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  1. Redux! Spoilers I guess?

    Here we are a month and change later, and I finally finished Episode 1 and I'm in Episode 2. One of my biggest criticisms about the Predux was that it forcibly yanked you out of the story to progress the story, and that's not happening now. I remember wondering why the schoolhouse was even brought up at all, and that's been made into a more cohesive part of the story. I'm sympathetic toward Greymother rather than irritated. The bear is a lot more, yeah, I need to take care of that rather than just wth do I care about some bear chasing some old guy. Methusalah? HERE FOR IT. Really appreciate the work that went into smoothing out the story. I'm not done Episode 2 yet, but I am liking it a whole lot more!
  2. Redux! Spoilers I guess?

    I didn't really see a master post about it and I didn't want to break into the xbox discussion in the news/update forum, so have another topic? Redux! Tis the season and all that, so I don't really have a whole lot of time to play right now. I've just finished chatting with Greymother and I'm about to go hole up and find somewhere to "live" for my duration of time in Milton. So far, I'm REALLY enjoying how the game is playing. It's a lot smoother, a lot more seamless, and while there's danger I don't quite feel like I'm going to have to restart five times just to make it to Milton alive. It also got my husband to play. He's had it since shortly after I got it, but didn't really get into the survival play. But the story now is right up his alley, so yay!
  3. Bear Spear (hype?)

    If it works like a traditional bear spear, I'm wondering how effective it'll be on different-sized animals like wolves and moose.
  4. Redux

    I'm super excited to see what Hinterland's done with it. Survival can get a bit same old same old sometimes, and it was cool that there were other people and stuff.
  5. Perfect base... Now?

    Another vote for the Pleasant Valley Farmstead. There's a bear that moves by that you can shoot from the porch. The wolves out in the field are easy to avoid. You're fairly close to a fishing hole if you like fish, deer and bunnies close, and that sweet, sweet six slot stove.
  6. New Challenge Ideas

    I'd like something like Nomad, but less "spend three days killing time in a safe, indoor space." Something that really takes you around all the zones, but encourages you to not just park yourself there and doing craft projects while waiting out the time.
  7. Setting up Shop at Camp Office

    It looks so warm and cozy, I love it!
  8. Snow!

    I bet! Even on the maps I'm really familiar with, when that thick fog comes in...
  9. Snow!

    I moved from somewhere that reliably got snow a few times each winter to somewhere that, like, my son's eight and last year was the first year he saw Real Snow. This isn't the first time I'm all, I miss snow. Guess I'll go play The Long Dark! Plus, I don't have to shovel or drive in it
  10. Dev Diary - November 2018

    I'm excited as heck. Like, I've been waiting for another Dragon Age since 2014 and Elder Scrolls since 2011, so pushing this back a bit? NBD. More survival mode stuff in the meantime, though, and a more cohesive story still coming in December? YES PLEASE!!
  11. 4DoN: QUEST FOR PIE!!!

    That's amazing!!
  12. Thank You Hinterland for 4D0N 2018

    Cheers! I loved it. I'm currently getting my last two hours of day four. It brought me back to the game and it's definitely made me think seriously about doing some of the other challenges, which I haven't tried at all yet. Also trying a run on a higher difficulty level? Thanks, Hinterland!
  13. DAY 4 (spoilers)

    Mmm, killer bunnies... I had a Long Dark dream last night where it was spring, which made everything start to thaw before the blizzard and there was a pile of sticks just outside the house I was staying in. I was set when the blizzard started. I haven't done my two hours yet today, but I'll start it up after work. This was a lot of fun! Something new and different.
  14. DAY 3 (spoilers)

    I'm staying in the Quonset Garage in CH, too. I'll load up with all my goodies and park myself by the door. I'm curious to see if the wolves are sticking around. Blizzard is one thing, but blizzard + wolves?
  15. Moose and Milton! This looks amazing- thank you!