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  1. Why am I not Able To Melt Snow/Cook Food?

    The most recent update changed cooking. You need to place a recycled can in your inventory on one of the stones of the fire. You can go into your backpack and drop the can or food and then move it, or use the radial menu. The can is in the campcraft section.
  2. clothing weight

    This is not a bug, this is the way the developers want it.
  3. Cooking raw meat on campfire (Vigilant Flame)

    And you can now place food from the radial menu, too. I don’t know what the button is on PC, but you press it to place food. Just be careful you don’t hit “use” on a piece of raw meat, which will eat it and give you food poisoning.
  4. What each map is known or good for

    True, but for me it’s not appealing at all. And for a new player, you’re not going to want to be there. But if you know what you’re doing you can thrive. I just think there’s better places out there.
  5. What each map is known or good for

    And now: Hushed River Valley (HRV). Death. Timberwolf mountain with less resources, and no human-made shelter. Which means no workbench, forge, or fishing. Although there is one spot similar to the summit of TWM, but not as plentiful of loot.
  6. Time acceleration

    Blizzards are more manageable (in most situations). Being mauled by a bear heavily damages your clothes and brings you down to 10% instantly. With blizzards, you at least have some chance to get to shelter or set up a fire behind some rocks. And you can cancel harvesting once it hits, and you have time to escape it. With the bear, you have no warning whatsoever, and no chance of escaping. They should change it so you at least have a warning or chance in some way.
  7. Blood trails easier to see

    Currently, blood trails are extremely hard to see. You have to get with 2cm (slight exaggeration, but not too much) in order to see blood. Normally, this was never a problem since I never needed blood trails because of the pass time to make animals bleed instantly. But since that’s changed (now animals will teleport out of your view), I’m finding it hard to track animals.
  8. How to get water?

    What @Hawk said, in a recent update, they changed cooking. Now you can multitask while cooking, cook multiple things at once, and now you have to have a recycled can or cooking pot in order to make water. You should’ve started with a can in your inventory. In the radial menu, it’s in the camp craft section.
  9. Just a little feature, not too big. But whatever button you hit to check your stats, including sprint meter I think would be a nice little feature.
  10. reading book while waiting for stuff to cook

    This is a good idea, because currently books will only count in hour increments. So they should have research books like they do for crafting stuff, where you can cancel and it’ll still count the time you put in. Good idea
  11. Time acceleration

    This change makes sense, but I’ve been using this hunting exploit for a while. So now I’ll have a bit of challenge when hunting. I personally like this, it makes sense, but I just have to get use to it now. The thing it changes most is bears. Now you have to wait for them to bleed out the hard way, or shoot them till they drop. It also effects harvesting, and I’m not so sure about that. There was already the danger of being attacked on your way back from harvesting a carcass (because of your scent), so I don’t think animals should be accelerated while harvesting a carcass, but still while passing time normally.
  12. More challenges!

    Yes, I agree, that probably everything else is more important than challenges. And I am very happy to see that the devs are working on a new survival mode update, and I’m super exited for that. While I’m not sure what they’re plans are after that, I think it would be cool to see more challenges a few months after the new survival update. Again, they can do what they want, and I’m sure they have the community’s best interests, but at some point more challenges would be nice. Hint hint, Hunted Part 3
  13. More challenges!

    Title’s pretty self-explanatory, but more challenges would be nice. I know the devs are working on story and sandbox right now, but hey, those little challenges were fun! I completed all except nomad, never had the patience for that one. I’m sure Hinterland has some ideas for challenges, but what do you guys think? Do you have any ideas for challenges?
  14. Save Game For Survival

    This would make the game less challenging, and make it too easy to avoid death. In story, the devs want you to experience the story, not as much of a survival experience. With saving anywhere in survival, you could attempt something risky, see it fails, and just reload a better save. They want you to have better planning and learn from your mistakes. Saving anywhere kinda negates it.
  15. Fan Art

    I think it’s really good! I like the unique style of it. Much better than anything I could’ve done