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  1. This might help.
  2. This is bold. Crouched by a fire barrel a little later, which is covering me from the blizzard, screenied because it looked kind of cool. I'm trying out the no-hud option. It's ... interesting.
  3. I've started a new run. Nothing special, just cranking my way in. Early morning rise up at TWM: Fading aurora with the sun lighting up the peaks. Just a minute or so later the tables were turning between the sun and the northern lights. By the time another few minutes had passed, the sun was firmly in charge.
  4. The forum application lost contact with its mysql instance a half an hour ago or so. It came back to life a few minutes later.
  5. I like this. ETA: it would be insanely cool to have them as a filter over the game that starts to show scratches and flaws due to impacts on the plastic as they degrade. A craftable natural alternative might be the slitted birch bark eye covers the Innu use for the same reason. Birchbark, gut, worktable, w/ knife, q&s tools, etc. They'd have to be very fragile to balance them out... and you'd expect them to be fragile anyway. Key point is that they'd interfere with vision, and as they degrade they interfere with vision more.
  6. Actually, more west than south, over the great plains or muskeg (from Hudson's Bay or the Arctic Ocean, respectively) and then a mountain range, and at least a thousand kilometres for the closest polar bear... all over habitat that they don't know how to feed from. A massive anachronism that would throw any Canadian completely out of the willing suspension of disbelief... including the guy that makes the game. I think it's very unlikely you're going to see polar bears.
  7. That's weird. TLD on my system is absolutely a 64-bit program. readelf -a ".local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/TheLongDark/tld.x86_64" ELF Header: Magic: 7f 45 4c 46 02 01 01 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 Class: ELF64 I'd expect it to run 64 bit on Windows too. Is the machine really old or something?
  8. Polar bears can be very very aggresive, and are surely no less aggressive than grizzlies. One major issue with the whole idea of polar bears is that there are no polar bears in the part of the world the game is set in. I lived in Prince George BC as a kid. The anachronism of seeing a polar bear there would totally trash immersion. I think the high priority for the next predator should be the mountain lion. Prefers stealth attacks, can kill, very damaging to clothing, if Hinterland does a good job programming stalking behaviour (state: we've detected each other and we both know it; cats will prefer to keep their distance and wait for you to relax your guard; Don't turn your back on them!) it could add a whole new layer of challenge.
  9. The starvation mechanic, although nerfed, is still useful and widely used. I've used it myself, when necessary. However, in general, for roleplay reasons, I've generally tried to keep my guy in food when I play, because in the real world trying to use the starvation mechanic would greatly hasten your death in a long term wilderness survival scenario.
  10. Yes, that is exactly what it is. In the earlier stages of the game's development there was a leaderboard for how long people had survived for, and people exploited the rest/heal mechanic to survive for very long periods on very little food. It's actually exploitable now, but more difficult and time limited due to the fatigue/starvation issue that @BareSkin mentions. When you are low on food, you want to tire yourself out, and then feed yourself just enough to make it through the night (480, 600, or 720 calories depending on skill level, based on thirst consumption; on Voyageur with a full thirst bar you can sleep for 12 hours without losing condition due to thirst, ten hours on Stalker, and eight hours on Interloper). Then you starve yourself over the course of the day; doing so results in condition loss of 1%/hour. If you're awake for sixteen hours, you can make up for far more than that loss by eating right before sleeping. In these fora, it's referred to as the 'starvation mechanic', and esp. in the early game can be a real life-saver until you get yourself established. The Well Fed buff was introduced as a way of disincentivizing the use of this mechanic by offering a condition and inventory capacity buff if you avoid starvation (i.e. empty stomach) for 72 hours in a row.
  11. You have to be tired to sleep and recover condition. You can set yourself to sleep for 12 hours, but if your fatigue bar is only halfway down you'll sleep six instead... and if you're all in wakey wakey mode (i.e. full fatigue bar) and your condition is terrible you won't be able to sleep to recover your condition more quickly until you become tired.
  12. stratvox

    2 Shots!

    I'm not sure that moose are afraid of fire the way wolves are.... and @XaldinVii that happened to me on one of my runs. I didn't have enough together; I ended up dying on that one before I was healed so I could get off the mountain.
  13. I'm going to say that I think that Hinterland would be well advised to devote the vast majority of their resources to finishing Wintermute, with only the possibility of releasing new regions etc for Survival in so far as they are already generated for the remaining episodes of Wintermute. There is a great deal to be said for the generation of goodwill (in the business/accounting sense of goodwill) by having a reputation for delivering on their promises. Along the way, ISTR hearing about work to streamline the production of both episodes and regions; after Wintermute is finished I can easily see how they could start to deliver further story mode seasons and sandbox regions as paid DLC to generate further income for the firm, secure in the knowledge that the world at large knows their word is good.
  14. I've found the rifle in that car before. Also found a cowichan sweater in the trunk once, too!
  15. That's not one hundred percent true. If you eat raw meat with cooking five you still get food poisoning. Discovered that after the first time I got to cooking five; tried eating a raw coho salmon (was thinking sashimi!) but got food poisoning.