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      The Long Dark Test Branch **February 2018* [OPT-IN, FORUM PASSWORD, SPOILERS]   02/21/2018

      Hello community, 

      As we have done in the past, we are implementing a TEST BRANCH to look over numerous fixes we've completed for The Long Dark. This reflects the fact that we have a huge diversity of players on a variety of hardware configurations, and as a small studio we just can’t test them all! 

      The idea here is to provide an early version of the next update, about a week or so before we’d like to launch it officially in the Release branch (i.e. where you are currently getting it), so that we get some extra time to find bugs, crashes, and any other issues before it goes lives for the rest of our community.  >>> IF YOU DO NOT OPT-IN TO THE TEST BRANCH, YOU WILL NOT GET IT. I.e. You will not get the Test Branch build "by accident". This should help keep spoilers to a minimum. Here on Official Forums the Test Branch Discussion subforum requires a password to access. The password is: test_branch
      Some details. READ THESE CAREFULLY: 

      * The Test Branch is for STEAM ONLY. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 
      * The Test Branch is full of SPOILERS. If you don’t want to see what’s in the next update, stay out of the Test Branch and all its discussions. 
      * The Test Branch is a tool for us to find issues with Work In Progress features. We’re primarily looking for feedback on bugs, crashes, and any major balancing issues. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the appropriate TEST BRANCH sub-forums on Steam and in our Official Community. DO NOT DISCUSS TEST BRANCH FEATURES outside the Test Branch sub-forums. Those posts will be moved or deleted. 
      * When reporting on bugs or issues, please use the posted bug submission procedures. This will help the development team filter the feedback, eliminate duplicates, and in general ensure we can act on the feedback in a more timely fashion. 

      Our hope is that this new Test Branch process will allow us to ensure we can continue to put out stable Sandbox updates well into the future. 

      We’re very hopeful that the people who choose to opt-in to this Test Branch will approach this as a way to help ensure the updates are as smooth and stable as possible, and not use the Test Branch discussion as a forum to lobby for or against certain features or content. 

      As always, The Long Dark is a community-informed, not community-driven, project. We look forward to enlisting your help in identifying whatever issues we’ve missed in our own internal testing! 

      For more details, please check out the TEST BRANCH discussion forums [SPOILERS!] http://hinterlandforums.com/index.php?/forum/81-test-branch-spoilers/ (See password info above for access)

      Thank you! 

      The Hinterland Team 


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  1. Survival; Building Bases

    Yes, in older versions of the game the camp office was cleaner. Now since the launch of story mode, they added much more detail to some of the building (the camp office obviously being one of them). There are some things you can pick up and break down, but the majority of the stuff is not interactable.
  2. Living Off The Land: Reishi & Rosehip Tea?

    Maybe there was a bug that caused the achievement to pop up really late? Idk, but I do know that the tea shouldn’t have affected your progress
  3. some another things not bad

    Oh my god, I’m dying
  4. Disappearing Wildlife

    This is a bug, there’s a place where you can report bug, I think there’s a link somewhere in the forums where you go to report a bug
  5. Did i just lose my Custom game?

    If you haven’t done any actions to cause the game to save (ie sleeping or passing time), then quit to menu and reload your save. You should be back to where you last saved
  6. Backlight

    Cool video, but relevance to TLD? Specifically why backlight is important to TLD
  7. Finally found extra wool underwear, but...

    Haha! I loved that movie! A classic. “It’s a jelly, eh”
  8. Episodes 3-5, when?

    Sometime in 2018, hopefully. This has already been asked a million times, look through the other pages or search before post another thread
  9. What's The Purpose Of Balaclavas?

    Yes, the balaclava’s stats other than warmth are almost useless, except if that’s the only headgear you have. But like @Mixxut said, they’re just another item to have, and balaclava+touqe is the best headgear combo
  10. Glowsticks

    Good idea, it’s nice to see one that isn’t too controversial about balancing and all that. Just don’t swallow the liquid inside
  11. some ideas to mod the weapons

    Clearly we’ve got a COD/Battlefield player here. I agree with @Kendov. I think the knife is the only decent idea, it could work like this: if you miss a shot on a wolf and it charges you, right before the struggle you can choose “Rifle+Knife” to stab it in the face, causing it to flee immediately. This could be a bit op, so it could be used as a normal knife. It could possibly be used against bears, getting one stab with a knife before it proceedes to maul you. Doing this could weaken it a tiny bit, maybe rendering it more vulnerable to critical hits for a short time and/or making it walk and run slower. As for the other ideas, yeah no.
  12. Proposal on how MP could work.

    Death match. I posted this on the “Post all your bad suggestions” forum. That’s what PUBG and Fortnite is for
  13. Very nice. You seem to have everything going good at this point. But beware the bear that lives at the bottom of the rope!
  14. It Was a Dark And Stormy Night

    Beautiful poem, spoken with determination
  15. Here’s somethings: Some crates contain stuff inside them after they’re broken down You don’t need tinder to start a fire after level 3 (that one is so obvious too, but I never got to level 3 fire skill)