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  1. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    Hello, Mr. van Lierop, I was curious if the Hinterland considers adding animals, specific to certain regions - for an example, an animal which would spawn exclusively in mountainous regions like Timberwolf Mountain or Hushed River Valley. I think it would improve upon the game tremendously - forcing players to travel to these parts in order to hunt specific animal they need, not to mention the immersion it would bring. On a side note - thank You all for your hard work - not only on this amazing game, but also on all your contributions to the indie gaming industry as whole. Your team achievements are an inspiration.
  2. K'imdii or Rocky Mountain Goat

    The game is set on a canadian island, not in the Rocky mountains. Which is set higher then the Rocky mountains. A lot of people suggested bighorns for the game, but those wouldnt be proper set for the game, either. The animal you are looking for is actually called Dall sheep, or a thinhorn sheep. Dall sheep live in canadian and alaskan area, which is north of Rocky mountains area, which puts them into an area of where Great Bear island of The long dark could potentionally be located. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dall_sheep
  3. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Lets not ask that - you probably wont get an answer anyways - you know how folks from Hinterland like to keep things as a suprise. My guess would be yes - because I also fully expect the spear to be craftable. The head for it would likely be a new forgeable item - in fact, if I were to guess, this is why you can learn about forging in Wintermute - so that you could craft more spears in the future. Thinking completely logically here - if the purpose of the spear in the game is to be a defensive weapon, it ought to be craftable. Right now, the only defensive weapon in the game is the rare distress pistol, which is most definitely not craftable. I would either expect that the crafting recipe will be a cured maple sapling, one or two cured guts, and an improvised knife for the head (seeing as how it looks in the game, it would make perfect sense to be a head for a spear, been saying that for ages) - or it will be a spearhead as a forgeable option on the furnace. Possibly the later, because of those two spikes on the sides. That said, expect the weight to be somewhere around 1,5 to 2 kg. (an amazing option, in my opinion, would be if the crafting recipe was the cured maple sapling, improvised knife, possibly scrap metal as well, and the cured guts - and if it did not require workbench. That way, it could be craftable in the wilds as an improvised weapon you would make in dire need of something to defend yourself with. Which completely screams "survival" - and seeing as how you can occasionally find improvised tools in HRV, it could be a weapon, craftable in that scenario without actually having to leave that region.)
  4. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Another example comes to mind from the book Hatchet, as well as the movie - though that one is over-the-top. Never seen the Edge but Alec Baldwin is one of my favorite actors so I am definitely going to watch it soon. I know the principle behind the bear defense with a spear - but I am a bit sceptical here, as for a pike, the spear seems to be inadequately long. Still, I would suspect it would work that way. Also, I don't expect it would have a hundred percent chance of success, making it somewhat of a "better-than-nothing" kind of scenario. I would also like to see the bear spear be usable against wolves, but with an even smaller chance of success. Heck, it could even be used to stop a charge of a moose, though again, not at 100% success rate. I do hope it has to be held in hands in order to work. Most players chose to hold a specific item while walking around - I would usually carry a bow, and in bear-country, I tend to switch over to distress pistol. I can see myself switching over to carrying a spear instead. The game really needs some defensive weapon, other than flare gun. Here is a crazy idea - why not both? It is feasibly possible that the spear will have both functions - as a stationary weapon, or as something that is throwable. If we assume that the spear can be used to fight off the mauling by holding it in hands, then actually "using" it while holding it in hands can be a prompt to throwing it. Though, like I explained before, I dont think this spear would be an amazing choice for that, seeing as how it holds characteristics of the close-combat spear. If that is the case, I also hope the Hinterland will re-visit brandishing mechanic with torches, ALONG with throwing them.
  5. Shooting Star

    I mentioned this on two different topics not long ago - when someone suggested a fox be added into the game as an animal, and on NPC discussion. I think it would be nice if certain places had random, rare events like the ones you described - it would deepen the immersion of the game a great deal. I dont expect a fox is ever going to be a huntable animal, seeing as how it is in Hinterland logo - but seeing them in the game would be great. That said - problem with these random events would be that they would have to be designed, and if they were rare, one could argue that this may not be worth the time spent on it.
  6. Undead animals for 4DON

    I get the fact that people really like it, but at the same time - I would be much happier if the development time went to things that could be used year-around. The whole idea of that event is kind of lost to me - this is something triple A studios can afford since they have such a big team. I really dont mean to be insulting, but Hinterland is somewhat small studio, and the thing they have been critiqued for years is that the updates take ages to come out (not that I mean to complain myself, I am patient, and I think its good that they release a great quality content, even if it takes longer) - spending that valuable time on something you get to play for 5 days a year is just not effective. If the event was made because at the time, they were unable to work on new content due to waiting for a studio that used to lend them equipment, or other things - and it was a way to make something without just waiting, not doing anything - I would get that. And if in the future, they are locked in such a way again, then they should add more content to events - but as long as they can work on Story or Survival, that sort of content should be their main focus. And I am sure it is their main focus. And I hope it remains that way.
  7. Bear Spear (hype?)

    Actually, I would not say so. I think its pretty fair, in fact. Consider the fact that it is a defensive weapon - I dont think it would work the same way as tools do during wolf attacks, when you have to quickly select it - in order to trigger it, you would have to be holding the spear in your hands to begin with. That means you cant be holding a rifle or a bow, which is what most people would have in their hands if they were hunting. And we all know that switching over in between weapons is pretty slow process. So it would be a matter of choice - do I have it in my hands to defend myself with, or do I have in my hands another weapon, with which I can inflict the first strike? I would also imagine that the bear spear, used in defense, would not be a certainty - but rather a chance, similar to critical strikes. Lets take a look at the picture we have seen. That is NOT a throwable spear, also known as javelin. Javelins are short, have very thin, mediocre long shaft, and a very small spearhead, very similar in appearance to the arrowhead, in fact, you could easily call them oversized arrows, without the wings at the end. It has to be light enough so it can be thrown at a medium distance, and during the air time, gather up the speed to penetrate the body of an animal. Additionally, you want it to bury as deep as it could. Which would make those two side spikes contraproductive. Pike, which is what people suggested before, is a very heavy, long type of spear used to stop mounted attacks in the future. Problem with using that against a bear is that a bear is a predator, unlike horses. You impaled a horse, then the horse couldnt really harm you anymore. A wounded bear, on the other hand - would be very dangerous. If the pike allowed the impaled bear to reach the holder, it would be a very painful death, by an angry, wounded bear. I imagine the spikes there would serve the purpose of having a bear, impale himself on the spear, but be stopped, or slowed, by those spikes - so that the wounded bear would not reach onto the person, holding the spear. This seems like a multi purpose spear, used for fending off an animal. If the survivor crouched and dug it into the ground, the bear should be stopped from the charge, but would not reach the player thanks to the two spikes there that would stop it. Of course those are all just my assumptions based on the design of the spear. It could, in fact, be throwable, too - but not very far. I do hope that the person, designing it, did a research on spears first, else it could really end up being immersion breaking. I would hate to see this obviously not a throwing spear being the game´s version of javelin.
  8. Undead animals for 4DON

    Hi everyone. I admit, I sometimes find it difficult to determine whether a post is meant as a little joke, or if the people in there are really being serious. I will be serious. I don't think this is a good idea. Carcasses are not like living animals - those are entities. Carcasses are stagnant objects. To make them move like normal animals would simply require a lot of work, I would say. A work that could be utilized better, towards something more permanent than a change to an annual event of a few days. I am about 85% sure they are just joking, as in, this post is not meant to be a serious consideration. Nobody wants zombies for the game, they simply want to have normal animals appear as zombies on the Haloween event next year.
  9. Good load of loot from aircraft wreck

    You took too long to go visit TWM then. Items that spawn on the ground are subjected to world degradation (unlike items in the containers, which do not actually spawn until you open the container for the first time). Bedroll counts as clothing, I think, so the world generally takes down its durability bit by bit. From now on, in any new area you visit (unless its a new region added to the game) you will be finding ruined pieces of clothing, food and bedrolls. Or maybe you just got unlucky that all of the bedrolls spawned with durability of around 30% and degraded fully till you got there.
  10. group survival

    This idea has been around the bloc a couple of times, it wont happen because the game doesnt record that sort of information about the players. The game would have no way to get the neccesary data to everyone this way. But, for a moment lets assume it would work - then the problem comes with immersion. Regardess of how many people would be recorded this way, certain spots would become "graveyeards" - the places where most people end up dying. It would not pan well if the player could not run across a single body but then came to Coastal town and there were scores of corpses. It is a cool idea, quite creative so be proud of it but still, not very likely.
  11. Allappa Bay

    By spark, I would understand the kind of feeling you get when you first enter such a region, spend some time in it, during your first experience. For example, ML would be more calming, feels like a calm tucked away place from the civilization where people would go spend time leasurely in the nature. While Forlorn Muskeg is a place where you would NOT like to be - for miles nothing but ice, a little bit of vegetation here and there. Dangerous wildlife. Bone chilling wind and cold, sapping out the heat out of your body. But, then the more you get accustomed to the nature, you start seeing it as a harsh but plentiful region, which provides a lot of what you might need. I think the issue here might be for some people that this region would seem similar to the other ones. I doubt it. Broken Railroad and Desolation point have a lot in common and yet noone really picked up on it. And trying to come up with something entirely new may not be such a good idea, either - trying to force something new can ironically lead to narrowed down thinking. In my rich experience, the best ideas are usually very plain, simple even, and the best ideas are often as simple as a combination of two ordinary things. Like Hushed river valley - that region is gorgeous - and it was born of an idea for a "deep forest" which would be more dense, and a combination of a various valleys and high cliffs which created sort of a canyon.
  12. Allappa Bay

    Sorry bout the quote, i can't seem to remove it on my phone. I am happy to see such a discussion around this topic. Ive seen a couple of people in here doubtful that Hinterland would use this concept. I wonder - why do you think so? Im curious. Reason I am mentioning that is because suggestions for entire regions are somewhat rare - but from my experience, Hinterland pays close attention to them. As I linked a couple of old region suggestions to @SneakySquid in a PM, it would seem that the idea of Hushed river valley came from 3 different region suggestions by the community which were skillfully combined together by Hinterland into one amazing region - while they added some features of their own - like ice caves. I might link these old suggestions later for those curious. That said, I don't think it's necessary to make maps and plan the loot too much. Hinterland is likely to use parts of the idea, probably not the whole concept, unless we make it truly perfect. Even then I applaud to you for making maps, because such visualisation helps everyone to better understand your concept. I really like the idea of an emergency shelter in the tunnel - it would fit in there perfectly in my opinion.
  13. Hi! Welcome to the forums. Hope you will enjoy your stay here! Gotta say - I dont think there is a big need for you to sell this idea to us. We all have been waiting for something like this for years now. Frankly, I dont know if we will get it, and if we do, probably in a while - I dont think the idea of "adding it" is much of a problem of concept, as much as it is a problem of actually coding it. Nothing even remotedly similar exists in TLD, so this would likely be a mechanic entirely new. And that will take time. Naturally, for the game balance, this would have to be significantly nerfed - for starters, it needs to use saplings in its design. To both limit the accesibility early on, and to make player choose between potential bows, or the sled. Naturally I expect the weight capacity of this here sled would be some 45 kg, which would slow the player down by 15%. Its drawbacks would be the fact that dragging it up the hill would make it more difficult and exhausting. Else, dragging it would allow the player to carry on bigger amount of gear at expense of exhaustion, and also safety - because while dragging along the sleds, you would not be able to use your hands, so cant draw a weapon quickly enough - making it somewhat of a risk. Repairs could be done with the renewable resources, though - to limit the use of saplings. All in all, I think this is a decent idea and would love to work it out for the best, still, I am not optimistic about the prospect of Hinterland, taking on such a complex new design.
  14. trip to timberwolf mountain and river valley

    No worries, frankly, almost posted it that way myself, before thinking it through - but as you can imagine, what you mentioned is kind of a very important aspect of the game exploration, not knowing it beforehand is part of the experience
  15. The (very) small defects of TLD

    I think this is not a defect, but intended. Boots as in running boots only give 1 leather. If you take apart leather boots, those provide 2, I think. This is because of their weight being bigger. It depends on the boots. (but I havent really played that much lately so maybe I am wrong here) I can agree with that, since it is supposed to have a metal sheet inside of them. A small change but makes sense. Firestrikers are not a usual type of metal. They are an alloy of various metals like magnesium, and others. The more you use it and its condition goes down, the less of the "metal" part of it remains. Even if you took apart a new piece of firestriker, it wouldnt be a useful piece of metal. So this would not make sense. Long time ago, it used to be this way. You could also repair rifles with fir firewood and scrap metal. But that has changed since. No idea why harvesting a rifle does not give fir firewood back - someone probably thought it would make the game seem less immersive by calling "old rifle stock" a "piece of fir firewood". Not sure why. I personally wouldnt mind. Well known problem, something Hinterland is surely working on already, for a long while. If I am to guess, at least. Give em more time on this. Absolutely no. It used to be this way back when stone throwing was new. It is really easy to make rabbits run to you - it made stone throwing a breeze of a method to gather rabbit food. Thing is - nobody is fast enough to really catch an active rabbit, in a snowy enviroment. It needs to be stunned by hitting it with a rock. I like it the way things are - makes more sense that way and gives challenge to stone throwing, which is how it should be. You only lose health by walking over "uncovered" parts of the the wire. Regardless if there is a rubber on it or not - if you see electricity buzzing from it, stay away from it. Should be natural reaction - dont trust some old rubber insulation, for all we know, it is old, deteorated and exposes the wire anyways. You really shouldnt suggest things until you know for yourself how they are. It is difficult not to spoil things for you if you keep suggesting things about the things you dont yet know. Finish the Wintermute for yourself before suggesting anything more of this sort - so you know for yourself what part does the elevator play in Wintermute. @Pillock You probably didnt. OP hasnt finished Wintermute 1st episode yet, so has no idea what role does the elevator play in Wintermute, yet takes my "intentionally vague" answer from a different post as evidence of things he hasnt confirmed for himself yet. This is the price I pay for trying to keep the mystery alive by being intentionally vague to avoid spoilers. I suggest none of us actually even comment on that further. OP needs to finish the Wintermute himself before ever suggesting things with elevators in the future. You really need to finish the Wintermute for yourself so you actually know what you are talking about. I know you are eager to help and suggest things, but you also need to learn to moderate yourself a little bit more dont suggest things unless you understand them well yourself. (I cant make you, but this is an advice from me - trust me - I suggested a lot of things in the past that ended up being wrong in my assumptions and in the end, I looked silly for it) A no to "crafting" - crafting ís a general skill of making things that dont have anything in common - how could, for example, creating of prepared reishi mushroom tea package help you be better at creating bandages, or crafting clothes? Those things have nothing in common. Mending could be used to make new clothes more easily, frankly no idea why it is that way already. Also, crafting new clothes should improve mending. Dont think forging as a skill is neccesary at TLD right now. Maybe in future. If you ask me, it is a very valuable book, and should take more, even 40 hours. Once you have the book, I would guess you also have a place to stay with supplies so you can take your time to read it. Or, just dont use rifles, like me make or find a bow early, and never go back to rifles You cant treat frostbite risk by wrapping it in cloth - you need to warm up the area to return bloodflow into it, THEN you need to cover it with clothing. Cool idea concept, but wouldnt feel immersive. (Suggested change: Bandaging frostbite risk REDUCES the speed at which the frostbite risk increases. Now that would make sense, somewhat) Absolutedly no to the bow change. The wood in a bow is actually the part that is likely to be destroyed when the bow breaks. not the string. The wood also has a durability. This, what you suggested, would make bows infinite source because you could always get your sapling back, and craft a new bow with new string.