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  1. I have no doubt about that. But like Hawk said, it usually takes them a ridiculous amount of time to release the updates.
  2. GoG has the update since yesterday. But reading through all the comments here, I am tempted to wait for the sprain/aiming hotfixes.
  3. AFAIK they didn't add patch files since "Faithful Cartographer" update.
  4. They released v1.46 today without me pestering them.
  5. That's why I asked here if Hinterland already uploaded the v1.46 release. I'd like to have that confirmed before I start pestering GoG again. So they cannot really claim they didn't receive the update.
  6. Honestly... I don't care if this makes any difference or not. This is IMHO a really crappy release strategy by GoG and if I can even make the slightest kind of pressure to get TLD updates released any faster on GoG, that's worth my time and effort. I feel really bad because in the past I always blamed Hinterland for these ridiculous long release delays on GoG. But now that I know better I gonna pester GoG until this finally gets better.
  7. Did you already send this to GoG? They are (surprise) still at v1.44 and once you've confirmed you pushed v1.46 to GoG I can (again) file an issue there.
  8. So GoG is still at v1.37 Am I right that this is because of the constant bugfix releases cancelling the QA checks (or whatever GoG is doing with the releases Hinterland is uploading) of the previous releases?
  9. Yeah, I tend to agree that this might rather be GoG's fault. But I think it's important to give feedback to Hinterland people as well so they can perhaps get in touch with GoG to solve this.
  10. I'm quite concerned about Hinterland's decision to drop TLD from GoG. Speaking as a player that despises Steam, I'd like to know where I now can purchase this great game (for Linux) without the requirement to install Steam software. Just to make this chrystal clear: I do not want to install anything Steam-related on any of my systems even if it's merely for downloading the game. I find it very disappointing that Hinterland removed the only choice for players to obtain this game without being forced to use Steam.