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  1. Love the look of that new building! A little extra variety in things like that make a huge difference. And finally a handgun! Watch out wolves, shit just got real!
  2. Really excited for the update this week. I'm sure there will be some surprises. I'm wondering about new regions. Will there ever be a region that may be a bit more snowless? I mean, still frozen and everything but maybe there's a low valley on the leeward side of Great Bear Island that doesn't receive so much precipitation. There probably wouldn't be much advantage or special purpose to having such a place, but a slightly greater variety of terrain/landscape/atmosphere could be pretty cool and I'd love to see what your artists could do without so much snow everywhere.
  3. The sound of my footsteps tapping on the rail as I walk along the train tracks.
  4. Hooks or pegs on walls would be good if you could hang things on them. Hang the bow, hang a quiver of arrows (if we could make a quiver), hang the rifle if it had a strap. Also, It would be really nice if you could simply lean the rifles against a wall.