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  1. Outerloper - including pantsless TWM summit

    Cheers but I'm not sure I'd go that far. I wouldnt think I'm super experienced at the game but I do enjoy the challenge of the harder modes. Playing deadman challenges has sharpened the skills a lot and I've learnt a lot off other players. TBH I only started Interloper as I was a bit over too many wolves in stalker ;P
  2. A Few Dead Men

    I might have to think about making my very first youtube video. In it I will expound upon the cricket throw and invariably get a sprain.
  3. A Few Dead Men

    Entertaining run Drifter Man. enjoyed it thoroughly. Every run does seem to have its wolf. You generally meet it right at the end But there does seem to be one or two very very aggressive and deadly wolves getting about at any one time. They're usually the ones that spot you from super far away and decide you're lunch no matter what. Looking forward to the next adventure when you get the time.
  4. Outerloper - including pantsless TWM summit

    Hehe. I just started paying attention as in a recent milton mailbag @Raphael van Lierop talked about how sprains should work which seems a bit at odds with how a bunch of us are experiencing them and he suggested submitting some (especially double sprains) with screesnhots of where they happened so I've been spamming the screen cap button whenever they happen. My take of what he was saying was you should not get wrist sprains from any walking activity, only falls from height or from struggles. I very often get wrist sprains just walking along. Granted usually over burdened and on a slope.
  5. Thanks everyone. Some good advice in all that. Much appreciated
  6. A Few Dead Men

    Ouch. Well if anyone can make that last 14% work for them I'm pretty sure its you. If you wanna see some extreme snatching life from the jaws of death in Deadman check out this video especially towards the end -
  7. Outerloper - including pantsless TWM summit

    * couldn't edit above post but realise there's a mistake - last sprain above was from Milton - which I haven't written about yet but that follows now* I thought I might haven enough daylight time to just dump my heavy and not needed stuff at the cave and head straight for the Muskeg forge (I plan to come back this way via Miton so it's a good place to leave heavy and curing things) The game however has other ideas as it hits me with a blizzard. No skeg tour today but I'm still slightly paranoid about matches so I figure I can take on the blizzard just enough to get the matches from the transition part below the rope to Milton. I head there, warm up in the cave a bit and the weather eases enough to let me climb the rope and sleep in the little park office. I was hoping for a second bed roll here but its not there. I sneak out and check the parked pickup near the orc in hope of a pry bar but its not there either. I really dont want to hit Milton yet so I simply sleep in the office in shifts to ride out the cold. Boil up some more water when I do need a fire and then head back to the trappers cave in the daylight next day. Very late in the day the weather turns cooperative and I make my move to the forge. Its quite late but I think I can beat the sunset if the weather turns good. I torch chain it the whole way via the pochers camp for a flare, some, coal and a game developer hoody. It get dark and foggy but I stumble into Spences throw my near dead torch down and go to light a new one from it and I realise that it was my last one just as it burns out. Oh well, time to use the firestriker. Amazingly the RNG gods are on my side and it lights first go and we're away with some A grade warmth. I'm quite tired so decide to sleep an hour to help wash off the exhaustion and get me through the forging. I forge through the night ending up with the hatchet, knife and 10 arrowheads. I had 5 cloth saved up and 2 precious pieces are now gone leaving me only 3 for potential repairs (my bedroll is around 60% condition) an some of my clothes are little more than rags. Another bedroll so I can tear down one would be very welcome. I fill up on dog food and cattails and sleep just enough to not be totally exhausted. I don't want to stay here continuing to use fuel that I might want later for more forging so I make a dash for hat creek as I want to set up in Marsh ridge for a few days. I dodge the bear easily and don't even see any wolves. ( the whole time I've only been barked at by one wolf though I've snuck past many that I saw first. I've survived for 15 days. I make it to Marsh Ridge with around 80% condition, having forged what I need, 40 odd cattails in my backpack and starting to feel like I'm in with a shot on this mode as long as I can get a bow and some arrows crafted and some luck continues to hold. Ahead of me though is a trip through Milton Basin, Milton itself and hopefully Hushed River Valley before the weather turns and I want to see if the plane crash in Milton has anything for me. If I live long enough I want to go back to Timberwolf Mountain with bow in had and start working on some better clothes.
  8. A Few Dead Men

    Damn. Those green wolves can be nasty. How many stims do you still have?
  9. Outerloper - including pantsless TWM summit

    Once out of the zone I need to sneak past the wolf that minds the bridge - he can see you from so far away so I have to hide in the dam yard at first. I check the hunters blind (nothing usefull) and try to skirt the tracks using ridge to the left. I get a double sprain (ankle and wrist) as I head up the slope. take painkillers for the wrist so I can use the flare gun if needed and hobble all the way to overlook cave, another sprained wrist just as I get close to it. No firestriker (damn - running out of matches). Its getting late and I want to sleep in the real bed at the lookout so I head out in some snowy cold weather. As I get close to top I get my fourth sprain in about half an hour of play time. The lookout has a lantern and a sewing kit for me and my second basic toolkit (I plan to scrap it for metal for forging) I sleep through the night and in the cold daylight I head to unnamed pond. The blind there has a firestriker for me. My match worries are alleviated for the time being. I take the back way towards trappers and get another sprain just going slightly uphill. I'm now all out of pain meds. I get to trappers and take up residence in the cave to Milton.
  10. Outerloper - including pantsless TWM summit

    Along the way I've acquired some birch saplings and a Maple. I have 2 cured gut from the rabbits on TWM as well as 4 rabbit hides. I've been dropping them in every cave I stop in so they are coming along well. I pick all these up and make a dash when the weather fines. I cross the bridge and can head footsteps. Is it a wolf? No, its another ninja moose. He's on the pond so I sneak past and make my way down to the road and follow it till I hit the store. The weather is treating me well so I try to make it all the way to the exit. I skirt up the hill behind the houses across the bridge ( no wolf today) I think the cave behind here can sometimes have another bedroll and I want the cloth. There's a bear right in front of it so I have to sneak around him. No extra bedroll in there so I have to sneak back past the bear and 2 wolves before I hit the mine to Coastal Highway. Lots of coal from the mine comes with me as well as an extra stim. I thought a firestarter could be here but I don't find one. I'm starting to run really low on matches - about 14 or 16 left from memory. When I get through the mine its blizzarding so I have to wait it out till morning. I cook up water and get more rest. Next day I race down and grab the deer meat and hide near the wolf sort. before I circle through the fishing huts and up the creek all the way to rabbit grove. I take so many cattails but its the only food I have. I want to get to the ravine today so i don't take any more meat. It starts to get cold as I exit PV and by the time I get to the first cave in the Ravine area I'm freezing. I warm up a bit but want to spend the night at the bottom of the ravine so I can be rested and oout the following day. Thankfully there's a rope in the carriage as well as another hammer and some lantern fuel. I dump all the weight at the top and head to the bottom. I grab the extra flare gun, stim and flare shells and hit the cave. As always it blizzards shortly after getting there so I need to coach a fire through the night, eat the deer meat etc. Next morning I hightail out of there. I dump all of my deer hides, a bunch of sticks, some water, and other heavy things here. I really want to go back to Timber wolf to do most of my clothes crafting as its an indoor crafting table, so I think leaving all this stuff here will be best. I bring 2 guts and the rabbit hides. I might get to make gloves somewhere.
  11. Outerloper - including pantsless TWM summit

    Now I've got some hard decisions to make. I don't think I can make a long term go of it here without forged tools and a bow and I need to find a bedroll. I've been chewing through the matches as well. I think about how I'm going to get across Pleasant Valley without going inside or without being able to sleep. My only way to Mystery Lake will have to be through Coastal Highway, there might be a bedroll on the way but I'm not sure. There could be one in winding river in the cave but its a dead end trip when you cant go into the Dam so is a big gamble. If I get there and there's no bedroll I'll be exhausted and will have a big treck while tired to get out of PV. I decide winding river is the better gamble and make a break for it. I leave the mountaineers hut as soon as I can. its still cold and by the time I reach the rope down i"m already freezing. A fire with accelerant in the burt out hut and I make all the coffee I can and a bunch of torches. The wind won't let my torches keep up. I sneak past skeeters ridge (wondering if the cave here might have had a bedroll but I don't check) As I mountain goat down past the ropes an almost blizzard snow storm hits me again. I start a fire on the leeward side of Draft dogers cabin, and warm up enough and make water till the wind drops. I cant afford to get stuck and end up freezing or exhausted. When the wind drops enough I make for the farm. The rules say no loading screens for building so I interpret that as the porch is fine. I get there and its warm in the porch and the container has a toque. I warm a little and start to head for signal hill till I realise I need to warm more and get some rest. I double back and jump in the car and sleep for a couple of hours. Its almost dark when I take off again. I torch chain it all the way to the cave to winding river. I get there almost exhausted and cold and about 30% condition. I make my way through the cave by moonlight only. I make a fire and eat the deer that's there and drink a hot drink. As I exit into winding river its dark and there's and Aurora. Strong headwinds try to freeze me but I get to the cave and there it is. This changes everything and makes me feel like I might be able to do Outerloper. I sleep for an hour to warm up then go back to the cave to PV, dose up on tea and sleep a full 10 hours. When I wake I'm starting to regain health but there's a long way to go. I duck up to the crackers cave, get my crackers, harvest the dear and kill a rabbit too. I take it all back to the cave and dump it. I decide I'll stay here again tonight and try to get full condition before trying to trek out of here. I explore out towards teh pond and steal all the cattails and mushrooms that I can and harvest ALL the sticks. I come back and feast, read a book on firestarting and hit level 2.
  12. Outerloper - including pantsless TWM summit

    I take off as soon as the weather looks passable. I sprain an ankle on the first hill but keep going. There's no bear or moose today and the area is only slightly wolfy so I easily get the coffee and tea from the cargo and make my way across the log bridge. Warm up in the cave, make some rosehip tea to cure my ankle and brew the coffee. I quickly detour to the 3 way cave for extra matches and wood. then hike it up the rope and steal another piece of cloth from the cargo containers and I make my way up the shortcut ridge to secluded shelf. I'm almost freezing so try to start a fire but it dies so I decide to climb while freezing anyway. Through the cave ( cant remember if there was anything good ) I warm up then head out under an aurora to get set up in the little snow cave. I make a total mess of how to setup the snow shelter. I did the fire first and tore down my jeans, socks and vest (all terrible condition and poor warmth anyway) but the shelter wont fit properly except near the entrance away from the fire and quite cold. I take a chance trying to build it and almost die. I plummet down to 4% condition, freezing and starving. I quickly warm up by the fire and eat to stop losing condition and with the staggers I start a new fire right near the shelter and dive inside to sleep for one hour. I get out warmed up make a tea and hit the fire with all my coal and jump back in to sleep for as long as I can. I wake up with about 25% condition and enough rest to summit. Once its warm enough I climb up and loot the plane. An extra ski Jacket, toque, boots and socks get my clothes back to reasonable but there's no jeans so I'm destined to be running about in my underpants. There's a heavy hammer as well so no extra hacksaw, mine is starting to wear thin. I don't see the need to jump down the face of the mountain so come back down the back way, quick nap back in snowcave before dismantling for the 2 cloth, pick up cattails and checking the connecting cave. I do some rope running and swapping to deploy 2 ropes so I can come back later if needed. I still have no bedroll And I start to get blizzarded in. When it clears its night but warm so I try to sneak down the rope back to the hut. There seems to be wolves everywhere in the dark and snow. I can barely see them, 2 are munching on rabbits. I duck into a cave and warm up by a fire. I can hear the bear, sound like he's right on top of me. I'm expecting to have to flare gun him but he doesn't seem to poke his head into the cave. I warm up and get brave and decide to head out. He must be the other side of the rock formation as I can hear him but no see him. I hightail it out of there. Still more wolves that I dodge in the dark somehow and get back to the cabin exhausted. My first attempt at a bedroll free summit is a success It's day 6 (5 days survived)
  13. Decided to try my hand at Outerloper today after seeing a few other people run through some - filling in a bunch of the details a few days in so some of the details are a little hazy I spawned in Pleasant Valley in the backwoods somewhere, it's mid to late afternoon, cold fusion and snow walker(?) as my feats. I'm not too familar with the PV spawns but I look around I take a guess that I'm not too far from the back edge that leads to skeeters ridge. I've got no idea where any outdoor matches will be and only one idea of a bedroll so I decide the only 'smart' move is to try to make it to the mountaineers hut in TWM. I make my way through the snow and get to the rope climb near the preppers cache. Aaargh so tempting to go inside but can't. wondering how long my willpower will hold in this challenge. I still have a fair amount of stamina so I decide to check the cave at mystic river picnic area for a bedroll and hope I get back to the rope with enough stamina left to climb. I make my way down there. Its light enough in the cave to just see and I search through but alas no bedroll. I do get some extra clothes including some gloves and a little food and a soda. Sneak past 2 wolves while freezing on the way back and get to the rope with more than half stamina. Climb the rope and make my way to the mountaineers hut. Have to dodge the moose who was being rather ninja quiet I must say and get to the Hut having suffered a bunch of cold damage end up on 53% health, there's a hacksaw, maatches, sewing kit, soda and a ski jacket and a piece of cloth. The hut is warm enough to get a little sleep so I do to warm up after quickly race out and check the fishing hut to grab a cotton toque and some cattails on the way. I go back, eat some cat tails and sleep in shifts till its too cold to do it safely and then start a fire. I duck out while warm and grab as many sticks as I can. The next day I do a big cattail hunt. grab some rabbits and spend the day trying to recover condition. I've never done the summit on the first few days or without a bedroll but I want to give it a go and I realise I actually have enough clothing to tear down for a shelter without ending completely naked.
  14. Interloper - TWM missing flare gun

    Hmmm... good point, I'll try to remember that in future. I had a look to see if I could edit the post title but didn't look like there was a way.
  15. Curious about RNG in TLD

    So I've been thinking about the random number generation in TLD. Is it perhaps using somethign on your hardware (i.e MAC address) as the seed and is it perhaps pseudo-random rather than really random and is your playing harware influencing the random numbers and therfore consistently giving you similar outcomes? The reason I ask is that I'm wondering about my own observations of luck in the game vs potential observation bias. example - I feel like I get a lot more blizzards and extreme weather in game than I see other people get watching streams. In a 96 day Interloper I've had 50 blizzards. In other runs I seem to get equally crappy weather often compared to what I see from others. Some peoples deadman runs had way more favourable weather than I seemed to get. I've only ever played this on the one machine. Has anyone played across multiple devices and noticed the runs having consistent outcomes on particular machines? As I said could all be confirmation bias on my part.