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  1. Share your screenshots

    You must have good clothing and good fire skill. It's cheap for my guy because he's got awesome clothes and fire 5. As a place to start out... not so much. If you're new, use the little mine if you have a bedroll, or Hibernia if you don't.
  2. Achievement goals: Stone Age Sniper & Deep Forest

    Build your fire in the entrance to a cave. It'll be protected from the wind and benefit from the outdoor fire bonus which will cut down on the amount of wood you need. The longest fire I've ever had on the go was a little over ten days; when you're cave living a permafire is very very handy because if you feed it up to eight hours or so in the morning, you can go out to do stuff and come back in and warm up when you get close to hypothermia. Best of all, after you've built it up enough it'll be running at 80C and you'll have an air temp near it of 40C which means you'll go from hypothermia to a full temp bar in very short order. Just lather, rinse, repeat as you go through your daily chores to keep from taking hits due to the cold and then just feed that bad boy up before bed and you'll have a nice warm night next to the fire with zero cabin fever.
  3. Cinderella Challenge

    I see your guy is hanging out in the same place my guy is. I used to hate DP (I've croaked there lots) but I've come to really like it now. Mind you, on day ~650 those snares are a LOT less productive; I've got four out in the exact same spot you do and I'm only pulling a rabbit every three or four days.
  4. Share your screenshots

    It's a roaring fire in the fire barrel in the church. It benefits from the outdoor cold bonus, which is one of the things that makes the church a good place to live. Outdoor fires cut way back on the amount of wood you need... and I might add that I've been here for nearly a month now and I'm having no problem keeping the wood well stocked. There's plenty of it near the church. I'll allow that the distance to the work table in Hibernia is a bit rough, but overall this is really the spot in DP. In a lot of ways, it's a cave, in that you're invisible to predators while you're inside, you can cure hides etc on the floor, but you're outside so no cabin fever and your fires last a lot longer. I actually took a lot of shots while my breath was (mostly) invisible to get this one, to catch the peak brightness of the flickering fire. Here's inside the church right now.
  5. Share your screenshots

    Here's another stone church shot, as my guy's still hanging out in DP. Thought this one looked pretty good. The sunrise is going to be glorious.
  6. Share your screenshots

    Walk on over and find out. It'll be an adventure!
  7. Pots, pans and tools hard to find items???

    There's another thing to consider too. When you use a hacksaw to chop up a limb, you burn 5% of the tool condition. When you use an improvised hatchet, you burn 3% condition. An improvised hatchet takes 5 scrap metal to make, and returns 2 on harvest, so each one costs 3 metal. When you use a scrap metal to repair the hacksaw, you get a 30% improvement. So, each scrap metal used on the hacksaw gets you six limbs harvested. When you use an improvised hatchet, it can break any time after its condition drops below 20%. This means you're getting between 27 and 33 limbs hacked with the improvised hatchet. Let's say thirty limbs on average. That's ten limbs harvested per scrap metal consumed. Three scrap metal buys you either 18 limbs harvested when it's used to repair the hacksaw, and between 27 and 33 limbs harvested when you use an improvised hatchet. That's a significant difference.
  8. Episode 3?

    They just picked up some experienced game devs when Capcom Vancouver folded last September. ISTR that Raph mentioned they got some motion capture stuff from the Capcom distress sale too. While there's no doubt that there'll be some ramp up time for new developers, I'd expect that it won't be very long before you start seeing more production from them. It's not like they're going to keep those folks idle while paying them a salary.
  9. Pots, pans and tools hard to find items???

    The hacksaw is really good because you can use it to harvest the material you use to repair it and the tools that repair it. On the other hand, during the early game when there are hatchets about and your clothing is not so great, forty five minutes vs. an hour and a half is potentially a LOT of condition. Eventually the hatchets and knives and whetstones go away. By then you should be incredibly well equipped anyway, as well as having high skill levels and if you haven't decimated the stuff you can cut up for scrap metal, you're going to get a lot of mileage out of it later because you'll be far better equipped to keep from freezing while cutting up firewood. There's no reason not to run down the whetstones, hatchets, and knives, and they make certain things in the early game a lot easier to survive because of how much time you can save with them. The hacksaw... keep that for later. I'm on day 610 or so of my long run, and I'm almost out of hatchets in the world. However, the world is stuffed full of things to cut up for scrap metal. My bigger problem is going to be running out of birch saplings. They're running really low on me now. I've only fired the rifle once, though, and I have some impressive stashes of rifles and ammo and gun 4 from reading, so I think I'll be okay when they run out, it's just that the rifle's so bloody heavy.
  10. interloper questions!

    AFAIA, you can start on DP in Interloper.
  11. Hidden Caves

    Crumbling Highway, on the little island on the opposite side of the big cave with all the coal in it. Handy spot.
  12. Highly directional sound in Linux

    I too have noticed this. I've been especially noticing it lately as my guy's been living at the stone church in DP; the supercardioid effect of the SFX is completely noticeable with the waterfall just around the corner from there.
  13. Hurricane Lantern

    We already have a hurricane lantern. It's just that it's got an automatic igniter in it. What the OP is really asking for is for it to be much more efficient (like it is in real life, vs. what it's like in the game). I don't think that's too likely, as it would make it entirely possible to have endless light while anywhere near a fishing hut.
  14. Newbie Survivor Log

    Just as an aside... check out the armor rating of the mariner's pea coat vs. the expedition parka. You may want to consider pea coat on the outside slot (where the armor matters when in wildlife struggles) and keep the parka on the inside slot (where it will be safe from a wolf's depredations). Yes, the armor rating is only slightly higher, but that will result in slightly less condition damage, and the cost per unit of damage to your temperature modifier will be significantly lower than if the parka is what's taking the brunt of the struggle.
  15. Share your screenshots

    Yeah, I use that one to hunt the bear that lives in the cave next to the Broken Bridge. You can fire in complete safety from maulings.