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  1. Can’t Believe It!

    Whooo! I was on the fallen tree in front of the hunting lodge, saw a moose on the other side of the pond, drew my rifle and hoped for a bullet drop, and it worked. One shot kill!
  2. Xbox One Still Has V1.5::::: What Gives?

    Thanks. I just turned it on and it’s doing a 4gb update now.
  3. I'm playing a good stretch of Survival right now, but notice my Xbone still has V.1.5 . Isn't it supposed to get the new update?
  4. Great info. I’m still playing lots of Survivor. I wish they would put candles around in buildings too.
  5. Where to find bullets

    I thought I was conserving pretty well by using one bullet per deer, but lost track.... easy to do.
  6. Best Long-Term Survival Base

    Toss up between camp office because fishing is good, deer nearby, and Pleasant Valley Farmhouse for the comfort of a stone fireplace.
  7. What is the first thing you did in the long dark?

    Found the gas station to warm up, started looting...
  8. Where to find bullets

    I did lots of hunting before starting the bear hunt and basically cleaned out the bullet stashes in Mystery Lake, so I was sweating bullets, so to speak. Now I feel I’m good....
  9. Where to find bullets

    Now that I’ve started the bear hunt, bullets are picked up, but not many. My problem, because I didn’t know, was I left my rifle at the camp office... needlessly, I barely made it back alive to fetch the gun.
  10. I started this whole amazing (Sandbox) game last January during the height of winter, and just fell into the mood as the real world was cold and snowy outside....yes, I’m playing in Canada, and even though I hate winter in real life, it does make this game experience special. I pity those from near and tropical climates ...”eh mate” who can’t get this mood.
  11. Where to find bullets

    Okay, I haven’t yet done “the bear shoot” that everyone is “gloating” about but I do have a problem similar to the original poster. I have no flare canisters left for the flaregun, and I have ONE bullet left. I might add that only ONCE, in survivor did I kill a bear with one shot. Anyone know my odds of finding, or nicking more bullets or can I go further into the dam by opening the door during a aurora to find ammo? Am I dead in the water and the bear lives?
  12. Anyone Notice, or Am I Behind The Curve?

    I figured it was the same. Going back to Milton to forage and consume would be fun without having to give it all to the old lady, but you can't really take much back into the Mystery Lake world because you'd be too heavy for rope climbing I imagine, unless there's another way back.....hmmmmm, that would be something to go for. ?
  13. Climbing a fallen tree leaning against a large rocky outcrop by the Hunter's Cabin, led me to a cave I could not enter......yet maybe? I assumed that was where we first entered into part 2? Anyone else discover this? I'm not that far into doing the Hunter quests.
  14. GelTaz is great! His videos are a great reference.
  15. When I just had the hatchet and prybar, it was easy to toggle to the left to use the hatchet during a wolf attack. I found a knife and its placement defaults to the far left, so when a wolf attacks quickly, I can't get to the middle position quick enough to use the hatchet. Twice, I was caught with this and died from blood loss, so I ditched the knife. Can the selection during this melee be determined programmed by hitting the Y, X, or A button instead of the left toggle which is sensitive?