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  1. How to know if you are "Outside"

    I've found that as you're walking towards the back of the cave you'll have a spot where you'll suddenly start walking more slowly; that's the transition point to "inside" from "outside".
  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #10

    Neil Young, Stompin' Tom, and Guess Who. GTFOH.
  3. Concerning the prison bus:

    CSC gives out 9mm semis when handguns are issued to guards, afaik.
  4. Best Interloper base

    Further to @Cr41g's post... the Forest Cave on PV is also a good cave to hang out in. Lots of nearby fuel in all directions Closest place to the one fishing hut on the map... it's just up the hill. It's big, and the snow covered area right outside the actual cave is very well sheltered from the wind and an excellent place to store meat. Deer, wolves, moose, and bear are nearby. Just over by the picnic area is an excellent spot for rabbits. The workbench at the radio tower is within easy reach. Pretty close to the exits to CH and ML. Cave living is actually pretty awesome. You get full on longevity bonus for your fires if you build them just inside the entrance; build a fire for eight hours, watch it last for twelve or more. I generally go with a permafire when I'm in a cave (i.e. burning all the time); I just feed it up to eight to twelve hours before I set out for the day and make sure I grab wood along the way, and then feed it for the night. The longest burning fire I've ever had according to my journal stats was 259 hours, so nearly 11 days. If you're in a good location and have your fire skill up reasonably high then permafires are totally viable, and the forest cave on PV is one of those locations. Once you get yourself set up with decent clothing that is... my overall preference is to hit a forge to get arrowheads, then hit the fishing village at CH to get myself set up (don't need good clothing to survive in the cabin right by the crafting table, and the outdoor crafting table is a real godsend when it comes to avoiding cabin fever), and then once I get myself up to decent gear (wolfskin coat, bearskin coat, 2x deer pants, deer boots, rabbit mitts, and a bearskin bedroll) I start heading into the wilder regions to live in caves. One thing about the places where human habitation used to be extensive as that they tend to have a lot of wolves (coastal townsite/quonset, railway on ML, maintenance shed on BR, etc etc) while the areas around caves are generally (but not always!) not nearly as infested with wolves.
  5. Let's try Outerloper

    The bear in the cave under Echo Peak East is an easy hunt from the leaning tree near the wing. You get up on the tree, you can even build a fire on it, and the bear walks right by and can't reach you. That is the spot you want right there.
  6. survival: the procedurally generated story mode

    Hey, glad you're enjoying it. Can I make a suggestion about how to manage resources? Use caves. They are awesome once you get enough clothing on the go. A fire made right in the mouth of the cave will get the "cold bonus" (this can turn a 12 hour fire into an 18 hour fire pretty easily), so you sleep warm. I use caves extensively and drop some firewood, water, and meat in the entranceway (where the meat will benefit from outdoor decay times) and leave hides in the back of the cave (to cure, or because I just can't carry them at the time). I have that stuff all over the place, because that way when bad weather blows in I'm never too far away from somewhere where I can get a fire going, eat, drink, and be merry while I wait for it to blow by. Having all your stuff in one place on the map simply means you can be really really screwed if you find yourself in bad straits in the place on the map the absolute furthest distance from it. If you have resource drops in all the caves, you'll never have far to go when a blizzard comes in and starts to really put the boots to you.
  7. Clothing and item combos

    I should clarify this because it's not accurate, strictly speaking. The moose cloak can be part of a fashionable ensemble that will add up to 50% armour, fully half of which comes from the cloak. With 50% armour, you'll take 45 damage from a bear mauling, not 90, leaving you with 55% condition afterwards assuming full condition when the bear attacked. The cloak contributes a total savings of 22.5 damage to that total. Look great! Save condition! Get your moose cloak today!
  8. Clothing and item combos

    Yeah, if you look over the decay tables on that page, you'll find that's really really slow compared to almost everything else.
  9. Clothing and item combos

    More fun facts: if you get mauled by a bear with full condition and a moose cloak on, you'll have 55 condition at the end of the mauling. The cloak will take twenty damage plus/minus five. Close encounters with hostile wildlife become significantly more survivable if you have it.
  10. Clothing and item combos

    Oh, another thing about having the bear skin coat on the inside slot. According to thelongdark.wikia.com/wiki/Decay the bearskin coat decays slowest when worn on the inside slot, at 0.033%/day. With a moose hide cloak, it will almost never take damage from animal attacks. At that rate of decay, it takes ten days to drop a single percent, and a thousand to drop to zero. It's durable and doesn't often need repair.
  11. Clothing and item combos

    My favourite coat combo has become moose cloak outside, bear coat inside. Yeah, it's heavy. Really good windchill and water protection, and really good armour, and lots of warmth. One of the best things about a moose cloak is you can go hit a table, harvest it for the moose hide, and with four cured guts make a new cloak at 100%. The big drawback there is how long it takes compared to repairing, but otoh if you don't happen to have a moose hide around to repair it, you can get back to a 100% value in about twenty hours of labour... so two days. Also with HRV, I've found it to be very windy, and the moose cloak's excellent wind chill protection is really nice to have there.
  12. Trapping/Fauna/Compass/Kitties

    To be pedantic... bears are ursines, dogs are canines, wolves are lupines, deer are cervine, rabbits are leperine, mountain lions are leonines... there's a whole bunch of 'em.
  13. Wahoo!

    Hey thanks Stone. To give an update I've been trying out various custom configs and haven't totally nailed down what I'm trying to get across here... I'll keep you all posted if/when I ever get one off the ground that looks like what I'm trying to get at. I'm having problems nailing down the right level of loot...
  14. Erratic walking speed

    I think it's about transitioning from an "indoor" environment to an "outdoor" one and vice versa. When you get to the magic point where curing starts to happen, you're "inside", and the perceived movement speed is different. This would be so that differing scales can be used in indoor vs outdoor settings with different movements speeds coupled with the different clock speed of the game (i.e. one minute lasts six seconds not sixty) so that the perceived size of game elements (eg desks and chairs inside, trees and mountains outside) coupled with the compressed time and speed of travel make sense; a human being can travel twenty kilometers in a day if they're booking, and with the time compression, sizing of objects, and size of the maps, that a person can still travel twenty "kilometers" in the game in a "day".
  15. Hidden Caves

    The thing is, there's lots of little nooks and crannies which can keep you alive through the night if you really need it.