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  1. Dev Diary - March 2019

    This is, by far, the best money I've spent on a game... Ever. Thanks for the update and good to see Jeremiah letting his hair down (Christmas party video?) Pleasant valley is a great EP3 location. I need the "why did Astrid abandon Will?" Question resolved (among other questions).
  2. Dev Diary - March 2019

    I suspect that is a response to feedback about how you can sprain a wrist or ankle (or often both) on the most gentle of slopes. Seems to happen with ridiculous ease sometimes.
  3. Sorry if this has been mentioned already, I did a search though and ML cache quest comes up a lot. Starting this thread as this is specifically about the forest talkers side quest cache locations. i found the note and the icons have appeared. I found the one in BR (I think) but the FM one I built a fire right where the cache should be. Anyone else having issues with forest talker caches not showing? If so, do you know if I’m just looking in the wrong place? I seem to be right on top of the icon.