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  1. I will be playing more Voyager, but I think Im gonna stop writing about everything. Just in case something interesting starts happening.


    1. LilWolf


      What other difficulties did you usually play? I've never played in Interloper: animals seem too 'aggressive' and I heard some youtubers say they don't enjoy it, it's like dying after few days and start again. I usually play between Voyager and Stalker.

  2. I think I might take a couple of days off from the forums, not yet sure if I actually will, or if I will come by here and there, just not feeling great today. Im not as bad as I was health-wise anymore, but I am feeling quite a bit depressed today, probably just the collection of things coming in all together.

  3. Now that is a good question - for a conspiracy thread. I should finally start that (I think it might be why they put the dead wolf in the Wintermute.)
  4. No worries, the Dam is safe, there is so much stuff in there that the wolf would not be able to walk around there no more.
  5. I think I understand kind of why - the blood trail is very minimalistic, because othervise, it could affect their ESRB ratings. At least Im sure that was the original idea - because the blood trail was in the game back when they were trying to get the rating for Teens of 12plus, before they got 16. Yea, it is kind of pointless. Since it dissapears the moment animal dies, and they usually die out of your sight even if you are tracking them by the blood trail, it can actually even deceive you sometimes, send you running into one direction, while the animal took two sharp turns, and died, erasing the blood trail and the evidence that you were supposed to take those 2 sharp turns.
  6. Well, guess there is no point trying to be vague about it anymore. I was trying to keep it at least sort-of secretish where the wolves can be generally encountered. Guess the mystery is out now. I don't know if that was the case with the caves before, more likely it is a case with certain caves, if their pathfinding messed up. Wolves could othervise enter indoor caves all the time, in fact, sleeping in a cave like that on a normal bedroll without a fire can make you wake up to a struggling wolf. Same with a bear. And that applies to places even where no predators are within the area - such as the summit of timberwolf mountain. At least that is my personal experience.
  7. I rely on you, friends :D If I am going to act like an ass on the forums, please be sure to correct me ASAP. I will be most grateful for that.

    That said, I will try my best to be the warm and cuddly bear I usually am :) 

    1. Ghosty 1944

      Ghosty 1944

      In the Canadian wilderness there is no such thing as a cuddly bear... Jk I feel you man we all get ahead of our selves some times.


  8. I am ashamed now.

    I have just gotten a warning by the Admin (and I know which one :), saw them reviewing the same topic where this happened) - because I was very cold to one of my fellow members in my feedback towards their idea.

    First, I am sorry, and this little warning, as harmless as it was, helped me realize that recently, my behaviour here on forums have not been the best, in the past two days or so, I have reviewed my own posts and I have been less warm & more critical and colder then I would usually be. This brings me shame, and now that I have realized this, I am hoping I will be able to combat it and return to my usual cheerful, more friendly approach. The last thing I want is to make someone uncomfortable here on forums.

    I am also pondering over why this change in me happened. I have recently gone through a bad personal experience, but as far as I can tell, this did not influence my behaviour here, because it happened well over a week ago, and in fact, I have been more inclined to be even friendlier to others than usual. Making new friends is kind of the best way to mend a broken heart...

    I have gotten into a nasty scrape with another forum member lately, a person that I will not name, but this person has been very hostile to me in recent days, jumping at every chance to assault me, report me or denounce me. As I am trying to ignore such attempts as best as I can, I am also just a human person, I too have feelings and this kind of behavior is something that I am not immune against. This not an excuse for my behaviour - I own to my mistakes, but I guess this might be the reason why I have been more detached, less warm and more inclined to snap out at others then I usually would.

    Well, realizing where the problem is, that is the first step. Now, I just have to make sure that I keep this in mind at all times, so I won't be rude to anyone again.

  9. That is a very fair point. I am sorry if my point came out as cold, I really did not mean to be disrespectful in any way. I suppose that in the future, I will stress this out in the very beginning of the post. It is better to walk on eggshells just to be sure. Some people can mistake the feedback as some critique directed at them personally, which was never my intention. If there were just a few details that I wanted to ask, I would use the questions to ask for them. Thing is - there is nothing to discuss, not yet. That is why I included the wide range of the "questions" OP should ask themselves first and answer, to give us those said details we can discuss. I wasn't trying to be devious and if it came out as such, I am sorry. I was merely trying to point the OP in the direction with which their suggestions would gain a lot more merit. Like I said above - I do not mean to be disrespectful, and I do believe that OP has some really great ideas, but they lack structure, and my comment was to point this out, so that they can improve that. Finally, I came back because my first post was lacking the very last thing that I forgot to include: OP, if you would like my help, working these details out, do not be afraid to send me a private message, I will happily help you put them together. Ive made a suggestion on this topic before too, so I might have some ideas you could use for formulating your idea.
  10. I am a big fan of having more afflictions in the game. Not sure if it has to be scurvy specifically, but as an idea, it certainly has great potential. However, I am highly disappointed in this thread in itself. I would suggest you pick that mic up back again, and instead, put some actual effort into the idea. What you wrote is not a suggestion yet, altough I guess it would clasify as a wish... just not a wish anyone will take seriously. When you suggest something, the easiest thing in the world is to say "add this". in two, three sentences, and leave it like that. But that brings nothing, to anyone. If you suggest something, bring in the details as well. What would the scurvy do? What would be the symptoms, and how could one contract such a disease? How do you treat it? How do you get the pine needles as an item, specifically, where can they be found? How much do they weight? What is the recipe for the tea? What are the attributes of the tea as an item - in terms of calories, etc? Do you know this recipe, or do you learn it as you level up skills? What about rose hip tea - can it be used to treat scurvy as well? And there are many more questions like that, which could be answered simply by throwing down some specifics about this suggestion. I am not trying to disrespect you, just trying to be honest with you - because you have pretty good ideas, but you don't put enough effort into them (the furthest you got was with the idea about sleds, which still lacked many details). And if you wonder why nobody really replies to your topic that much, that would be why - because as a community right now, we have nothing to really discuss in here. Since I know what scurvy is, I can roughly imagine what you might mean, but even I have to guess. Someone who has no idea what it is, and wont google it, is just not going to have anything to reply to. Fix this up, put some real effort into it, and you will have my support, and I will happily discuss it with you further, as this is a topic Ive suggested in the past myself, except maybe the part about scurvy. Although I have discussed scurvy with others here, too. So Im sure I have something to bring to this conversation.
  11. End of the road loot was disapointing. Turned my direction towards the Cinder hills mine - that is my next target. The blizzard was raging on, and I was exhausted.

    Screw it. Dont care, I can rest up in this cave here, got enough fuel to last with a nice 10 hour nap. So that is what I did. I shredded an old hoodie to wait with fire for the use of my coal lumps. Made a nice, warm, lenghty fire in the cave, and took a nap till mid day. Woke up at around the noon.

    Nice weather outside, snowing midly. Took five steps out of the cave - blizzard again. Whomever said PV is 18h of blizzards a day was not joking. A cruel, cold one, too. Did not even reach the mine as I started losing condition to freezing again. But no matter now - soon after, I reached the mine.


  12. Voyager continues! 

    Not sure where I left off, but at day 52 Ive spend most of that, running through the PV, trying to reach the mystic campsite and the cavern, because I believed it might have a skill book for me. The morning I started at the Radio tower, and since I brought a rope with me from the Ravine´s train, I deployed it on the rock behind the tower and climbed down. Normally a futile task, but there is a corpse mid-way there usually, and sometimes has a backpack with a skill book in it. No luck this time. Ive traveled up the road to the long curve, but nothing of interest there. Ive heard a bear as the wind picked up, but could not see it - so I quickly removed myself from that area. After a brief stop by the lonely cabin, I made my way up the other part of the path towards TWM. I was nervous because of the bear that resides there, but luckily, a blizzard took off and i was able to pass with relative safety, altough a bit of a discomfort. Sadly, in the low visibility I lost my bearing and didnt find the point of dissagreement. Ive reached the mystic cave, though - another bow, an arrow, but no skill book, and a rifle outside. Havent seen many rifles this game but I know of a few in case I need to go grab one. Spend the night in a cave by the nice fire. Got jumped by a wolf outside in the morning. Damn, these bastards bite... took down about 20% of my condition, not bad for the fact I have pretty sturdy clothes on... (by not bad, I mean it hurt quite a bit). I stopped by the Preppers hatch to drop off some heavy items there, and continued on. Took a short nap, too, to regain some extra fatigue and condition in case I got into more struggles as I continue on.

    Day 53 is now ongoing. To shorten it up - I found the rope by the Skeeter edge, but I laughed at the prospect of climbing it down. I instead expertly climbed down the ledge next to it - took me less time, no fatigue drain and I took no fall damage. For once, I didnt even sprain anything.

    The weather got windy, but no worries. Heavy snowfall, gotta be carefull. This soon turned to Blizzard. Eventually I got into the Barn. I decided to take advantage of the blizzard´s savety and visited the "bear country" - the birch forest behind the barn. Then I cut through to the Derelict cabins as I started losing condition from the freezing. At Derelicts, Ive build a fire to warm up. I put on two hours worth of fuel, and I dropped a can of peaches NEXT to the fire (not actually on the top). Then I went for 2 hour long sleep. When I woke up, I have a toasty can O peaches waiting to fill my stomach.

    The plan now is to get to the car at the End of the road, and then make it to the mine connector to Coastal Highway, where I plan to spend the night and recover a bit.

    1. XaldinVii


      It is interesting you brought up the bears on both routes because up until the last two interlopers I played I had not seen bears in either the path by the lonely cabin or in the birch forest. I always like the trek thru the birch forest and take the slightly longer way to TWM as I found the forest beautiful. (Always had a thing for birch trees). But now I am hesitant as in my first interloper game last week I almost walked into a bear I didn't see at night in that forest.

    2. Mroz4k


      My experience is I almost always encounter a bear in the den at that path, which is why I usually take the longer route around the Three strikes. And with the birch forest it is kind of a 50/50, with the bear, being there. Also, since my game started at TWM, I already passed through the PV before, taking the route to Three strikes and the bear that has a den there was not spawned in there. Nor have I encountered the one by the Radio tower area. With these two spawns out of the running, each area with bear potential is an increased risk that it will actually have a bear. I prefer to take as least risks as possible, especially after my two close calls at Forlorn Muskeg couple of ingame days back :D although now I have gotten silent hunter achievement, so if I encounter a bear, now I can use my Bear killer gun, the distress pistol, and light them up if it comes down to a fight. :D 

      I get your feeling about the birch trees, I have the same kind of a fascination by them. Which is probably why I like to go to the Deer hunting ground in Ravine, or spend time at Marsh ridge at Forlorn Muskeg. 

      I havent seen a single bear at PV yet, but I certainly heard one, somewhere around the area of that ruined shack some distance from the Farm. Im guessing this means that the cave in the middle western corner of the map has a bear in it. Id expect two to three bears per PV, that is one, and I have cleared three other possible locations, so right now the danger of visiting another bear potential location increases.

  13. I dont see why not. When you aim with the rifle or bow right now, you get a little bit of a zoom. Binoculars would just provide "massive zoom" if used.
  14. Mroz4k


    Snowballs would not scare off predators, all you would achieve is point their attention to you, maybe even piss them off into attacking you. Snowmen would not be that horrible of an idea. Some Inuit tribes would hunt Deer by creating huge stone constructs that have a rough shape of a man, in a path of a caribou herd. When the herd gets into the position, an actual hunter would scare the herd in the direction of this wall of "stone men" - the caribou get confused and start running away from the stone men, as the tribal hunters run behind these stone structures and confuse the animals, putting them into panic... as the deer run off into the one "free" locations where the real hunters await with spears, and spear the deer that get too close. Id wholeheartedly reccomend the movie Snow Walker - it is, by far, the closest survival movie to what we know as the TLD story mode but this method is seen within that movie. So instead of rock men, Id build snowmen, then spread black & grey ashes over the snowman to make it stand-out color-wise. Make them look like people, and such structure in the game could work as a "static" scare point for the deer within the game. So you would scare the deer in the direction of these statues, then the deer see em, turn back and run straight in your direction, as you ready the bow for a clean, easy, close-range kill.
  15. This. Id wish for mod support first of all, as that would give the community chance to create their own sandbox content, giving Hinterland more time to focus on finishing the Story mode, and maybe even producing more different "stories" afterwards, without having to worry that Sandbox players will be dissapointed with "too little content".
  16. I dont even use blood trail as an indicator anymore. I believe it is only there as long as the animal is bleeding - so the moment it dies, the trail dissapears, not to mention it usually is just a drop or two of blood every three meters for me... not really that useful at locating. Not even determining the direction - because the animal runs around like mad, its entirely possible it will pick just a different direction three times before dying. Lately, animals like to die way high up in the mountains, quite often in a place that cant be reached... since animals can run up steeper cliffs then player. Most usually, Id just hit the animal, go do something else, and wait for the crows to show up to help me locate the carcass. Well, with Bears, it is also possible to reach some high point, and look for it - they are usually a bit different color then rocks so it can be possible to locate it by watching from high point. But the blood trails just seem so unreliable in my opinion. While true, it is still better to have it in quarters then on a carcass, since carcass degrades about 30% of condition of the meat per day. Quarters take 10% per day, and most importantly - it doesnt matter if they are indoors or outdoors, they degrade the same speed in either. While you are right that its better to turn them into steaks ASAP, it is not that bad if you dont rush it that much. Actually, one last tip on how to best utilize the harvesting of the quarters: Imagine 5.6 kg of meat on a quarter. How to best utilize it? In this case, I would cut off 4kg of meat, this produces 4 1kg worthy steaks, and leaves 1.6 kg of meat on the quarter. Select to "quarter" all the 1.6 kg. When the indicator circle shows up, wait till its half-way, then hit escape. This will interrupt the process, and you get 0.8 kg steak, with 0.8 kg left on the quarter. This way, you can get 2x 0,8 kg of steak, this is great because you can cook em both on a fire and they will take roughly the same amount of time to cook. What happens with 4.2 kg of quarter? Similar suggestion - only this time, Id take 2kg, leave 2.2 kg left. Then select 2.2 kg altogether. This time, I would hit the escape when it is 1 third of the way. This will produce either 0.7 or 0.8 kg worthy steak, and leave behind about 1.4 kg worth of meat, you can repeat the same process as with the 1.6 kg of meat from previous tip. Gives you three steaks of roughly same weight. This will help you make the best calorie-worth of proccesed meat regardless of what the "excess" weight of the quarter/carcass is. Individually, you can use the 0.2 kg of meat left for baits.
  17. I mostly see it happening with deer, to be honest. Not so much with wolves. I guess I havent done much hunting of the bigger animals since then. The two bears I downed so far in my current game have both clipped to the floor fairly well. Even more with the carcasses that were spawned as a part of the game world spawn. Found one deer carcass (at the frozen lake between the radio tower and the bunny hill right below the Crashed plane) which was so buried into the ground that I only found it because of the crows. It had a tiny piece of the antler sticking out, nothing else.
  18. Just a healthy amount of TLD bush-talk On the brighter note, less weight to drag up the rope out of the Ravine Less fatigue lost, too.
  19. I worded that improperly. There are three caves that I am aware can have a wolf in them, one of them (I think) has one in there all the time, and can have more then one. And I would not be suprised if there were more caves in the game that could have wolf in them but only very rarely. I remember people in different places complain about running into an unusual wolf in a cave where I have never ran into one, then there is another person who confirms it... and it is very difficult to guess if that is true, or if its just a couple of trolls/liars claiming something untrue just to appear more interesting. Hard to believe in that unless I actually run into one of these myself, but if there is such a setting, Im guessing it would only happen on the higher wolf chance spawns, since I never play such gamemodes probably wont happen for me.
  20. I might just try to do that. But I dont think that the fire on top of that plane would remain lit by the time Id walk down, even if I were to use my usual short-cut down the cliffs, it would still take at least 3 to 4 ingame hours, in that time, the wind is bound to shift and blow the fire out, it would be way too exposed on the top. Might try that by setting the fire inside, but on the outer edge of the exposed part of the tail section. Could still be visible, in fact I could probably set a bunch of them next to each other, make it look like its burning in several places.
  21. yea, you wanna go looking for a bear as soon as you manage to down one and it bleeds out kinda pity not to, unless you are playing on a hard enough difficulty that would prevent you from spending the time to actually do it. Best way to process a bear, in my opinion: To save as much of the durability on the meat, harvest couple of meat steaks first - I usually cut off 8-10 kg of meat by cutting off 2 kg of meat at once, first with a knife if the carcass is still unthawed, and once it gets frozen, I use the hatchet. Later in the game I would use a hacksaw for the meat. Always remember to hit the bait button to place the freshly cut piece of meat on the ground. Carving up the bear takes a lot of time, and there is lot to take here... so best way to process it is to quarter it. The benefit to quartering is that these quarters of meat can be moved, they degrade slower then the carcass, can be harvested in a place where there is no wind present, but most importantly they no longer get "frozen" like the carcass does, so in a way, cutting them up is faster then trying to cut off that meat from the carcass.
  22. Yep, same with bears. And if you rest in the indoor caves without a fire, they can even spawn on you and maul you right away. Or at least they used to. I dont think that is really neccesary, in fact, if you turned it into 5 different threads, it would not be particularly nice towards other forumers, who also want to discuss their topics. I dont see it as a bad thing, wanting to put several ideas together. But if you want to give ideas individually, you can in the future, just try not to get much past three ideas at once, its not exactly nice towards others if one person suddenly posts 5, or even 10 individual posts on each idea. What you can do in that case is post two, three of them, wait for people to discuss them and when it seems as though the discussion died down, you post more. Gotcha, I remember the post now, just didnt connect the two together beforehand . Sounds like it would be basically the same exact thing to Reishi. I get the idea behind wanting more medical plants, but right now all the plants basically cover all the necessary medical needs, I don't think there is a need for another plant, unless a new affliction was introduced that would require a new way to be treated. The only non-natural item for medicine is a bandage right now.
  23. Interesting, I had the same kind of glitch with graphics after spending a night in an outdoor cave by the broken radio transmitter above Spences. My bug lasted about half day till it fixed itself... it was very surreal but also quite immersive in a way, for some reason. Maybe because it was the morning after I barely escaped with my life, being chased down by a bear over the ice in the near-pitch black darkness and a fog so thick it could be cut with a knife... ____ For those interested - during my prep for that screenshot, I discovered that it is possible to climb on top of the summit plane. The broken tree next to it can be climbed, if one is careful, even though it appears to be too tilted, it can be done. Just a little perhaps interesting bit - you can make amazing screenshots when standing on the roof of the plane, close to the edge of it.
  24. I kinda wish there were more of them. Perhaps not the caves and mines for connector regions, but there are plenty of other indoor caves in the game that could have a wolf or two in them. As of now, I know of two caves where wolves can be located, but there might be more, so keep on your guard. Certain mechanics in the game are just quite rare - so there is no quarantee that rarely, wolves cant spawn in other caves as well.
  25. I havent done that much beachcombing as of late, so maybe I am a bit off on what washes up, but I dont believe the medicinal plants do. At least I really dont see how a single rose hip would help if it washed up... unless it washes up as already "prepared" state. I may have seen reishis washed up. I know things like saplings wash up, but I only remember medical items that were "industrialized" to wash up, not the medicinal plants as far as I recall. And even if they did, the beachcoming is fairly limited and very sporadic source of items. If the idea is to make medicinal plants be more useful, even for their non medicinal purposes, then the rare occasion when one washes up on a beach is just not going to cut it.