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  1. Manual saves

    I sync all of my data 3 times/week to 3 external drives but the thought of restoring one of my saves from these backups hadn't even occurred to me until reading this thread. But no, I'm not going to fall into temptation. I'm going to play the game the way it was meant to be played.
  2. Phantom wolf carcass

    There was a bug that was introduced with the Vigilant update that caused this to happen a lot but it was supposedly fixed with the 1.34 update. Nope. no noises from the dead wolf (grin).
  3. Phantom wolf carcass

    Passing through ML, I decided to stop off at the Camp Office for the night. Everything was as I left it a week previously. When I awoke and exited the building the next morning there was a wolf carcass outside the door. It's been a long playthrough (172 in-game days over a seven-month period) and I could be mistaken but I don't recall ever killing a wolf in that precise location. It's possible though. I decided to do a bit of fishing and when I returned to the Camp Office the carcass had mysteriously vanished. I entered and exited the building to discover that the carcass had reappeared. It seems that if I leave the immediate vicinity of this phantom carcass...say to fish or harvest some tree limbs, the dead wolf goes away. When I enter and exit the Camp Office, it returns. The carcass isn't harvestable and crow feathers never appear around the carcass. I haven't noticed this issue occurring anywhere else since the latest fix. This bug doesn't seem to affect gameplay at all and isn't a big deal but I was just curious to know if anyone else has seen this, either at the Camp Office or anywhere else. I'm running the Linux version of the game so this could be a bug unique to this version (1.34)
  4. Vigilant Flame issues/kudos

    Yeah, I've noticed this myself. It only happens to me occasionally. My workaround has been to click and hold the mouse button, then move the cursor away before releasing...when I remember to do it.
  5. Ummm. I don't think this is a very good way to kill a moose. I'm not as experienced at this game as so many others but I've been able to down many moose without ever getting stomped. Besides dragging bags of moose meat around with broken ribs is probably not as easy as you're making it sound.
  6. I just tested in ML for a limited amount of time that I had earlier but I can run my character over to FM shortly to give that region a go. Not sure if I'll go searching for bears but I'll certainly have no problems finding wolves. I'll harvest a few tree limbs and do some mapping and I'll get back to you soon with my observations. ------------------ EDIT: Just ran my character into FM and I can confirm that animals (at least the wolves) move in real time while mapping. As I'm normally not a "mapper" this is probably not a change that I personally would have noticed. However, on my system (Linux), wolf behavior is still the same as before when harvesting tree limbs. Don't know about harvesting carcasses (I'm assuming it's the same) and I haven't had time to search out a bear in the brief time I had in FM. I guess I'll eventually find out.
  7. I've had the opportunity to test this on one of my runs (stalker) and I couldn't reproduce this issue. Harvested several cedar and fir limbs in full view of a wolf and the wolf didn't move during any of the harvest sessions. Since this new behavior isn't mentioned in the changelist for Vigilant Flame, I'm gonna guess that it's an unintentional regression that doesn't affect all platforms. I'm running the Linux version and I'm just not seeing it on my end. Just throwing that out there as a plausible theory.
  8. Would someone care to point out where this is mentioned in the Changelist? I can't seem to find it.
  9. Just to reiterate, when I first entered MT a few weeks ago (for the first time ever), wolf behavior appeared normal. When entering from Mystery Lake there had always been a pack of wolves either on the Orca Station grounds or on the road leading from there into town. These wolves seemed to behave normally. That changed suddenly a couple of weeks ago. No sight or sound of wolves could be found anywhere, ever...until my character got attacked. I could be standing in the middle of a clearing with an excellent 360 degree view of my surroundings and observe neither visual or audible indications of any wolves...until the moment of "insta charge", as you aptly put it. It seems unlikely that HL placed any barriers and unequal terrain into the game during that time as the game hadn't been updated since April. This is what leads me to believe that my saved playthrough is glitched although I DO find it strange that this behavior is only occurring in the Mountain Town region. I haven't had the opportunity to try the game again since the latest update or with another game-save. Hopefully soon though.
  10. Yeah, that's probably more likely explanation than Hinterland testing some new wolf behavior. Sad that I'll have to avoid Mountain Town in that 170+ day-long playthrough now. It's my longest one yet by far. Thanks.
  11. I'm currently on a Stalker playthru that I started perhaps some 6-8 months ago and recently used it to visit the Mountain Town region for my first time ever. What I'm observing is very different wolf behavior...only in this region. Always, wolves seem to appear out of nowhere, always behind me, and attack without warning. No pre-attack barking as there normally would be. Also strange is that I no longer actually see wolves in this region at all until they engage in struggle with me. This hasn't always been the case. I managed to explore much of the region over the course of a couple of game days before this issue arose but Mountain Town has become pretty much unplayable now. I've survived every one of these attacks so far but I'm just wondering if it could be a game glitch or if anyone else has experienced this weird behavior. Again, MT is the only region that I experience this in and it just started in the last week or so.
  12. blood trails and wolves

    I use the bow & arrow on wolves exclusively and here's what I have observed: If I hit the wolf with an arrow but the arrow doesn't stay in the wound, the wolf will not die. If I hit the wolf and the arrow stays in the wolf, the wolf will be mortally wounded and WILL die...eventually. In the latter case, it's important to track the wolf and find it, not because you need the wolf necessarily, but because you'll want to retrieve your precious arrow. You don't want to have to keep running to the forge to make arrowheads just because you let a wolf walk away into the abyss with your arrow.
  13. Not detecting firewood

    It's Christmas morning. Why am I even on here replying to posts? Anyway, it seems to me that these unharvestable limbs are fresh drops. To harvest these, simply step indoors for a moment. Once you return to the limb, it should be harvestable. Merry Christmas everyone.
  14. I can confirm that this can still happen. Just happened to me yesterday. I began applying first aid after the first wolf attack without first scooting out of its sight. The wolf came back for a second round. I easily fought it off with no additional damage to my character but it definitely can still happen.
  15. Wolves that bad?

    I've played this way many times. The problem is that by about DAY 40 (in Voyageur), you realize that you have more food than you can consume, especially if you like to occasionally supplement your diet with fish and other wildlife. You also end up with material to make enough wolfskin coats to last you 'till the end of time. By DAY 100, you find yourself making week-long excursions across the island just to find another birch sapling or two just to maintain your habit. But yeah, in Voyageur, wolves are more of a food source than a hazard.