took a small break from forums for @ a week's time. My playing style is having a home base and just trying to survive beyond that. I enjoy the scenery however. So, I've been known to use a lookout just to watch a sunrise or sunset on occasion. Those things that, in real life, I am absent the elevation and natural view quite like it is depicted within the game. And you?
  2. Wolves can & do indeed attack when...

    Ok. Thank you. I will keep this in mind.
  3. bone marrow

    I do like the bone knife idea as well. Soup bone has been mentioned by another in a thread I was in. I had suggested a soup bone be left in the frig of abandoned houses to be found to make Hobo stew. They pointed out about using bones from kills. Now, as for the marrow, I still stand by that one. It's light on weight, but has a good, quality resource value to it. I understand about the game needing to present a challenge, but I also believe that should be balanced by being in keeping with the whole survival idea. Basic survival would include the use of every part available of a kill, would it not? If one would use it in a R/L survival situation, then it should be made available here. Otherwise, you have an unbalance there between what you claim your game to be and how that "fleshes out" within what's made available within the gameplay. I think the bone marrow was a true, to the core excellent suggestion very much in keeping with what this game is supposed to be about.
  4. bone marrow

    That "little extra food" actually packs quite a nourishment punch to it. It's very rich. Why not have the harvesting of the bones include scraping out of the marrow. That way, the weight isn't significant. It's a ready, good source of nourishment though. I'd be for that.
  5. The Hunted: The Railroad Adventure

    Hold on a minute...THREE of them?! Heck, I'm getting my tailed served in my runs of the story mode by just one. Granted, all I have at this point is the shard, but geesh. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever manage to make it past this point. LOL Good for you, though. I'm impressed. :-)
  6. That little, TINY white dot...

    That's an impressive joy stick there I have to say. I remember the one I used when I battled it out as Raiden on Mortal Kombat. Loved that game, and loved the versatility of the simpler times. You could really get down with it. LOL
  7. Wolves can & do indeed attack when...

    Haven't clicked on that yet, but I appreciate it being there nonetheless given I will need to be able to actually make it past this point to be able to explore further. I'm on the road basically, & have searched the vehicles as well as a trailer. That's as far as I'm getting until I get killed. So, sooner more than later I may find myself clicking on it.
  8. Wolves can & do indeed attack when...

    Here I am on another run standing my ground. Once again, my food level is low as that is where my last checkpoint/save has got me at (my fault on that, I know). He simply continued to come closer. Apparently, this time it wasn't the weak animal in the eyes of the predator that provoked him. It was the challenge he felt he was being given by my standing my ground. I have walked by two in the process of eating their kill without incident though they both went into the guarding stance. Didn't look back. Just gave a wide berth for them so that they could see I was not trying to get their kill. So, I have now been killed 3 times on 3 runs on TLD by wolves, and I've managed to walk by 2 (one on a deer, one on a rabbit) . Just learning some things and testing others out. Seems like they did a good job coding in wolf behavior to me. Since they seem to be in abundance (5 wolves on 3 runs that lasted very little time indeed), I will need to learn more it seems.
  9. You are in Story mode and have just made it to the road, but you're level of hunger has your health bar telling you to get food fast & soon! LOL Just suffered my first death by wolf this way. I must have been very week indeed, because I wasn't two mouse clicks into the altercation before I died. RIP my first Story mode run-through character. I will use your lessons learned on the next one. :-)
  10. Chicken & Dumplings/Corned Beef Hash

    You do that meat harvesting in smaller increments when you choose the amount to cut, right? So, it keeps them separate?
  11. That little, TINY white dot...

    And that right there is what I'm looking for. I could certainly eventually figure it all out, but why do so if I have the alternative to truly "plug & play".
  12. That little, TINY white dot...

    Really? Well, when it comes to money, there is the "not able to buy" & "not advisable to buy just yet". I'm not prone to drop a $100 on myself in one lump when there are birthdays, holidays, and the like to take into consideration. My Steam account, for instance, has exactly one game on it, TLD. LOL So, these are splurges that I don't take in huge chunks too often, and yes, I am calling $100 that for my own purposes. Sounds like a good analogy to me. Not wanting nor expecting it to all get rolled up and done with in a short amount of time. I like to take it all in.
  13. That little, TINY white dot...

    $40? That's...really not bad actually. Given the technology, I thought & just assumed we were talking about some $100 or so device. So, it would have been a "save up for" item for me. I'll have to scrounge around on some sites to see what deals I can find. Thank you!
  14. That little, TINY white dot...

    Sounds like the wired one would be my best bet. Will have to put that on my shopping list. A further investment into this game, but it's one that I feel will be well worth it if it can/will enable me to have more time to enjoy it. As of now, I've decided to whip out my compression gloves & don them to eek out a touch more next time I "go in". LOL Funny to think I have to have a R/L wardrobe of sorts to get ready to go out exploring in this game. Have my messaging, heating back pad at the ready & my compression gloves as back up along with my cozy flannel pajama bottoms for added comfort. This is called dedication to the cause, my friends. Dedication to the cause. :-)
  15. I drew ML from memory

    Well, again, I appreciate being given the opportunity to have a general idea only. One of the aspects I enjoy about this game is all the unknowns and the need to explore to discover them. In the version I was playing, I was not aware until I had already fully explored the two locations that there were even maps available to reference. I enjoyed that experience. Did I die in the process of my explorations? Oh yeah. That I did, but it's one of the things that make this a very real experience.