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  1. Contrary to the location of the long dark, north Texas. The part of Texas that's almost a desert, but an oven for 7 months out of the year.
  2. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I'm usually a nomad, staying at whatever spot seems fit. I have lived in the riken for 15 days one time. But I agree with you on both locations, they're perfect home places.
  3. Yep. Maybe scale it down, where bears are waiting to charge you right outside the door?
  4. Good point. I really need to think before I make outrageous ideas like this haha
  5. --only for stalker and up difficulty-- Bears have the ability to break down house doors. Short and sweet.
  6. Better than sleeping in the snow..
  7. suggestion

    Good point. Maybe in future regions of the map, wayyyy far up north, there would be polar bears? High risk, high reward kind of thing? In all honesty the entire wildlife system needs more variety.. Thanks for commenting, haha
  8. Grizzlies as other wild bears?
  9. suggestion

    Good point. The game does need some more wildlife varieties.. It gets boring when it's just bear, wolf, crow, rabbit and deer..
  10. suggestion

    Good point. But grizzlies? Would they be there?
  11. suggestion

    (ty for welcoming me also, haha)
  12. Hi! My name is Lane. I love the long dark, bears, and back country camping! I'm glad to be here. If anyone has questions, feel free to ask!
  13. discussion

    While the .303 is a good rifle (and the only one in the game), there should at least be some modifications to them, yes? Like, a scope module? Bayonet? Infrared scope? Red targeting laser? I don't know. (I know this is a survival game. These are just some ideas..) What do you all think?
  14. suggestion

    I meant in regards to a greater species variety, but yeah! More bears!
  15. suggestion

    Throughout playing the long dark, I have loved what the game has become. It is very fun, and very realistic. However, there are some additions that I think would make the game even better. For one, more bears. As of now, from what I see, there is only one species of bear, and that's the black bear from what I know. Since this game's setting is located in the Canadian Arctic, I think that at the very least, Polar bears and Grizzly bears should be added. (I don't know too terribly much about bears, but i'm going based off the region.) As well as the new bear models, each species of bear should have different behavior, and marginally different growling sounds just like they do in real life. (Meaning like how aggressive they are, depicting behavior toward the player, etc.) Each different bear should respond differently to the player trying to scare them off (yelling at them, standing your ground, etc) like they do in real life. For two, more bear countermeasures. Yes, i know they're adding more countermeasures in the final sandbox update (early may-late june from what i've read on the long dark website), and more in story mode, but i'm going off on what we have now and what we don't know (that they haven't said) as a future design plan. For one, and this ties in with the different species of bears, climbing trees. I know in real life that's a horrendous idea because most bears are great climbers, but that would be used as a last resort if they don't back off. The chance of you being killed by the bear by climbing up the tree depends on the species of the bear. (irl, black bears are great at climbing, grizzlies are not.) That's all i can think of right now. What do you all think? Leave questions/comments below, and i'll answer as soon as I can! Thanks for reading up on this, have a great day!