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  1. Like that, I just gave you a rep boost by clicking the little green heart next to your post. You’ll get more rep boost as you post more. Your welcome
  2. Yeah, that’s a bug. Aroura wolves are supposed to run from the high-intensity flashlights, but most times they don’t. I haven’t personally experienced this, but a lot of forum members have. They tell you what happens, it’s not good
  3. I’ve seen this too, on Xbox. Maybe it’s all platforms?
  4. Of course you would try to shoot him, lol
  5. Not really a bug, just a helpful exploit. They could “fix” it by limiting the amount you can take
  6. Lucky, I’m on Xbox and they didn’t have the event
  7. discussion

    By “seasons” he means literal seasons, like summer, fall, etc. Based on that, I think a seasons would be a different game
  8. Yeah, a buyer who somehow got to Great Bear, and wanted a home next to a mountain, in a freezing environment. Doesn’t appeal to me. lol
  9. I don’t know what you’re talking about, though I can’t see some of my arrows, I see the pop-up text say “arrow”, and I can pick it up
  10. A tip to avoiding this, when hitting an animal (not a grazing shot like @JAFO said), go to the radial menu and select “pass time” (the deck of cards). Make sure the animal is in your view. The animal will bleed out faster (almost instant), but will appear to move at the same speed. The animal will drop way closer to you. Keep in mind that you’re safe if it’s a hostile animal, and watch your gauges. Last thing you want is to freeze while passing time. This is especially helpful for deer (and bears if your brave enough for that).
  11. That is sooo my dog. He wants in and out all the time. Very annoying
  12. Lol, that would be funny. Maybe the crows fly ahead and give you the location of nearby coarpse
  13. With all the new Battle Royale games (like Fortnite and PUBG, any player??), TLD should have “The Long Dark Battle Royale”. TLD pvp! People running around with rifles and bows, dodging (or killing) wolves, bears, and players. Maintain your normal stats, but seek out other players and climb to the top, and come out as the true survivor!
  14. Well, first, I know now that the porch isn’t safe. Second, you still had the rifle in your hand, and when you get mauled by a bear, you drop your rifle. So it should be around somewhere, unless that’s a bug now. If you can’t find it, report it as a bug
  15. Yeah, frontier guide is a “basic” shooting book. For the rifle firearms skill there’s another book, called “Guns Guns Guns!”. This book gives you more skill points, and is used to further your skill after a certain point (which you’ve obviously hit). It is very rare though, so you may need first hand experience (ie actually shooting things) to increase your skill until (or if) you find the book