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  1. Supplies at risk?

    I've got a ton of stuff stashed at Milton and ML, as well as some in BR, but I bought TLD at GOG (back when you still could) so I've still got 3 to 4 weeks before I see the update, and even then I don't have to install it when it first comes out.
  2. What are those bloody bags ?

    I believe it also continues to decay faster even after harvesting from the sacks.
  3. Perfect base... Now?

    As does the fireplace in Gray Mother's house.
  4. Is this one of the reasons TLD was pulled from GOG; the game is now going to require an Internet connection?
  5. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Blinkin quoted Rapheal in this post that it was just a business decision.
  6. Great Streamer-Shardul Gaming

    And I prefer the people that keep it profanity free.
  7. Dev Diary - November 2018

    Hinterland pulled TLD from GOG as of Nov. 7. https://www.gog.com/forum/the_long_dark/the_long_dark_removal/page1
  8. As a GOG buyer myself; thank you for this great post. I hope someone has the decency to answer.
  9. Complaining about carrying too much

    I have voice and subtitles both turned off. Personally I don't have a need for either one. I'm glad the devs gave us the options.
  10. Favorite Location In The Long Dark

    PV farmhouse and/or the ML camp office.
  11. Looting Milton Town ?

    I did basically the same thing moving all the loot from TWM to PV. It took me about 30 days, and more cups of coffee than I could count, to move everything from the summit, and all the other cargo boxes over to the farmhouse in PV. I was glad when that job was done.
  12. Possible exploit to be tested

    Don't tell Hinterland about this or they might fix it.
  13. Question Thread :: Milton Mailbag

    If I remember right, it's Grizzly Airline.
  14. That would be great if they did something like that.
  15. Hi everybody!

    Welcome aboard! Do you upload your videos to You Tube? If so, what's your username?