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  1. Hunting Moose

    I've had a great deal of success at that exact spot.
  2. Do You Live In "Inconvenience"?

    I'm currently crashing out in the Waterfall Cave on TWM. It's kind of a hunting camp right now... going to be taking my hides and guts down to Mountaineer's at some point in the next week or so. I also am hoping to try to reach some areas I've noticed that may be able to be cliff-climbed down from the summit. Here's my current map on TWM: I'm noping to get those dark areas around the summit cleared out before I roll back down to the Hut where the living is marginally easier.
  3. Share your screenshots

    If you quarter an animal with the arrows still in it, it appears that they are completely destroyed. Found that out the hard way with a moose... lost six arrows that I'd needed to finally take it down.
  4. Let's talk about The Long Bright

    Oh it's beautiful up north here in the summer and on a nice sunny day with a nice breeze to keep the bugs off it's extremely pleasant, but at dusk when the mozzies come out it's really something else. Mind you I'm talking in the bush here; it's not so bad in our cities because there's not a lot of habitat for the bugs... but every summer you'll see ads on TV reminding people to keep track of any standing water to help keep the mosquitos under control; they're generally done under the "ruin a mosquito's sex life" line as they need stagnant water to reproduce. I like the idea, but that'd have to be a separate game... personally, I'd love to do "The Long Dark: Killarney" based on the Killarney region of Ontario just north of the Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. It's a beautiful area. It'd be awesome to have a region-making utility for people to create their own regions and full maps. You'd probably need to do a bit more generalisation of the overall engine to really get that going... handling the opposite of freezing to death (heat exhaustion) would be necessary for example, but then folks could create their own areas and create mini-games like TLD: Sahara! TLD: Devil's Island! and so on. And yeah... some way of modelling insect predation on a survivor would be necessary. All this is highly speculative... one could call it wishful thinking!
  5. Let's talk about The Long Bright

    In northern Canada, during the spring and summer, there are many carnivorous insects: mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies, and deer flies, etc. They are very numerous and their bites are painful and will cause lesions that last for a few days and are painful and itchy. Did I say numerous? Maybe legion would be a better term. The mosquitoes will pretty much drive you indoors at dusk; it is possible to have several hundred of them on you at once. You have to experience it to understand it. Deer flies are well known for taking a particularly large hunk of your flesh when they bite you, and their secretions mean that it will not heal up for a few days. Quite painful. Summertime insects in the Canadian north are not to be taken lightly.
  6. Unexpected Moose (spoiler alert)

    Aye, well, the second moose I killed in the area with the moose markings definitely appeared sixty days after I killed the first one. On this run, that's in the area around the wing, just to the east of the mountaineer's hut. And I mean exactly sixty days. I've got him wandering around on the mountain at the moment... I hung out around there for a few days around the thirty day mark (day 90-94) to check to see if he would appear... I'm definitely going to be there for days 120-124 to see if he's there. I killed moose two on day 62 on TWM.
  7. Unexpected Moose (spoiler alert)

    Went and checked thirty days after I killed my last moose on TWM and no moose... looks like it's on a sixty day cycle. It's possible there's another moose are in this region that I'm unaware of, so perhaps the new moose was hanging out there.
  8. A Bunch of ideas

    Food is really really plentiful once you get over that initial hump. I think to make this something viable would require a serious crash of the wildlife population over the medium term... so you'd have to preserve food to be able to be able to live in a world where you might see an animal to hunt once a week or so.
  9. I'm wondering why it went away. Was it inadvertent or did they get some pushback from one of their distribution channels?
  10. Bear is BS

    Yes, I have. I remember very well the first time I used it, completely inadvertently. That cliff was rather high, so I sprained both ankles, major bruising, etc, and I remember thinking "I can't run... I'm screwed" until I realised the bear had switched into panic running mode. That was a "oh thank gawd" moment right there. I find it works better to climb trees because the bear thinks it can get you but can't so it'll run around you in circles letting you put arrows/bullets into it (I'm a bow guy, myself). This is useful for helping to develop the archery/firearms skill, even if it does cause unnecessary wear on your bow and arrows.
  11. Arrows destroyed completely by quartering

    In this case, I'd just wasted a moose and was excited and forgot to pull the arrows. When I was done quartering the animal, they were gone. That was over a week ago game time now... still no sign of 'em anywhere. AFAICT, they're just gone.
  12. Unexpected Moose (spoiler alert)

    Climbing a tree is hands-down the best way to score a moose without risking broken ribs. Figured that out the very first time I killed a moose (and yes, I took a beating and got a broken rib), and have used it ever since. Real handy for hunting bears too. I've just noticed the "notes" feature on the Journal calendar... I'm going to use it to track moose killed, see if it's possible to figure out the cycle.
  13. Arrows destroyed completely by quartering

    Well, I'd think that the player would recover them in the process of quartering... and even if quartering did destroy the shafts, where are the arrowheads?
  14. So, it appears that if you quarter a carcass without pulling the arrows out, they are completely destroyed.
  15. Boo. If it was a platform specific bug I'd be sure it'd get fixed...