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  1. And you have to check the map periodically when you talk to npc's or when you find new areas and more notes in the world, because Will is sneaky and doesn't necessarily let us know that he's marked something new on it.
  2. Me (Hand up) me, I am, I lost my metal shard very early in episode 1 and there was no knife or an extra hatchet in Milton then. and by the time I got to the episode 2 cutscene, my hatchet was at 32% and I had long before then started harvesting meat with my bare hands. I also didn't get the whetstone from Mother.
  3. Keep looking, there's another knife and another hatchet in Milton. Mother will also give you some cool rewards periodically, that she just slips to you or tells you where things are - if you get her up to enough trust, and you can get her up to 375 trust.
  4. Hahaha, not sure. I think you're the first guy to kill those aurora wolves It didn't even occur to me to try and kill them with the flare gun, I just scared them off with it. Nice work, just the same.
  5. Ahh, never mind Ross, it still doesn't make sense to me, lol. I hope they come out with an area map one day for us. I'd love to know the correct lay of the land.
  6. @RossBondReturns Okay, where the cave comes out and where you're standing in that screenshot, would be right about just above the 'T' in the words 'Right Here' that I added to map, right?
  7. Yeah, it can't be exactly accurate, otherwise that tunnel would swing around to the right..quite a long, freaking ways around that green areal to come out where you're standing in the pic.
  8. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to make sense of that old area map, lol.
  9. Okay so in this map, when we go back through the cave back of Trapper's, that cave must swing around far to the right, and that green area above ML must be where Milton is...right?
  10. Yeah, it would have been cool, but they didn't want us to go there yet. Still though, in my mind. We go through that cave your standing at in the pic and get to back of Trapper's but, to me all of Milton seems to be where FM is. I'm trying to make all of the maps work in my mind but it's not gelling.
  11. Yes! That make complete sense. We just can't see the tunnel from this view. Boy, we sure did some hiking around all of that up there, amirite?
  12. Nope it can't be that same road. There's buses down there in your pic that are not there at the first Milton bridge. It's gotta be to Perseverance Mills, or something new.
  13. I know exactly where you are, but I look now at that road down there and I wonder if it's the road before we get to the church and to Milton, because that looks like the bridge we first go over. But what I'm saying is that though it looks like that's the road, it doesn't make sense that it's the same road.
  14. Now that I see this in your nice clear shot, I think this is the road where we first come out of the cave to Milton at the beginning, and that's the first bridge we go over. It seems like it, but from your perspective where you are in this shot, I would have thought you would be farther down the road at the park rope-climb side of town...puzzling.
  15. This is how I organized my stuff in Wintermute while staying at both Trapper's and Mother's. It doesn't bother me, lol. I also had an extra bedroll from the cave right after the rope decent that I had lying over by Trapper's wood stove. I slept there beside him 'a lot' but I gotta say though, sometimes it's hard to get to sleep through all his yakking