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  1. Game crashing on PS4

    Wow just checked, 44 times this game crashed!
  2. Game crashing on PS4

    I did not know you could check your error history, I will when I get home.
  3. Hunting, Tracks and Bloodtrails

    No offense but it is not realistic at all. Blood drops don’t magically appear and disappear. I don’t mind it being hard or having to drops disappear quicker depending on the weather, but it’s not fun as it is now. It’s also weird that the blood wherever you get mauled by a wolf stays forever.
  4. New Animals?

    Much as I would like some more diversity in the wildlife, a lot of the above animals do not live in such cold conditions
  5. You can do that in custom mode
  6. hopes for next update

    Agree with most, wildlife: yes, guns: no
  7. Hunting, Tracks and Bloodtrails

    Could not agree more. The blood trail, or lack there of, is by far the most annoying part of this game imho.
  8. Using hacksaw on PS4

    Occasionally when I use the hacksaw I get this weird electronic whining sound then the frame rate tanks until I go to another load screen. Very rarely I’ve had this issue with other tools but I usually just use the hacksaw so perhaps it’s an issue with them as well. Once I had this same sound when I tried to sleep outside in the small structure next to the hunters lodge. It made the sound then a very long black screen. I thought the game locked up but then it said I died. Love the game though and really enjoying the new cooking system.
  9. Game crashing on PS4

    I have been getting this same problem. Seems to have gotten better but I still get it at least once every time.
  10. New wildlife

    I personally would love to see eagles. I don’t know what game effects it could have but would love to climb a high mountain and see something a bit more majestic then crows.
  11. New cooking system, added benefits

    Just wanted to say how much I love the new cooking. One thing that I wasn’t expecting is how it changed another aspect of my game. I generally start on a map I don’t enjoy much, like desolation point, loot everything in a day or two, then move to a nicer location. I was doing this on a recent run but started in broken railroad. I was never a huge fan of this area since it is on the ass end of the map and takes forever to get there and back. Then I used the stove in the hunting lodge. Now I have a new favorite map. I shot a bear and moose within the first few days and with six spots to cook I had a stockpile of food and water in no time. Sure broken railroad might still be out of the way, but who cares. Love it.
  12. Breaking the ice

    Thanks for the sewing tip
  13. Ode to an Indie developer.

    Must be nice. I love this game, but one thing that drives me crazy is the constant crashes. At least once a play session I go to enter a building and I’m kicked from the game. Im on PS4 though, guess pc has it a bit better
  14. Can't crouch and shoot the bow?

    This would feel to much like an exploit to me. Guess I'll stick to fishing and rabbits.
  15. Ideas to balance fishing

    I just assumed we were applying bait to the hook even though it's not shown. Similar to us having an endless supply of empty water bottles, I figured it was the same with bait. I don't mind the way fishing is now but wouldn't mind having more options either. Of course the easier option would be to change the picture of the hook to something like you showed above. And as for catching a fish on a bare hook.... not likely. Yes there's a "chance", just like there's a "chance" of a meteorite hitting me in the head.