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  1. J: "Ay Mackenzie, got any of that Morphine on you?" *The Old Bear in swim trunks runs past, chasing a rabbit* W: "Uhh.."
  2. Imagine walking up to it and hearing a faint "Eerughh!! God damn...radio........shit!"
  3. I have to agree strongly with @Mixxut. There are no games with no bugs, they don't exist. And given the fact that Hinterland Studio is indeed a relatively small team, the bugs that are present are nothing to cry about. Except maybe the disappearing reclaimed wood bug, but let's not get into that! The Long Dark is more than stable enough to play, and is very fun to play at that, so I feel that's all we can really ask for when they've been working their butts off lately to bring us Story Mode.
  4. It would be very interesting if we got full-audio dialogue. By that, I assume you mean every speech interaction is animated, voice acted, and lip-synced. But then I would expect to see this feature in the first two episodes as well, as it would look out of place to just suddenly have that when you didn't before.
  5. That's what J said when Will asked why he had him do all those things first. "First, I needed to be sure you'd make it."
  6. I actually just uploaded a gameplay video that I recorded today of the early alpha version, with me facing Fluffy and looting the Dam. Feel free to check it out if you're interested!
  7. Today I decided to record a very nostalgic throwback to the days of Early Alpha, when items couldn't be broken down, stones didn't exist yet, there were no bows, and Fluffy was still in the Dam! For those who are nervous about jumpscares, I meet Fluffy face to face in the long hallway leading to the generator room, just a heads up. Enjoy!
  8. Interestingly enough, my personal base of choice will always be Quonset. Despite constantly being hounded by the Coastal Townsite gang, on easier difficulties they're simple to knife-fight to death and more of an annoyance than a source of constant danger. Clothing condition suffers, but if you always take them off before doing the every-so-often clear of the area, it's not too bad. Workbench, plenty of storage, indoor firebarrel and a nice bed. Forge in DP isn't too far away. If wolves aren't your thing, my 2nd choice is Misanthrope's. The friendly old bear acts as a sort of guard-dog, keeping the wolves at a distance. A fishing hut is very close, but Mr. Bear may want a taste. If he gets in your way too often, he's a great source of food and fur if you can afford to take him down. Proximity to the Riken forge is excellent. The Abandoned Mines provide plenty of coal. At least 3 possible rifle spawn locations nearby - fishing hut between Jackrabbit and Misanthrope's, in Jackrabbit Island house, and in Scruffy's Cave in DP. Beachcombing is good too, I've found a few saplings laying around nearby. Plenty of storage within the house. Closest workbench is Quonset, but if you're headed to the forge in the Riken anyway, you could just hit up the workbench in Hibernia instead. While Misanthrope's isn't a very "central" location to the rest of the buildings in CH, it's got very few downsides in my opinion.
  9. Am I missing something here?? Is it supposed to say "Loading Zone Ahead" or something?
  10. I originally went by the username "stormkiller" (badass, I know) during my early years of playing FPS games online. I enjoyed going by "storm" but felt the 2nd part needed to change, so I went with one of my favorite animals. Stormwolf was often taken, and so was Stormwolf101 (1-zero-1), so I became Stormwolf1O1!
  11. I believe the rabbit farm has been an idea floating around the community for quite some time, not sure who started it. Like anything else, this too would have bugs, exploits, etc. to consider and work around, but I feel as though officially this feature will not be implemented. Through mods, maybe. I cannot envision Hinterland going for an "easy food source/farm" or "pet in a cage" idea. In my opinion, it just wouldn't fit with the rest of the game.
  12. For the Toboggan/Sled idea, I personally don't care strongly either way, but if it were to be implemented either officially or through mod support, I'd like it to function similarly to that of the Log Sled from the game The Forest. Simply pressing a button to load up or unload the sled would be simple enough, but what would the limitations be? Perhaps the sled would better act as a container, where the inventory menu pops up. But how about getting behind the sled to drive it through the snow? What happens when it is driven into a tree, into a wolf or bear, off a cliff, or over weak ice? What about when you're attacked while driving it? There would be very many bugs to work out from these factors, and many possibilities to consider, but overall I think it has a lot of potential.
  13. I miss when you could just brandish a torch/flare and say "Are we dOIN' THIS?!!" It was much more badass and effective.
  14. I'm playing a much older alpha version of the game, v.183 to be exact, and in this version the amount of days you can survive was basically determined by how many bullets you find to keep your food stocked once processed food runs out. So I'm coming to the end of my run, starving and about to head to sleep, when I decide to look through my Journal to see how far I've come. On Day 22, I apparently had a late night craving for granola bars. It was just one of those days, I guess.
  15. It was especially creepy knowing there are wolves nearby. This picture was taken just outside the back door of Quonset in CH. I was prepared to see glowing green eyes turning to face me, but I lucked out. I'd say it was worth the risk to get this pic!