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  1. yea, you wanna go looking for a bear as soon as you manage to down one and it bleeds out kinda pity not to, unless you are playing on a hard enough difficulty that would prevent you from spending the time to actually do it. Best way to process a bear, in my opinion: To save as much of the durability on the meat, harvest couple of meat steaks first - I usually cut off 8-10 kg of meat by cutting off 2 kg of meat at once, first with a knife if the carcass is still unthawed, and once it gets frozen, I use the hatchet. Later in the game I would use a hacksaw for the meat. Always remember to hit the bait button to place the freshly cut piece of meat on the ground. Carving up the bear takes a lot of time, and there is lot to take here... so best way to process it is to quarter it. The benefit to quartering is that these quarters of meat can be moved, they degrade slower then the carcass, can be harvested in a place where there is no wind present, but most importantly they no longer get "frozen" like the carcass does, so in a way, cutting them up is faster then trying to cut off that meat from the carcass.
  2. Yep, same with bears. And if you rest in the indoor caves without a fire, they can even spawn on you and maul you right away. Or at least they used to. I dont think that is really neccesary, in fact, if you turned it into 5 different threads, it would not be particularly nice towards other forumers, who also want to discuss their topics. I dont see it as a bad thing, wanting to put several ideas together. But if you want to give ideas individually, you can in the future, just try not to get much past three ideas at once, its not exactly nice towards others if one person suddenly posts 5, or even 10 individual posts on each idea. What you can do in that case is post two, three of them, wait for people to discuss them and when it seems as though the discussion died down, you post more. Gotcha, I remember the post now, just didnt connect the two together beforehand . Sounds like it would be basically the same exact thing to Reishi. I get the idea behind wanting more medical plants, but right now all the plants basically cover all the necessary medical needs, I don't think there is a need for another plant, unless a new affliction was introduced that would require a new way to be treated. The only non-natural item for medicine is a bandage right now.
  3. Interesting, I had the same kind of glitch with graphics after spending a night in an outdoor cave by the broken radio transmitter above Spences. My bug lasted about half day till it fixed itself... it was very surreal but also quite immersive in a way, for some reason. Maybe because it was the morning after I barely escaped with my life, being chased down by a bear over the ice in the near-pitch black darkness and a fog so thick it could be cut with a knife... ____ For those interested - during my prep for that screenshot, I discovered that it is possible to climb on top of the summit plane. The broken tree next to it can be climbed, if one is careful, even though it appears to be too tilted, it can be done. Just a little perhaps interesting bit - you can make amazing screenshots when standing on the roof of the plane, close to the edge of it.
  4. I kinda wish there were more of them. Perhaps not the caves and mines for connector regions, but there are plenty of other indoor caves in the game that could have a wolf or two in them. As of now, I know of two caves where wolves can be located, but there might be more, so keep on your guard. Certain mechanics in the game are just quite rare - so there is no quarantee that rarely, wolves cant spawn in other caves as well.
  5. I havent done that much beachcombing as of late, so maybe I am a bit off on what washes up, but I dont believe the medicinal plants do. At least I really dont see how a single rose hip would help if it washed up... unless it washes up as already "prepared" state. I may have seen reishis washed up. I know things like saplings wash up, but I only remember medical items that were "industrialized" to wash up, not the medicinal plants as far as I recall. And even if they did, the beachcoming is fairly limited and very sporadic source of items. If the idea is to make medicinal plants be more useful, even for their non medicinal purposes, then the rare occasion when one washes up on a beach is just not going to cut it.
  6. I hate being sick. I just want to sing, but cant because I have a cold, and it sounds nosey and just baaad. 


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      Awe :( I hope you get better!

  7. Mroz4k


    There is literally a thread, suggesting a player-pulled sled already. Id suggest sticking to one thread. Canoe would be useless. You cant even touch running water without going straight into the mode of having all your clothes wet, and getting hypothermia risk instantly. Not to mention you cant even walk close to an open water because of weak ice. It wouldnt have limited use, it would be nigh-useless. Besides, what would be the point of getting a canoe, when there are tons of "boats" around the place already, just turned over? all one would have to do is build a fire close by to thaw them off the ground, then push the boat to the water - and you would be able to enter a boat, which would be much more stable on the water then the canoe.
  8. I mean, if there is a parachute, then it is pretty obvious what happened Your plane got a malfunction. You parachuted out. The plane continued on, and crashed in the location we know as Will´s crashed plane. Only in Survival, it is "your" plane. But the random spawn would be explained that because you parachuted out, you can be miles away from the original crash site, seeing as Great Bear is well known for its strong winds, and you opened your chute too early.
  9. What is it with people, wanting to move large quantities of items around so much... Stockpiling is always a bad idea. The moment you have too much of everything, the game turns sour because you dont really have a reason to go out do anything, just sit around... instead, its better to always collect just enough so that in next couple of days, you are forced to go out and replenish your supplies. I get that moving some items like tools and such may be beneficial for the main base... but, especially now with the well fed bonus, your normal capacity can be lifted up to 40 kg normal weight, which means you can easily carry below 55kg of gear at only a small movement debuff. At this point, there really is no particular need for sled. The only use I would see is if it was used for hauling off the quartered carcasses of an animals, when you are out on a hunting trip. Which also is not that difficult doing in-backpack now, imho. And I see nothing boring about making "several" trips between here and there. If one limits their weight capacity to some lighter clothes and a bare minimum of other gear, you can easily decrease your weight down to 20kg, even less. That gives you 35 more kg of carrying capacity. Besides, making trips to a different location to pick up your stashed gear there can be a very nice way to "get out of the survivor routine". But the issue here is the amount of work this would take for Hinterland to implement. It would basically require some separate movement mechanics coding and a ton of work, at close to no benefit. I used to be in favour of these sled ideas, but the more experienced with the game I got, the less uses I see for them. And, if it was limited to "flat areas" it would be utterly useless because Great Bear has tons of hightened places, this would only really make it useful when traveling over ice lakes, or the center part of PV, etc... not very useful tool, then. You would need to have several of them crafted, waiting at the edges of locations, and you would have to unpack it, carry it to new one, then pack it back in... in the end, I dont think it would be helpful at all. I meant no disrespect - I just really dont see the point, and I cant say Id want them to spend their time and resourced, developing something that is just not going to be very practical.
  10. turns out I was just being stupid. Day 51 doesnt mean it was 50 days survived yet. I literally stopped playing right before Id have gotten the achievement. Stupid ol me
  11. Day 50. Spend a few days just relaxing, getting ready for another adventure. Had to decide where to go - shall I finish up looting the PV, or should I try to make my way through the Ravine?

    Decided to go into a ravine, and spend the night sleeping in it so I can climb up in the noon of 51st day, without the need for an injection. The ravine had a real nice prize - an advanced guns book. Still, I decided to go visit the PV first. Now, I am going to finish up looting it, then move over to Coastal, and try to finish my "fast loot over the world with the Desolation point, by then, I should hit my first level 5 skills. At least, that is the plan.

    50% of the world explored. Havent been everywhere, it is entirely possible I missed some books in the more remote places. But overall, with the exception for rifling and sewing books, Im satisfied. Quite a lot of archery books this time around. Could have used less - very easy to level up archery even without it.

    1. kristaok


      Congrats on day 50!

  12. Given the number of spawns, this is unfeasible, as there would be a need for so many different kind of crashed plane arrangements. Its not like you could just place a generic "crashed plane" next to you upon spawn, that would be strange. What could, however, make sense is if there was like a deployed parachute, caught in a tree, on a roof of a building or a rock, somewhere near your starting location. Just out of the reach of the player... but it could forever mark your starting location point as a landmark, and give that little bit of extra immersion upon creating a new game. I dont really see the point to start at a Will´s plane as a survival game setting, unless you make it so you can pick specific spawn in the game and that would be very lame in my opinion. I see nothing particularly interesting about Will´s crashed plane over anything else. I agree, I see no point to add nausea as food poisoning is basically the same thing, as in food poisoning has the effect of nausea on the afflicted. Nor would I find it particularly in good taste of there was an animation for throwing up. Id understand maybe audio clue but even that would be kind of eck. Wolves following you into caves (thinking outdoor kind of caves) should not be an option that can be turned off, that should just be a part of the game, really. As for animals, following you into indoor locations... nah. Not neccesary, and probably way too much work compared to the payoff... I dont get what you mean by 5th? Chaga? 2. I can agree with. Its a bit of a pity there is no option to preserve all the houses, as some houses that are randomized present uniquely good locations if the game generation is fortunate enough.
  13. I am actually having problem with "Silent hunter". I guess the game counts bow as a firearm... because for whatever reason, I did not get the achievement in the wintermute, where I used a bow. I wonder if stones count as well... in that case, I guess I would have to just fire up a pilgrim game and slack for 50 days at the summit, eating the container supplies, I guess.
  14. It actually works perfectly well, just not like with the sandbox. When you find the survival kind of "skill book" in Wintermute, your side quests will be updated with a task that you have to do. Once you finish this task, you will learn something - usually it is how to craft a clothing item out of the animal you just killed. This is how the game slowly teaches you the aspects of the survival.
  15. Birchbark is pretty plentiful in the areas where it spawns specifically, as in the birch groves. Not really sure if that would be a strong enough remedy for parasites but it certainly is an option. But I dont think it is really neccesary that way - as you would basically make a 3rd antibiotics remedy. Mushrooms are good as-is. The base point of this topic is how to make the current medicinal plants renewable, and still keep it rather balanced, but make them more accesible so they can be used for their other properties as well, not to mention to give players another type of "task" they can do... as in go berry & shroom picking into the forest, or combine it with a stick foraging as a daily routine issue. Id love more uses for birch bark, sure, but I think medicine is not that important of its aspects, Id rather see it involved in either crafting, or as a meants to produce more lantern fuel, by basically charring the oils out of the bark.