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  1. Like OMD this is like SO totally WOW and whatever!
  2. The rope in the hydro dam

    You can 'safely' drop down? CRAP! I had to leave a fortune in precious resources at the top of that stoooopid rope! Good 2 know when I replay it, thanx! :)
  3. Dev Diary - November 2018

    I understand the frustrations being vented here but I'd like to add a point and an observation. My observation is that people would not be frustrated if delays etc were associated with something that they don't care about. People are only this concerned over something that they love; so Hinterland, take notice! My point is that people are starting to recognize a trend that they have seen with other publishers and I get it. In my case Hinterland has earned my trust and respect and my disappointment is tempered by the fact that I trust that the quality of the finished product will be worth the wait. Tis far far better a thing for it to be done will than done quickly. It would have been nice for ep 3 to drop in the winter time here but I trust Raph and his merry band of Dev-geeks to deliver the groceries. :) Keep up t he GR8 work, -Luca
  4. Auto move button

    Bump. My RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) only gets worse with age so those of us with arthritis, Carpel tunnel, RSI and just plane age would really appreciate a little love in the form of an auto-walk function.
  5. I love the peace and quiet. I also love turning the tables on wolves and making yum-yum on them. :)
  6. A.W.E.S.O.M.E! GR8 work, Hinterland!
  7. Hanks Hatch Quest(spoilers)

    Holy cow! THAT is where the stooooopid lockbox key is! U da wolf!
  8. Whetstone?

    I hear you, I am trying to make the '500 day' achievement in sandbox mode but the one thing you can't live without is whetstones. If I may offer a suggestion: I restarted Wintermute and played again from the beginning because I was playing like it was survival mode; hording every stick, stone and bit of cloth. I think the lack of whetstones 'may' be the DEV's way of letting us know that we are not supposed to be setting up housekeeping and MOVE ON. I feel your pain, tho. Sux watching your precious blade deteriorate over time. MY PRECIOUS!
  9. Lost progress/failed savegames

    Hello! Thank you for the response. I am running the current STEAM distro on Windows 10. -L
  10. Lost progress/failed savegames

    Greetings Chipmeister: Same issue here, @ Timberwolf mountain and every save event causes the system to return the following error "Attempt to save game FAILED. Check that sufficient space is available". I have vast TBs avail on disk and I have suspended making progress for now. Lets hope there are some brain-people who can fix this. -L
  11. Hello all! Been playing with TLD since it first appeared on STEAM and have been hooked every since. I already luv this community and an 'well done' to Hinterland. -L
  12. Auto-walk

    +1 Another player here with wrist/hand issues.
  13. Auto-walk

    Bump! Hello all, new here. First post! I'd like to add one more for an auto-walk feature for those of us with wrist / hand issues. It would be very nice to not have to limit my play time to 15 min at a time on account of having to constantly having to hold that forward key down on long walks. -L