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  1. cooking cans near the fire

    How can a cup of tea/coffee stay warm after 3 days ?? In my games, coffee gets cold after some time in the backpack.
  2. My ideas

    I like this idea a lot. Being able to use ammunition even when you don't have a rifle... this is balanced beacause this transforms a high-value item into a one-shot against wolves attack, even for a few seconds.
  3. Armor-piercing Ammo

    In fact, armor piercing ammo is way less effective at killing an animal, due to its low stopping power. But I can't understand what you want. Is it : 1) You want more powerful bullets to have mooses and bears drop dead with 1 bullet ? 2) You consider that the normal bullets are too powerful and should not be able to kill mooses and bears, so you have to find "special bullets" to have a chance to kill them ?
  4. cooking cans near the fire

    I agree with @Mroz4k, but this really looks like a bug that should be reported.
  5. On hibernation

    This would change some habits, I agree. An other way would be to make the player faint (some times, as a risk, not always) when one or several need is in red. That can work like this : - The more bars in red, the more frequent / likely to happen it becomes. Cold may be exempted as it would be too harsh. Hunger and tiredness would highly increase the risk, while thirst would only increase it a bit. - When fainting, your character automatically sleeps for a few ingame minutes (5-10-30 ?), and then gets back on his feet (-> animation after been mauled by a bear). - As you don't choose when/where you faint, you may risk getting colder, hypothermia / frostbite risk may increase. Wolf attack may also happen and wake you up. - Fainting several times is annoying for the player ! So people will keep all needs above red. Think about when you sprain an ankle : even if you can easily continue playing (except for fleeing from wolves), the animation annoys you and you use these painkillers in order to stop that animation + solve the potential wolves problem. - If you want to make things really harsh, fainting can also happen when climbing a rope... The whole system would punish you from not fulfilling your need, while not breaking the immersion and the roleplay. It would not stop/block you from doing so, but you'll have to balance the calories you save VS the risk to faint in a blizzard.
  6. On hibernation

    I'd rather go for Mroz4k's solution. But this would require quite a bit of coding and be resource-consuming for HL. Another way to nerf hibernation, way simpler, would be to dramatically lower the healing rate during sleeping. After all, it does make sense to heal when you're resting. But the incredible healing rate encourages us to take stupid risks and manage health as a resource like any other. If each 1% of health is laboriously gained back (let's say for example, 0.2 % for each hour of sleep - adjust as you see fit with every difficulty mode), we would be way more cautious with health. As resting consumes resources (food, water, sometimes firewood to stay warm), I think the game balance could be maintained.
  7. The Long Dark Hotfixed to v1.40 [42090]

    I had a little problem after the update. I launched the game, pressed escape for the intro, and got a black screen instead of the menu. This happened a few times. The problem was solved when I let the intro end normally.
  8. A Few Dead Men

    I guess, just another bug from the custom settings. Custom mode is notorious for not working as intended, and Hinterland is aware of it : http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/21321-milton-mailbag-dispatch-12/ >>> 4th question.
  9. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Hello, In last Milton mailbag, you said : "I don't think the vision has changed as the audience as broadened. It's also possible to balance things out by introducing new risks -- we may focus on giving you new toys to play with, but then we can also bring in new things to toy with you." Do you have plans to add new features to threaten the player's life ? Every threat is now well known : appart from [thirst, cold, exhaustion and hunger], we have diseases, blizzards, wolves & bears. The last addition was the moose (& broken ribs), but that wasn't an exclusively negative one, as we finally hunt them for their meat and hide, and we can choose to leave them alone for safety. On the opposite, we get no benefit from blizzards (except for no wildlife), it is no more than a threat we have to manage. Do you plan to add more of this kind of threat, thrown at our faces with only "hey, deal with it or die" ?
  10. Hi from an island

    Looking at his name, my guess would be either Hawaï or French Polynesia. Although Cook Islands may also be a possibility.
  11. I see really good debates here, although I personnaly dislike the whole concept of NPC. The main problem would be imo : what if the player chooses to shoot a NPC to steal his/her inventory ? Anyone who has played even for a little time multiplayer games, knows how many people would happily shoot each other for a small loot. So there should be a way to safely lock the trigger when the player is aiming a NPC, maybe with a dialogue line. Being able to kill NPC would completely alter TLD as how we know it, and completely change the ESRB rating (killing on sight an innocent person, come on...). I'd rather have wolves steal meat when stocked outside, and be happy with this level of interaction.
  12. That's a stupid and ridiculous idea that can only come from a heavily damaged brain. Count me in.
  13. Regions untouched by humans

    @gnomegnine : would you please stop exhuming old posts please ? I am no moderator, but all it does is make the reading more complicated. However, that would be interesting if you added new ideas, analysis and suggestions. But right now, I guess everyone is already well aware of the existence of HRV. Thanks !
  14. ''MEAT STEW''

    Well, to be more precise, the pronunciation is quite different for a french, "V" vs "W". And it doesn't mean anything, "Voilà !" is just used to designate & underline something. If used like this, that would mean something like "here's the result, you can admire it !". To go back on the subject of meat stew with our "french touch", you should look for the famous recipe of "boeuf bourguignon".
  15. Shooting with a rifle

    Just like the bow, you should hunt when well rested : the aim swings more when you are tired. Second point is : shoot soon after aiming. Aim regularly to get the "feel" and know where the sights pop up on the screen. You should be able to aim and shoot in less than 2 seconds. Where you shoot depends on your point of view : shoot in the body for sure kill, but you'll have to find the carcass several hours later. If you don't find it, you've lost a bullet. I prefer to get really close to my target and shoot in the head or the neck : critical hits happen very often, and you choose the place you're going to harvest the carcass. Note that for mooses, you can only use the second solution, as they won't bleed out.