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  1. Coldest Cave?

    It depends on your clothes and the weather. Did you just spawn? You'll need at least some amount of better clothes before you can warm up in the back of a cave.
  2. Poacher's Camp my new favorite hunting grounds

    That is a nice spot for hunting, but there is a warm cave just up the hill, better for sleeping and curing hides and guts. If you have warm enough clothes (mid 20s temp), you can sleep in the cave with the normal bedroll without a fire.
  3. Tips for new survivors

    Good info, and it's not obvious when putting on clothes. The hat slots at the upper left are an exception - the inner (right) slot is the outer layer.
  4. It's been mentioned in the forums a while back, and I think it's still true, sometimes at least... if you shoot an arrow into an animal and go inside a house before the animal dies, when you return, the arrow will be where the animal was when you entered the house. I think it happens whether the animal is dead at that point or not. I recently shot an arrow into a moose near the garage in Coastal Highway. I had a fire going, so the moose charged, then it turned around near the fire and ran uphill toward the bear cave and trailer. I moved up to the house in that direction, crouched near the door, and waited for the moose to walk back down the hill. When it got close, I shot another arrow into it and quickly entered the house to avoid being stomped. I waited for 20-30 minutes in-game to make sure the moose had moved away, then went back out. When the outdoor scene appeared, I immediately saw one arrow on the ground where the moose had been before. The second arrow was suspended in air for a moment, as if still in the moose where it stood when I entered the house, then it dropped to the ground. The moose was still alive and walking around the clearing near the garage (they don't bleed out, as others have mentioned) - it took a few more arrows to eventually kill it.
  5. Let's try Outerloper

    But, seriously, great job so far. I've enjoyed reading and I'm anxious to see how things go. Good luck!
  6. Killing Deer with a Bow

    I approach the deer from the front, at a bit of an angle. The deer tends to stop and graze, then the next stop just stands there, then those are repeated. I wait for the cycle when the deer grazes, then stand up and shoot the arrow toward the base of the neck/shoulder area (larger target than the head) while the deer's head is still down. I'll get an instant kill more often than not that way.
  7. Share your screenshots

    Dawn in Forlorn Muskeg
  8. Cooking skill based on amount of meat?

    A couple ways. The arrows for the amount to harvest move in sizes of 0.5kg. If the chunk of meat is 1.1kg, click it all the way up, then two clicks down. The first click down will reduce it to 0.6kg, and the next click to 0.1kg. Otherwise, set the amount to 0.5kg, click to harvest, and press the escape key about 1/5th of the way through. Assuming you're on a PC, that is. On console, I don't know what button is the equivalent of the escape key on PC.
  9. Toolboxes

    Tools, at least Quality Tools, help with some crafting tasks as well. If you have Quality Tools in your inventory when you craft an arrow, you can choose to use the "hand" icon, or the Quality Tools. Using the Quality Tools will shorten the time to make the arrow. I don't know if that also works with the Simple Tools, or if other crafting utilizes the tools.
  10. Yes, I'll assume that's how it was designed because that's how it works. Do you know otherwise? If the developers have stated somewhere that the game is not designed to work this way, I'd call it a bug, or part of the game that is not finished. We don't know every decision that went into the planning and development of this game, and the side-effects of those decisions. Maybe the calorie issue is one the developers didn't like, but left it this way because of other factors. Who knows?
  11. What to do with deer hide?

    LOL, I'm the same way. I can't pass things up. Even sticks. I could be carrying 100 sticks, be overburdened to the point of barely moving, and have to force myself to not pick up another stick. Everything must be harvested! Then I decide to go somewhere that I have to climb a rope and it takes me forever to figure out what to leave behind. I'm a Long Dark hoarder. On my current run, I'm trying to keep my load lighter and only carry what I really need. It's been almost painful to pass up mushrooms, rose hips, sticks, and other things that I really don't need but would usually take anyway.
  12. Cooking skill based on amount of meat?

    I think it's the same skill regardless of fillet size right now. You can start a new run, kill a rabbit (or maybe it was two), harvest the meat in .1 kg pieces, cook them. That will be enough to get you to cooking level 2. Currently, it doesn't take long to get to cooking level 5 if you harvest all meat in small pieces and cook them. Getting to level 5 can probably be done with some rabbits, a few deer carcasses, and a couple full deer (and some nice weather to cook all those small deer pieces all day or all night), all harvested in .1 or .2 kg pieces and cooked.
  13. If I remember correctly.....
  14. I don't think so, as @FunkyFuggerson said. But, a moose carcass can spawn in HRV in Interloper, so it's a free moose hide if you want to wait long enough for it to cure.