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  1. The music is there to tell you what time of day it is. The same song always plays at the same time each day, if you're outside. My guess is that since the aurora is considered a "weather", they've tied the aurora music to the weather sfx, because they don't want it to behave like the other music in the game (telling you when it's lunch time, when the sun's going down, when dusk hits, midnight, etc). Personally, I like the music. It's pretty and useful because it's not random.
  2. I'm the same way. I blame Descent.
  3. I can definitely say that the 64 bit issues with KSP and Windows have been sorted for a while now. I can also say that the amount of dev pain involved in getting it going once Unity updated and fixed their 64 bit Windows issues was substantial. I've spent a LOT of time in KSP. And yeah, the 64 bit version was working flawlessly in linux for literally years before it finally got sorted on the Windows side. You may very well be right in that Hinterland may need to update their version of Unity to get that fixed up... but I remember very well the substantial issues that got raised in KSP when they did that and the extensive patching that went on (for literally months, was pushing a year) before it all got stabilized properly.
  4. Steam is 32 bit, but all it does is call whatever is registered as your shell (in my case that's bash) to call the program, and when I run it it calls the 64 bit executable that's distributed: tld.x86_64. There's also a 32 bit executable, but steam is smart enough to recognise that I'm on a 64 bit machine and call the right executable for my architecture. Also, since there doesn't appear to be any kind of copy protection on the game I can always just run it from the command line, or create a program object to run it from with or without steam.
  5. Is this really a thing? On linux I have a 64 bit executable, and according to readelf it's a true 64 bit program.
  6. Little mofo died just out of reach.
  7. Did the wind pick up or change direction? That can blow a fire out. I have experienced that myself... it has always been related to the wind either getting stronger, changing direction, or both. And yeah, I was really pissed the first time it happened. I was in a place I'd never been before when a whiteout blew up out of nowhere and blew my fire out. Fortunately, I had enough sticks and cloth that I managed to build a snow shelter in time to keep from freezing to death.
  8. I think the skybox is intended to look like a watercolour painting of the night sky. That doesn't really bother me that much... what does bother me about it is that the usual direction sign posts (big dipper, little dipper, and Polaris) are not in it, which means using it to navigate is a non-starter. I kinda get the perpetual winter thing... it's a conceit which would be true after a supervolcanic eruption somewhere in the world. Given the signs in the game that there were some massive earthquakes (that apparently took place while the player was still in the air before crashing) that's not completely out of bounds. However, I would really like it if the skybox was an accurate one wrt constellations, that the constellations moved seasonally even if the season itself doesn't (pick a date for the crash... I nominate Groundhog Day as a nod to that most excellent of movies with all lives restarting then) so that by the time you're a hundred and twenty days in you're looking at the summer constellations, not the winter ones, and that the length of days and nights were reflected by that as well... I can kinda buy perpetual winter because they've happened before (last time was when Toba erupted ~65kya) but losing earth's axial tilt is something I can't buy. As it were.
  9. Oh, and... very few houses in my neck of the woods have fireplaces, but I live in the great southern strip. When I lived in Prince George, BC as a child that house did have a fireplace. ISTR that a lot of 'em did, but I was nought but a toddler then.
  10. None of this is meant as a slam on GelTaz... more of your typical inter-provincial bickering that is part of what makes Canada so much fun
  11. Ah, I read that as "well, maybe one doesn't know that one is quebecois", not "we don't know we are quebecois" but as I didn't learn french until I was in my thirties I'll happily take your correction. Think I forgot an accent ague on habite, which changes the meaning of that sentence significantly
  12. The only province that has two languages is New Brunswick, but the federal government is officially bilingual. So... if Mystery Lake were a federal park... there'd be French on the signs.
  13. Yeah yeah yeah... bien, peut-etre on sait pas qu'on est quebecois... et il y a beaucoup des americains ici qui ne comprende presque rien de Canada... et encore moins de Quebec et sa place en Canada. Your Ontarian cousin (qui as habite a Montreal pour beaucoup des ans )
  14. French has been the second language of Canada for over a century... pretty much since its founding. If the park at Mystery Lake is a federal park, then there will be French on the signs.
  15. I just fired up 1.12, and it looks like a bug has been introduced governing the initial disclaimer ("we do not support harming wildlife"). It doesn't display. When the steam "hit ctrl-shift to talk to other players on steam" dialog goes back down, it's leaving a series of lines each time it draws the box as it retracts. I tried to screenshot it, but it didn't work. Please find Player.log attached. Player.log