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  1. Jackets and coats with hoods

    Excellent suggestion, and good for immersion !!! Upvoted ! Throw in an animation for putting the hood on/off, and that's perfect !
  2. The (Updated) solution

    @Fellow Survivor : http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/18515-fighting-boredom-in-midlate-game-with-unexpected-events/ http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/18413-the-shelter-dilemma-fix/ http://www.hinterlandforums.com/forums/topic/18495-some-ideas-that-will-nerf-houses/
  3. The (Updated) solution

    This would need to change completely the way houses are managed by the game. A big overhaul to include the houses in one big world, that would drastically affect performances and stability. I guess hinterland has already pondered the +/- of such a mecanism, and they concluded that the insides of the houses needed to be in a separate space.
  4. In game product advertising

    I'd rather have "big moose kicks" coffee in the real world, than have real brands in the game... Just like the mug.
  5. For me, boredom -> delete save -> new game... I even find it hard to go back to a save with everything secured for weeks. I'm playing less TLD now, and I think that is related to this mid/late-game boredom. I miss some thrills that would stress me out. You can't imagine how much I'm happy when I venture a bit too far and get caught in an unexpected blizzard. I purposely get careless, to have a little fun, if not days would just be the same : [gather resources for more than 1 day + stockpile + pass time + sleep]. @Fuarian : Yeap, sorry I forgot your topic and created a new one. I forgot the purpose and the title mislead me thinking it was about snow shelters... My point is not about having extraordinary events, or changing the way TLD is meant to be played. I only want to have new challenges added, when everything goes just too well. When bad luck strikes in the ordinary routine of survival. In this topic, I would like to gather simple ideas that hinterland could realistically implement without too much work, and that would stay within their (our ) vision of the game.
  6. Keep TLD As It Is.

    At first, I thought the OP was over-reacting. After all, i really think TLD can be improved from small additions and twists, sometimes whole new mecanisms (psychological state, etc). Then I went back an read carefully the "wish list" section. And I can't agree more with the OP. There are many topics when I refrain to answer, because the only thing I could say would be "those are just [insert really vulgar language here] stupid and dumb ideas, are we really playing the same game ??? ". And posting that would not help the debate (just getting me kicked/banned by the moderators ). But just like @Blinkin said, hinterland seems to stay true to their initial vision of the game. I guess we should not worry about it. The main problem is when mods will be available, so we will be flooded with automatic machineguns, zombies swarms (omg how I can see that happening in the first days... so easy to work from the wolves behavior...), RPG-7 to hunt wolves & rabbits, and orbital stations to nuke TWM.
  7. Good point. Personnaly I play custom settings, set to be as realistic as possible (from my point of view - low resources, low wildfile, low calorie/hydration consumption). For the same reason, I try to play just like I would do irl. Never using the starving/condition mecanism, always prioritizing to stay in good condition, well fed and hydrated. @CaveDweller's idea to put a starvation penalty goes in the same way, I 100% agree. I really like @Seshins's idea of migration. That would be so logical, that animals migrate to find food in this harsh environment. This idea is totally spot-on, congrats. This might even be the only thing needed to nerf the whole stockpiling strategy !! That way we can make stock for a few days, then wildlife goes elsewhere and we have to follow, just like our nomadic ancestors. Even if it is just within one region (or better, within several regions).
  8. Hello all, Many players get at this point sooner or later : you have a well-established solid base, with plenty of resources (or even way more), enough food and water to last a few weeks without even needing to put a foot outside. Because going outside would be so much sub-optimal for your survival strategy. You start to think about just passing time to use up all that stock you have, so you can finally have a real and logical reason to wander outside again, and get back the original thrill of TLD. You remember the start of your play, when every wolf howl gave you a boost of adrenalin, when you carried rocks 'just in case', when you were so happy to finally find that old can of dog food and a flare in a cozy cabin... You've fallen prey to BOREDOM, the hardest enemy big boss of the whole game. So I would like to suggest and compile a few ideas to get long-term survival more lively. My whole point is that unexpected events can renew the interest, and can trigger after some time has passed. This may also be linked to the condition system : when you've stayed 'too long' in good health (over 80-90% ?), a event occurs to burden you. This would prevent over-burden. 1) Meat stored outside attracts predators : when a pack of meat is set outside, predators (especially wolves) may wander closer and around of the meat stock. That way we will think twice before putting our stock conveniently just in front of the door... and will nerf a little the 'base strategy'. 2) Meat stored outside stolen by predators : when meat is stored outside and we are inside or away for a certain time, meat can be stolen. When half of the stock suddenly disappears, that makes a good twist of events. When another half disappears 2 days later, the situation becomes more uncertain and we have to venture outside. This has been discussed already in other topics. 3) Long lasting blizzards : being trapped in a house for several days forces us to use/empty our stock. It may be counter-intuitive to force us to sit on our stock and wait while I'm trying to defend the opposite, but that prevents us from quietly replenishing the stock that we're using. The best fun is when that giant blizzard triggers especially when we're outside. 4) Sneaky wolves attacks : wolves may follow and approach quietly by the rear, with no barking before the attack. This would make us use a bit of our 300 kg stock of medicine and clothes... while being avoidable if we put extra caution, knowing this may happen. 5) Destroyable houses : this has been debated in another topic too, I won't come back on this one. 6) Unpredictable illness : didn't you boil enough your water and got disentery ? Or didn't you see that meat you ate was a little rotten on the side ? Anyway, nobody's perfect, but one way or another, you've arbitrarly caught a random illness... 7) Unlucky hunter/fisherman : preys have become scarce, whatever the reason. For some days (7-10 ?), rabbits & deers are rarer and/or fishes disdain your fishing tackles. You'll catch only small skinny fries, if at all. 8) Opportunities to end the sandbox game : this one is both my favorite and the most subject to caution, as it changes completely the whole sandbox system. After some time has passed, a chance to be rescued may happen from time to time. Be it a message on radios heard during aurora nights (giving a point and time of rendez-vous for the rescue), or a flare you suddenly see in the distance lighting up the sky from another region (will you find where it came from fast enough ? Your map will prove usefull)... This can suddenly give you a boost of adrenalin, so you quickly grab your backpack with minimal supplies and venture in hazardous conditions in hope to be rescued. If you succeed, end of the game, you've won, good for you. If not (most probable), congratulations, you're now lost in the wild with minimal resources. Cf point 3 (long lasting blizzards) for even more fun (*insert diabolic smile here*). Do you guys have other ideas ?
  9. White Moose.

    Those are just textures variations, nothing too big or difficult to make for hinterland. Good point. The only difficulty I see is for craftable items, that would require diverse variations in color too (and how to manage the color mix in furs ??).
  10. New (positive) dialogue lines

    Hello, Our character complains an awful lot when he/she's hungry, thirsty, cold, injured, can't light a fire... Complains, always complains !!!! It could be good to sometimes have positive lines, when everything's all right. For exemple, when entering a big pretty house for first time we can have something like "wow, it's cosy in here". When successfuly lighting a fire after several fails : "yes ! finally". Or when passing time in a cosy warm house "it's good to relax a little". Or even when all gauges are >90% and nothing going down fast, "I feel like I can take on the whole world !". Not each time, but occasionnaly. That would be a (small) reward when we take good care of Will, and will change from him always complaining.
  11. Overhaul Suggestions

    Gosh, that's a lot, but many good ideas here. That's one hell of a first post, wish we had more like this. Thumbs up !
  12. Some ideas that will nerf houses

    With dynamic interior temperatures, I'd also like to be able to restart the central heating of some houses. Some have a oil/fuel heating (don't know what's the word in english) with a tank beside the house. Once restarted (tools and repair needed ?), that could provide good heating for a limited time. Many don't need electricity to work, so they shouldn't be affected by electromagnetic events and auroras. That would be ideal for game starting. And maybe make this a deactivable option.
  13. So... any news?

    Guess I'm not the only one who feels like a child waiting for his christmas' presents...
  14. Make fishing great again

    A lot of good ideas here !! I hope hinterland is reading. There can be 2 ways of fishing : 1) The trap/snare : just like the rabbit snare, crafting an item with 5x fishing tackles + 1 rock + 1 reclaimed wood. Putting it at the hole (only 1 trap per hole), and coming back a few hours later. Low risk, low gain, only small fishes can be cought (or less often). 2) The "active" fishing : sitting by the side of the hole, actively fishing with a QTE or a mini-game. The player can't do anything else, is exposed to cold, but fishing this way can be more rewarding.
  15. What if someone, or "something" else is out there?

    Well, the whole thing would be a GREAT GREAT idea for a future mod, when they will be authorized by hinterland. But not in the original game. NPC are already in sandbox. They're just rock frozen on the ground.