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  1. Jerry can or Jerry can't?

    I'll be honest, I don't understand the practical usefulness of the Jerrycan. Oil ends up in little (plastic?) bottles if you have nothing to contain it, but harvest it from fish. Jerrycans just seem to consolidate it into one inventory item. I'm not even sure that's desirable. Mechanically, I cannot see the advantage to finding one.
  2. Famous Last Words

    Pretty sure this is exactly the same ice that claimed my 187 day survivor. But I can't say my situation was even as precarious as your -- I just got cavalier about danger.
  3. Why do I refuse to allow myself to set up more than one base?

    My strategy is a bit similar, but evolves over the course of a game. - Enter a region. Consolidate all loot in one or two Waypoints, which I use as a local-base. This includes long-curing skins. - If it's a "thru-region" I'll leave those around for longer than if it's a "once and done" region. - If there is a reason to return (coal, forge, beachcombing, known Moose location, lots of cloth, cured skins, heavy things) then I leave a Waypoint to support my return - If it's a terminal "once and done" region, then I might pack up and haul things to a nearby thru-region (or Hub-region). Eventually, there will be only a couple of regions that will have local-bases, though I usually leave unessentials there just in case. The goal is to setup "safe" routes to long-term resources through established waypoints, and slowly consolidate as much as is useful to a nice place for long-term living.
  4. Why do I refuse to allow myself to set up more than one base?

    I don't know about "Forcing yourself" to do something you don't really want to do, but there are very good reasons not to stick to one base if you want to survive for a long time; eventually you will exhaust the area of supplies, or the radius for you to get supplies and bring them back to your one base, will get larger and larger. This means more work (expenditure of resources including time) to move said sundries back to your favorite location and probably more danger. Also, it means that in these journeys you are farther and farther away from your main point of safety. If wolf-poo hits the fan, while you're away from home, what is your strategy to get back to homebase? For all these reasons (and probably more), it makes sense to have waypoints that radiate out from your preferred location. It also depends on what difficulty and how long you plan to survive. If you're playing Voyager, and just want to hit 500 days, you can probably do that just on the Mystery Lake map. I wouldn't consider it a very interesting game experience, but to each their own.
  5. Luring Wolves

    I have had a couple failures, and watched some successes on the 'tube. I believe my error, and the key to making this have a chance at working, is that you need to wait until the wolf stops and growls at you before throwing the flare at him.
  6. group survival

    Nethack used to have a "Graveyard" server that would issue "Bonesfiles" to subscribers. Bonesfiles are basically what you're referring to: the state of the game from the last player. For Nethack, your "bones" were a grave with all your former loot . . . cursed. There was also whatever killed you on the level. So, getting a random bonesfile was a 50/50 proposition. Something similar could be setup for TLD, as long as HL put the following hooks in place: - The ability to save the state of "stuff" in the world to an exportable file - The generation of a corpse at point of death; perhaps prompting the recently dead player to author a final note. (limiting to 120chars would be humorous) - The ability to load the "stuff"-file into a new game The size of the file would be affected by whether "all stuff" was preserved, or whether only the grave-site was preserved with the rest of the world loot would be generated new. With the above, the actual storage, conveyance and organization behind how the files were used would be external to HL. Forum threads could coordinate a team-run, where one user passes their bonesfile to the next person on the team. In fact, multiple people could play the same bonesfile. Or a central repository (Graveyard server) could be setup to download the files. A word of caution: The existence of "bonesfiles", would make it ultra-easy for anyone to doctor their game in any way they wanted: want to start with a rifle, 100 rounds, all the books, and bearcoat? Sure, just change a few lines in a vanilla bonesfile.
  7. Fewer but more punishing ankle sprains

    Having sprained a couple ankles, I can tell you that TLD's rendition of the issue is totally unrealistic, and a godsend at that. If you're going to keep stressing it, a sprained ankle takes 2-6weeks to heal to the point where you could continue being a survivor, trudging through snow, with 30kg on your back. And that's a mild sprain. Worse still, sprains beget sprains. Can you imagine? So, I'm all for TLD's more frequent sprains that can be dashed away with popping a couple of NSAIDs for instant effect.
  8. Stats on Wolf/Bearcoat scare?

    Anyone run the numbers on the chances a Wolfskin coat or Bearskin coat will save you from being a puppy's chew toy? I'm in Stalker, and just got surrounded by 4 wolves on the hill above the Bear cave by the lake, and after I'd just taken another out by the rope. Took down two, fed one, and struggled another. But I was thinking a coat might have saved me a tussle. Is it worth me going all the way back to TWM and CH to make a coat before going to Milton?
  9. Wrist Sprain while walking (evidence)

    Okay, sounds good to me. BTW: I never considered it a 'bug' until you mentioned it. Figured spraining your wrist was just the consequence of slipping on ice/snow and catching your fall awkwardly. Also, mandates having a cure on hand; I can limp home. But without my bow-hand, I'm probably not going to get there. Good luck!
  10. Wrist Sprain while walking (evidence)

    Same, but this time w/o the bow out. (BTW: someone please tell me if I have the wrong idea here)
  11. From a recent Mailbag, my understanding from @Raphael van Lierop is that wrist sprains should only happen when you "fall" and not when you stumble while walking on a slope. In order to help the HL team diagnose the problem I thought it might be useful for us to post evidence(?) of such occurrences in a forum thread, rather than everyone post in redundant Bug reports. (The ? is just epistemological modesty: maybe the screenshot doesn't show what we think it shows). Anyway, here's my first contribution. Right above the Trapper's Cabin in ML just after the MT cave entrance. Overloaded, but on soft, slanted ground. The coordinates are from a step or two after the Sprain. I had my bow drawn at the time.
  12. New Feat Idea

    Feats are weird. You often get then through the process of becoming much better at the game -- a process that makes the game easier for you. You then receive a feat that makes the game even easier. Yet, many people who go through the trouble to 'master' the game, continually look for ways to increase the challenge -- since that was the draw of the game from the start. Perhaps there is another segment of the playerbase served by feats: people who wish to make the game harder, but don't particularly like one aspect of the game, which they would like nerfed . . . and custom mode doesn't really scratch that itch? I just don't understand the logic. I like achieving them, but don't seem to end up using them.
  13. n00b Youtubers?

    I'm on episode 31 or something. Enjoying it so far. Thanks for the suggestion. I am curious what his custom settings are. It seems like someone told him to play his first Survival game as something like Voyager with longer days, no sleep/HP recovery and no sprains. Also, he starts out w/o a bedroll, I think. Kinda a weird introduction to the game -- though I'm sure there are Deadmen in this forum who take it an a good start.
  14. TLD Development History

    I haven't been playing nearly as long, but I have watched many old Youtubes of player engaged in early versions of the game. At many points, I thought: "Gee, they could have completely kept that interface -- it was usable and not horrid for a non-AAA dev studio." But they kept improving it to what it is now. Thank goodness, because the progress is incredible, beautiful in many ways and sometimes even intuitive (which is a harder nut to crack that you'd expect).
  15. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    I'm sure it only me, but Will & Astrid's lack of trigger discipline in the rifle-holding animation bugs me; any chance stumbling with the rifle armed would cause the discharge of a round?