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  1. Manual saves

    I like the permadeath. Right now I'm exploring HRV with my ~385 day survivor. It makes me very cautious about overextending myself. My basic plan has been; establish resources at the HRV end of the cave that leads to MT. Go exploring, knowing I can run back and water and food up if necessary. Get me to a cave, and then establish resources there (food water & firewood). Once I have a nice supply there, go looking for the next one. Lather, rinse, repeat, so that when something goes down (wolf struggle, blizzard blows in, etc) I am able to beat a hasty retreat to somewhere safe where I can rest and heal up. I also tend to do hunting around each forward base so I can also get a stockpile going of rabbit deer and bear hides and guts so I can repair my clothing as needed. Saplings go in the backs of the caves to cure, and when I decide to return to my first forward base at the end of the MT<->HRV cave it's simplicity to load up and get back to the crafting table at the Trailer in MT so I can replenish my bows and arrows and clothes as necessary. If I were to simply restore saves I'd be just out romping knowing that when I screw the pooch I can just revert and do it again. Having permadeath on a long-term survivor like that means that I will be properly cautious about the risks he takes while exploring the new region. And and as an aside... I've been doing the vast majority of my cooking out in caves and all the people whining about the cooking system haven't given it the thought it truly requires. Throw on a 2L pot of snow and a kilo of venison, then repair clothing while it all comes together. If I'm looking for a little variety and have a can of soup or peaches or some such, just place it close to the fire and it'll open up and start heating up... and can't overcook. Tea, coffee, mushroom/berry tea, soup, peaches etc... get hot and stay hot so when I'm ready to amble out in the cold I can load up on those and their warming bonuses before heading out the door.
  2. Is anyone else not hearing the blub-blub-blub of the water coming to a boil?

    Hmmm, I'm running it under linux. No console here to check. I definitely know it exists on PC.

    Ummm there is one, but you have to change it before launching an actual game. You can't change it while actively playing.
  5. When animals bleed do they always die?

    There's a long-standing issue where if you shoot an animal and go inside while it's bleeding out, it will stop bleeding and be on its merry way. You can avoid this by going in, leaving again in less than a minute, and then going back in again. TBH, it's been around for so long I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed by now...
  6. Arrow Disappear

    Good to hear, Patrick. Thanks for letting us know!
  7. Arrow Disappear

    Nice to have confirmation. This needs to be fixed pronto.
  8. So, here's the big question

    That's what I've done so far. Was wondering if maybe just maybe there'd be one stashed somewhere... maybe by that signal fire I've not managed to reach yet. ETA: I'm actually there now, waiting for some deer hides to cure so I can patch up my pants and boots. I've noticed that arrows sometimes disappear when shooting animals... end up nowhere to be found. It seems to happen when the arrow bounces off the animal. If someone could do some hunting and find out if this is affecting their games too that'd be very very useful.
  9. V1.30 Stalker Achievement Run II

    There are several bear spawns on each map, but whether a bear spawns at a specific spawn is determined at the start of the game by RNG. For example, sometimes I get the bear at Trapper's, sometimes I don't. On my current run when I made it to ML I didn't have any bear on that map whatsoever.
  10. Vigilant Flame issues/kudos

    I'm going to start off by saying I love the new region, and I like the cooking update. I started out giving myself food poisoning a few times, but as I've gotten accustomed to the mechanic it's been less of a problem. The cooking adds a lot of versimilitude to the game and I'm appreciating being able to do things like harvest cloth and light clothing repair while the steaks are on the barbie. Issues do exist, and one's absolutely killer. I can confirm the vanishing arrows problem. I bagged a deer, watched the arrow bounce off and land, and when I went to go pick it up it was gone. Furthermore this has happened multiple times now. This is a major problem from the gameplay perspective... I'm losing arrows quite quickly because of it and given the difficulty in replacing lost arrowheads that's a big big deal. This needs to be addressed pronto. The other one is (I'm sure) linux specific, and while I've figured out how to work around it the new cooking mechanic draws it very strongly into focus. It has to do with mouse event handling. The short version is that a mouse up event following the mouse down that selects an object gets interpreted in the sub-menu. So, I click on a pot on a stove, and if the mouse cursor happens to be over an action the mouse up event gets interpreted as doing that action. This is a long-standing problem in linux, but with the new cooking mechanic it makes handling certain things significantly more difficult and fraught with peril for your survivor. This issue really needs to get addressed with the new cooking mechanic because the result of selecting a pot on a stove being filling it with snow instead of being able to select an action is a real issue... and it's happening a lot. I don't know if it's a Unity problem or something specific in the game code, but it does need to be fixed.
  11. So, here's the big question

    Is there a crafting table in HRV? If so, where is it? If not... well.
  12. Snowballs: Hushed River Valley

    I'm currently exploring HRV with my 362 day Voyageur survivor. He's well tricked out, but even then it's been a rough go. On the plus side, I've finally located a couple of caves (NOT the ice cave!) which can serve as a home base, though he's currently holed up in the cave that leads to Milton as he has a bear hide in there (needed to repair the rapidly decaying bear skin bedroll) and is stuck because of a blizzard that blew up the morning after he fixed up his badly tattered rabbit mittens after a few wolf struggles. Yes, this place is a maze. I'm considering my next move to be dropping a few items and making the rope climb that's found if one keeps to the right as one leaves the cave that leads to Milton. I'm hoping I'll find a few goodies up there. At the moment I'm resisting the siren call of the ice cave... I want to be sure that I have everything well in hand before I go in there to kill the wolf, and I'm hoping that it turns out that the wolf is a specific personality rather than one that spawns randomly in there. Right now, the big question is... has anyone found a worktable in HRV?
  13. Share your screenshots

    Exploring HRV with my nearly 400 day survivor: First night, no cave or shelter found, but I found a good nook that helped cut the wind: Got some venison off a ravaged deer carcass, and here I am cookin' it up and boiling up some water while sitting and looking out over the valley:
  14. Put down the sleeping bag, then point at it and click for the sleep menu. At the top, you'll see a tab with playing cards. Select it. That's the pass time tab. Use it to pass time in the sleeping bag with its warmth bonus.
  15. Not Coastal Highway. No house on the island and the low island is not in the right place for it to be Misanthropes. I think it's the mouth of the river in River Valley. We'll all get to find out tomorrow I guess