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  1. The sound effects for storms disappears when going indoors and doesn’t return. I am playing on a PS4.
  2. I’m having the same issue. 11 rifle shots and 7 flares, all missed. To be fair, I didn’t hit much with the flare gun before the update. It feels like the rifle is hitting low asI mostly get an explosion of snow.
  3. I was playing a custom game with stalker loot. The container on the rock seemed different too. I usually just get shoes but I got socks and jeans as well. Might just be rng. The containers look great. Rifle seems to look better, I didn’t get a chance to use the revolver due to my full house of sprains. The screen flashed red a few more times as though I was taking more injuries but there was nothing left to sprain! 😄
  4. Great update. loot in the aircraft containers has changed, no longer finding a ton of lanterns to be broken down and no more grinding the fire starting ability from the resulting lantern fuel. Sprained everything on the way down from the peak. I like the new sprain mechanic but it is punishing when you are overloaded. Soon going to head into PV. It will be interesting to see if it is still as crashtastic (PS4) as it was before the update. Really pleased with the update so far. 😄
  5. There’s another container on top of the rock next to the container you found. Both drawers had crap shoes in them.
  6. I spent days trying to get to the summit, died about a hundred times but finally made it....and there is no hacksaw! It’s always there on other difficulties. So I have no idea what loot is up there. I don’t think that you get high end stuff like combat pants or the expedition parka on Interloper, although the longest I ever survived was 10 days so I don’t really know.
  7. If you get into a car with your gun drawn, then reload it, you can turn 360degrees.
  8. Neds. I think they should add neds. If I visit any body of water in Scotland, planning to do a bit of quiet fishing, I am guaranteed there will be a flock of neds, getting jaked, shouting, throwing rocks.... You could hunt them for their pelts (hoodies and trainers) with a good chance of finding a knife.