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  1. It may be that if you go looking about the next day you'll find his carcass after he bleeds out.
  2. I like the idea of dismantling old fires, and speaking for myself... absolutely it's about cleaning up after myself. I grew up in the "take only pictures, leave only footprints" school of bush camping.
  3. The TL;DR on that is going to be a malapropism by way of Mark Twain: "Never let the facts realism get in the way of a good story game." And yeah, while fun figures into what makes a good game, it's far from the only thing that does.
  4. I've thought this would be a great idea for a long time. However, it couldn't go into any of the existing game modes; it'd be way too disruptive for that. It would also require something like a harbinger in the weather to tell you that something big is on the way; something like a slowly growing cloud formation bulking from some heading for a at least a few days before it arrives to allow players to get stuff laid up for the long wait. It'd be totally cool to have it drop indoor temps by say five degrees or so while it was on, and have it last from 3-7 days as a full on blizzard. Possibly even have the frequency go up the further you go into the deep game (say after 150 days), so it starts at 1/150, after three hundred days it goes to 1/125, after 550 it goes to 1/100, after 750 it goes to 1/75, and so on. Run it out long enough and eventually you will have them back to back. Call it "New Ice Age" mode or something.
  5. Given the beauty of the model, it'd be nice to see it as a one-time only weapon in survival (i.e. only one found in the world) that basically is the rifle but with a slight buff (very slight)... I'm thinking a slight buff to the maintenance would be appropriate; something like saving 1% of wear on your rifle cleaning kit per action.
  6. Hi! I'm pretty sure that's actually intentional. While you're in selecting actions time is passing in the game. That you'll end up taking a minute or three to get your stuff together to actually get down and start cutting makes sense from the simulation POV.
  7. If you go take a look at you'll find that bearskin bedrolls decay more slowly than cloth bedrolls. It's important that you pick up the bedroll when you're done sleeping, even if you drop it right away. Leaving it rolled out results in a decay of 0.1%/hr, not 0.2%/day, which results in 2.4%/day decay. No matter what kind of bedroll you have, always pick it up when you wake up to minimise decay rates. Both kinds of bedrolls can take damage from wildlife struggles. It's a low probability but it's not zero. Some days, you're the windshield... some days, you're the bug.
  8. We know it's in BC, and we know it's an island in the Pacific Ocean. There's a reasonable spread of biomes in that region, but none that would suggest igloos, and all of which would have plentiful material for using evergreen boughs for a snow shelter. Also, where you find igloos is up on the coast of the Arctic Ocean in the North West Territories or Inuvut and in the Arctic Archipelago... and they don't have trees at all.
  9. Oh, I'm down with allowing the use of cured hides as well as cloth to build snow shelters, but the people that make igloos live over a thousand kilometres away from the place this game is set. The reason is because the geography and climate in the Haida Gwaii is just not suitable for getting the kind of snow you need to build igloos. Igloos would be a jarring anachronism in the game.
  10. Well, here's the thing. The vast majority of the trees (and by vast I mean more than 99%) in the part of the world (Haida Gwaii) where Great Bear Island is set are evergreens. Using pine/fir/cedar boughs as part of a survival snow shelter is a real thing that exists. Dig a trench in a snowdrift, cover it with boughs, cover them with snow, lather rinse repeat for a foot or three. Pull boughs in behind you when you climb in. A survival tool I would love to see in this game is a shovel.
  11. Ha! I remember that one! I was I think 17 or 18 when that came out. I didn't buy it though... no computer to play it on.
  12. Raph, I'm willing to bet that I can beat that. Here's one: I played pong on the original hardware in 1978 in my friend Ooz's basement.
  13. Turn off the UI in options and you'll get your wish. I personally have been playing for about the last three weeks that way... makes for a different experience, that's for sure. I've actually turned it back on for a bit with the new update while I acclimatise myself to the new systems. I anticipate turning it off in a few days to a week (work is going to keep me from playing for a least a few more days). You can find it from the main menu in Options -> Display -> Hud Type -> set it to off and you'll get exactly what you're looking for.
  14. I'll have to recreate it. I have no idea what the code is.
  15. I've played a custom mode which is like pilgrim in that animal aggression is turned off, but with less loot, crappier weather, etc. The other thing I did was to set animal detection, blood smell, etc to as far as possible, to make the animals very skittish. I call it "Hunter" mode. The challenge isn't in beating the wildlife trying to kill you, it's being able to hunt effectively at low skill levels when all the wildlife is hyper aware of you. I'm thinking with the new weapon mechanics I might pull it out again.
  16. I'm really looking forward to digging into this. Thank you very much for the work you folks put into this, Raph.
  17. This might help.
  18. This is bold. Crouched by a fire barrel a little later, which is covering me from the blizzard, screenied because it looked kind of cool. I'm trying out the no-hud option. It's ... interesting.
  19. I've started a new run. Nothing special, just cranking my way in. Early morning rise up at TWM: Fading aurora with the sun lighting up the peaks. Just a minute or so later the tables were turning between the sun and the northern lights. By the time another few minutes had passed, the sun was firmly in charge.
  20. The forum application lost contact with its mysql instance a half an hour ago or so. It came back to life a few minutes later.
  21. I like this. ETA: it would be insanely cool to have them as a filter over the game that starts to show scratches and flaws due to impacts on the plastic as they degrade. A craftable natural alternative might be the slitted birch bark eye covers the Innu use for the same reason. Birchbark, gut, worktable, w/ knife, q&s tools, etc. They'd have to be very fragile to balance them out... and you'd expect them to be fragile anyway. Key point is that they'd interfere with vision, and as they degrade they interfere with vision more.
  22. Actually, more west than south, over the great plains or muskeg (from Hudson's Bay or the Arctic Ocean, respectively) and then a mountain range, and at least a thousand kilometres for the closest polar bear... all over habitat that they don't know how to feed from. A massive anachronism that would throw any Canadian completely out of the willing suspension of disbelief... including the guy that makes the game. I think it's very unlikely you're going to see polar bears.
  23. That's weird. TLD on my system is absolutely a 64-bit program. readelf -a ".local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/TheLongDark/tld.x86_64" ELF Header: Magic: 7f 45 4c 46 02 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Class: ELF64 I'd expect it to run 64 bit on Windows too. Is the machine really old or something?
  24. Polar bears can be very very aggresive, and are surely no less aggressive than grizzlies. One major issue with the whole idea of polar bears is that there are no polar bears in the part of the world the game is set in. I lived in Prince George BC as a kid. The anachronism of seeing a polar bear there would totally trash immersion. I think the high priority for the next predator should be the mountain lion. Prefers stealth attacks, can kill, very damaging to clothing, if Hinterland does a good job programming stalking behaviour (state: we've detected each other and we both know it; cats will prefer to keep their distance and wait for you to relax your guard; Don't turn your back on them!) it could add a whole new layer of challenge.