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  1. Surviving Wolf Attacks

    I'm a beginner at this game with limited sand-box experience and just started to play 'Wintermute'. First off, there are a lot of commendable things to say about this game. I understand fires, water, clothing, tools/repairs (for the most part), first aid, finding/preparing food (learned to consult my journal), finding shelter, etc. I don't seem to master encounters with wildlife, which allows me to start over (and over) from my checkpoint. It would be nice to be able to save the game just before you take on predators, so you don't have as much prior game play repetition. Perhaps this is the penalty you pay for dying. Maybe I'm old and can't click my left gaming mouse button twenty times a second (based on the progress bar), or I'm interfacing correctly with the boxes that appear during combat (not sure), but there seems to be a high probability I'll bleed to death in a single wolf attack. I guess a man with a metal shard has a low likelihood of surviving. Now and then, I unwittingly do/click something correctly (unknown), the wolf retreats, and I can bandage/antiseptic wounds, but my health bar is obviously dramatically reduced . I've tried to hide, crouch or sneak by, but the longer I delay the more rapidly I freeze. Torch throwing is hit and miss, if your torch doesn't land in a specific strike zone (if it isn't too windy to light it). It did work once, which allowed me to get to the road, but then I get trapped in a car by a 'guard wolf' to slowly wither away. Perhaps I need hours of practice to hone my torch throwing accuracy and mouse clicking dexterity. Maybe I'm just not experienced enough of a player to survive wolves, although 'two steps forward, one wolf back' rinse/repeat-until-you-make-it is not a particularly satisfying gaming experience. Hardened TLD veterans might chuckle and say, yes, I did that 'x dozen' times before I learned... I'm hoping this post will help other new players that may be experiencing the same challenge. If anyone on the forum has any fighting hints, that would be very much appreciated!
  2. Biometric Realism

    Regegade30, thank you for your thoughtful and intuitive comments. I am still new to the game, so there is much to learn.
  3. Biometric Realism

    DevTeam, the game is beautiful and well designed. Well done! Some tuning comments. Generally, with enough water, the human body can last at least 30 days. Starvation issues begin at around 45 days. The game kills the player from starvation after about 2 to 3 days. This does not provide enough time to explore and find food. Calorie reserve seems too small. I recognize that the intense cold burns calories faster, so this will accelerate starvation. Currently, game play is limited to this short window of finding food. However, I feel life expectancy from lack of food can be expanded. Equipping the survivor with light clothing at the beginning of the sandbox also accelerates the ability to freeze to death, unless you similarly find enough warm clothing in your short exploratory window. This makes the game somewhat binary within a short period of time: i.e. I found good stuff and survived, or I didn't find enough good stuff and died. You can't make or insulate your clothing, although you can make incremental repairs. There are plenty of other things in the game that will kill you, so assuming the bush pilot flying over the tundra was dressed without backup survival clothing in his aircraft is another strange assumption. Being able to create potable water from fires makes firewood critical to survival. Generally, three days without water is a good rule of thumb. Obviously, water loss through perspiration will be zero. It seems the water deprivation period needs to be tuned a bit longer as well. So, firewood = potable water (unless you find a bottled water/soft drink). Sticks are a critical resource as there is no additional calorie burn assessed to break them up, but at about 7 minutes of fire each, these are often in short supply. Hatchet wear of about 4% per cedar/fir limb limits a hatchet useful life to about 16 x 3 cedar/fir logs which is about 48 hours of fire time per hatchet. If you don't find a hatchet or sharpening stone, you're out of firewood pretty quickly (sticks issue). I tend to ignore branches, which require 10 minutes of breakup time. This should take about one minute even with mitts/gloves. Would like to see hatchet wear cut in half if possible, because in real life this kind of wear is unrealistic. You could increase the breakup time with an algorithm based on hatchet percentage life left. Another issue is time. Northern Ontario, even James Bay, has over 12 hours of daylight during the winter solstice (worst case scenario). How is it that I can go to sleep an hour or two after sunset, sleep for 12 hours, and then wait for another 2-3 hours for sunrise? This adds to about 16 hours between sunset and sunrise making for a 8 hour day. Since everything is done in daylight, this is a significant damper or survivability because you have 33% less time to find shelter, firewood, and food. I know the game is called "The Long Dark" but let's make it somewhat realistic in terms of daylight hours. These are relatively minor suggestions in an overall well made game, but as currently designed, the despair and panic factor in the game tends to quickly (a day or two) outweigh the feeling of possible survival. It often boils down to: I walked and walked, burning thousands of calories and I finally found a site to help me survive. Look! I found a soft drink and a piece of beef jerky! A can opener! Great! The slight caloric boost of this find can help me explore for a little longer before I die. I realize that in a real survival situation, luck is critical, but the balance between skill and luck needs to be set so the game feels 65% optimistic and 35% despair, instead of the other way round. Thanks for your consideration in your future tuning!