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  1. Hey guys. Up until June I was the lead admin for the mail to text gateway for one of the big 3 telecoms (~11 million users). Approximately 80% of the job was dealing with spammers (11 million user mail system that delivers as text messages means being a big fat target for all kinds of attempted fraud). If you're interested, I'd be down for consulting on how to manage that. Not knowing anything in particular about this forum software, but I'm sure it has hooks and I can think of a few ways you could help protect against that. Even simple policy changes can make a huge difference, and by hooking into the "Post" function I'm sure it'd be easy to do some very basic but effective filtering.
  2. Okay, so... where's Will? A couple of bonus pics: where's this one at? And, you know, because eye candy. Take it easy
  3. Desolation Point just off the bridge where Chad piled it in with his pickup. Good going, Chad.
  4. I've seen this as well. Are you playing on linux, by chance?
  5. I have an idea that might be able to tweak cabin fever. I was thinking about this last night. The idea is dreaming, and their ability to wake you up. Cabin fever could be recast as a likelihood of having a nightmare that wakes you up, and interrupts your rest/recover cycle. Given that condition recovery is weighted towards long sleeps, this could be very effective. So, as you spend too much time indoors you end up with a higher likelihood of having a nightmare (say, you're looking at the black screen of sleep, and suddenly you have the wolf leap or bear maul animation, or maybe a fall off a cliff) and then you wake up. Very low likelihood of happening, but if you're sitting idle (even weighting this by the nature of activity indoors would be a good idea... so crafting a wolf skin coat contributes a much lower likelihood than just standing there passing time) indoors then the likelihood of nightmares goes up. This would make hibernation play style dead... if it's at the point where you're starting awake every hour or two you'll never recover that condition and you'll die. If you're mildly afflicted you'll be waking up every three or four hours. This will mess with your fatigue meter and create problems for the player going forward (hitting exhaustion at inconvenient times can be a killer). If you're out and about all the time, you'll never have any real problems (say a nightmare every week or so) and you'll end up just fine. Could add some good art opportunities too... create dreamscapes to fill in that black sleeping screen, and then every once in a while boom wolfshot and you wake up. Hazy memories of life before the fall, northern lights playing across the screen without a background, things like that.
  6. Close encounter with a wolf. Good thing I was downwind.
  7. TWM. I love the views.
  8. Well, the moon can do that. I'd love for the night sky to be more accurate... be able to find constellations, have the days precess through the seasons (even if there's perpetual winter the earth's tilt relative to the sun will mean that days will shorten and lengthen as it orbits the sun), have seasonal constellations move through as they do in the real world, have the moon move across the sky in the same way, have the sun's path through the sky precess along with the seasons, and so on. Then there'd be nights where the full moon would lead to a lot of illumination and a new moon would make for a very dark night, and so on.
  9. If you're on PC, the "2" key will bring up your weapon. If you have more than one weapon in inventory, repeatedly hitting "2" will cycle through them... and you can walk at the same time. I don't know the button for this on consoles, but I'd be awfully surprised if there isn't one.
  10. Part of the idea is that it's hard to get. For example, one of the ways that I would try to handle this in game is to create a 25 hour book that you've got to find and read before you can even attempt to make one. Then you need two mag glasses, scrap metal, reclaimed wood, and rabbit hides and cloth in order to actually make one, and it should take a long long time... I could see it taking as long as fifty hours given that most of that time would be taken up regrinding the mag lenses to be able to get a good focus. I'd also only have one magnification level (say 4x, or maybe even 2x) and a fairly narrow FoV. Useful for stuff like looking for predators and observing where they're going in preparation for avoidance or hunting.
  11. Making an effective scope for the rifle is a far harder problem than just making a telescope that lets you see further.
  12. In order for it to be a Faraday cage, you also need to have the conductive external surface be grounded. Interesting factoid... electronics based on vacuum tubes are far more robust for this kind of event. The Soviets continued to use tubes in fighter aircraft for many years after the US moved to transistors because of their far greater resistance to EMP events. So, my main stage amp will possibly work after the quiet apocalypse... however I'm pretty sure that my guitars' pickups would all get fried so it wouldn't help that much
  13. I know people who make telescopes, grinding their own lenses and mirrors. It's not that insane an idea... and we're talking about a video game. It would be great to be able to blow twenty five hours and make a spyglass that you could use to check whether the area you're looking to get to is being patrolled by wolves and to watch their pattern so you can figure out an ideal approach.
  14. I expect you'll find out when it gets released. However, here's the thing. I work in IT and software development. When the game was released Aug 1st a number of bugs were revealed when the user base for the game went from a few dozen in testing to hundreds of thousands. They patched all the problems and they did it quickly, and I know that this happened by working long long hours. This is not a large development team, and Hinterland doesn't have the resources of an EA or Ubisoft. On the gripping hand, take a look at the (imho) beautiful piece of art that they created, a piece of art that could never have come out of an EA or Ubisoft as they are driven by corporate commercial imperatives that are simply non-existent to a small privately held firm like Hinterland. Raph and co. have said they are going to continue to work on the sandbox as well as the new episodes. So far I've not seen any reason why I shouldn't take them at their word. Besides, the simple truth is that as far as I'm concerned, what I've already received is totally worth the money I paid for it, and the rest of the stuff coming down the turnpike is basically gravy.
  15. They have not forgotten about the game.