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  1. Proposal on how MP could work.

    Death match. I posted this on the “Post all your bad suggestions” forum. That’s what PUBG and Fortnite is for
  2. A Survivors Daily journal - 122 Days in.

    Very nice. You seem to have everything going good at this point. But beware the bear that lives at the bottom of the rope!
  3. It Was a Dark And Stormy Night

    Beautiful poem, spoken with determination
  4. Here’s somethings: Some crates contain stuff inside them after they’re broken down You don’t need tinder to start a fire after level 3 (that one is so obvious too, but I never got to level 3 fire skill)
  5. A good question. This is been a heavily speculated topic. I’m not too sure, but the aroura only happens in northern areas of the world, in real life. So I would say only up north. But the aroura in TLD is not something that happens in real life, ie disabling power initially, and then all occurrences after that powering electric objects. The aroura also has awoken Bears from hibernation, and when the aroura is active, bears and wolves (and moose?) turn green and become more vicious. Point is, the aroura is not realistic, so we can can’t say for certain if they still will only occur in the north.
  6. What do?

    What do-es that phrase mean? I can only assume that means “what do I do?”. Based on that, not much, because you can’t without the 4 other regions. Those regions are some of the best, with a boat load more space
  7. We don’t need 360 no scopes on deer, COD player. Although that would be funny. Thing is, those long shots would make hunting op. I think I know you’re problem, you’re not crouching. You can’t get too close to get a good shot on a deer, but when crouching, you can get close enough to feel it breath on you. So crouch, and shoot that sucker in the head. If you have a bow and you’re below level 5 skill, grab you’re rifle
  8. Permadeath

    Hahaha, good one! Wait...you’re not kidding? Seriously? That’s just sad. Permadeath is a big core feature of TLD. Sure I know you were just testing something, but you could do that in another sandbox (which is why they introduced multiple sandboxes). And as for permadeath not being in Story, it saves frustrastion. Imagine having to go through the entire story after dying, then watching all the cutscenes again. And I know the frustration of death in sandbox, but the point is to survive as long as possible. It would be cheating death without permadeath. The point is to learn from your mistakes, and I’m surprised you didn’t die from the thousands of wolves first, which is great. But the “grinding” is late game, and early game is the most exiting part. You don’t have any resources, you have to plan every move carefully, the cold (and wolves) are constsntly a problem, and more. Late game those start to go away, when you can go outside in freezing temps, but you got 5 layers of homemade coats and such, and popping wolves bears and deer in the face with your level 5 bow skill, it gets boring. And frankly, uninstalling the game because you died once, is childish. Get over it, learn from your mistakes, and get ready to face more challenges, because that’s what life is. How are you not dead from the thousands of wolves (problems) of the world we live in?
  9. Bow Drills Please

    Yes, for balancing on early interloper, I would think they could have it so after you get level 5 fire starting so you can make said bow drill. If they did that (coupled possibly with @TerribleSurvivor‘s dry fuel idea), it could be pretty balanced. I’m not too against the idea
  10. Someone woke you up

    Eerie, yes. But wouldn’t make that much sense. When you get a message after sleeping, it’s either because you’re freezing, hungry, thirsty, or tired (jk not tired ). That message will say, “You woke up freezing”, for example. But if there was a “Something woke you up” message, that sound would be creepy and a nice touch.
  11. A lot of people did feel disappointed about story, including long time fans. Even I though it wasn’t everything I wished, but they’re still coming out with stuff, including more story episodes (which they say will be better, as the first 2 were introductory and a tutorial). But as of now, the game is more about survival mode, and if you don’t like it, which is perfectly fine, you don’t need to be rude and call the devs wankers.
  12. Moose

    Yeah I still have personally seen one, but I’ve seen YouTube videos. If they detect you, they won’t start to go after you, they will will stand there looking at you for a few seconds and if you leave, he won’t follow. But if you don’t leave, he will charge you. A force to be reckoned with, though.
  13. Interloper

    Yes @Timber Wolf and @mystifeid, I know there's info scattered about these forums, but I’ve never paid attention since I don’t play interloper. Now that I want a challenge (which I definitely get with this mode), I could use some tips. Thanks so much!
  14. Interloper

    Thanks @mystifeid! I’ll try again tomorrow
  15. Interloper

    Notice this is in the “How to play” section. I’ve been a Stalker player, and even with my custom Stalker, it’s gotten to be way too easy. So I’ve graduated to interloper. Nothing prepares you for interloper. I’ve played about 10 games in the past few days, and have struggled to get by 1 day. Most by wolves, but the latest was by stupidity. I shouldn’t have slept for 3 hours. That’s something I should’ve known. Now I know 90% of you people are interloper experts, so any strategies to get by the first few days?