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  1. Day 50 At Hibernia I frantically search for any meds I can find while also hoping I get lucky and find the hammer. I should have never ventured so far from the Lighthouse in such a terrible condition. I should have been more careful, taken less chances. These are the thoughts that pass through a survivor’s mind as he’s fading into the long dark. Thank you all for watching! With each episode and each stream it feels like I'm getting better and better at this stuff. Sure, practice makes perfect but your feedback keeps me on point. Thanks to all of you who commented and subbed. Don't feel too back about the ending there. It's The Long Dark, nobody gets out of Great Bear Island alive. I'm gonna take a little time off recording to make some creative changes but I'll still be streaming. Catch ya on the next show!
  2. Day 50 In the late afternoon I decide to get a little fresh air around the Lighthouse. A series of actions lead to making an incredibly stupid mistake. Worried I don’t have enough meds I head out to Hibernia hoping to kill two birds with one stone. Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  3. Day 49 I spend most of the day organizing myself at the Lighthouse. The foggy weather keeps me indoor which gives me time to do some domestic tasks to prepare myself in the search for the things I need to use the forge. Thanks for watching!
  4. Day 48 After so long living on the Coastal Highway I pack up the important gear and head out to Desolation Point. As to be expected in a Stalker game, I am accosted by wolves at every turn. Wounded yet alive, I make it to the Lighthouse at dusk. Thanks for watching!
  5. Day 47 The following day I’m free to explore the area only to discover all but one of the houses has remained standing. Returning to the Coastal Townsite I must once again get past wolf and bear to reach the garage. Thanks for watching!
  6. Day 46 Aware my time in the Coastal Highway is coming to an end I make an effort to investigate the coastal houses closest to the Crumbling Highway. I wasn’t expecting to find anything special but did want to visit every location on the map. Thanks for watching, Mofo!
  7. Day 46 Having escaped the townsite, the rest of my trip to the Abandoned Lookout is uneventful. Once there I do a bit of outdoor camping, hunting, harvesting and cooking, if not quite in that order. I decide to head back toward the townsite again to prepare for moving to a new map in the near future. Thanks for watching!
  8. Day 45 Still in need of alleviating Cabin Fever I head out the front door rifle in hand. A moment of hesitation leads to a wolf attack and my poor choice of weapon leads to deep wounds. Cabin Fever be damned I get as much rest as I can before heading out into the wolf infested townsite seeking relief from going stir crazy. Thanks for watching!
  9. Day 44 I’ve spent a few days at the garage crafting a Wolf Pelt Coat. This of course leads to getting Cabin Fever. With the coat almost finished I don’t want to stray far from the garage. I have no option but to stay in the soul devouring car of death on the road in front of the garage. I am able to avoid bear and wolf to get back inside and finish the coat. Nevertheless, I can’t shake the feeling I’m about to experience a reversal of fortune at the worst possible time. Thanks for watching!
  10. Day 41 I leave the Coastal House hoping the townsite is wolf free. I’m not so lucky, nevertheless I make it to the garage without major injuries. The rest of the day is spent organizing the garage and working on making a nice coat from the wolf pelts. Thanks for watching!
  11. Day 40 Carrying a substantial amount of cured guts I make my way back to Quonset Garage. Once there I find the Townsite guarded by wolves and a bear. Much time is spent deliberating the best time to make a move. In the end, I make the safest decision. Thanks for watching!
  12. Day 40 Once the storm moves on I hike back to the Abandoned Lookout. A wolf guards the road leading to the Lookout so I'm forced to use stealth in order to avoid a confrontation. The rest of the day is filled with cooking and domestic survival tasks. In the morning I prepare to return to Quonset Garage. Thanks for watching!
  13. Day 39 Reaching the start of Bear Creek I find the train tracks leading to the Ravine. I map as I move along until discovering the Train Unloading area. More mapping and I find myself back at the Rabbit Grove Cabin. I discover a useful shortcut then spend the night. The following morning mother nature is pretty pissed so I’m stuck. Thanks for watching, Mofos!
  14. Day 38 I continue my exploration of the Bear Creek area including the campground. A rabbit gets very lucky so I spend the night at a cabin with no meat for dinner. Next morning I am greeted by a short lived blizzard. After it passes I continue following Bear Creek north. Thanks for watching!
  15. Day 37 I head in the direction of Bear Creek in search of the wounded Bear. I find one bear then another and spend a lot of time exploring the Bear Creek area. Thanks for watching!