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  1. Rifle Improvement suggestions

    I don't know why you guys are acting like i wanted some excessive options, i'm just saying that having a full sized military rifle with the associated full sized weight is excessive in a game about weight management and survival
  2. Rifle Improvement suggestions

    Let us get a sportorized version of the Hunting Rifle, with less weight, make it a modification you have to do at a workbench possibly? Using a full sized military rifle is cool and all but the thing weighs a lot which is why rifles are sportorized in the first place. You don't have to fill a speedloader completely to use it; any reload animation that would be faster with a clip than loading individual rounds eg. loading 4 rounds, should be done with the clip instead of loading 4 individual rounds. Here's an example of a sportorized No.4 Rifle
  3. What flavor is Summit Soda

    Probably not, That would be too much natural flavoring.
  4. The Apocalypse is localized to Northern Canada (Theory)

  5. Even with the auroras causing electronics to work someone would have to be actively broadcasting classical music for you to hear something other than static, So my theory is that you're picking up a very distant broadcast. Although i could be wrong and there could just be a DJ who never speaks playing music whenever a aurora occurs.
  6. What flavor is Summit Soda

    I'd would expect it to be called ginger ale of that was the case, Or have ginger ale soda on the can like actual Canada Dry, Ginger ale is a much more unique flavor of soft drink than something like orange or grape. So if it is supposed to be ginger ale the soft drink team at Hinterland wasn't given the right priorities.
  7. What flavor is Summit Soda

    God damnit
  8. What flavor is Summit Soda

    That is a possibility but i wouldn't say anything for sure.
  9. What flavor is Summit Soda

    It (the soda) was originally invented as a cut for moonshine by a pair of brothers.
  10. What flavor is Summit Soda

    Mountain Dew was invented in East Tennessee which is mostly Appalachian range, And it's first bottling plant was in the Appalachia range in Virginia. That's the main reason i can think of.
  11. What flavor is Summit Soda

    Mountain Dew is Citrus flavor, I figured it was too since it's got a similar art design and color scheme.
  12. What flavor is Summit Soda

    Obviously Orange soda is orange flavored and Stacey's grape soda is grape flavored, But what flavor is Summit soda? I'm guessing from the can model it's lemon lime or citrus flavored, I would also guess gingerale but i would think it would be called summit gingerale in that case. (BTW please don't jump down my throat if Summit is a actual brand in Canada or something)