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  1. Both ways do not work. And it's not very nice, I try first bear challenge and with this transition closed I must go around a lot.
  2. Feats not working?

    Well. Maybe not all, but cold fusion seems does not give any bonus. I start a new survival mode with this feat and remove all clothes. But no bonus presented. Strange?
  3. I use 1.44 on PS4 and trying to go from Pleasant Valley to Carter dam. I enter cave system normally, but when trying to exit on carter dam side game crushed, 4 times on a row. I use a whiteout challenge right now. If I come from carter dam, it's fine and no crush.
  4. Archivist

    I finished archivist. 34 days. It really not hard at all, at the end have 80 bullets and Mountains, Coastal Highway and Desolation Point I just run through, so there could be a lot of resources. At current setup this challenge is not to challenging, at least after Mysterious lake (there is a ton of stuff here). I wish that food be a lot rare (really, I kill a dozen wolfes and 1 bear but don't even bother to skill then and don't even touch their meat). I think normal food should be greatly decrease at all areas (ecxlude first, Milton). And maybe it would be more challenging to made ammo more sparse -- there is almost all bullets on map. p.S Mountain computer was really lame -- in one of lower level caves. It should be on top of the mountains, on plane!
  5. Thoughts on Redux *Spoilers*

    I hate new updage, I going to decrease my score of this game on metacritic and other resources. Ch1 is o'k, bit strange, but ok. But Ch 2 is anoying! This bear is bugging me off, crashes constant and I don't see logic in it :-(.
  6. Game still crash and corrupt save in long sleep/wait circle. Profile still corrupted in crushes.
  7. PS4 All Data Constantly Corrupted

    I lost another 2 survival playtrough -- both ~100 days, first one just delete save, second corrupt it. Easy way to reproduce -- sleep cycle on custom (sleep 12, eat/drink, sleep 12, eat/drink). Around 20 day of such cycle game crush and save corrupted/deleted. > If you have cloud saves, give them a try as they may still be intact. Sorry, but backed up saves not working.
  8. PS4 All Data Constantly Corrupted

    Well, today I lost my 310 day playthrough. It was very upsetting, hero has all 5 skills, around 100 ammo and great clothes. And yes. "save is corrupted".