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  1. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    If you feel that you must. Happy to see that I got someone with this one, at least... Just consider all the ways that a woman singing about needing her crevice tool can be taken. /me flees.
  2. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    Hey, that's genuine Canadian culture right there.
  3. I'm with Yang on this. I'd love to be able to do carryable containers. It'd be cool to be able to have multiple moose satchels with different loads in them for doing different things, like knife bow arrows for hunting, and hatchet hacksaw for looting places like Hibernia or the Dam. Grab the loot satchel and when you get back it's got your hatchet and hacksaw and a big pile of metal in it. The travois would just be a further extension of that, with ramifications for movement... no sprinting unless you drop the travois, and taking it up into the hills risks having it overturn and spill as well as beating the crap out of your movement speed. Modelling that could be challenging, but certainly should be doable. That kind of thing could add a lot to the game.
  4. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    Needs cleaning: Shoutout to the MM 80s homeboys. Remember this one?
  5. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    As far as I'm aware, nope. Also, if you build a 12 hour fire at the spot I indicated, you're not going to have to worry about that. I suspect this little spot has been here far far longer than the cave to Milton. Also, as said above, that cave will not work wrt cabin fever... this little cranny will.
  6. Nifty spot near Trapper's.

    Found a really cool little niche near Trapper's Homestead. Here's a short video showing its location: Enjoy!
  7. Armor-piercing Ammo

    Oh come now, a moose firing bazooka is simply absurd; who could pick it up and aim it? Now a bazooka firing rabid weasels... that at least is in the realm of plausibility, not like that stopid moose bazooka idea....
  8. Add maples trees ?

    Maple trees are already in the game (look for the trees with no leaves and dark grey bark). There's no way the sap'd be running in the weather conditions extant in TLD. I would love it if they added maple limbs to the game, with an even longer/hotter burn time than fir. Make the respawn rate of 'em really low so as not to overpower.
  9. On hibernation

    I have a custom game I'm working with that helps with this by setting both at rest and normal recover to "Low". With this setting a twelve hour sleep recovers 18% condition (not counting herbal tea). I've currently got "medium" set for both hunger and thirst rates, which permit twelve hour sleeps; you can cut this by increasing the the thirst rate. This does allow for sleep recover but heavily nerfs it; you're looking at requiring no needs in the red for four to five days in order to recover from a bear or wolf attack (based on my animal struggle settings, which are there to make you hurt if an animal closes to contact). If you were to set thirst to high and restrict consecutive rest to eight hours you'd be looking at even less recovery per snooze. With both set to low and with 12 hour sleeps, the starvation mechanic is just barely viable, and only if you don't lose any condition over the course of the day to any other reason.
  10. rework how bears operate

    I have a wee video for those who want to have the game be more realistic wrt bears. Bears are significantly better tree climbers than humans are: I still don't want to have fallen trees not be safe havens, even though in the real world there's no way they would be. I think this falls under the "applying what you learn in the game to the real world can cause you illness, injury, or death" disclaimer.
  11. French Press. That is all. Well, not quite all. I have a kettle, a hand-grinder, and a french press. The kettle is campfire capable. As long as I have beans and a fire, I can make excellent coffee, no electricity required.
  12. Thatch, the Timberwolf Sasquatch

    As an aside to this, the day job is currently beating the crap out of me.
  13. Welcome to Canada

    Oh, I play once or twice a month, there'll be other times. The bands to look for are Sweet Pete & the Heat, and Funkyfrenz.
  14. Steam award: coordinating effort

    I'm in.
  15. Thatch, the Timberwolf Sasquatch

    Oh yeah, one other thing, both recovery types are set to low. This seems to result in getting only about 18% condition recovery from a 12 hour sleep. I've also set thirst and calorie consumption to medium... so you can sleep the full twelve hours without losing condition due to thirst. Finally, part of the pain is that the only buffs you can use are snow walker (recharge stamina bar 20% faster) and book smarts.