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  1. most essential addition to the game

    Hello, you might want to read this thread : http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/17558-to-mod-or-not-to-mod/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-124738
  2. Bushcraft

    You can already craft a shelter from sticks and clothes... http://thelongdark.wikia.com/wiki/Snow_shelter (values may not be up to date).
  3. I 1000% agree. I really think you're right. But the fact is that TLD still is a game, which purpose is to entertain and pose a challenge to players. Not a real life or death situation that would require very rational thinking.
  4. That was not my point. I was saying that, by moving thinks like a workbench, you no longer have to venture outside and travel to get chat you need. By example, right now I need to travel to a forge to craft some knifes/axes, taking risks doing so. Then I'll need to go back to my base so I can craft a bow + arrows, taking other risks doing so. Moving burning stoves and putting them outside secures sleeping outside. If I can, let's say, put a workbench and a forge in the same well protected house with plenty of wildlife outside, that's no longer survival, that's a "sims" game.
  5. You get a really good point here. In a real survival situation, you'd rather secure everything you need around you, and avoid danger as much as possible, you're absolutely right. The thing is, moving furnitures around would require a lot of work to be implemented in the game. The other problem is the risk of breaking the game's balance. Once you have everything around you and don't need to travel/take risks anymore, TLD shifts from a "survive how you can" game to a "live your daily life" game, without any more challenge. I guess that's not the direction hinterland wants to take.
  6. Hello, I usually play in custom mode, set to be like what I consider to be "realistic" : rare wildlife, low resources, low calorie/thirst consumption, highly alert wildlife, low condition restoration, random & hazardous weather, etc. In addtion, I follow some special rules, like never hunting rabbits with stones, as it seems very unlikely to succeed IRL. Nevertheless, there is 1 setting that is really hard to define properly : wildlife's (and especially wolves') aggressiveness. Currently, we have 2 choices : they always flee, or they always attack on sight. I would like to have a in-between : the choice between fleeing or attacking can be random, and/or affected by the player's condition (weak looking prey vs. something better not to mess with, from the wolf's point of view). I'd rather never know what to expect from a wolf/bear encounter. So I suggest a new setting concerning wildlife's behaviour : "random", meaning the behaviour can vary between individual animals (1 wolf may be prone to attack, while another tend to flee). Or between each encounter.
  7. Things that the game should have

    Hello, 1) You won't jump very high with a 30kg backpack... 2) +1 3) Then it would make too much resources and break the game balance. Morever, hunting rabbits with stones is already cheated (I forbid myself to do so, as it seems so unrealistic), running after them with a knife would be a big no-no... 4) This may be a bit complex to implement... 5) In TLD's world, electric devices are dead. So are batteries, that can only function when auroras are active. 6) Good point. 7) Already debated in other topics, many pros and cons. This would need a fine tuning to be balanced. 8) See #5. There was a time when we could get the time precisely, this was deleted by hinterland. They probably won't go back on this. 9) Multiplayer is almost impossible to implement (a lot of the game would need to be changed). For cars, see #5. And that would be both unbalanced (moving without risks) and unrealistic (how can you drive when the snow cover the wheels ?).
  8. Climb down from plane crash?

    It would be interesting to have several choices, like in gamebooks. Once crashed, would you go left, right, up, down ? With an open world, and every choice having an effet, the story mode would be more replayable.
  9. Keep TLD As It Is.

    The custom mode put an end to a lot of discussions / whinings about settings in the game. Some wanted a pilgrim-like with less resources, others wanted plenty of wildlife to hunt, and others wanted just some settings to be tweaked. And many others discussion were about "what is realistic" : custom mode lets me define what I consider "realistic", and my definition will be different than other players'. Many arguments were ended that day. By example, I like to play with low resources, low wildlife, and less aggressive wolves (more realistic behaviour and context from my point of view). Being able to do so has totally revitalized my interest in the game. Without this mode, I guess today I would only play from time to time, and I would still be whining in the "wish list" section, while waiting for mods to be supported.
  10. I disagree. Reclaimed wood and cedar firewood have the best burning time / weight ratio : 2 hours/kg. On the contrary, sticks make for a short but hot fire, and are better for lighting the fire. I usually carry 4 reclaimed wood and a few sticks, for emergencies. This lets me have a 2 hours fire base (for 1 kg slot in my inventory), easily renewable. I've always gone through every blizzard and other difficulties that way. My point is that, when in a tight spot, gathering enough sticks take some needed time and calories, and exposes to blizzards and wolf attacks, that deteriorate clothes. This, I agree.
  11. About Sprains and Painkillers

    Approved. Generaly speaking, healing should take more time and rest ; the idea to differenciate the sprain/bruise and the pain is good.
  12. That's why I put the precision afterward : "I would like to gather simple ideas that hinterland could realistically implement without too much work" I agree with your point. In order to balance it all, being rescued should be really hard and hazardous. And something like 50% of the chances to be rescued should fail, whatever the player does (nobody at the rendez-vous point, etc). There should always be a very high risk in trying to be rescued (bad weather, etc). In doing so, it may require bold actions and perseverance, with a bit of luck. This contradicts with the low risks / low gain of a base strategy.
  13. Jackets and coats with hoods

    Excellent suggestion, and good for immersion !!! Upvoted ! Throw in an animation for putting the hood on/off, and that's perfect !
  14. The (Updated) solution

    @Fellow Survivor : http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/18515-fighting-boredom-in-midlate-game-with-unexpected-events/ http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/18413-the-shelter-dilemma-fix/ http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/18495-some-ideas-that-will-nerf-houses/
  15. The (Updated) solution

    This would need to change completely the way houses are managed by the game. A big overhaul to include the houses in one big world, that would drastically affect performances and stability. I guess hinterland has already pondered the +/- of such a mecanism, and they concluded that the insides of the houses needed to be in a separate space.