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  1. StrayCat

    Weapon Ideas

    I agree with you. But... I don't know Canada as much as I would like, so can someone tell us if shotguns, handguns, revolvers, are so common that we can find them laying around ? I've watched a ton of documentaries about Canada and hunting there, but I have yet to see an assault rifle or a revolver. I'd rather have 2-3 different skins for the rifle, with the same properties.
  2. StrayCat

    Weapon Ideas

    @kristaok You know, from an european perspective (french, to be more precise), this whole discussion is absolutely surrealist. Weapons are so rare, that TLD already almost looks like CoD to us. Here, IF you are allowed to hunt, the maximum firepower you will get is a 3 rounds semi-auto rifle. Usually, french hunters use a double-barrel rifle with a 12/70 caliber. Handguns/revolvers are absolutely banned. Sport shooting is usually done with .22lr or pellets. Anything more than this and you either go to jail or have to fight your way through administrative autorisations (well, even owning a .22lr can make you look like a gun maniac here. To most people, an airsoft gun will even do the same). A shotgun ? We only see it within the police, when they go on special operations !! For us, that is a 100% military gun. More than 99% of people have never seen one irl. Trying to hunt with that is like winning a free ticket for 2 years in jail. So please, understand that depending on cultural habits, getting more guns in TLD would be absolutely immersion-breaking. TLD is not a hunting game. It's a survival one. You're more supposed to try to evade/scare wolves away for few minutes, with the only flare you've got left, than taking them down one by one with a high powered semi-auto rifle.
  3. This I 100% agree. Even the gameplay changes would be small, there is nothing groundbreaking here. But my point was all about the immersion : when I go backpacking irl, one of my favorite moments is sitting and setting up a small fire to cook/re-heat my food. In winter, when there's snow and everything is frozen, not chewing on a frozen piece of meat is very welcomed ! I read (not often, but on a regular basis) in this wish list, that some people want to be able to sit on a chair, and read a book in front of a fire. Or other immersive / rolepay requests. My suggestion follows the same lines.
  4. That's not sure. The "frozen/unfrozen" status and mecanism are already integrated (clothes, firewood, carcass...). The only code needed would be to check if the food you want to eat still have the "frozen" status. But some tweaks may be needed for the interaction between the frozen/unfrozen and cold/hot status some food have.
  5. Hello all, Something that usually bother me is when I stockpile meat outside, I just need to grab a steak and eat it right away. Or sometimes I find a can of tomato soup in a bag outside, and I can also eat it right away. Hey, these things should be 100% frozen and hard as a rock ! I know the "frozen ou wet state" is already included in many items but not used (like the firewood). Is it possible to add it to food ? It makes no sense to eat a icy steak or a tomato-soup-popsicle ! or at least we should get a cold / broken teeth penalty ! Having to re-warm it would make for a cool roleplay moment, lighting a fire to re-heat your meal. Or just put it somewhere warm, and wait a few hours for it to de-freeze. What do you think ?
  6. Hello, I usually play on custom mode, and like to tinker with the settings to create MY vision of what I want the game to be. Although we have many setting to play with, I guess some values can be added for even more custom experiences. I personnally crave for more "extreme" values. Here are some examples : setting the wolves' fear way higher : for more random encounters, so that you don't know how each wolf will react. blizzard frequency : going from none to almost permanent could be huge ! And so on ! We could modify the decay rate, wildlife smell range, containers item density, probability of being empty, etc. My guess (maybe I'm wrong ?) is that many of these parameters are only numbers the game will use afterwards, so we could have a wider range to choose from, without taking too much time from Hinterland team. This would answer many suggestions in the wish list : lowering decay rate, more random/"realistic" wildlife behaviour, even harder settings for hardcore players with almost permanent blizzard and scarce/almost-inexistant resources, and so on. The important thing is that it should be possible without too much effort, and it would answer many requests in one go.
  7. This makes me think about a video on youtube, when I was checking about the game "the Forest". In this game, you face cannibals who try to kill you, and the usual way of playing is by fighting them with every weapon you can find and killing them all. But this youtube guy tried to use a pacific approach, and only blocked their attacks, not hurting anyone. Day after day, the attacks got weaker and shorter. Then he could roam almost freely among the cannibals, as their aggressiveness has disappeared. This behaviour can not be random, this has to be intended and implemented into the game from the start. Could it be possible in TLD ?? I'm still wondering about these words from Raphael, in Milton Mailbag #10 :
  8. Although I 100% agree with you, it has been answered in a previous milton mailbag :
  9. StrayCat

    Frozen Food

    This would be a very fine way of balancing the extended storage outside. That would be great to pick a frozen steak outside, and throw it on a fire to prepare the meal... Very roleplay-ish.
  10. In mailbag #10, there was this question which you answered : ___________________________________________ Question from @Vonwoah: Yes. ___________________________________________ My question is : may we have a clue ?
  11. My guess is that the rapid clicking, simulates the "hit hit hit hit / stab stab stab stab!!!" reflex when one is attacked and thrown on the floor. That is a very primitive reaction, with both frenzy and panic involved. This way the player is immersed into the fighting. On the contrary, the bear's and moose's powers are so overwhelming, that the player can not even try to fight back. If against a wolf, you just click once and wait for the result, the risk is to break the immersion. Now, I 100% understand that this system is a heavy problem for those who suffer CTS. My point is only that hinterland may have chosen the most immersive system over any other consideration.
  12. How can a cup of tea/coffee stay warm after 3 days ?? In my games, coffee gets cold after some time in the backpack.
  13. StrayCat

    My ideas

    I like this idea a lot. Being able to use ammunition even when you don't have a rifle... this is balanced beacause this transforms a high-value item into a one-shot against wolves attack, even for a few seconds.
  14. In fact, armor piercing ammo is way less effective at killing an animal, due to its low stopping power. But I can't understand what you want. Is it : 1) You want more powerful bullets to have mooses and bears drop dead with 1 bullet ? 2) You consider that the normal bullets are too powerful and should not be able to kill mooses and bears, so you have to find "special bullets" to have a chance to kill them ?