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  1. Temperature increasing with movement

    As someone who came here via 7D2D, I'd advise that making players modulate their clothing per activity/micro-environment is not fun game-play, despite being more accurate.
  2. Milton Mailbag -- Dispatch #23

    I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing for a Suvival DLC, even if it slows WINTERMUTE development, but I feel vocal negativity from an entitled minority is inescapable. It's a shame, since in the long run everyone would benefit.
  3. interloper questions!

    I have heard you can start in DP, but it removes the possibility of a hammer spawning in that region.
  4. Faithful Cartographer - How many locations?

    I had 239 before I unlocked the Achievement, and 239 after as well, since the Achievement is for mapping, not for discovering. You can have 239 (or even 240) and have zero items mapped, of course. My issue was that while I had the Bridge and Orca on Milton mapped (per the brown text), I did not have the Icons mapped. Turns out having line of sight on what you are mapping matters. (I was in the Orca car the first time, and looking out the backdoor the second. Not until I looked right at the Orca and mapped, did the icon appear). To avoid going crazy, I took the list posted here on the forum, and screenshots of all the maps. I created a spreadsheet, and checked off each item as I verified them on my maps. This is how I discovered the two missing icons. After surveying them, the achievement unlocked. Best of luck!
  5. Share your screenshots

    Congratulations. What an accomplishment . . . thank goodness this is not a Steam Achievement.
  6. Prepper cache bunkers

  7. Perfect base... Now?

    In my long road to 500, I've found the cave on the backside of ML to be safe and bountiful (Old Bear cave). It's great for Retirement. - Close workbench in Camp Office - Forge isn't too far (ML->FM) - Close doored Fishing Hut on the lake. Safe, warm(er). Plenty of Oil for lamps. - Very good lines of sight on the lake for the 4 wolves that hang out there. - The wolves are easily avoided via the path back to the Camp Office. Also, easy to navigate to in heavy fog. - Placing your fire near the inside/outside boundary in the Cave allows for long-fires (outdoor bonus), immunity from Cabin Fever, or safety from Blizzards (when you sleep on the inside). Also nearby fishing cottages with beds, in case ultra-security is required. - Wolves do not patrol close to the exit -- and there are two directions to go from the Cave mouth - Good amount of replenished wood - Rabbits close by, up the nearby rope. Paths available up and down in case you don't want to use the rope. Seldom wolf near the rabbits. - Sometimes Deer on the lake. Also deer close to the Camp Office - Regular Food-Trunk, in the form of the Lake Bear: Randal. Downsides: - No coal nearby - No containers in the cave - No 6-burner oven - So safe, it's a tad boring
  8. Faithful Cartographer - How many locations?

    Having recently accomplished this, may I suggest reviewing the presence of ICONs on your maps? For example, Milton screen shot above seems to be missing Orca Gas Station (which I was also missing for a time).
  9. I'm not sure what variables would cause a different experience, but I cannot see anything in transition caves. Nor some houses (Grey Mother's etc). If that's an experience you're looking for, perhaps filing a bug report about your particular system.
  10. Windows TLD Animated Screensaver

    Thanks for the suggestion. Though, I'd say there's a mysterious (irrational?) appeal to thinking the progression on the screen is random, rather than scripted (a recording). Will it turn to blizzard? No, looks like just heavy snow this time.
  11. Windows TLD Animated Screensaver

    I would buy this for a $5 DLC. Just the menu screen, but as a screensaver -- animated with the weather changes and wolf passing by that is present in the game's main menu. Heck, sometimes I leave the game up just for this.
  12. Share your screenshots

    One way to stay warm:
  13. Rise of the vampire

    Interesting. Since nobody gave you permission, maybe RP that you cannot enter anyone's House, only Public Buildings (Dam, Camp Office, Hybernia, Quonset, Barn, Lighthouse, Riken, Maintenance Shed, Poacher's, Radio Towers, Outlooks, Bank, PostOffice, Orca)
  14. A Day in the Life: Your Daily Reports

    Just finished the Cartographer achievement in Stalker, after 165 days or so. Turning my eye to day 500 and rounding out my skills. Spent 30 more days chewing on bear and wolf in HRV, but wore through my bedroll. Came back to Milton to wrap myself in bear. Decided also to complete my wilderness attire, trading in my snowpants, mukluks, and combat pant for something a bit more dear[sic]. Made it back to ML, to semi-retire at the back of the lake. I like that spot, though it could do with a container. It's got bear, and deer . . . and wolves. The Camp-office close-by for a workbench and retreat. Fishing(2), since it's only that mending(4) and rifling(4) that I need to practice. Took a pot-shot at the local bear. Thought he was on his death-march. He decided to dance one more time. At least I have plenty of stuff to repair now. Trying to be ultra conservative on matches, to where I lost Well-Fed for the first time in 100days. Still haven't found the ML Cache. Maybe when bored I'll take another look.
  15. Thought I'd start a thread for those of us uncommitted to telling the whole tale of our lives in the 'Dark, but looking for a spot to mention a harrowing escape, or the conclusion of a long trudge through the drifts.