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  1. Greetings. May you always find gloves.

    Hi Tom, welcome to the forums! Hope you stick around, you will find the community here to be very welcoming! Glad to see you are enjoying the game, it is amazing, in my opinion, the greatest thing about this game is that what you can do is only limited by your imagination, to a certain point. I am sure you will find many tips and tricks on these forums if you browse a bit more into them,Unless you wanna experience everything for yourself, of course! For gloves, those can often be a bit of a pain to find. Always make sure to keep yours in the topmost condition! As a small item, they degrade pretty fast in condition, especially if you get jumped by a wolf. So, even if you find some, its fairly easy to lose them to an unfortunate encounter with wildlife. The tip to craft mittens is a good one, albeit not that easy early on for someone who is still fresh to the game. Be on a lookout for gloves in cars, dressing cabinets and sometimes small containers. And, if you find some lying around, check first if they are not fully frozen before putting them on. If they are, you will increase your frostbite risk greatly by wearing them. Also, for these reasons, I always carry a spare piece of light, crappy gloves in my inventory as a back-up. Im sure you will soon find out that taking breaks within the game is very important make a fire to warm up, check your gear, and think to make a plan in what to do next. These are real survivalist tips that apply to this game perfectly. The more you can remain calm and not panic in the game, the easier the survival will be for you. Taking risks is exciting, but also unnecessary if you aim to survive the longest.
  2. the point there was actually no bites, just blunt force trauma. Chainmail was designed to be best effective against arrows, and other sharp weapons. Like, for example, bites. Wearing a chainmail or plate armor would protect the wearer from the bite and claw related injuries, but the impact of the bear would still cause blunt force trauma, with possible internal injuries, which in the remote wilderness carry much greater risk. Which is why I wouldnt reccomend using it. That said, I should have probably stipulated that against an attack from a wolf, especially the arm protection of the plate armor could be extremely effective. However, for defense against moose... given that the nature of that attack is trampling, too... Id suspect using plate armor there would not yield much better result then in case of a bear attack. I think the idea of using cans for a sort-of defensive gear is a pretty clever one. Sheet metal used on them is not particularly strong and thick, but against animal teeth and claws, it should provide a pretty adequate defense. But I think you were thinking a bit too grandiously when you wanted to craft a full coat out of it. Lets think of a different possibility. Lets reduce the size of this defensive piece of clothing down to the areas, where it does the most good - limbs. Specifically, arms. What if instead of a full-on plate coat, the cans were a part of a crafting recipe for a sort of metal-layered hand guards, designed to defend the survivor against primarily wolf attacks, directed at the limbs? This idea is not original by me, @JAFO came up with it back when we got the Moosehide satchel. That there would be another craftable accesory clothing pair of equipment - leather armguards which would provide minimal protection against elements, but would be a major boost to clothing protective layer against animal attacks. The original idea only accounted for a use of leather, probably some type of rough leather... but your idea to use cans would improve upon this. One could craft armguards using can sheet metal layered in between two layers of a leather armguard, the result would be a very effective way to protect survivors hands against the attacks of the animals. For example, 4 cans and 2 wolf skins, plus some guts to tie it together, you could arguably create a very efficient defense for whole arms, from shoulder down to wrist. As an added benefit, this type of armor could reduce a risk of obtaining a sprained wrist affliction as a result of animal attack. Naturally, the piece of equipment would defend against all animal attacks.
  3. Honest feedback from a big fan

    Somewhere out there, a graphic designer weeps now. A trully honest feedback Not sure I would put this into wishlist as it is not much of a new content, but I guess it fits the definition of a wish I dont think the artwork is that bad, but I agree that with some skillbooks, I liked their design before more. I think the main reason why so many things were changed in the game was because back then, the graphic designers didnt have too much work on their hands. Back then, the studio was limited by the recording studio schedule and the accesibility to rented recording equipment. That is why there are so little animations in the game so far. Well, now they have their own. I dont agree with your point on materials, I think those are made quite well. But, maybe we dont really understand each other there - not quite sure what you mean by skill materials. Everything was made by the same company, the Hinterland. They have their own graphic designers. The artwork is, in my opinion, purposely done minimalistically, as it further evokes the nature of the game - simple, functional, not very decorative. I dont think it took little effort at all, quite the contrary, in fact.
  4. Hi. Very original idea, so props for that, albeit, absolutely impractical. Are you sure this armor would actually provide any protection against animals? I don't think it would. If you do a bit more medieval research, you will find out that metal armor was used in battles against humans, but not during hunting. Why? Because during hunting, the hunter relied on agility, speed and stealth. Metal armor is difficult to move in, it is heavy which impairs your movement speed, shines and clings a lot which effectively removes all stealth as a possibility from the equation. There were special suits and armor for hunting, some of them pretty bizzare like the siberian bear hunting suit, but none of them really implement metal into their construction, unless it was as needles, or small metal parts for horseback hunters. Furthermore, it can only really feasibly protect the limbs (where it would be useful), and chest. If you look up animal attacks, you would find out that chest is the least likely affected area - the predators will try to instinctively attack your limbs to limit your ability to fight back, or go after soft parts if they are going in for the kill. They might attack the chest if the purpose of the attack is self-defense. Protecting soft parts would be very difficult with an improvised plate armor, as these areas need to remain mobile for the person to have full mobility - places like armpits, neck. Once, I read this fun book called Zombie survival guide, which brought an amazing point on why chain armor is an ineffective option against zombies. Because of a "tin can of sardines" argument - the huge mass of zombies would squeeze the survivor out of the chainmail or plate mail armor like we would squeeze sardines out of the tin can, or a toothpaste out of the paste. That same argument can be made about bear attack. While you might think the armor would protect you in an attack like that, in fact, research shows it would probably give you even more serious injuries. The armor would increase your weight, and as the bear would be mauling you, you would be trashed around the place, and the added weight would increase the impact caused by the trashing. Also, while you would be protected against the slash injuries, with bears the bigger danger is their weight and power, which results in serious internal injuries like internal bleeding, and serious bruisings. These types of injuries would be added on by the plate armor. Finally, the ineffectiveness considering the weather. Wearing anything metal in this type of weather would severaly limit your ability to move, and it would insanely increase your body temperature loss. Metal loses temperature very fast (and expands) but by wearing it on your body, you would be trading that temperature with your body temperature through the principle of heat diffusion. I am very glad to see someone focused on coming up with new, innovative ideas. While most people in here dig in the same direction, coming up with the same ideas, if maybe slightly different from each other, it is all that much more important to have people, trying to "dig new holes". This lateral thinking will benefit the community much more, because sometimes these new ideas will spark new wave of inspiration that can solve a particularly big problem, simply by approaching that problem from the side with a new, fresh idea. That would not be possible without newly generated ideas.
  5. Add bones animal statuettes ?

    Hello. Been a while. Sorry guys, but this one is just outright strange. While it is true that there are some mysteries to the Great Bear, none of them are directly affected by the player. And they really shouldnt be... as that would outright kill the immersion, it would feel grossly unnatural. First of all, lets discuss the problem with bones. If you add bones into the game, you are opening the game to a range of other different uses for the bones - starting with bone tools and ending with bone marrow soup. While some could benefit the game, some could also just as easily affect the challenge level of the TLD. So I am not a particularly big fan of that, though we could probably try to figure out how to add the bones into the game without adding that negative inpact on the game. Next, the properties of the statues. Cant be nothing mythical. I see three avenues they could go. A - they would serve in the game as player-made landmarks for orientation. Which would mean they would also be a marker on the map, too. However, they would degrade like snow shelters, only very, very slowly, and they would have to be repaired. B - they would be purely decorative. This may sound strange, but... not everything in TLD should always be just about survival - I think the immersion of the game would be increased if the game had some "bad" options too, tasks that waste the time of the survivor without bringing anything useful to the task. Just like in the real life. The decision to waste time on them would be up to player. This would feel more immersive as we would no longer have that feeling our survivor is a trained professional survivalist. Not sure this is, however, the way devs wanna go. C - native canadian caribou hunting method. Some inuit tribes build statues that represent humans while hunting packs of caribou. The statues were build on ridges around the herd traveling path, and the hunters would scare the cariboues towards them, which were then scared by the statues and herded straight into the path of the real hunters, who were hidden, and could this way get within a spear distance of the caribou. I fully reccomend movie Snow walker (2003) which is really the closest movie to the TLD story line. If you watch the trailer, you can see this method in it at 1:42. (the end of the trailer)
  6. Best Guess on what this is?

    Coal crusher is a good guess. Also could be a wood chipper. But I think I saw some Carter hydro dam tags on them, so its possible its some sort of generator, or better yet, condensator, designed to gather up the energy from the Dam and store it in case of blackouts, which I suspect would be pretty common in pre-pocalypse Great Bear.
  7. Snow depth variation

    Frankly, this would be probably the least difficult part of the idea. In theory, what you described (if I understood it correctly) would work quite well. I dont think it would be neccesary to adjust the the height of the floor, this whole idea does not really need to have huge impact on the game, in fact, the less impact, the better - its value would lie in immersion. Problem with this is that it would be a tremendous amount of work, I think. We are talking about something that would virtually change the entire map, and keep changing it - so there are other problems like performance drops and requirements. I cant even imagine how much coding would this require. What I believe might be a better solution is that the level of the game is kept intact, but there are zones where, depending on the weather, snow would increase above this basic level. That would still require a ton of work for designers but maybe not that much for the code devs. But I have next to no knowledge of how programming works, so Im gonna stop theoritizing right here.
  8. Snow depth variation

    Its true that it wouldnt be impossible, just not very efficient, if we compared it to a different idea which would improve an aspect of the game as whole - like for example a cooking overhaul, that would improve the entire game - sandbox, story and all difficulties, equally. Sadly, the resources to create more content for the game are limited, and thus the ideas are inherently competitive, in a way. Only one can be worked on at one time. Still, I think its a cool concept worth discussing. I imagine that once the TLD becomes more open to modding, this could be a very cool mod for the game. If done correctly, it would improve the immersion greatly. But, in my opinion, I would not hold much breath for the Hinterland to add this otherwise, still, I have been wrong before Especially not if it was only done as an option for custom mode - I always reccomend people to not limit their ideas to a specific mode or difficulty - because then you are essentially swinging the ax on your own idea. From the mindset of a developer - why waste time on something that only a fraction of players will use when I could be working on something that benefits everyone? This idea gets infinitely better if OP removes the line about adding this only as a custom setting. Snow works this way in real world - should work this way regardless of the mode you are in If there should be a custom setting, it would be to "turn this off", but frankly, that one is not necessary.
  9. Add more

    You sure about this? Did anyone actually officially acknowledged it? I would not be so sure. They were planned as part of the roadmap, but many of those suggestions were already discontinued, as they were simply too ambitious. Though I expect that these are one of the goals from the roadmap that Hinterland will add, eventually. But unless we hear something official in this direction, lets temper our hopes on it. Thank you very much, @Tohono O'odham Man for your expressed wish, but if you pardon my critique - your suggestion didnt really go in depth much. While it is nice to see what you would like, if you dont describe a more detailed suggestion, the Hinterland cant know what your likes would be. Try to take a look at your suggestion from their perspective - if they decided to add all the things you suggested, do you think they could do that based on your suggestion alone? I dont think they could, because they dont know anything about why you would like these suggestions. If you are not very busy, do you think you could describe the seaside region you would like to see added into the game, the way it looks in your imagination? What locations would be found there, how would it roughly look on the map? How would the mountain lions behave, as animals? How much meat they would have if hunted, how many calories would this meat provide, and what would their hide be used for? What is this hand book, and what purpose would it serve? Try asking yourself questions like these, answer them, write them down - and you will have a perfect Wishlist suggestion idea compilation, which we can then discuss further, maybe find a way to make these changes fair and interesting for the actual game. And who knows? Maybe the Hinterland will see it, like it, and decide to include them into the game in the end
  10. Snow depth variation

    Lets think about this logically - is there something like an actual "snow" attribute in the game? Of course now. What looks like snow is really just a texture of ingame floor your character walks on. So, to give them an option to "increase" or "decrease", the game designers would have to take the current map of TLD and create a version with less snow, and with more snow - and the game would switch in between them while its snowing, as the character entered indoor locations or slept. The other option would be to entirely rework the game, at least I think so. To make this for solely optional setting in custom would be ineffective - insane amounts of work only to present it to a few players who would turn it on in custom. It would be insane amount of work for very little of actual contribution. Sorry to say, as immersive as it could be, I dont see this happening.
  11. Anti-Wish List: Never, ever, ever....

    not sure if I should take this topic seriously... I hope I can, I dont think the wishlist is a place to post jokes around. I am in favour of adding a common flu as a condition into the game. Given the temperatures and freezing, its unnatural that its not a part of the game already. I would like to see renevable drinks as an option to treat it, whether it is some sort of meat stew, or a tea, made of pine needles. The game could use a renewable source of re-heatable drinks, too, to make the warm core benefit more useful. And to make people re-think their approach to battling through the freezing. Naturally it would have to be balanced out to take into account harder modes. I am having a hard time taking the other suggestions very seriously, please excuse my behaviour if it slips up. Ebola is a tropical virus, and there is just no way it would make its way to Great Bear. It may survive up there, but not in optimal conditions. Besides, it only spreads through bodily fluids, so you would need to come in contact with infected survivors, or monkey, both of which is unrealistic. People need to let go of the doomsday stuff they hear on the TV. Unless you go around, letting people snot at you, Ebola is really not much of your concern. Basic human contact with strangers should be enough to protect you from exposure. There are far, far more realistic, deadly conditions that can happen in the canadian setting. One that comes to mind is tuberculosis. Which makes sense weather wise, and is a serious condition created by an untreated cold. Still very deadly without antibiotics. Eboli is a fictional virus. No idea who made up such a ridiculous concept, they are two entirely different things - Ebola is a virus, E. Coli is a bacteria. We all have E. Coli in our digestive tract, which is essential to having healthy digestive tract. It is only dangerous to people if devoured, so wash your hands after a visit to bathroom and you will be fine. And dont drink water contaminated by fecal matter, which goes without saying. Viruses prey on cells, and E. Coli is a cell. Combine the two together, you dont get Eboli, you get more viruses of Ebola. Because virus works in a way that it hacks a cell, copies its genetic information into the nucleus of a cell, and starts replicating. When it uses up all the resources, the new viruses burst out of the now dead husk of former cell, in our case, the E.Coli. Its bad idea to diminish a concept based on your previous experience with something entirely different. Who said the cold would have to be random? Besides, problem with sprains is not that they are sprains, just that they dont work the way they were intended to.
  12. Animal Traps (bear, wolf, etc.)

    Hello. I hear you, and I think you are right, this topic does deserve its own thread. I will be the first to defend the use of traps against the argument "traps are inhumane" and such comments, because frankly, survival is not pretty, its not really meant to be clean. Surely we want to avoid animal suffering, but most people hunt animals within the game by letting them bleed out... which technically means the prey suffers for hours before it succumbs to injuries. If anything, traps would be more human this way, because a trapped, immobile animal can be put down more easily, without having it suffer. Just like with most things survival related, there are two sides of the same coin... real life trapping is depicted as brutal because in most cases, its hunting for commercial use, not for life-or-death situations. A commercial trapper will lay out tons of traps, and might not even come back for some, leaving them there triggered, or sometimes leaving animals caught there to suffer a slow death. A trapper who hunts for food will definitedly check all his traps, because his life depends on the meat he gets - which means no animals would be there for days to die a slow, painful, brutal death. Also, the game literally has several references to trappers, the most notably the Trapper´s cabin which is the monument of the game since its alpha days. Yet, despite all that, I am not in favour of adding the traps, for a simple reason. If traps were used to hunt big animals, it would make hunting significantly easier. And the hunting ought to get harder, not easier, to provide the proper challenge one expects from such a high-end survival game. A lot of things that you would expect in real life did not make it into the game for this very reason. But, I am willing to change my opinion on this, assuming we as a community can figure out the logistics of how would these traps work, how rare they would be and how to balance it in with the already existing game contents to make them viable. You made a solid argument for why traps should be in the game, maybe let us know what you think about how they would work, how one can obtain them, et cetera
  13. A funny tinder idea!

    I dont think people living in the middle of wilderness really care to keep bills lying around, but perhaps they do. I guess its not such a bad idea, just not something really necessary. Always figured junk like this is what's in the piles of paper you can find indoors. You definitely get a lot of points for originality
  14. Answering Nature's Call

    sadly, it is not going to happen. Very, very long ago the Hinterland acknowledged several of the things that they never intend to add into the game. This was one of them. Of course, they may have changed their mind... but its not likely. Amongst other things that they never intend to add was, for example, cannibalism. Why the ability to relieve oneself is not going to be in the game is a mystery to me. But regardless - it would not affect the drinking water reserves in the toilet As those are not in the actual bowl, but rather it is the water, stored in the tank, that is later used to flush the waste away. That water comes from the water reserves like the water in the sinks would.
  15. Flare Gun

    Hi. There are no drones, nor there can be, due to the aurora phenomenon. Nobody is coming to save you, you gotta survive till you dont. The Flare gun is a bear killer. But that is just its secondary effect - primarily, and most importantly, the Distress pistol serves as defensive weapon. It will scare off anything. Killing with it is not easy, but it can be done - the flare upon contact with the body does minimal damage, but if you manage to stick the flare into a body of an animal, it causes massive bleeding. Since moose is immune to bleeding, using Distress pistol to try and kill the moose is pointless - but it can still be used to scare em away. Like I said previously, Distress pistol is a bear killer. When the bear charges you, if you side-step and shoot it to the side, the flare tends to stick to the bear. Try not to shoot it straight away - the flare tends to bounce away if you hit the animal directly. If you manage to hit and stick the flare onto the bear, it will die within an hour. And the flare itself is very useful in tracking the wounded beast. I would carry a loaded distress pistol in hands whenever I am entering the area where bears roam, to avoid getting mauled which would interfere with my plans. If you intend to actually hunt the bear, you can use it as well - but trying to stick the flare is tricky, so using a bow from a distance might be preferable.